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"New Pokemon, and a New Journey!"

With the new Pokemon comes the new journey, the overall gameplay was good from the start, I beat it recently so I felt it best to review it here as to show that it was a good game, the starters, oh yes they're good, I liked the new designs for the new Pokemon, not to forget the sprites move in 3D design! Now then onto the storyline.

Story: 9/10

When you hear of a Storyline in Pokemon you think "Catch Pokemon, Train them, and beat the Champion" well this game here? This takes a VERY large turn from that, the storyline revolves around your protagonist trainer be it a boy or a girl. Your job is to of course, fill the Pokedex and journey to be the greatest trainer of all, this much is known. BUT with Team Plasma running around that little journey you planned? Well that can be counted as a small step to saving the world, Team Plasma is what I liked to call "The Pokemon Liberation Front" because their goal of course, is to have everyone release their Pokemon and be seperated from them. So, your job is to stop Team Plasma from making everyone release their Pokemon while trying to become to Champion, you also get helped by the Gym Leaders around the Isshu region! The Story is pretty much like the first Pokemon Adventures Manga because Team Plasma plays a HUGE role in terms of the story, so be sure to pay close attention because in this game, it's entirely different.

Gameplay: 10/10

Pokemon's Gameplay got enhanced further in this game, you of course have your single battles, double battles which were added in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, and NOW you have Triple Battles/Revolving Battles, which is where both trainers throw out three Pokemon, and of course they take turns in beating the crap out of each other. But then you have the newly updated Pokedex, as well as the new Pokemon, so you have an entire Pokedex all your own to fill! There's breeding as well as all the other aspects, running in buildings, sliding down hills, surfing on Pokemon, as well as flying, it fills the role very well. Not to forget, the Seasons change just like in Real life and it effects Pokemon locations and certain Pokemon looks in the time frame!

Graphics: 10/10

Okay, Pokemon's always been in the phrase "Two Dimensional" for toooo long, and I think Gamefreak as well as The Pokemon Company aknowledged that when they released this, the buildings are in 3D as well as the environments, 3D bridges, huge cities, all of its here in this game, special environment changes from the seasonal changes such as, snow, leaves changing in the fall, as well as heat in the Summer, it's like you're in the Pokemon world, but playing it outside. This game takes a huge step forward from the previous games when it comes to the environments.

Sound: 10/10

The sound for Pokemon White as well as Black are the best I've heard in terms of soundtracks, the battle themes as well as the cries of the Pokemon are all enhanced to fit this new turn into the Pokemon World, the Isshu region is more like a vacational resort from the sounds of wild Pokemon battles, but it's by far the best looking region with its music as well as the sounds in the game, some taking from the older Pokemon games. The DS is a good start going into the music chip, it sounds as if you were playing on a Nintendo 64 all over again from the sound of this game, it's so fitting.

Overall: 9/10

With the overall score being a 9/10 I'm going to put the pros and cons here.

All new Pokemon to catch and Discover
The Isshu region is vast
Replay Value after beating the game, examples: New Pokemon appear as well as old.
3D Environments
Seasonal Changes following real life clocks
TM's are finally re-usable!
Shops are in the Pokemon Center!
Wild Double Battles
Environment signs of rare Pokemon

Some Pokemon look a little...Odd.
Too many Pokemon needing to be traded to be evolved.
Environments are a bit clunky
Tedius wild Pokemon Battles (example: You're looking for a Pokemon and run into the same one)
Certain Pokemon look as if they are re-used sprites
Can only catch one Pokemon in Wild Double Battles

Overall this game is a good game, I'll definitely recommend it to Pokemon Fans new and old, it's a great game for veterans of the Pokemon Series and can even turn on newer Pokemon fans, be expecting it to hit US shores sometime in the Spring of 2011!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/15/10

Game Release: Pocket Monsters White (JP, 09/18/10)

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