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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 03/09/11 aragornbird 3.05 360K
FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 03/06/11 Drayano 2.20 521K
FAQ/Walkthrough 07/03/11 PLDHnet 0.90 994K
FAQ/Strategy Guide 12/29/13 serlkamb 0.75 541K
FAQ/Walkthrough 01/04/13 KeyBlade999 v2.02 531K
FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 07/31/11 pokemongamer007 1.1 89K
FAQ/Walkthrough 05/21/12 supermania23 1.2.4 599K

In-Depth FAQs

Ability Guide 10/23/10 PLDHnet 1.00 298K
Battle Subway Pokemon Moveset List (HTML) 02/21/14 Team Rocket Elite 96K
Boss FAQ (HTML) 03/28/11 Scottiedogg54 1.2 70K
Competitive Battling/Moveset Guide 07/01/11 aragornbird 1.0 506K
Dowsing Machine FAQ 04/15/11 Liquefy B 27K
Dream World FAQ 07/13/11 SaiyanPureheart 1.7 28K
Dual-Type Pokemon Battle Chart 02/05/12 Muku6 2.00 30K
EV Chart 03/06/11 Freezezzy 3.0 75K
EV Training Guide 11/16/12 BanzaiBill 107K
Event Pokemon Guide 03/09/11 Gold Ursaring 1.0 14K
Evolution Guide 02/20/11 pancakes771 1.11 165K
HM/TM Guide 10/18/10 PLDHnet 0.75 885K
Move Change Guide 03/12/11 grrgrrgrr1000 209K
Moveset Guide (HTML) 10/16/12 KholdStare88 1.1 99K
Pokedex 09/27/11 ares9090 1.20 4957K
Pokedex 04/27/11 DBM11085 1.0 1334K
Pokemon Location Guide 01/09/13 BikdipOnABus 2.75 254K
Pokemon Musicals Guide 11/11/12 chalupa120 1.1 77K
Speed Reference Guide MK-3 07/02/12 Charlie_Supreme 4 369K
Version Differences Guide. 04/07/11 thecheese103 1.0 16K
Wi-Fi Event FAQ 09/08/12 MKaykitkats 1.50 20K

Maps and Charts

Abundant Shrine Map (GIF) 07/04/11 StarFighters76 31K
Abyssal Ruins Map (GIF) 07/04/11 StarFighters76 78K
Castelia City Gym Map (GIF) 05/15/11 StarFighters76 30K
Celestial Tower Map (GIF) 05/20/11 StarFighters76 33K
Challenger's Cave Map (GIF) 06/30/11 StarFighters76 39K
Chargestone Cave Map (GIF) 05/20/11 StarFighters76 61K
Cold Storage Map (GIF) 05/18/11 StarFighters76 37K
Dragonspiral Tower Map (GIF) 06/21/11 StarFighters76 88K
Dreamyard Cave Map (GIF) 06/30/11 StarFighters76 36K
Driftviel City Gym Map (GIF) 05/18/11 StarFighters76 31K
Giant Chasm Map (GIF) 07/04/11 StarFighters76 60K
Icirrus City Gym Map (GIF) 06/21/11 StarFighters76 46K
Isshu Map (GIF) 10/06/10 ShinyCelebi 158K
Mistralton Cave Map (GIF) 05/25/11 StarFighters76 45K
Mistralton City Gym Map (GIF) 05/20/11 StarFighters76 29K
N's Castle Map (GIF) 06/23/11 StarFighters76 47K
Nature Chart (PNG) 10/04/10 The_Ollynator 1.0 58K
Nimbasa City Gym Map (GIF) 05/18/11 StarFighters76 36K
Opelucio City Gym Map (GIF) 06/23/11 StarFighters76 44K
Pinwheel Forest Map (GIF) 05/15/11 StarFighters76 52K
Relic Castle Map (GIF) 06/30/11 StarFighters76 67K
Route 17/18 Map (GIF) 06/21/11 StarFighters76 57K
Sazanami Bay Underwater Ruins Map (PNG) 09/22/10 Mew Jadester 19K
Twist Mountain: Winter Only Map (GIF) 05/25/11 StarFighters76 75K
Twist Moutain: Other Seasons Map (GIF) 05/25/11 StarFighters76 84K
Type Chart (GIF) 12/17/09 Jelly Soup Final 15K
Type Chart (PNG) 09/28/10 Apeman1813 49K
Unova World Map (PNG) 07/01/11 MKaykitkats 1.00 69K
Victory Road Map (GIF) 06/23/11 StarFighters76 84K
Wellspring Cave Map (GIF) 05/15/11 StarFighters76 33K

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