Can you play as anyone other than Sora; who joins your party?

  1. Does anyone ever join your party if they do who and can you play as anyone else?

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    soultakerxx - 7 years ago

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  1. You never get to play as anyone else but sora directly.
    However, at two points in the game you get Party members.
    But they are not at all similar to how Party Members were in KH1, KH2 and Days. Both are special, and are the "gimmicks" of their respective worlds.


    You will have Hercules and Cloud in your party at Olympus Coliseum. However, the combat style switches to turn-based RPG there (with the Mario&Luigi RPG mechanic of improving your attacks/defense with timed button presses).

    Also, during the first part of Hollow Bastion, you have Goofy and Donald in your Party.
    However, you have no Keyblade there and cannot fight "alongside" them, you merely command them (while running away from enemies to prevent your own death).
    The Attack button allows you to switch their commands ("Follow", "Kill nearby Heartless" and "Destroy nearby Blocks") and all the Deck Commands you have equipped (except potions) change to "Goofy Tornado" or "Donald Thunder" depending on whether they were physical or magical.

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