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"A really great game!"

Quick Review is Quick Review. Won't cover all aspects of the game in full. And yes, this review MAY be biased in a few areas.
Alright, Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. While it isn't perfect, it still is a great game, and I'll attempt to explain why through a few categories and explicit information:

The controls for KH Re:Coded are simply amazing. Given that it is on a Nintendo DS, you HAVE to give it props for the gameplay. The battle system is basically Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (referred to as BBS from now on), and the level up system is somewhat based on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (referred to as Days from now on). . The battle system resembles BBS in that we have deck commands, and there is also the Overclock System. The overclock system grants Sora passive abilities as he levels it up, producing some really useful effects in-battle. And after all that, we also get different gameplay setups! There is a turn-based RPG battle style, somewhat resembling the old Final Fantasy games, and there is also a rail-shooter battle style based on any ol' arcade game you find out there. It really is a main component of Re:Coded, which is slightly different than the other KH games. Basically, no matter what system it's on, Kingdom Hearts will almost always satisfy the gameplay department. I give the gameplay a 10/10.

Now the story of Re:Coded is one that many a fanboy get stumped on. They call it "a failure", and sometimes they have a just reason for doing so. Let's analyze the story, to see if we can justify their claims. The beginning of the game starts out as Mickey Mouse and Jiminy Cricket decide to find out who wrote a note that Jiminy didn't write. So their way of doing so is digitizing the journal, and making a Data Sora to run through the worlds that KH1 Sora has done. Seems all fine and dandy until Data Sora gets his memory wiped after trying to restore a friend. After that, Mickey and the gang at Disney Castle randomly find out about Data Castle Oblivion, where there the actual relevant story comes to mind. Really, Re:Coded's first half was just a convoluted way of saying one message, spoilers of which will not be given at this time. So yes, some of the fans are justified in saying that it's story is pretty bad. I give Re:Coded's story a 3/10.

Being on a Nintendo DS, you wouldn't (and shouldn't) expect Next-Gen graphics. Aside from that though, it has a lot of flair in the graphics department solely due to the effects. It isn't as pixelated as one would think, and the enemy models are quite detailed for a DS game (far better than that of Days). The worlds were almost perfectly emulated on the DS, besides being a bit pixelated compared to their Kingdom Hearts 1 Rendition. Overall, I give the graphics a 9/10.

Well, seeing that Re:Coded has a bit of post-game options to go with, it has quite a bit of replayability. Also known to KH are various challenges, including but not limited to "Level 1 Kingdom Key Critical Mode". You also have the option of replaying any world with the current equipment you have gained, even refighting bosses with different modifications to difficulty, Sora's HP, and prize drops. I give the replayability a 9/10.

Overall, Re:Coded seemingly wasn't meant for the story whatsoever, because it can easily be described as "rushed". The gameplay is the saving grace of the game, and there isn't any denial against that. The game gets a final score of:

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/10/11

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (JP, 10/07/10)

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