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    FAQ/Walkthrough by aragornbird

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    WALKTHROUGH (Continued)

    This gym is huge! And it has a very interesting puzzle than can be pretty confusing for some people. Basically you have to walk around the entire gym on the back of dragon-like structures and jump on buttons that make the dragon heads change directions in order for you to move on.

    • After you battle the first trainer, follow the path east, then north along the winding tail of the dragon and take a right turn.
    • Go north, west, then jump off the edge and hit the button to make the dragon head move.
    • Continue north and west off the dragon head, then go south and east and jump off another ledge onto the button below.
    • Follow the dragon head northwards, then go east, south, west, south, and take the western path, jumping off onto another button.
    • Jump south over the block, then head south, west, north, and take a right turn to jump off.
    • Follow the dragon head north and east, then go north and west down some stairs. After that go south and west, then jump off it.
    • Jump over the arrow block and go north along the path which should soon turn east back to the staircase. Keep going south and jump off the ledge again.
    • Follow the dragon head west, then go north, take a right turn and jump off another ledge.
    • Go south over the dragon head, turn east then up onto the previous dragon tail. Take a right turn, keep going east then north over the arrow block.

    Jumping over the ledge to your left will finally make the dragon head turn towards the leader's platform. Head up there and get ready to battle!


    Leader Iris (White) OR Drayden (Black)

    • Lv. 41 Fraxure
      • Type: Dragon
      • Moves: Dragon Dance, Dragon Rage, Dragon Tail, Assurance
    • Lv. 41 Druddigon
      • Type: Dragon
      • Moves: Chip Away, Revenge, Dragon Tail, Night Slash
    • Lv. 43 Haxorus
      • Type: Dragon
      • Moves: Dragon Dance, Slash, Dragon Tail, Assurance

    Prize: 5160P, Legend Badge, TM 82 (Dragon Tail)

    This is it, the final Gym Leader battle! And you're up against one of the strongest types in the game. First up is an Fraxure, which you've fought several times before in this Gym. Even as an unevolved Pokemon, it has higher Attack than most fully evolved Pokemon as well as Dragon Dance to boost it even higher. Fortunately, it's pretty frail so it can be taken down pretty easily.

    Next is Druddigon. It is very slow for a Dragon type, but it has high defenses as well as high Attack. Note that Iris's Druddigon has the Rough Skin ability while Drayden's has Sheer Force. With Rough Skin, it will damage you if you hit it with contact moves so try using special moves like Ice Beam or physical non-contact moves like Icicle Smash. Sheer Force is a useless ability since none of Druddigon's moves are affected by it.

    Finally, there's Haxorus. It has ridiculously high Attack. In fact, its Attack is nearly tied with the legendary Rayquaza and it's even faster. Like Fraxure, it also knows Dragon Dance which means it can destroy your entire team if it gets two or more boosts in. Although Ice Pokemon have an advantage, the only Ice type in Unova that can outspeed Haxorus is Cryogonal, who can take it out with Ice Beam. If you don't have one, try Paralyzing it first with Thunder Wave or Stun Spore. This will make the axe-faced dragon a lot easier to deal with.

    After all your hard work, you will finally get the Legend Badge which allows all Pokemon to obey you no matter what the level. Take the teleporter to go back to the entrance of the Gym.

    When you exit the Gym, Prof. Juniper will meet you outside and give you the Master Ball. Keep this one safe because it's the only one in the game that you'll get (without trading of course). She'll bring you to the gatehouse to Route 10, which leads to Victory Road and then to the Elite 4.

    Route 10


    RuffletNormal/Flying34-3630%AllGrass - WHT only
    VullabyDark/Flying34-3630%AllGrass - BLK only
    ThrohFighting33-3610%AllGrass - WHT only
    SawkFighting33-3610%AllGrass - BLK only
    HerdierNormal38-3930%AllDark Grass
    RuffletNormal/Flying39-4130%AllDark Grass - WHT only
    VullabyDark/Flying39-4130%AllDark Grass - BLK only
    BouffalantNormal39-4020%AllDark Grass
    AmoongussGrass/Poison39-4010%AllDark Grass
    ThrohFighting38-4110%AllDark Grass - WHT only
    SawkFighting38-4110%AllDark Grass - BLK only
    AudinoNormal33-3680%AllShaking Grass
    EmolgaElectric/Flying3410%AllShaking Grass
    StoutlandNormal365%AllShaking Grass
    ThrohFighting365%AllShaking Grass - WHT only
    SawkFighting365%AllShaking Grass - BLK only


    Battle GirlLv. 39 ScraftyDark/Fighting
    Lv. 39 MienfooFighting
    Ace TrainerLv. 39 FraxureDragon
    Lv. 39 ShibiriruElectric
    Lv. 39 AccelgorBug
    VeteranLv. 39 MaractusGrass
    Lv. 39 AlomomolaWater
    Lv. 39 CryogonalIce
    BlackbeltLv. 40 SawkFighting
    HikerLv. 38 GurdurrFighting
    Lv. 38 BoldoreRock
    Ace TrainerLv. 40 SawsbuckNormal/Grass
    Lv. 40 JellicentWater/Ghost
    VeteranLv. 39 TsubeaaIce
    Lv. 39 SeismitoadWater/Ground
    Lv. 39 EscavalierBug/Steel

    ITEMS: Hyper Potion, Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, TM 05 (Roar), Full Restore

    Route 10 is the last Route before the Elite 4. Fight all the trainers here because you'll need the EXP. It helps if you attach a Lucky Egg to the Pokemon you are training. There are three new Pokemon here.

    Rufflet and Vullaby are the version-exclusive baby birds. Rufflet is the more offensive of the two, while Vullaby leans toward defense. They can both evolve, but the problem is that they won't evolve until Level 54. It's going to take a lot of training if you want to use their final evolutions before the Elite 4. Then there is Bouffalant, who is a cool-looking afro bison. It's pretty slow, but makes up for it with good defenses and excellent Attack. It doesn't evolve, so you don't have to worry about reaching a high level.

    Go up the stairs and across the bridge, but soon Cheren and Bianca will come up behind you. Cheren will want one last battle with you, so make it count!


    Rival Cheren

    • Lv. 43 Unfezant
    • Lv. 43 Liepard
    • Lv. 43 Simisage (if player chose Snivy), Lv. 43 Simisear (if player choose Tepig), Lv. 43 Simipour (if player chose Oshawott)
    • Lv. 45 Enbuoo (if player chose Snivy), Lv. 45 Samurott (if player choose Tepig), Lv. 45 Serperior (if player chose Oshawott)

    Prize: 2600P

    You've dealt with all of his Pokemon before except for his full evolved starter. At Level 45, each of them know some pretty powerful attacks. Serperior has Leaf Blade and Giga Drain, Enbuoo has Head Smash and Flamethrower, and Samurott knows Aqua Tail.

    When you're victorious, Cheren will heal your team and then be off. Bianca will also leave, but not before giving you a Max Revive.

    Keep going forth on this Route, fighting every trainer you come across for EXP. There are also some good items on this Route including evolution stones and a TM. You'll eventually come to the end of the Route and now you'll have to pass through a series of gates. Each one checks to see if you of one of the eight badges. After you pass the last gate, you'll finally be able to go through Victory Road.

    Victory Road


    DurantBug/Steel37-4240%AllAll Floors
    DeinoDragon/Dark38-3920%All1F, 3F
    BoldoreRock3920%All1F, 3F
    37-4130%All2F, 4F, 5F, 6F, 7F
    WoobatPsychic/Flying3910%All1F, 3F
    37-4220%All2F, 4F, 5F, 6F, 7F
    MienfooFighting39 - 4110%AllAll Floors
    RuffletNormal/Flying38-3935%AllOutside - WHT only
    VullabyNormal/Flying38-3935%AllOutside - BLK only
    ExcadrillGround/Steel37-40100%AllShaking Dirt


    Ace TrainerLv. 45 WhimsicottGrass
    Lv. 45 ZebstrikaElectric
    Ace TrainerLv. 45 StoutlandNormal
    Lv. 45 ScolipedeBug/Poison
    Ace TrainerLv. 44 SimisageGrass
    Lv. 44 SimipourWater
    Lv. 44 SimisearFire
    VeteranLv. 44 BeheeyemPsychic
    Lv. 44 LilligantGrass
    Lv. 44 HeatmorFire
    BlackbeltLv. 43 ScraftyFighting/Dark
    Lv. 43 MienfooFighting
    Lv. 43 ConkeldurrFighting
    DoctorLv. 43 GothoritaPsychic
    Lv. 43 LeavannyBug/Grass
    Ace TrainerLv. 44 KlangSteel
    Lv. 44 DarmanitanFire
    Lv. 44 SeismitoadWater/Ground
    VeteranLv. 45 GigalithRock
    Lv. 45 EelektrossElectric

    ITEMS: Max Revive, Rare Candy, Nugget, TM02 (Dragon Claw), TM 93 (Wild Bolt)

    Victory Road has always been the last training ground before the Elite 4, and it's no different in this generation. The trainers here have some high leveled Pokemon which means its a good oppurtunity to get lots of EXP.

    Inside this place, head north and up the stairs then take the door to the south to go outside.

    You'll watch a short scene with two trainers. One will slide down the hill to a lower ledge and the other will be too scared to do it. This basically tells you that you can also slide down these parts to enter the various cave entrances that you see here. So slide down and head east until you come to another entrance.

    Head inside and take the stairs up, battling any trainers and collecting any items you find along the way. Keep going up until there's no more stairs left then head outside.

    There's two cave entrances to your left. The first one to your left won't lead anywhere, but you should enter it anyways to fight the trainers there. When you're done, go back down and enter the second entrance.

    When you're inside, head up the stairs. You'll see a doctor so talk to him for a battle and he'll heal your Pokemon when you win. Go around the side of the room, use Strength to push the boulder down the hole, and go up the stairs. Continue north and take the stairs.

    On this level, there are two doors leading outside. The one on the left has a Full Heal, but it's a dead end. Take the exit to the right.

    There are two areas where you can slide down, but you should slide down the second break in the fence, not the first. After you land on the ledge, go through the door back inside.

    Go north up the series of stairs then go up to the next level. If you've released Cobalion from the Mistralton Cave, you can head down the stairs to the west to catch Terrakion. It's a really good Fighting-type, so go down there if you want it.

    • Lv. 42 Terrakion
      • Type: Rock/Fighting
      • Ability: Justice Heart
      • Moves: Helping Hand, Retaliate, Rock Slide, Sacred Sword

    Terrakion is by far the strongest of the legendary trio. It has high Speed just like the other two, but it is also back by an excellent 129 base Attack. Getting hit by its Sacred Sword will do a large amount of damage if you don't resist it. Even if you do, it has Rock Slide which can also flinch you. It has good defenses on both sides, but quite a lot of weaknesses. Water, Fighting, Ground, Steel, Grass, and Psychic are all supereffective against it.

    If you don't want Terrakion or you're not ready yet, take the exit to the south.

    To your left is the path that takes you to the Pokemon League. However, if you want to get an extra few items, you can slide down the cliff near the Pokemon Ranger you see.

    Pokemon League

    When you enter the Pokemon League, the first thing you should do is go left into the tower where you can heal your Pokemon and buy some items. Once you are all prepared, go out and talk to the guy.

    Unlike previous generations, where you have to battle the Elite 4 in a specific order, you can challenge Unova's Elite 4 in any order you want. They each have 4 Pokemon from Lv. 48-50, so there is no member who is weakest or strongest. I'll be listing them from left to right.


    Elite 4 Shauntal

    • Lv. 48 Cofagrigus
      • Type: Ghost
      • Moves: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Grass Knot, Will-o-wisp
    • Lv. 48 Golurk
      • Type: Ghost/Ground
      • Moves: Shadow Punch, Curse, Earthquake, Brick Break
    • Lv. 48 Jellicent
      • Type: Water/Ghost
      • Moves: Shadow Ball, Surf, Energy Ball, Brine
    • Lv. 50 Chandelure
      • Type: Ghost/Fire
      • Moves: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Fire Blast, Payback

    Prize: 6000P

    Shauntal specializes in Ghost types. Her first Pokemon is Cofagrigus, who has massive Defense and high Special Defense. However it is extremely slow and doesn't hit very hard though you should still watch out for Will-o-wisp.

    Golurk is another slow Ghost, but focuses on Attack power and can hit very hard with Earthquake although sometimes it will sacrifice itself to use Curse.

    Jellicent is another defensive Ghost type with high HP and Special Defense. Its other stats are pretty average, so it isn't something you should really worry about as long as you aren't weak to Water, Grass, or Ghost.

    Chandelure is her most threatening Pokemon due to its extremely high Special Attack combined with powerful moves like Shadow Ball and Fire Blast. Beware of its Flame Body ability. Hitting it with contact moves may give you a nasty Burn!

    The best Pokemon to use against her are Dark types (like Krookodile) or Normal types with Dark/Ghost attacks (like Stoutland with Crunch or Bouffalant with Payback). Make sure whatever Pokemon you use is either fast or has high enough defenses to survive the attacks that will be thrown at you.


    Elite 4 Grimsley

    • Lv. 48 Scrafty
      • Type: Fighting/Dark
      • Moves: Sand-Attack, Crunch, Brick Break, Poison Jab
    • Lv. 48 Liepard
      • Type: Dark
      • Moves: Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Fake Out, Attract
    • Lv. 48 Krookodile
      • Type: Ground/Dark
      • Moves: Earthquake, Foul Play, Dragon Claw, Crunch
    • Lv. 50 Bisharp
      • Type: Steel/Dark
      • Moves: Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Metal Claw, X-Scissor

    Prize: 6000P

    Grimsley specializes in Dark types. His lead is Scrafty, who has very high defenses and likes to annoy you with Sand-Attack before attacking you.

    Liepard is a Pokemon you've fought many times before, so it's not anything new. However it can be quite annoying due to its Speed and attacks like Fake Out and Attact.

    Krookodile is the fully evolved form of the many Sandile and Krokorok you have been fighting. It is pretty fast and has high Attack. Earthquake is its favorite move, although it will use other moves if they are more effective.

    Finally there's Bisharp, who is very powerful but actually sort of slow.

    Fighting types are the best Pokemon to beat this guy. Bug is also effective, but Bisharp isn't weak to Bug moves. If you do use Fighting Pokemon, watch out for his two Pokemon that know Aerial Ace.


    Elite 4 Caitlin

    • Lv. 48 Reuniclus
      • Type: Psychic
      • Moves: Focus Blast, Psychic, Energy Ball, Thunder
    • Lv. 48 Sigilyph
      • Type: Psychic/Flying
      • Moves: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Ice Beam, Air Slash
    • Lv. 48 Musharna
      • Type: Psychic
      • Moves: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Charge Beam, Reflect
    • Lv. 50 Gothitelle
      • Type: Psychic
      • Moves: Thunderbolt, Psychic, Grass Knot, Calm Mind

    Prize: 6000P

    Players of Heart Gold, Soul Silver, or Platinum may recognize this girl. She is the same person found in the Battle Castle of the Battle Frontier in those games. It turns out she is an Elite 4 member now.

    She starts with Reuniclus, who has very high Special Attack and very strong special moves that cover a wide range of opponents. Take it down before it does too much damage to your team.

    Sigilyph is her fastest Pokemon and also has some strong special moves. It's her only Pokemon that is a dual-type, so targeting it with Ice, Rock, and Electric moves is a good idea.

    Musharna is a Pokemon that Bianca also uses. This one likes to shield itself with Reflect and can boosts its Special Attack with Charge Beam.

    Gothitelle is her highest leveled Pokemon, but it isn't quite as powerful as her other Psychics...that is until it starts boosting its stats with Calm Mind. Don't let it set up on you!

    The same Pokemon that you used to beat Shauntal can also be used to beat Caitlin. Just watch out for Reuniclus's Focus Blast if you use a Dark type. Bug types will also work well as long as you avoid Air Slash.


    Elite 4 Marshal

    • Lv. 48 Throh
      • Type: Fighting
      • Moves: Payback, Bulldoze, Stone Edge, Storm Throw
    • Lv. 48 Sawk
      • Type: Fighting
      • Moves: Karate Chop, Retaliate, Stone Edge, Grass Knot
    • Lv. 48 Conkeldurr
      • Type: Fighting
      • Moves: Hammer Arm, Stone Edge, Retaliate, Grass Knot
    • Lv. 50 Mienshao
      • Type: Fighting
      • Moves: Jump Kick, U-Turn, Grass Knot, Rock Slide

    Prize: 6000P

    Marshal focuses on Fighting types and starts with Throh. It is one of the most defensive Fighting types in the game and can even survive most super effective attacks. Although it's slow, it can use Bulldoze to make you even slower.

    Throh's blue counterpart is Sawk, who is less defensive, but much more powerful and faster. It has Sturdy which means no matter how powerful your move is, it will always survive it and be able to hit back.

    Conkeldurr is pretty scary. It has the highest Attack out of any Fighting type in the game and has a lot of powerful moves to back it up. Its HP and Defense stats are also pretty hefty.

    Mienshao is his fastest Fighting type, but also his frailest so most powerful attacks

    All his Pokemon are pure Fighting and therefore only weak to Flying and Psychic. Flying Pokemon need to watch out for Rock attacks, which all of his Pokemon have. Psychics need to be careful of Dark and Bug moves.

    When you've beaten all four of them, head to the big statue in the middle of the floor and press it. You'll be taken down to a lower level. Head up the side of the mountain and you'll eventually encounter Alder confronting N.

    Suddenly the ground starts shaking, lightning crackles, and a HUGE (and even huge isn't a big enough word) castle starts emerging from the ground. Well, it turns out this is all N's castle.

    Stairs will shoot out from all sides. Cheren then comes along. You've almost beaten the game, but this one challenge will be the hardest. Get ready for the epic ending!

    N's Castle

    ITEMS: Max Potion, Rare Candy, Max Revive, Ultra Ball, Full Restore

    As soon as you enter, 6 sages will confront you. But you don't need to battle them. Soon all the Unova Gym leaders will appear (minus the three from the 1st gym). They will take care of them so you can continue on. Go left then around to the east and go up the stairs.


    Before you can get too far, one of the mysterious teleporting guys appears and tells you that you can heal and use the PC here to make final preparations.

    The room in the middle has a pink-haired girl who will instantly heal your Pokemon. Go back outside and to the third room to grab a free Max Potion. Then continue to the next floor.


    The first room here is a lab of some sort. There is a PC here which you should definitely use.

    Anyways, complete all your PC business here and continue west. The next room has a Max Revive. The third room has a Plasma Grunt who will give you an Ultra Ball. Go up to the next floor.


    Another teleporting guy appears and shows you the room up head. If you enter it, you'll find what looks like a child's playroom. This is actually N's room. It's sort of cute and creepy at the same time. Grab the Rare Candy in the middle of the room and get out of here.

    The next room has a Full Restore. There's nothing in the third room so continue up.


    When you try to enter, Ghetsis will appear in front of you. When he's done talking, you can continue inside.

    It appears you've reached the fancy throne room. N is sitting there and suddenly his legendary will bust through the wall! It will be a fancy 3D cutscene of Zekrom (in Black) or Reshiram (in White).

    Then suddenly your Dark or Light Stone will begin floating and shining. It will be the entrance of the other legendary.

    After that scene, Zekrom or Reshiram will be standing in front of you. In order to proceed, you must battle it. Be sure to save your game before you talk to it!


    Black Only

    • Lv. 50 Reshiram
      • Type: Dragon/Fire
      • Ability: Turbo Blaze
      • Moves: Fusion Flame, Extrasensory, Slash, Dragonbreath

    White Only

    • Lv. 50 Zekrom
      • Type: Dragon/Electric
      • Ability: TeraVoltage
      • Moves: Fusion Bolt, Zen Headbutt, Slash, Dragonbreath

    You will be faced with a powerful foe and the only way to progess is to catch it! If you run or defeat it, you'll have to battle it again! So use attacks that won't be able to do TOO much damage to them. Night Shade and Seismic Toss are very good choices since they can never critical hit and only do a set amount of damage. Putting them to sleep is also great since it greatly increases the chance of a successful catch.

    Just make sure you don't have too many Pokemon weak to Electric or Fire because they really like to use their powerful signature moves.

    Once you catch it, N will heal your Pokemon. Then he will give you one final battle! If you have 6 Pokemon in your team, the game will ask if you want to replace one with Reshiram or Zekrom. If you have less than 6, they will be automatically moved to your first slot.



    • Lv. 52 Zekrom (Black only)
      • Type: Dragon/Electric
      • Moves: Giga Impact, Fusion Bolt, Zen Headbutt, Light Screen


    • Lv. 52 Reshiram (White only)
      • Type: Dragon/Fire
      • Moves: Hyper Beam, Fusion Flame, Extrasensory, Reflect
    • Lv. 50 Carracosta
      • Type: Water/Rock
      • Moves: Waterfall, Stone Edge, Crunch, Aqua Jet
    • Lv. 50 Archeops
      • Type: Rock/Flying
      • Moves: Crunch, Stone Edge, Acrobatics, Dragon Claw
    • Lv. 50 Vanilluxe
      • Type: Ice
      • Moves: Blizzard, Hail, Frost Breath, Flash Cannon
    • Lv. 50 Klinklang
      • Type: Steel
      • Moves: Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam, Metal Sound
    • Lv. 50 Zoroark
      • Type: Dark
      • Moves: Night Slash, Flamethrower, Retaliate, Focus Blast

    Prize: 10000P

    N will lead with his title legendary and you'll lead with your own legend if you made room for it in your party. Neither of the legends N uses will know a Dragon move, while your legend automatically comes with Dragonbreath. Since both Zekrom and Reshiram are weak to Dragon, you'll have the advantage in this match up. Don't worry about the other moves they have. Zen Headbutt and Extrasensory are kind of weak, Cross Thunder/Cross Fire are not very effective, and Hyper Beam/Giga Impact aren't likely to take you down (plus it gives you a free turn afterwards). Light Screen would make Zekrom harder to take down with Dragonbreath, but it will be defeated as long as you keep attacking.

    Now, what happens if you didn't put Reshiram or Zekrom in your team? Then the match becomes a lot tougher. However, even some non-legend Pokemon can do well against them. All of Zekrom's attacks are resisted by Excadrill, who can take it down with Earthquake. Reshiram can be handled by Gigalith, who has the Sturdy ability as well as a powerful Stone Edge.

    Once the legend goes down, his other Pokemon take the stage.

    He has both of the Fossil Pokemon. Carracosta is slow, but has very high Defense. Archeops is fast and very powerful, but becomes near useless if it falls below 50% health due to its negative ability. Both of these Pokemon are weak to Electric moves.

    Vanilluxe looks silly, but is actually pretty strong especially if it starts up a Hail and uses Blizzard afterwards. Still, you've dealt with Ice types before so a good supereffective attack can take it down, especially Fire and Fighting.

    Fire and Fighting are also supereffective against Klinklang. This thing is faster than it looks and has hefty Defense as well.

    Finally, there's Zoroark, who has the unique Illusion ability that can make it appear to be another Pokemon in N's party. It can give you quite a surprise, but Zoroark is still weak to Fighting so you should just use those moves when in doubt.

    After N is defeated, Ghetsis shows up. He is the real final battle of this game so get ready!



    • Lv. 52 Cofagrigus
      • Type: Ghost
      • Moves: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Protect
    • Lv. 52 Bisharp
      • Type: Steel/Dark
      • Moves: Night Slash, Stone Edge, X-Scissor, Metal Burst
    • Lv. 52 Bouffalant
      • Type: Normal
      • Moves: Afro Break, Earthquake, Wild Bolt, Poison Jab
    • Lv. 52 Eelektross
      • Type: Electric
      • Moves: Wild Bolt, Acrobatics, Flamethrower, Crunch
    • Lv. 52 Seismitoad
      • Type: Water/Ground
      • Moves: Earthquake, Muddy Water, Slime Wave, Rain Dance
    • Lv. 54 Hydreigon
      • Type: Dragon/Dark
      • Moves: Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Surf, Focus Blast

    Prize: 9720P

    He starts with Cofagrigus just like Shauntal. But his ghost is much more annoying with the Toxic + Protect combo. However any Steel type can easily beat this strategy and take it down, especially something like Bisharp.

    Speaking of which, he has one too! It's similar to the one that Marshal has, so just take it down with a Fighting or Ground attack.

    Bouffalant is pretty strong and has good defenses as well. Its signature move, Afro Break, does a lot of damage but has recoil. Fighting attacks also work against it.

    Eelektross is something you need to watch out for. It's an Electric type, but it has Levitate so it essentially has no weaknesses at all! It has high Attack and some pretty strong physical moves so make sure whatever you use has good Defense. Zekrom, Reshiram, or any Dragon type can easily take care of it.

    Seismitoad has only weakness to Grass attacks. It's not quite as powerful as Ghetsis's other Pokemon.

    And finally we have Hydreigon. It is an extremely strong Dragon and though it's not legendary, it can still hit very hard with all of its moves. It's even faster than Reshiram/Zekrom so it will give them trouble with Dragon Pulse. Ice types need to watch out for Fire Blast and Focus Blast while Fire Blast also handles Bug types. It doesn't have a supereffective move against Fighting types, but if you use one make sure it is faster and can take it out with one hit or has high enough Special Defense to survive at least one of its attacks.

    When you've defeated his last Pokemon, you'll finally be victorious! Congratulations, you've beaten the game!

    But after the credits roll, there's still plenty of things you can do so stay tuned for a list of sidequests, legendary Pokemon, and new areas that you can go to.

    Route 1 P2


    HerdierNormal32-3439%AllDark Grass
    WatchogNormal32-3536%AllDark Grass
    ScraggyDark/Fighting33-3525%AllDark Grass
    AudinoNormal2-4100%AllShaking Grass
    BasculinWater5-20100%AllSurf Spots


    Pokemon RangerLv. 35 SwoobatPsychic/Flying
    Lv. 35 SimisearFire
    Pokemon RangerLv. 35 CinccinoNormal
    Lv. 35 ZebstrikaElectric
    FishermanLv. 34 FrillishWater/Ghost
    Lv. 34 FrillishWater/Ghost

    As soon as you get the Surf HM, you can Fly back to the very first Route you ever set foot on. There's a whole other area to Route 1 that you couldn't access before. Start by going down the steps towards the water and Surf on it. Head westwards until you reach some land that you can get on. You can battle some trainers here and get free berries from the Rangers. When you're done, head southwest through the dark grass until you reach the gatehouse to the next area.

    Route 17


    AlomomolaWater5-2095%AllSurf Spots
    JellicentWater/Ghost5-205%AllSurf Spots


    FishermanLv. 34 BasculinWater
    Lv. 34 BasculinWater
    SwimmerLv. 35 AlomomolaWater
    SwimmerLv. 32 BasculinWater
    Lv. 32 BasculinWater
    Lv. 32 BasculinWater
    Lv. 32 BasculinWater
    Lv. 32 BasculinWater
    SwimmerLv. 32 FrillishWater/Ghost
    Lv. 32 SimipourWater
    SwimmerLv. 32 DucklettWater
    Lv. 32 FrillishWater

    Welcome to your first Water Route in Unova! This place is the first chance you have to catch two new Water Pokemon. First up is Frillish, the only Pokemon you'll encounter just by Surfing. It sports a unique Water/Ghost type combination as well as high Special Defense. Its attack stats are a little bit on the low side, but it is still a nice Pokemon to have if you don't have any other Water-types on your team. If you come across any Surf Spots, you have a good chance of finding Alomomola. This fish fooled many into thinking it was an evolution of Luvdisc, but it's just a standalone Pokemon. It has the highest HP of any Pokemon in Unova and is geared towards healing with moves like Wish and Aqua Ring. Unfortunately its attack stats are pretty low, so its more of a team supporter.

    When you start Surfing here, you'll notice several patches of shallow water as well as some areas of fast moving water. These are water currents and force you to move in a certain direction. Surf west past some rocks and a female swimmer and you'll encounter some current flowing left. Go onto the upper part of the current which will take you to an area in the middle where you can fight another swimmer and get the TM for Toxic. Take the current back to where you were earlier and get on the one on the very bottom. This will take you to some land which is the start of a new Route 18.

    Route 18


    32-3540%AllDark Grass
    32-3420%AllDark Grass
    SawkFighting29-3110%AllGrass - BLK
    33-3510%AllDark Grass - BLK
    315%AllShaking Grass - WHT
    ThrohFighting29-3110%AllGrass - WHT
    33-3510%AllDark Grass - WHT
    315%AllShaking Grass - BLK
    CrustleBug/Rock34-3530%AllDark Grass
    AudinoNormal28-3195%AllShaking Grass
    AlomomolaWater5-2095%AllSurf Spots
    JellicentWater/Ghost5-205%AllSurf Spots


    HikerLv. 34 BoldoreRock
    Lv. 34 CrustleRock
    BackpackerLv. 35 EmolgaElectric/Flying
    BackpackerLv. 35 WhimsicottGrass
    VeteranLv. 35 BasculinWater
    Lv. 35 SimisageGrass
    Lv. 35 DarmanitanFire
    Battle GirlLv. 35 ScraggyDark/Fighting
    Lv. 35 GurdurrFighting

    This Route is actually an island in the water. Get on the hill by walking up the stairs. Head north past the Hiker, through the grass, then left until you get to a small house. Inside talk to the Ranger and he will give you an egg! This egg contains a rare Larvesta, a Bug/Fire Pokemon that can evolve into Volcorona, one of the strongest Bug types in the entire game. Volcorona has an amazingly high Special Attack stat and can boost it even higher with moves like Quiver Dance and Flame Dance. It would definitely be a great choice for your team...if it didn't evolve at such a high level. Larvesta will hatch at Level 1, but it won't evolve until Level 59! Unless you do a ton of grinding, it may not even evolve before you reach the Elite 4.

    After you head out of the house, continue left and down the stairs onto some sand. You can go right and use Strength on a boulder to access the area between the hill. You can fight a trainer and get the Dragon Scale to evolve a Seadra into a Kingdra. Head back onto the sandy area, go north and right, up the stairs, across the hill, then down the stairs again. Surf east on the water until you get to some more currents. Two currents will be flowing east, so take the second one. It will take you through a series of other currents until you reach some land.

    P2 Lab


    AlomomolaWater5-2095%AllSurf Spots
    JellicentWater/Ghost5-205%AllSurf Spots


    ScientistLv. 35 GarbodorPoison
    Lv. 34 KlinkSteel
    ScientistLv. 34 KlinklangSteel


    • Dubious Disc - Inside lab building
    • TM 24 (Thunderbolt) - In Grass south of lab building

    This is a very small area that doesn't have much to do except picking up some items. Inside the lab building is a Dubious Disc used to evolve Porygon2 into Porygon-Z. On the southern peninsula is the TM for Thunderbolt which is a great move for any special attacker that can learn it.

    Mistralton Cave


    BoldoreRock28-3150%AllCave Floor
    WoobatPsychic/Flying28-3030%AllCave Floor
    AxewDragon30-3120%AllCave Floor
    DrilburGround28-31100%AllShaking Dirt


    HikerLv. 33 DrilburGround
    Lv. 33 GurdurrFighting
    HikerLv. 34 BoldoreRock


    • Max Repel - 1F, to the right of Hiker
    • Hyper Potion - 1F, Above the Strength boulder northeast of the entrance
    • Elixir - 1F, south of entrance (hidden)
    • Hard Stone - 2F, southern area
    • Iron - 2F, northeast of entrance
    • TM80 (Rock Slide) - 2F, northwest corner
    • Ultra Ball - 2F, In the rock south of entrance (hidden)
    • PP Up - 2F, north of entrance (hidden)
    • Hyper Potion - 2F, southeast corner (hidden)
    • Revive - 3F, West of entrance
    • Dusk Stone - 3F, northeast corner
    • Rare Candy - 3F, northwest of Strength boulder
    • Ultra Ball - 3F, northeast corner
    • Carbos - 3F, In the rock next to Rare Candy (hidden)

    To get to this place, go to Route 6 near the northern part with the dark grass. Surf east on the water. You'll come to some rocks blocking your way, so jump onto the dark grass above you, go right, and Surf back on the water. Keep going east until you reach some land with a cave entrance ahead. In order to navigate this cave easily, you need the Flash and Strength abilities.

    Mistralton Cave is an optional area, but it has two special Pokemon that you can't find anywhere else. The first is Axew, a Dragon Pokemon that evolves twice. Its final evolution, Haxorus, possesses the highest Attack of any non-legendary Dragon in the entire game. With access to moves like Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, and Outrage, it will make quick work of most opponents you will face. Additionally, it evolves at Level 48 which is slightly earlier than most other three-stage Dragons, which is also good news.


    From the entrance, head down and use Strength on the boulder to push it into the hole. Keep going down, then turn right and push another boulder into a hole. Go up some steps and you can turn right for a Max Repel if you want to stop all these random encounters. Go back left, down some steps, and push a third boulder, which creates a shortcut back to the entrance. Go back up the steps and turn south to reach the stairs to the 2nd floor.


    Go down the steps, head south, and use Strength on the boulder. Go up the steps and head east down another set of steps. Going south from here will eventually lead you to a Hard Stone and a dead end. Going all the way north and west leads you to the Rock Slide TM, which is a good move for most physical attackers, especially Fighting types. The stairs to the 3rd floor is in the middle of the room between two boulders. Use Strength on both of them so you have a shortcut back to the entrance. When you're done, go up the stairs.


    Go right from the entrance and you'll meet an old man. He will tell you a story about the legendary trio Cobalon, Terrakion, and Virizion. It seems that one of these three Pokemon resides within this cave. Anyways, if you have a Lampent or plan on getting a Murkrow or Misdreavus, go to the very northeast corner to get a Dusk Stone so you can evolve them. Otherwise, go up the stairs past the old man. Go down the steps to the left, down some more steps, and south until you get to a boulder. Push it down, then go left up the steps. If you continue north through a narrow passage, you'll eventually reach the place where Cobalon is standing. Be sure to save before battling it!

    • Lv. 42 Cobalion
      • Type: Steel/Fighting
      • Ability: Justice Heart
      • Moves: Helping Hand, Retaliate, Iron Head, Sacred Sword

    Cobalion is the first legendary you have access to. It is a fast Pokemon with very high Defense. It's attack stats are nothing special, but it does have Iron Head. Combined with Cobalion's high Speed, Iron Head has a good chance of making your Pokemon flinch which can be annoying. It has a another move called Sacred Sword, which is a signature move of the trio. It's a 90 base-power physical Fighting-type move that ignores all defensive boosts your Pokemon may use (like Harden or Iron Defense).

    Cobalion's type combination gives it a bunch of resistances to a variety of types, but leaves it with key weaknesses to Fighting, Fire, and Ground. Its ability increases its Attack each time it is hit with a Dark move, so don't use any against it.

    Pinwheel Forest P2

    Now that we have caught or at least encountered Cobalion, it's time to get another member of the legendary trio - Virizion. This Pokemon resides deep inside Pinwheel Forest so head over there. Go north up the paved road and stay on the right side. You will see a small crack in the fence which you can go through. Go eastwards and you'll find some areas of dark grass. Keep going east, up some steps, through a log tunnel, and you'll find an entrance into a grove of trees. Normally this entrance will be blocked by rocks, but if you have met Cobalion, the entrance will be clear. Inside is where Virizion will be standing. Again, remember to save before battling it.

    • Lv. 42 Virizion
      • Type: Grass/Fighting
      • Ability: Justice Heart
      • Moves: Helping Hand, Retaliate, Giga Drain, Sacred Sword

    Virizion is another fast legendary and excels in Special Defense. Its moveset is almost identical to Cobalion's, except it has Giga Drain in place of Iron Head. Giga Drain will restore its health each time it is used which can be annoying if you are trying to keep its HP low so you can catch it. Put it to sleep right away so it won't be able to attack, then whittle away its health before you attempt to catch it.

    Dreamyard Post-Game


    WatchogNormal4720%AllDark Grass - Outside
    LiepardDark4720%AllDark Grass - Outside
    RaticateNormal4810%AllDark Grass - Outside
    47-5035%AllDark Grass - Basement
    MunnaPsychic4810%AllDark Grass - Outside
    48-4920%AllDark Grass - Basement
    LedianBug/Flying4910%AllDark Grass - Outside
    495%AllDark Grass - Basement
    AriadosBug/Poison4910%AllDark Grass - Outside
    495%AllDark Grass - Basement
    KricketuneBug48-5010%AllDark Grass - Outside
    47-5035%AllDark Grass - Basement
    VenomothBug/Poison48-5010%AllDark Grass - Outside


    ScientistLv. 63 DrowzeePsychic
    Lv. 63 MusharnaPsychic
    Lv. 63 HypnoPsychic
    ScientistLv. 63 PoliwhirlWater
    Lv. 63 MusharnaPsychic
    Lv. 63 ParasectBug/Grass
    ScientistLv. 64 JigglypuffNormal
    Lv. 64 MusharnaPsychic
    ScientistLv. 64 MusharnaPsychic
    Lv. 64 StantlerNormal
    PsychicLv. 63 BeldumSteel/Psychic
    Lv. 63 MetangSteel/Psychic
    Lv. 63 BeheeyemPsychic
    Lv. 63 ReuniclusPsychic
    PsychicLv. 64 NatuPsychic/Flying
    Lv. 64 XatuPsychic/Flying
    Lv. 64 BanetteGhost
    PsychicLv. 65 StarmieWater/Psychic
    Lv. 65 WobbuffetPsychic


    • Twistedspoon - Basement, bottom left corner
    • TM85 (Dream Eater) - Basement, top left corner
    • Awakening - Basement, in pile of boxes below the stairs (hidden)
    • Awakening - Basement, in box on the left side (hidden)
    • Awakening - Basement, in box near bottom left corner (hidden)
    • TM75 (Swords Dance) - Gift from sage in southern area
    • Revive - Southern area, northwest of stairs
    • Hyper Potion - Southern area, far west side
    • Max Potion - Southern area, in the middle barrel on the west side (hidden)

    If it is a Friday, go to the Dreamyard because a special encounter is awaiting you there. There's another section to this place that you couldn't reach because it was blocked off, but after getting the National Dex, you can access it. When you're at the Dreamyard, go east past the area with all the barrels. There will be some grass here where you can catch Bug Pokemon from previous generations. You will also notice some stairs going down.

    Take the stairs into the basement. There are a bunch of Psychics and Scientists here. Go south and west into an area with a bunch of trainers pacing around. Head east this time and you'll get to some stairs going up.

    This will take you to a southern area of the Dreamyard you haven't explored before. Right below you is a Sage of Team Plasma. He will give you TM75 (Swords Dance), a great move for any physical attacker. Now continue left through the dark grass. Up ahead is another set of stairs going down. Before you use them, push the boulder above you into the hole so you'll have a shortcut back to the city.

    After you go down the stairs, you'll be in a narrow hallway on the left side of the same basement. Go all the way north. If it's a Friday, you will see a Musharna floating above the grassy area, otherwise there won't be anything here except for a TM for Dream Eater.

    Musharna aren't legendary or rare Pokemon and this one isn't a shiny like the Red Gyarados from Johto. So what is so special about it? Well, it just so happens that this Musharna has a special ability called Telepathy, something that it can normally only obtain through the Dream World. Telepathy protects Musharna from its partner's attacks during a double or triple battle. It's completely useless in single battles so it's actually not that good. Still, it's here if you want it. This Musharna comes at Level 50.

    Relic Castle Post-Game


    KrokorokDark/Ground47-5035%AllCastle Floor
    SandslashGround47-5030%AllCastle Floor
    CofagrigusNormal48-5020%AllCastle Floor
    OnixRock/Ground48-5015%AllCastle Floor
    ClaydolGround/Psychic47-50100%AllCastle Floor - Volcorona's Room


    Team Plasma GruntLv. 64 KrookodileGround/Dark


    • Ragecandybar - Gift from Prof. Juniper
    • TM04 (Calm Mind) - Gift from Sage
    • TM26 (Earthquake) - In the room in the tower northwest of the desert

    Another special non-lengendary Pokemon awaits you deep inside Relic Castle. To get there, go to the Desert Resort. Before you enter the tower, you'll meet Professor Juniper. She will give you a Ragecandybar and show you the blue statues on the ground. These statues are actually Darmanitans, or at least their second form. Using a Ragecandybar on them and they will battle you.

    These Darmanitan have a special Dream World ability like the Telepathy Musharna in the Dreamyard. Once they drop below half HP, they will automatically change into another form called the "Zen Mode" which changes their stats and type. Instead of pure Fire, they'll be Fire/Psychic. Instead of massive Attack, they'll have massive Special Attack along with high Defense and Special Defense. And they will also be much slower. All of the Darmanitan will be available at Level 35 and know Thrash, Hammer Arm, Flare Blitz, and Belly Drum. Belly Drum is what they will use to achieve Zen Mode and it will also boost their Attack to the maximum. Fortunately, the Zen Mode has terrible Attack unlike their normal form so they won't be doing that much damage.

    Whether you battle them or not is up to you. Continue into the tower.

    Once inside, you'll find a lone Plasma Grunt. He will immediately flee into another room, so go after him. When you catch up to him, he will battle you, but he only has one Pokemon. Upon defeat you can continue deeper into this place.

    There is a specific way you have to go in order to reach the destination. First, go south into the next room. Then go west. Go south, then west again. You should eventually see another sage. He'll will give you the TM for Calm Mind and will then be taken away by Looker.

    Go to the next room and head all the way to the very end. You'll encounter a Volcorona! Be sure to save before battling it.

    • Lv. 70 Volcorona
      • Type: Bug/Fire
      • Ability: Flame Body
      • Moves: Silver Wind, Quiver Dance, Heat Wave, Bug Buzz

    Like I mentioned, Volcorona is not a legendary, but it might as well be one. It's very powerful, comes at a very high level, and is pretty difficult to capture. Although you could get a Larvesta earlier in the game, you won't have to level it up to evovle if you just catch its evolved form right here. What makes Volcorona so good is Quiver Dance. In one turn, it will boost its Special Attack, Special Defense, AND Speed. Since it comes with two powerful STAB attacks, Volcorona can deal a lot of damage to your team if it sets up a few Quiver Dances. Put it to sleep first so it can't attack, then catch it like you would any legendary.

    After the battle, you still are not finished with this place yet. Exit Volcorona's room and go left. Keep heading left until you can't go left anymore, then go up. After that, go left, up, and left and you'll see a staircase. Go up the staircase and continue until reach another staircase. Keep going up and up each staircase and you will eventually come out on the surface. You will be able to get the TM for Earthquake. It's the best Ground move in the game and certainly worth the trouble.


    After the credits roll, you'll wake up back in your house in Nuvema Town. Go downstairs and you'll see your mom...and another mom? No, that's just Looker, the same guy who made his debut in the Platinum version. He'll give you the Super Rod so you can finally start fishing!

    Go outside and you'll meet Bianca and Cheren. Mr. Juniper will come out and give all three of you an upgrade for your PokeDexes. With the National Dex you can finally start cataloging all the Pokemon from previous generations.

    At this point, there is no more storyline so there is no specific place you have to go. However there is much of Unova that you haven't explored yet, so this section will give you an overview of the new areas you have yet to visit.

    You can either start from Opelucid City and head east to Route 11, or start from Nimbasa City and go east past Route 16 onto the Wonder Bridge. I'll start from Route 11 and go clockwise.