How do i get to the 2nd gym in pokemon white?

  1. How do i get to the 2nd gym in Pokemon white??

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    100chilly - 6 years ago

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  1. First off, its in the museum at the back.

    Go to the bottom-left bookshelf and press A when looking at the blue bookshelf down there. You'll want to pick up the book there entitled "Nice to Meet You, Pokemon!"
    Inside of the book will be a clue from Lenora, asking you what the first Pokemon you fought in the gym was and that you should go to the middle row. Go there, then on the left side, search the green bookshelf. There's another clue in the book entitled "The Biology of Patrat."
    The next book describes a fiery Pokemon with smoke all around it, hinting that someone is reading it. Go talk to the Scientist up in the back of the room and say that is the book you're looking for (even though the subject isn't a Pokemon like you probably thought). She'll battle you right away, using a Herdier L17 (evolution of Lillipup). Watch out! She may use an X Defend right away!
    After beating her, she'll move out of the way.
    Search that bookshelf and you'll find another secret memo with a question.
    Now go search the green bottom-right bookshelf and you'll find yet another memo with a clue inside. It describes some directions, but you'll just want to head directly north of where you're at and battle the School Kid on the steps. She has three Lillipup at level 15 and is not too difficult to defeat.
    After beating her, search the bookshelf she was guarding and answer yes to reveal a secret set of stairs leading down to the Gym Leader!
    You might want to take this moment to go back and heal. Stock up on items if you need, then go back, save your game, and get ready to take on the Gym Leader herself, Lenora!

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