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    Dream World FAQ by SaiyanPureheart

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                    |Game:     Pokemon Black/White          |
                    |System:   Nintendo DS                  |
                    |Document: Dream World FAQ              |    
                    |Author:   SaiyanPureheart/Rasheed Islam|
                    |Date:     May 18, 2011                 |
                             ~*TABLE OF CONTENTS*~
                               I) INTRODUCTION
                              II) WHAT IS DREAM WORLD?
                             III) HOW TO ACCESS DREAM WORLD
                            IIII) HOW TO SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT
                               V) SLEEPY POKEMON
                              VI) ENTRALINK
                             VII) YOUR DREAM ISLAND
                                  A) GARDEN BED AND BERRIES
                                  B) SHARE SHELF
                            VIII) INSIDE YOUR DREAM HOUSE
                                  A) TREASURE CHEST
                                  B) CATALOGUE
                                  C) FRIEND BOARD
                              IX) ISLAND OF DREAMS
                               X) MINI GAMES
                              XI) DREAM PALS
                             XII) DREAM POINTS AND HOW TO EARN THEM
                            XIII) TIPS ON HOW TO RAISE DREAM POINTS
                             XIV) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
                              XV) CONTACT ME
                             XVI) CREDITS/DISCLAIMER
                              |I) INTRODUCTION|
     Welcome to my Dream World FAQ for Pokemon Black/White. The purpose 
    of this guide is to help you further in case you did not fully 
    understand the Dream World tutorial the professor gave. 
     This guide was created by my knowledge of the Dream World (which is 
    limited). So there may be a few blanks to fill. If so, see the 
    "CONTACT ME" section to inform me, and I will add it to the guide. 
     Please note that I don't want to ruin any newcomer's experience on 
    what Pokemon and items you can find in the Dream World. I want others 
    to enjoy Dream World without knowing what to expect, like I did. 
                             |II) WHAT IS DREAM WORLD?|
     Dream World is an exciting place where you can enrich your Pokemon 
    gaming experience. It is an online service that yields quite a few 
    1) You can find a preset of Pokemon with unique traits that otherwise 
       cannot be found within the games.
    2) You can find a variety of unique berries and other items that are 
       otherwise not normally found within the games. 
    3) You can meet other players and befriend them, by becoming "Dream Pals". 
       However, you can only befriend ten Dream Pals. Check the Dream Pals 
       section for more info.
       UPDATE: As of the June 29, 2011 update notification, you can now have
               up to twenty (20) Dream Pals (including pending Dream Pal 
               requests) at a time.
    4) You get your own secret base, known as your dream house. By collecting 
       the right amount of certain berries, you'll be able to expand your 
       house and even decorate it.
     While all this sounds good, there is a limit to Dream World. You can 
    only access it once every 24 hours, and your session is limited to an 
    hour only. 
                            |III) HOW TO ACCESS DREAM WORLD|
    Dream World can only be accessed if you:
    1) have a computer, laptop, etc.
    2) have a working internet connection (wired or wireless)
    3) have a DS/3DS set up to your wired/wireless router
    4) have the C-Gear (obtained as you play through the adventure of Black/White)
    5) have at least one Pokemon in your PC box
    After sending a Pokemon from your box, and by visiting pokemon-gl(.)com 
    (remove the brackets), you're set to play on Dream World.
                           |IIII) HOW TO SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT|
     If it's your first time playing, you will have to set up a Pokemon 
    Trainer Club account. To do so, you must have all the things 
    aforementioned. Turn on the C-Gear, tap the "ONLINE" function on the 
    touch screen. You will be asked if you want to save your game. Do so, 
    and you'll be asked if you want to launch Wi-Fi communications. After 
    that, you'll be able to select a "Sleepy Pokemon" from any of your 
     Except for Meloetta, Genesect, and Keloda, you can choose any Pokemon 
    of yours to put to sleep. It may take a few minutes for the data to 
    process, but once it has, you will be given a code (assigned for that 
    game card only) to enter as part of the registration requirement. 
    Visit pokemon-gl(.)com (remove the brackets), and follow the instructions 
    there to get set up. 
     Once you have set up your account, you can check your profile to see 
    how many dream points you have and how many dream pals you have. You 
    can also edit your privacy settings. Pretty simple, right?
                             |V) SLEEPY POKEMON|
     A Sleepy Pokemon is one that you choose from your PC box before you 
    can start your session on Dream World. You must have a Pokemon sent 
    over to your Pokemon Trainer Club account. Once that is done, log on 
    to your account and access the Dream World. You will see your sleeping 
    Pokemon outside your dream house when you begin your session. When you 
    have chosen your desired Pokemon and items, they will be transfered to 
    your game via the entralink (see below).
     How do you wake up your sleeping Pokemon? The same way you put it to
    sleep in the first place: using the C-GEAR, tapping the "ONLINE" option
    on the touch screen, etc. 
                             |VI) ENTRALINK|
     Once you have awakened your Pokemon (thus ending your Dream World 
    session), use the C-Gear and tap the "WIRELESS" function on the touch 
    screen. You will see the "Entralink" option. Tap that and you will warp 
     You will find someone to the left of the entrance to the Entree Forest. 
    He will give you whatever item/s you had recently transfered from your 
    Dream World session.
     The Entree Forest is where you are able to find (and capture) whatever 
    Pokemon you had chosen from your Dream World session. When you choose 
    which Pokeball to use, you will magically see what is known as the 
    "Dream Ball". Use that to capture it in one-shot. 
                            |VII) YOUR DREAM ISLAND|
     On your first Dream World session, you will see the small house that 
    you have. You will see two arrows on the opposite, bottom sides of your 
    screen. They are used to navigate around your house. The left arrow will 
    take you to your garden bed, while the right arrow will take you to your 
    share shelf. Clicking on either navigational arrow twice will take you 
    to the rainbow connecting to the Island of Dreams. 
     The mat laid in front of your house can be accessed to see what's been 
    going on while you were away from Dream World. Some people may have 
    visited your house, watered your berries, traded items on your share 
    shelf, etc. If your mat is flashing, it means someone has sent you a 
    request to become their Dream Pal. You can go to their house to accept 
    their request. If you want to reject them, you can do so by clicking on 
    your profile from the main page of pokemon-gl(.)com. 
     If you want to befriend others, simply click on your Dream Pal map to 
    find some players, visit their house, and put up a request by clicking 
    for the option on the top left. 
     This is where you can plant and grow berries. You also have a watering 
    can. When you start out, you will see that you only have two rows on 
    your garden bed, with three soils to plant your berries in. You can 
    unlock more rows by earning Dream Points (see the "Dream Points and 
    How To Earn Them" section). 
     When you plant a berry on a dry soil, you cannot water it immediately. 
    Depending on the berry you plant, it could grow in the next day or so. 
    You can water the berries that didn't grow when you planted them on 
    your last session, or see that someone else may have watered them for 
    you. I do not know if it is true, but if the berries that take long to 
    grow are not watered, they will wilt.
     When a berry has fully grown, click to harvest it. You get five berries 
    out of your planted berry, so a four-berry surplus. The more you have 
    planted, the more you get when they're fully grown. Once you have four 
    rows on your garden, you will be able to get a whopping 60 berries! 
     UPDATE: As of the June 29, 2011 update notification, you can have 
             a fifth row added to your garden. That means you can now
             get 75 berries!
     Berries act as currency in the Dream World. It's fun to collect many 
    kinds of berries. You can do so by finding them from the areas of the 
    Island of Dreams, Share Shelf, your Dream Pals, their Dream Pals, etc. 
    Check the "Catalogue" section for more details.
     The Share Shelf is where you can place up to nine items from your 
    treasure chest (including berries) for trade. When other players come 
    visit your dream house, chances are they will swap items they need from 
     A flipside to this, however, is that someone who needs an item they 
    don't have will swap it with an item you already have (and probably 
    will think it's a rip-off). 
     Still, it is an exciting way of getting the items/berries you don't 
    already have. Be sure to visit other players' share shelves to expand
    on your item collection. You can only swap for items you don't already 
    have. So if you have already have a chesto berry, you cannot get another 
    one from other peoples' shelves.
                           |VIII) INSIDE YOUR DREAM HOUSE|
     Click the front door to look inside your house. Other than a treasure 
    chest, catalogue, and friend board, you don't have much to begin with. 
     This is where all your items and berries are stored. You can choose
    any item/s you have, how many you wish to take, and then send them 
    over to your game. 
     This is where you can look up the various decors you can have set up 
    in your house. However, there is a cost for each decor. You will need 
    to have certain berries, and you will need to have them in certain 
    amounts. Be sure to plant the right berries on your garden if you're 
    aiming for a certain decor or a house expansion. 
     This is where you are able to view the Pokemon you had chosen from 
    the wishing tree at the Island of Dreams. The blue circle marked on 
    the befriended Pokemon indicates it is ready to be sent to your game 
    upon waking up your sleepy Pokemon. Until you wake up your sleepy 
    Pokemon, though, the rainbow connecting to the Island of Dreams 
    will not appear. 
                              |IX) ISLAND OF DREAMS|
     Click on the arrow at the bottom, or anywhere around the rainbow 
    to gain access. When you first go here, you will only have access 
    to one area, known as the "Pleasant Forest". As you gain more dream 
    points, you will unlock more areas to visit. And you will be taken 
    to a random area each time you enter. 
     You can find a preset of Pokemon, berries, and other items within 
    these areas. You will have a navigational arrow to visit parts of 
    an area, and chances are, you will find either a Pokemon or an item. 
    Sometimes you may not find anything at all. 
     It's pretty straightforward, as the tutorial explains well enough. 
    If you see something shaking (a Pokemon), or swirling sparkles 
    (an item), click to see what you find. Check the MINI GAMES section
    below for more information.
     After going through ten different places in a given area, you will be 
    taken to the wishing tree, where you can choose from the Pokemon you 
    befriended through the minigames you've played. It will cost you a 
    berry every time, and you can only choose one to send to your game. 
                               |X) MINI GAMES|
     It's real fun to earn Pokemon by playing a minigame with them! 
    Depending on the Pokemon, you play that minigame. There are four 
    types of games to play from: 
    ~*Skyrace with Pelipper*~ 
     An easy game. Using your mouse, simply guide Pelipper past lightning 
    bolts , collecting as many water drops as you can to reach the finish 
    ~*Ice cream scoop*~
     This game will cost a berry, and you get to choose which one. Depending 
    on the berry you select, you can get three types of ice creams that have 
    differing qualities (stickiness and easiness to scoop), and the rating 
    of those qualities (from one star to five stars). 
    There is a target line that you have to reach in order to befriend the 
    Pokemon you engaged this game with. But it's VERY easy. Press and hold 
    down the left-click mouse button to make your scoop bigger and bigger
    until it's maxed out. Once you're done, keep holding down the left-click 
    mouse button and guide the scoop over to the bowl. That alone guarantees 
    you in reaching the target line and befriending the Pokemon. 
    Try to make an ice cream tower if you can! 
    ~*Search for a Pokemon*~
     Ocassionally tricky, this game requires you to find a Pokemon from a 
    given area (forest, sky, or sea) using the navigational arrows. You may 
    also find a berry that rewards you with bonus points if you find the 
    hidden Pokemon as well. Finding the Pokemon alone is also good enough. 
     Here is an effective to play this minigame: 
    When the game begins, click on any directional arrow and keep moving
    from screen to screen (ignorning any shaking spots). Keep going until
    you see swirling sparkles on your screen. Click on it and BINGO - you 
    found the berry! 
    Now here's the beauty: the missing Pokemon is ALWAYS one or two screens 
    away from where you found the berry! Move one or more screens forward, 
    backwards, left, or right from where you found the berry and start 
    clicking on any shaking spots until you find the Pokemon. It's easy! 
    I usually find the missing mon within a minute, sometimes even within 
    ~*The Wailord game*~ 
     This one is actually fun! Kind of a pinball-ish game, you have to hit 
    the coloured balloons matching with the Pokemon you're using Wailord to 
    water spout it. The game requires you to hit a total of 15 targets in 
    order to befriend the Pokemon you engaged the game with. Try playing
    without letting a single Pokemon fall into the water!
                                |XI) DREAM PALS|
     Perhaps the most exciting part of Dream World is having Dream Pals. 
    Dream Pals are other players who become your buddies. 
     You are allowed to have up to twenty (20). They can be useful in finding 
    items you don't have and collecting some dream points. 
     You can visit your buddy's buddies to get more adventure. You can 
    see what other players are up to by visiting their island, what decors 
    they have set up in their homes, their berry garden etc. 
     When you visit your Dream Pal's garden (or anyone else's), you may be 
    able to water their berries up to a total of twenty times (as your 
    watering allows) per session. 
                               |XII) DREAM POINTS AND HOW TO EARN THEM|
     Dream Points are given to you for completing certain tasks in your 
    Dream World session. As you earn more and more points, you can unlock 
    rewards that enhance your experience in the Dream World. For instance, 
    you can unlock two more areas in the Island of Dreams with even more 
    preset of Pokemon. 
     More to the point (pun intended), here's what you unlock:
    900 points - A third row garden bed 
    2,100 points - A fourth row garden bed
    3,500 points - A fifth row garden bed
    2,500 points - Unlock the "Windswept Sky" area in the Island of Dreams
    5,000 points - Unlock the "Sparkling Sea" area in the Island of Dreams
    7,500 points - Unlock more preset Pokemon and items in all three areas 
                   at the Island of Dreams
    10,000 points - See above
     From my experience of the Dream World thus far, you earn points by 
    doing the following:
    - Logging in to your account (30 points)
    - Play minigames with Pokemon (20 points per minigame)
    - Watering other players' berries (10 points for each berry)
                               |XIII) TIPS ON HOW TO RAISE DREAM POINTS|
     Here are some tips on how to earn huge amounts of Dream Points in one 
    - Since Dream World can only be played for an hour, and access available 
      24 hours after the time you previously logged in, try to create a 
      suitable time of your day to log in. For me, it usually takes the 
      full hour to break through the 500-point mark. Sometimes it takes sooner 
      depending on the session (eg. you encounter more random Pokemon at the 
      island of dreams, find people with un-watered berries, etc). 
    - Keep accessing the Island of Dreams as many times as you are allowed. 
      Play as many minigames as you can find in any area of the Island of 
      Dreams. The only exception might be the ice cream minigame if you are 
      low on any kind of berries. The more Pokemon you befriend, the more 
      you get to choose from. When you don't see anymore random Pokemon in 
      any area of the Island of Dreams, you can pick your Pokemon from the 
      wishing tree.
    - Visit your dream pals and check their berry garden for any un-watered 
      berries. If you see darkened soil on a berry, it has already been 
      watered. Your icon will turn into a finger as you position your mouse 
      on a berry, indicating that it is un-watered.
    - Visit your dream pal's dream pals by clicking on their dream pal map. 
      Chances are, you will find other players who have un-watered berries, 
      so you can scoop up some points. When you're done, try searching from 
      their dream pal maps to find others for more points, etc.
    - When you see a red heart above your selected sleepy Pokemon (by hovering 
      your cursor on it), it means you have broken through the 500-point mark. 
      At that point, you may exit your session and wake up your sleepy Pokemon.
      If you see "^_^", you have at least earned 100 points. If you see a 
      musical note, you've earned more than 200 points, but under 500 points.
     I earn between 500 and 720 Dream Points per session every time. So if 
    you follow the above tips, you too will achieve the same results. 
                             |XIV) FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS|
    Q: Hey I was wondering if u knew if it was possible to take out more than 
       one Pokémon from Dream World in one day?  I saw that there are 10 spots 
       on the Friend Board, but I can only get one Pokémon a day.  Is there a 
       way to get more than that?
    A: As far as I know, you can't take more than one Pokemon from Dream World 
       a day. However, there could be exceptions where you can take maybe two 
       Pokemon in the same day because you can get promotional Pokemon (like the 
       Eeveelutions that was announced on May 19th). 
       I don't know that for sure, though, since I didn't get the Flareon I won 
       from that game..... sucks :( 
    Q: Is there a limit of pokémon you can send from dreamworld to your game card? 
    A: Short answer - yes there is a limit. 
       As I answer this question, I have over thirty (30) Pokemon in the Entree 
       Forest. I haven't captured them yet, but I keep adding Pokemon there every 
       There are several areas in the Entree Forest as you should know. In each 
       area, you can have up to 20 Pokemon. Then when you get more than that 
       number, you will start seeing Pokemon in another part of the forest. 
       Then in another part, etc. 
       I heard that the Dream World server in Japan updated and removed the limit 
       of Pokemon you can have in a game card. Previously, the limit for Japan was 
       40 or 50. But now, you can have as many Pokemon in the Entree Forest as you 
       want, as long as you have room in a given area of the Entree Forest. Like I 
       said, you can have 20 Pokemon at a time in one part of the forest before the 
       next part. 
       I'm not sure how many areas there are in the forest. I will have to count 
    Q: Hey, how many points do you need in order to unlock another row to your
    A: I have no clue. As of this update (June 30th), I have over 17,000 points,
       so that's definitely a huge leap over the point requirement for a fifth
       row to your garden. However, judging by the difference in point requirement 
       between the third and fourth rows (900 pts and 2,100 pts), I would guess
       probably around 3,300 points. But if you have been playing on Dream World
       for some time now, and have over 3,000 points, it is likely you will get 
       that extra row added to your garden very soon.
       UPDATE: According to Kristen McCahill, the fifth garden row is unlocked 
               at 3,500 points.  
                               |XV) CONTACT ME|
     If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Before you send 
    me an email though, I ask that you check this guide to see if your
    question hasn't been answered yet. My email is rasheed_islam@hotmail.com 
    I check my mail regularly, but I may not get back to you immediately if 
    I am busy. But I will do my best to respond in time. If you feel anything
    is missing in this guide, please send me the information and I'll give
    you credit. 
                               |XVI) CREDITS/DISCLAIMER|
    - The Pokemon Company for creating Dream World
    - Gamefaqs for hosting the guide
    - dangarou for giving me the heads up on the "Search for a Pokemon" minigame
    - Kristen McCahill for knowing the point amount needed to unlock the fifth
      row of garden bed 
    - Myself for creating the guide
    - You for reading the guide
    This document was built and compiled by Rasheed Islam/SaiyanPureheart. 
    All Rights Reserved. This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances 
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of 
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    -Copyright © 2011 Rasheed Islam-
    End of document.

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