How does White Forest work?

  1. I've read up on it, but I sitll don't get. Could somebody please tell me how White Forest works? I've been visting it for days now and still no pokemon or items can been found there.

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    PikabooPikachu - 6 years ago

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  1. The White Forest has an maximum occupancy of 10. In total, there are 30 different Trainers that could possibly be in or potentially visit your Forest. Each Trainer "brings" a different Pokemon with them that you will be able to catch in the grass areas there. Additionally, each of these 30 Trainers has a Happiness Level which is invisible to the player. Starting from the moment you first start playing the game, that Happiness Level starts ticking down every day that you don't visit and speak with the Trainers in your Forest. If their Happiness Level reaches zero, they leave.

    The catch is that you can't visit White Forest until after you beat the Elite 4 for the first time. So, it is possible, if you take your time to get to that point, that your White Forest will have had all of its Trainers leave before you even get there for the first time. To potentially make matters worse, if you "time travel" (adjust your DS clock to force different time-sensitive events to happen sooner than they are supposed to), you could cause this process to inadvertently speed itself up.

    If your White Forest is empty (or, at least, has less than 10 Trainers in it), you will have to connect with someone who has Pokemon Black and visit their Black City (assuming it has Trainers in it) to get their Trainers to come to your Forest. Now, this doesn't make them leave the other player's Black City, it simply copies them to your Forest.

    If you want to get more detailed information about the Trainers and their Happiness Levels, you can check out the extensive coverage that Serebii put together on their site:

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  1. You need to connect to Entralink with a friend, then interact with the trainers in your friend's Black City. After that, when you return to your White Forest, the trainer(s) you had interacted there will be migrated in your White Forest. And for example, that trainer has a Gardevoir. That means, you can now catch a Ralts in your White Forest.

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  2. hmmm.. I cought a ralts in the white forest without migrating someone..

    maybe there is a specific time (not sure) where a specific pokemon will appear in the wild. And there are also items that can be found there randomly each day like the evolution stones, or some pokeballs. xD

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  3. White Forest's trees are taller depending on how fast you beat the elite four. That also causes more pokemon to come from the grass such as Magby, Mareep, Togepi, Ralts, Ryhorn, Nincada, Aron, etc.
    There is also Pokeballs you can find on the ground. Items will also be better if you beat it faster. Items are like Rare Bones and regular Pokeballs.

    Hope this helped! :D

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