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    FAQ/Walkthrough by prudoff

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    * GAME: The Nightmare On Elm Street Collection
            A New Line Cinema Platinum Series 8-DVD Box Set
            - featuring The Nightmare Series Encyclopedia -
    * TITLE: Information Guide
    * VERSION: 2.4 (10/30/2007)
    * AUTHOR: Paul Rudoff
    * E-MAIL: http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/email.htm
    * WEBSITE: http://www.spookcentral.tk
    1. Introduction
    2. A Nightmare On Elm Street
       -- Audio Commentary
    3. Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
       -- The 2-D And 3-D Endings
    4. The Nightmare Series Encyclopedia
       -- DVD-Rom Trivia Game
       -- Labyrinth - Hints & Item Locations
       -- Labyrinth - Freddy's Surprise Cameo Appearance
       -- Index For Nightmare 1
       -- Hidden Production Staff Photo
       -- Footage Not Listed On The Index
       -- Random Freddy Quips
    5. Links
    6. Credits
    7. Revision History
    8. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer
    The Nightmare On Elm Street Collection is a box set containing eight DVDs
    (the seven films in their original Widescreen format and a supplement disc
    entitled "The Nightmare Series Encyclopedia"), two pairs of "A Nightmare
    On Elm Street" 3-D glasses (for use with the "Freddy's Dead" DVD), and a
    32 page full-color booklet with facts and information about all seven
    films.  All this is contained in a beautifully designed box.
    With this document, and Tripps/Kernunrex's magnificent FAQ/Walkthrough & map
    (found at http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/dvd/game/918334.html), you will have
    all of the information needed to see, hear, and play everything included on all
    of the DVDs in the box set.
    By the way, if you have information not already in this document, feel
    free to share it with me.  You will, of course, be credited.
    The first four minutes of the DVD audio commentary are completely
    different from the original laserdisc audio commentary.  The rest is
    virtually the same, though the DVD contains a few seconds more of
    I asked Elite Entertainment, the company that produced the audio
    commentary track for the original laserdisc, "How many different audio
    commentary tracks did you guys record?"  Their response was, "Only one.
    However, New Line might have edited it differently. We supplied them with
    the full uncut master."
    ** THE 2-D AND 3-D ENDINGS **
    Both the 2-D and 3-D endings are included.  To switch between the two, you
    *MUST* select "Play Movie" from the main DVD menu.  This is the ONLY way
    to switch between the two.
    Sometimes it's actually possible to select the 2-D ending, go back into
    the menu, go to Special Features, and select "Jump To The 3-D Ending" and
    see the 2-D ending instead.  I don't remember how I originally got it to
    do this a few years ago as I'm unable to reproduce the effect now.
    These are the correct codes to enter in, in order to play the final game.
    1 = 1984-1-nancy-Z
    2 = 1985-2-jesse-R
    3 = 1987-3-neil-A
    4 = 1988-4-alice-I
    5 = 1989-5-amanda-K
    6 = 1991-6-maggie-C
    7 = 1994-7-wes-I
    I think it's obviously how the codes were created.  The first part is the
    year in which that movie was released.  The second part is the film's
    number in relation to the entire series.  The third part is the name of a
    main character from that film.  The last part is simply a letter.  I have
    no idea what the significance of the letter is.  Perhaps if you take all
    the letters (Z-R-A-I-K-C-I) and unscramble them, you'll get a word.  If
    anyone knows, please let me know.
    Anyway, if you win the final game, you are given this URL to go to:
    In case the contest ends or the page is taken down, besides the entry
    form, this is what is/was written on the page:
    "Congratulations!  You made it through all of the Dream World games,
    entered the codes correctly, and became a Master of Dream World! Now, fill
    out the entry form below for the chance to win fabulous prizes from New
    Line Cinema. Full contest rules are in the DVD box set, but remember you
    can only enter once! Any subsequent entries after the first will be
    disqualified (And, we'll send the Freddy snake from NOES 3 to your house,
    so be careful!)."
    Although you can get this information from Tripps/Kernunrex's FAQ/Walkthrough,
    you *might* find it easier to have this information listed here - especially
    if you don't want to use a walkthrough to guide you through the game.
    Also, you can refer to the information here when you absolutely need it,
    without having to wade through a long walkthrough.
    -- The REMOTE CONTROL is located in the morgue, to the left of the
    -- The MEMORABILIA ROOM KEY is located in the room directly across from
    the morgue.
    -- The BOILER ROOM KEY is located on the table in the workshop.
    -- The age of the person in the morgue is 16.
    -- 40 people died in all of the Nightmare On Elm St. movies.
    -- In the series of three lights that opens the door, the last two lights
    must be lit in order for the door to open.
    -- The "Fire Exit" door holds the second alternate ending to Nightmare 1.
    The door is opened by finding the correct pattern from the starting
    diamond (that being the diamond that is first lit when you press UP from
    the highlighted arrow).  From the starting diamond move the cursor in the
    following pattern: right, up, left, up, right, right, down, right.  When
    the pattern is complete the door will "open".  (Some people say that you
    need to press Enter after each move, but this isn't necessary.  If you do
    press Enter, it will still work.  So either way is fine.)  For more
    information (though it's really not necessary), check out New Line
    Cinema's webpage about the solution:
    At the beginning of the game, if you wait awhile (instead of proceeding
    down the hallway), Freddy jumps out into the hallway and says, "Come to
    Freddy," to which someone (Nancy perhaps?) replies "God Damn you!"  Then
    Freddy scamps into another room.
    Image: gamefaqs.com/dvd/918334-nightmare-series-encyclopedia/images/screen-29
    Everything listed here is also in "Primetime" EXCEPT for:
    -- Theatrical Trailer
    -- Making The Glove
    -- The Rotating Room
    On the main menu, click on the New Line logo to view the DVD credits.  Click on
    the word "Belief" to view the credits for that company.  While one of the two
    arrows are highlighted on the Belief credits first page, press Up or Down on
    your remote.  To exit the photo, just press Enter on your remote.
    Alternatively, go to Title 4, Chapter 18 to see the still photo.
    (Most DVD players allow you to directly access specific titles and chapters,
    usually by using the numerical keypad on your remote control. Check your
    player's instruction manual to find out if your player can do this and HOW
    to do it.)
    Image: gamefaqs.com/dvd/918334-nightmare-series-encyclopedia/images/screen-186
    The inside of the DVD's jacket says that the index is "an unabridged,
    clickable listing of the disc's content."  This simply is not true as
    there is a lot of footage NOT listed in the index.  All of this footage
    can be viewed from within the Labyrinth, but if you wish to access it
    directly, here is the list of footage and the chapter numbers.  ALL OF THE
    FOOTAGE IS IN *TITLE 1*.  As stated above, check your player's instruction
    manual to find out if your player can access specific titles and chapters
    and HOW to do it if it can.
        123 - Freddy with baby carriage - "This is where I practice my death
        124 - Behind The Scenes of Nightmare 5 - "I'm one of the things you could
              catch in a hot tub."
        125 - Freddy silhouette
        129 - [Same footage as Chapter 124.]
        130 - Freddy on MTV - "Hey Spinal Tap."
        131 - Freddy on MTV - "Don't Fall Asleep."
        155 - Freddy on MTV - Different ways of saying "A Nightmare On Elm St. 3."
        159 - [Same footage as Chapter 155.]
        162 - [Same footage as Chapter 155.]
        167 - Freddy on MTV - "Don't sit too close to the TV set."
        187 - Freddy on MTV - Tearing the limbs off of a doll.
        276 - Still Frame Slide Show # 1
        277 - Freddy talking to camera - "The lovely Greta ... you are what you
        278 - Freddy on MTV - Laughing.
        364 - Still Frame Slide Show # 2
        369 - John Landis talking about the character of Freddy Krueger.
        373 - Robert Englund talking about Freddy with Nightmare 4 footage playing
              over him.
        374 - Freddy - "I didn't mean to scare anybody."
        437 - Freddy with baby carriage - "The pram from hell."
        438 - Freddy with baby carriage - "Wouldn't Freddy make a great nanny?"
        439 - Freddy with baby carriage - What Freddy thinks of Robert Englund.
        440 - Freddy on MTV - "Do you know me?"
        445 - Freddy talking to camera - "What do I do for Father's Day?"
        448 - Freddy talking to camera - "Why do I wear the razor-sharp glove?"
        455 - Robert Englund talking about Freddy with Nightmare 3 footage playing
              over him.
        459 - Freddy on MTV - "Barry Manilow!"
        463 - Horror fans at 1999 Fangoria convention - "I grew up in horror."
        464 - Freddy talking to camera - "Mark's comic book dream."
        470 - Horror fans at 1999 Fangoria convention - "No one could take Freddy
              Krueger's place."
        497 - Behind The Scenes of Nightmare 4 - "I'm the new monster on the block."
        505 - Nightmare 1 Alternate Ending # 2
        507 - Robert Englund - "No one is safe from Fred Krueger."
        508 - Freddy on MTV - With Dokken.
        525 - Rachael Talalay's Nightmare memorabilia collection.
        529 - Tour of actual filming locations.
        537 - Still Frame Slide Show # 3
        564 - Robert Englund talks about Nightmare 2.
    In the Labyrinth, inside the Memorabilia Room on the right side, is a giant
    Freddy head mounted on the wall that has a clickable right eye.  When selected,
    1 of 27 random quips are displayed.  If you'd like to view all of these quips,
    here is the list with the chapter numbers.  ALL OF THESE ARE IN *TITLE 1*.
    As stated above, check your player's instruction manual to find out if your
    player can access specific titles and chapters and HOW to do it if it can.
    Almost all of the quips are available in two chapters.  The first is the
    animated tongue, the second is the still image of the quip text.  So I'm listing
    them in pairs.  Only the first one doesn't have an animated tongue segment.
         380 - If there are two EVIL'S i'll try the one that I haven't done before.
     381/382 - Answer the phone.
     383/384 - Avoid large heavy objects traveling at a high rate of speed.
     385/386 - Bon App├ętit, Bitch.
     387/388 - At anytime you can dream anything you please, trouble is you can't
               please every dream.
     389/390 - Be careful of a monkey on your back.  He is cursed and will kill you.
     391/392 - How sweet fresh meat.
     393/394 - Come home to Elm St.
     395/396 - Death is just a fad that I started.
     397/398 - He who dies with the most toys still dies.
     399/400 - Whatever you do don't fall asleep.
     401/402 - 69% of Americans think they should eat more fish.
     403/404 - Fear finds company in dark places.
     405/406 - Fight fire with fire.
     407/408 - Hate is the dark side of love, and just as powerful.
     409/410 - How long have you been awake?
     411/412 - [Same as 391/392]
     413/414 - It's A Gusher.
     415/416 - Kung Fu this bitch!
     417/418 - When you lick an envelope do you ever wonder what that is your
     419/420 - Life is like a box of souls, there is always one to steal when you
               need one.
     421/422 - Everything is better with monosodium glutamate.
     423/424 - Reach out and touch someone.
     425/426 - The movie is real.
     427/428 - Stop completely at the next stop sign you come to, or the results
               could be catastrophic.
     429/430 - You gotta stop that kind of dreaming.
     431/432 - It is safer waiting in line behind a serial killer than waiting in
               front of one.
     433/434 - While dreaming stay away from the boiler room.
     435/436 - [Same as 395/396]
    I don't really have a place for this, and I'm not even sure if it's worth
    mentioning, but while searching for the Freddy Quips, I found where the
    Inventory screens are stored: Title 1, Chapters 98-105.  Normally to see
    these screens in the Labyrinth, you'd have to get any of the three items then
    backtrack to the first screen and click on the "?".  Since there are only three
    items, it's kind of pointless to even have an Inventory Screen, but it does add
    to the game-like nature of the Labyrinth.
    * BUY: The Nightmare On Elm Street Collection (8-DVD box set)
    * BUY: The Nightmare Series Encyclopedia (just the bonus disc from the box set)
    * REVIEW: The Nightmare Series Encyclopedia
    With large front scan (albeit dirty) and screen shots from the menus
    and footage.
    ( An archived copy of the old page can be found here:
    http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.horrordvds.com/reviews/n-z/noese/ )
    These are the people who helped contribute to this document.
    -- Lorraine Dobbins (martimmy7_4ever@yahoo.com) for reminding me about Freddy's
    surprise cameo appearance in the Labyrinth.
    -- Jed Raybould (JedRaybould@chartermi.net) for telling me about how to access
    the hidden production staff photo via the menus and for some additional
    information about the Fire Door solution in the Labyrinth.
    Ver. 1.0 (7/22/2002)
    The very first version of the very first FAQ/Guide/Walkthrough I *EVER*
    wrote.  Yea!
    Ver. 1.0a (10/30/2002)
    Just updated my E-Mail address, and changed the format of it to deter
    spam robots (I think it's easy for you to figure out where the @ symbol
    Ver. 1.5 (3/29/2003)
    Added information about Freddy's surprise cameo appearance in the
    Ver. 2.0 (10/15/2003)
    Added: table of contents (I was surprised that I didn't already have one),
    information about another way to access the hidden production staff photo,
    some more information about the alternate ending behind the fire door and
    how to access it.
    Ver. 2.2 (6/9/2007)
    Added the Links section and fixed up the Credits section.
    Ver. 2.3 (8/10/2007)
    Updated a broken link in the Links section.
    Ver. 2.4 (10/30/2007)
    Added image urls for Freddy's Surprise Cameo Appearance in the Labyrinth and
    the Hidden Production Staff Photo, also changed the wording for the hidden
    photo.  Changed the formatting of the Footage Not Listed On The Index section.
    The complete list of Random Freddy Quips has also been added.
    This document is copyright 2002-2003 by Paul Rudoff.  The Nightmare On Elm
    Street Collection is copyright 1999 by New Line Home Video, Inc.  This
    document is not associated with or endorsed by New Line Cinema, New Line
    Home Video, Inc., or anyone else involved in the making of the films or
    the DVDs.
    This document may NOT be reproduced, redistributed, sold (in any way,
    shape, or form), published in a magazine, or put anywhere on the Internet
    EXCEPT at GameFaqs.com.
    This copyright notice and disclaimer may be updated by me from time to
    time without notice to you.
    Any rights expressly and not expressly granted herein are reserved.

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