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"Great Gameplay, Ok Graphics, Story... ugh"

This is my first review, so I may not make the best review, but I'm just going to say what I think.


Amazing. That's the best way I can describe it. It's really fun. Recoded has 5 gameplay types: Side Scrolling, on-rail shooter, turn based (like final fantasy), real time strategy, and then there is the birth by sleep gameplay.

Side Scrolling: Fun. It's a side scroller that 's very well done. It's not 100% perfect. The screen keeps moving which doesn't help when you get caught fighting a heartless or become stuck behind a glitch block that can't be destroyed. The game tries to make it better by giving you unlimited lives (except by being killed by heartless) and allowing you to go anywhere on the screen to respawn, but this is annoying and it doesn't belong in the game. The platforming in the KH series has always been a mess, but this is the closest it's ever been to being perfect.

On-Rail Shooter: My personal favorite (other then the birth by sleep gameplay). It works really well and it's really fun. You just move along a line and shoot things. It doesn't seem like it would work, but it does. trust me.

Turn Based: bad. horrible. my least favorite thing about this game. Yes, the enemys are easy to kill. Yes, you get to fight along side Hercules and Cloud. But what makes this bad is the fact that you can't choose which enemy to attack (which sucks because you would kill a shadow when a large body is right behind it) and you may have you commands and everything, but the moves themselves aren't good when in this style of gameplay. You could use one that charges through heartless like usual, but in this version, if it has ice in it, it does an ice attack that does very little damage to heartless. I grew bored in the 2nd battle.

Real Time Strategy: it's ok. I can't really make a good review on this because I dont like real time strategies, so I'll skip this one. I'll just say this. It's good, but by the end, you'll be wanting the main gameplay back.

Birth By Sleep Gameplay: Amazing. the best part of this game. It very fun, and makes me feel like I've turned sora into a real badass by the end of the game. Only problem is that while I was playing, I wanted to go out, find a PSP, and buy birth by sleep.

Graphics: It's good for a DS game. It's the same graphics as 358/2 days (my favorite ds game). the worlds look ok and resemble the PS2 version, but still no where near as good.

Story: the 2nd worst part of this game. It borrows too much from KH1. I know it's suppose to be going back through Jimminy's journal of KH1, but you would think it would have a much more original story. It's a roller coaster of a story. First off it's interesting enough, then it's boring and really uninteresting throughout most of the game, then it's not sure if it's ready to end (even with closure), and then it's confusing if you aren't the one playing it. The ending though is good, but the ending made me want to play 358/2 days!

Overall: It's a good game. Dont let anyone tell you that it's a piece of crap (unless they're talking about the story). It's really worth playing. The one part that bugs me though is that it made me want to play other games in the series. I wanted to play BBS and 358/2 days again. It made me want to play a different game, and of course, that isn't good.

Rating: 7.5

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/20/11

Game Release: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (US, 01/11/11)

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