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    Walkthrough by NuHerder

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                            *  Lara Croft: Tomb Raider  *
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                            *   The Action Adventure    *
    Version 1.00 - October 7, 2007 
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    CONROLS & GAMEPLAY....................[A3]
         Act One..........................[B3]
         Act Two..........................[B4]
         Act Three........................[B5]
    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Action Adventure is unusual for an interactive 
    DVD game in two respects.  First, it possesses an abnormally high degree of 
    interactivity for a full motion video game, offering up a number of mini-games
    that must be completed in order to achieve a high score.  Second, a great deal
    of its content is taken directly from another video game, namely the Tomb 
    Raider: Angel of Darkness video game that came out in 2003, with its scenes
    alternating between the cut scenes and gameplay footage (the latter artfully
    spliced together) found in that work (REF 1).  As a result,  playing Lara 
    Croft: Tomb Raider - The Action Adventure is a good way to experience the great
    plot found in the Angel of Darkness without having to put up with all the bugs
    and awkward controls for which that game was criticized (REF 2), making it more
    than worthy of your time.
    [A2] MENUS
    Upon inserting the disc in your DVD player, you'll be treated to the obligatory
    company logos, after which a short tutorial will play that can be skipped at
    any time by pressing the "Enter" key on your remote.  Then you will be brought
    to the Main Menu.
    Here you have the choice of three options:  
    Choosing NEW GAME will start... well... a new game.  You'll be asked how many
    teams you wish to play the game with, and then you'll start the game straight
    away with no further bother.  For more information on game-play, please see 
    the "Controls" and "Walkthrough" sections below.
    Choosing the LOAD GAME option will take you to the password screen. Here, 
    you'll first be asked to enter the number of teams you were using to play the
    game you wish to continue.  You will then be taken to another screen with a 
    keypad input menu.  Using the arrow keys and the "Enter" button on your DVD
    remote, you can enter any of the five-digit pass codes given to you at the end
    of each level.  If you were playing the game with one team, you will be taken 
    to the start of the level just after the one you were given the pass code for
    immediately upon entering that number.  If you were playing a game with two
    teams, both players will be asked to enter their pass codes in turn.  Play will
    resume from whichever code takes you furthest in the game. As for the other, 
    non-numeric buttons on the screen, selecting the "C" button will clear the 
    pinpad of all entered data, and selecting the "Menu" button will return you to
    the Main Menu.  Choosing the "Act" keys on the right side of the screen, 
    meanwhile, will allow you to jump to the beginning of each act in the game 
    without a pass code, which is a great way to resume close to where you left off
    if you happened to forget to write down the level-ending code when you last 
    ended play.
    Choosing HELP from the Main Menu will allow you to access a sub-menu with even
    more options; those being CREDITS, TUTORIAL, PASS CODE and BACK. Selecting 
    CREDITS will allow you to view the credits that also play at the end of the 
    game, while choosing the TUTORIAL option will allow you to view the short 
    tutorial that played at its very beginning (before the Main Menu appeared).  
    Selecting the PASS CODE option will open a page of text, with voice-over, that
    gives you some more information on how to use the password feature of the game.
    Finally, choosing the BACK option will allow you to return to the Main Menu.
    Upon starting gameplay, a scene (or scenes) will play themselves out, after
    which a graphic will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.  
    This graphic will consist of four arrows that correspond to the four arrow 
    keys (Up, Down, Left and Right) on your DVD remote.  Beside these arrows will
    appear a number of options that you can select by pushing the appropriate key
    (for example, to select the option nearest to the top arrow on the screen, you
    would push the "Up" button on your remote).  The option you selected will then
    play itself out and, presuming you survived or the chapter didn't end, the 
    graphic will appear again, this time with a fresh new set of options, and so 
    From time to time you may notice that the circle in the middle of the arrow
    graphic contains an "i".  This means that you can access the inventory 
    subscreen by pressing "Enter" on your DVD remote.  Here, by choosing the ITEMS
    option from the bar on the right, you can select and view any of the items Lara
    may be carrying, as well as choose to USE them to progress past some of the 
    puzzles in the game.  On this screen, as well, you can view your points total 
    by selecting the SCORE option from the bar on the right, or see tips for your
    current level by selecting the HELP option.  You can also exit back to the Main
    Menu by choosing QUIT, while choosing BACK will return you to the point in the
    game where you left off.     
    Thus far, the controls of the game are very similar to what you would expect in
    other interactive DVD games, but where Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Action 
    Adventure really starts to diverge with others in that category is in its use 
    of points and interactive mini-games to progress the story.  Points are 
    obtained in a somewhat haphazard manner.  Essentially, the player begins each 
    level with three of a possible five points.  Each time the player dies, one of 
    these points are subtracted, down to a possible total of zero points.  In 
    addition to these three 'given' points, there are also two more 'bonus' points
    that the player can earn by undertaking certain actions, or exploring certain
    areas in the level, though these also are subjected to subtraction should the
    player die.  Thus the only way to gain a perfect five-out-of-five score for the
    level is to 'find' the two bonus points and then make it to the end of the 
    level without dying, a task that the game sometimes makes much harder than it 
    Many of the points in the game are earned by completing a variety of mini-games
    that allow Lara to undertake actions that progress the story.  Although those
    aforementioned actions are very diverse, the games themselves all fall roughly
    into one of five categories:
    In this game a series of arrows corresponding to the buttons of your DVD remote
    will appear across the bottom of the screen, and you will have to press all of
    the arrows in sequence before the timer bar in the top-right corner of the 
    screen runs out, or Lara will fail in her task.
    In this game a number of arrows will flash across the screen, and then 
    disappear shortly thereafter.  When the timer starts, you must replicate the
    arrow sequence using the keys on your remote before the timer runs out or Lara
    won't accomplish her task.
    In this game, a cross-hairs will appear on screen.  Using the arrows on your
    remote, you must guide it over the target attacking Lara and hit enter before
    time runs out, or Lara will perish.
    In this game, either one of the 'up' or 'down' arrows on the graphic in the
    bottom right of the screen will begin flashing, and you must hit that arrow a
    set number of times before the timer runs out or Lara will not be able to 
    progress.  On some DVD models, this game can be a pain since the player will
    not recognize repeated pushes of the same button.  If this happens to you I 
    would suggest you try simply holding down the appropriate button instead of 
    repeatedly hitting it.  It may take a couple of seconds to start, but this 
    usually fills the push count bar before the timer bar finishes its run.
    In this game, one of the arrows on the graphic in the bottom right of the 
    screen will begin flashing repeatedly.  You must hit the corresponding button
    while it is flashing for Lara to proceed.  If you hit it when it is not 
    flashing, Lara will fail in her task.
    If any of these games sound too hard, don't worry.  They can be skipped at any
    time by choosing the 'Play it Safe' option from the graphic in the bottom right
    of the screen.  However, if you choose to 'Play it Safe' be aware that any 
    points you might have gained from the mini-game will not be added to the 
    level's final point total.  And while that might not sound like much of a 
    penalty, the ability to earn points is essential to winning in a two-team 
    game, where the highest score, and not necessarily the most levels completed,
    PLEASE NOTE: This section contains a detailed, step-by-step account of how to
    best progress through both the game and its story, and therefore contains many
    spoilers.  If you want to know how to beat the game in the shortest amount of
    time while still achieving a perfect score, and/or do not want to read any 
    spoilers, please refer to the SOLUTION section written below.
    Please also note that in the following section, selectable actions will be
    highlighted in ALL CAPS and will often be followed by a letter enclosed in 
    brackets.  This letter indicates which button of the DVD remote you must press
    in order to select that action. (U) means you must press the 'Up' button on 
    your remote, (D) means 'Down', (L) means 'Left' and (R) 'Right'.
    Mini-games will be enclosed by [SQUARE BRACKETS] and will often have a letter
    or series of letters following their occurrence in the text.  This tells you 
    the correct sequence of arrow key presses you must make in order to win the 
    mini-game, when the solution for that game remains the same over multiple 
    attempts.  For more information on mini-games, see the CONTROLS & GAMEPLAY 
    section above.
    Furthermore, please be advised all items Lara can collect will be indicated as
    such by being enclosed in "double-quotation marks".
    When you're ready, choose NEW GAME from the Main Menu, and select the number
    of teams you'll be using.  You'll then be introduced to the game's background
    story via a block of scrolling text.
    [B2] STORY
    "...Since she left behind her aristocratic inheritance in search of adventure,
    Lara has faced many perilous situations and dangerous foes, but this might 
    prove to be the most testing yet.
    An old friend and colleague has asked Lara for help.  Werner Von Croy is 
    tracking five Obscura paintings for a client named Eckhardt, a client who 
    appears increasingly dangerous.  Werner is fearful for his life.
    Although Lara is angry with Von Croy for leaving her to die on their last 
    adventure, she decides to answer his call for help.
    But something is happening on the streets of Paris - a serial killer called 
    the Monstrum is on the loose and Lara is about to enter his lair..."
    After the text finishes, you'll be treated to a cut scene:
    Two days earlier...
    Lara is in Werner Von Croy's apartment.  The older man pleads for Lara to help
    him with his work finding the Obscura paintings, but Lara is furious with him.
    He gives her the address of one Madame Carvier and Lara angrily turns to 
    leave, but then gets in one final argument.  Suddenly, Von Croy produces a gun
    and screams for her to get out. There is the sound of gunfire and then a great
    deal of confusion.  When Lara finally comes to her senses, she is standing over
    the body of her old friend, with his blood on her hands.
    Some time later we see Lara fleeing from the police through the streets of 
    Paris.  She forces her way into a building with a pair of vicious police dogs
    following hard on her heels.  Climbing a set of steps, she reaches the end of
    a hallway and then is knocked through a window by one of the dogs who tears the
    pack off her back with its razor sharp teeth.  Tired, hurting, and now bereft
    of any supplies, Lara stumbles off into the darkness alone. 
    [B3] ACT ONE
    Chapter 1
    Streets of Paris
    Mission: Escape from the Police
    When the game re-joins Lara, we see her taking to the rooftops in an effort to
    try to avoid the police who are still hot on her trail.  Lara has no idea what
    happened in the apartment, but she suspects it wasn't her, but someone else, 
    who killed her old friend.  The Tomb Raider figures recovering Werner's 
    notebook would give her a start on solving this mystery, so she decides to go 
    see Madame Carvier at the address Werner gave her.
    Lara soon comes across a shed on one of the rooftops and here you will have to
    make your first choice of the game.  If you choose to OPEN DOOR (U) you'll find
    that its locked.  So, instead, choose to SEARCH (L), and Lara will quickly 
    discover a "Crowbar" with which she can pry open the door.  Inside the shed she
    finds a gun, which she keeps, noting that it may come in handy in the future 
    (gee, you think?)  Then she continues making her way across the city.
    Next, Lara will come across a lookout standing guard on one of the roofs.  
    Choose to take him out with a STEALTH ATTACK (L) and you will receive your 
    first bonus point of the game.  After taking him down, Lara will find the 
    "Gantry gate key", and head over to an iron-wrought door.  Choose USE KEY (U) 
    to open the door.  Lara will climb back down to street level but get spotted by
    a helicopter.  Quickly, she flees into an old, dilapidated building with the 
    police just behind her.  Choose to MOVE CUPBOARD (U) against the door, which 
    will buy Lara a few precious moments of time to run upstairs before the police
    burst in and fire tear gas into the building.
    Once on the second level of the place, Lara will encounter a badly repaired
    section of floor that soon gets taken out by some falling debris.  A RUNNING
    JUMP (U) will get our heroine across the gap and over to an armoire that is 
    blocking her escape route.  Here you'll be introduced to the [MASH] mini-game,
    so [MASH 'DOWN'] on your remote to build up enough energy to move the massive
    piece of furniture. After hauling it out of the way, Lara will continue onwards
    and upwards until she reaches a utility room near the top of the building.  
    PULL LEVER (R) to activate the old building's elevator, and then, despite the
    urgency of the situation, choose to EXPLORE (R) around a bit.  Lara will use 
    the elevator to go back to the second floor, and will find something in a 
    cupboard that'll give you the second bonus point of the level.  Then she will
    exit the building unscathed.
    Chapter 2
    Rooftops of Paris
    Mission: Find Margot Carvier's Apartment
    Back on the rooftops, Lara will continue with her search for Madame Carvier's
    apartment until she comes to a cable strung between the roofs of two separate
    buildings.  Here you can choose to LOOK (R) to gain a better appreciation of
    the situation if you wish, and then, when ready, choose to GRAB CABLE (L).  On
    her way across the wire, Lara will be spotted by a police 'copter.  PULL UP (U)
    to make it past the obstruction Lara encounters, then, when she makes it to the
    other side, choose to HIDE (U) unless you actively *want* Lara to be shot.  
    Next select GO FOR IT and you'll be introduced to the [FOLLOW] game.  So 
    [FOLLOW: U, D, U] and Lara will pick her way carefully down the steep roof and
    jump to an adjoining gable for bonus point #1.
    Here, if you choose to LOOK (R), Lara will see a skylight that looks invitingly
    breakable.  So hit RUN (U) and Lara will fall through the glass to the room 
    below.  She'll then kick open the door and make her way to a small landing on 
    the next building over.  At this point you must choose to LOOK (R) around first
    before you get the option to CLIMB DOWN (D).  Doing so will get Lara to take a 
    circuitous route to next roof, and along the way she'll pick up bonus point #2.
    Once there, the police helicopter will again catch up to Lara and, in a fit of
    desperation, she'll make a flying leap for a drain pipe on the building 
    opposite.  Incredibly, the tomb raider will make the jump, but the pipe will
    give way, causing her to plummet three stories into a garbage bin below.  
    Fortunately, Lara will emerge from the fall unscathed, and with the police 
    'copter finally off her trail for good, she will quietly continue on her way.
    Chapter 3
    Margot Carvier's Apartment
    Mission: Recover Von Croy's Notebook
    This is, by far, the shortest and easiest chapter in the game. The action will
    pick up with Lara being buzzed into Carvier's apartment.  Once inside, Lara 
    will explain what's been going on and Madame Carvier will reveal in turn that
    Werner mailed her his notebook with express instructions to give it to Lara 
    should anything untoward happen to him.  But with Lara wanted for Von Croy's
    murder, the older woman will have second thoughts about carrying out his 
    Choose PHRASE B (D) to placate Carvier to the point where she'll willingly
    hand over "VC's notebook", as well as the first bonus point of the level.  That
    done, Margot will reveal that she has called the police, and then waltz into 
    her room, locking the door firmly behind her.  Quickly choose to LEAVE (L) 
    before the timer runs out, and Lara will slip out Carvier's window for bonus 
    point #2. She'll land just in front of a waiting police cruiser, but with the
    police already inside looking for her, Ms. Croft will be free to continue 
    calmly on her way. 
    Chapter 4
    Parisian Ghetto
    Mission: Follow the Clues in Von Croy's Notebook 
    After a hard night sleeping in an abandoned subway car, Lara will awake and 
    start making her way through the Parisian ghetto.  She'll note that she studied
    Von Croy's notebook the night previous and found that it mentioned someone by 
    the name of Bouchard.  Lara will then decide to track down this 'Bouchard' and
    see if he has any more information as to just what is going on.  
    When you re-gain control of Lara, choose to EXPLORE (U) the area.  Lara will
    jog down to one end of the tracks and speak with one the bums there. 
    Unfortunately, he will be unable to help her, even for a promise of a bit of 
    spare change.  Lara will quickly return to the subway car.  Choose CLIMB (L) to
    have our adventurer clamber on top of the car, then choose LOOK (L) to spot a 
    feature of interest.  Choose CLIMB (U) once again to ascend onto the top of a 
    pipe, then choose LEFT (L) to open a mini-game.  [FOLLOW: L, R, U] to leap to 
    the pipe opposite, where Lara will pick up bonus point #1.
    The game will automatically return you to the pipe you just leapt from. This 
    time around choose JUMP (U) to jump to the ledge directly ahead of head you.  
    Lara will trot over to a youngish looking wastrel dressed in a ball-cap and 
    vest.  TALK (L) to him and he'll identify himself as a 'city guide'.  Choose 
    PHRASE B (D) to wheedle some more information out of him concerning the 
    Monstrum killer and Bouchard, then LEAVE (U).  Lara will exit out a utility 
    door and come across a prostitute by the name of Janice.  TALK (L) to her, and
    then choose PHRASE B (D) both to receive a vital bit of information and 
    verbally abuse her at the same time.  When you've had your fun, choose to 
    EXPLORE (U) further, and you'll come across a little runt of a man enjoying 
    the peaceful tranquility of a public garden. 
    That man's name is Bernard, and he used to be the janitor at Bouchard's old
    night-club, the Serpent-Rouge.  He  will quickly strike a deal with Lara, 
    offering her a password that will get her in to see Bouchard if Lara will 
    retrieve a box he left somewhere in the nightclub before it was abandoned.  
    Lara will agree, of course, and Bernard will give her a key for the garage 
    that stands next to the nightclub.  Once in the garage, LOOK (L) to receive 
    some clues about the location of a necessary item, then LIFT CAR (U) to 
    initiate a mini-game [FOLLOW: D, U, D].  Immediately thereafter, Lara will run
    over to a lever and you'll have to complete another mini-game [MASH 'UP'] to 
    open an access to the work area in the basement of the building. Before you go
    there, however, be sure to have Lara SEARCH (R) the workbench along the far 
    wall.  She will find a "Socket wrench" there, then promptly head downstairs.
    Shortly after Lara will find herself facing a seemingly empty room.  Choose 
    AHEAD (U) and she'll run over to a box mounted on the rear wall.  Press 'Enter'
    to access you inventory, then select and USE the "Socket Wrench".  Lara will 
    throw the repaired power switch and the doors to a  nearby dumbwaiter will 
    start slamming open and shut, making quite a racket. A guard stationed in the
    nightclub will come to investigate the noise.  Choose to GO FOR IT (U) and 
    complete the [TARGET GAME] when the guard bursts through the locked door to 
    gain bonus point #2.
    Chapter 5
    Le Serpent-Rouge
    Mission: Find Bernard's Box 
    Fortunately, the late and unlamented guard seems to have been the only person
    in the Serpent-Rouge.  Finding the place otherwise abandoned, Lara will turn
    on the power, then head for the lighting scaffold at the top of the club. 
    At this point you will be introduced to the Flash game, the first of three 
    mini-games in a row you will have to complete in order for Lara to advance.  
    So [FLASH 'UP'] to properly time Lara's jump onto the scaffolding, then 
    [MASH 'UP'] to enable Lara to boost her energy enough to pull herself up and 
    onto the lights.  Finally, [FOLLOW U,L,U,U] to allow Lara to negotiate her way
    around the lighting rig and on to the other side of club, where she will pick 
    up bonus point #1.  Our heroine will next make her way to the lighting control
    room and unceremoniously kick in the door.  GO FOR IT (U) and complete your 
    first memory game [MEMORY L, R, L] to have Lara choose the correct light box
    to bring in for servicing. Inside she will find "Bernard's box" and gain bonus
    point #2.  Then, without any further ado, she'll head back down and out of the
    Chapter 6
    The Graveyard
    Mission: Return Bernard's Box
             Find the Entrance to Bouchard's Hide-out
     Box in hand, Lara will return to the public garden.  Bernard will insist on 
    seeing it before revealing the password (hmmm... I wonder what he has in 
    there?) so hit "Enter" to access your inventory, then select "Bernard's box",
    and choose USE to hand it over to him.  A greatly relieved Bernard will then
    give Lara the information she needs, as well as instructions on how to find 
    Bouchard's doorman.
    Lara will set out immediately, and soon come across a rusty door guarded by a 
    muscle-bound hulk and held fast by a heavy barrel.  After a terse  conversation
    Lara will sweetly reveal the password to him.  Choose PLUIE NOIR (L) to get by
    the doorman without being shot.  Once inside, the tomb raider will find herself
    in the midst of a graveyard.  Choose GO FOR IT (U) and Lara will turn a corner
    only to be immediately be thrust into a [TARGET GAME] where she'll have to kill
    a guard dog.  The dog disposed of, choose to LOOK (L), and Lara will spot a 
    better way to get through the labyrinthine boneyard.  CLIMB (R) will now appear
    as an option, so select it, and Lara will athletically make her way to the top
    of one of the mausoleums that dot the place.  LOOK (L) again, and then choose
    JUMP (L) and our heroine will make her way into a gated area and kick in the
    door to the tomb there.  Inside, she will find bonus point #1.
    The game will automatically return Lara to where she was before her little 
    detour, so this time, choose to JUMP (U), and complete the mini-game 
    [FOLLOW: U,R,U] to get Lara to make a series of dizzying leaps across the yard.
    She'll stop in front of a grave with an enormous statue that's nestled in one
    corner of the main graveyard wall.  You can choose LOOK (R) to get a better 
    idea of what you're trying to accomplish here, or you can simply GO FOR IT (U).
    Complete the mini-game [MEMORY: D,L,D] and Ms. Croft will push over the 
    adjoining statue, smashing a hole in the grave and thus creating a way into 
    Bouchard's hideout for bonus point #2.  She will then drop down inside to end
    the level.
    Chapter 7
    Bouchard's Hideout
    Mission: Find and Question Bouchard
    As may be expected, Lara will find herself in a cramped passageway that looks
    none too stable.  Choose to move AHEAD (U) and you'll have to quickly complete
    a mini-game [FOLLOW L,U,R] to make it past a collapsing section of floor and 
    pick up bonus point #1.  A few short steps later and Lara will find herself 
    facing a pit.  Choose LOOK (R) to determine the only way to make it past the 
    obstacle, and then have Lara HANG AND MOVE (R) across the pipe on the right 
    wall for bonus point #2.  Don't celebrate too early, though, as you'll have to
    complete a [MASH "UP"] mini-game to generate enough power for Lara to make it 
    safely to the other side.
    This done, Lara will complete the rest of the passage on her own and stealthily
    make her way into the hideout proper.  Here she will briefly stumble across one
    of Bouchard's cronies, who looks like he was killed by the Monstrum, before 
    finding Bouchard's office at the end of the main hall.  Choose AHEAD (U) to 
    enter.  As he's on the lam, Bouchard will be understandably upset at having an
    unknown visitor, and so a very tense back-and-forth conversation with Lara will
    follow.  Choose PHRASE A (U) to calm the gangster down a bit, and he'll spill
    the beans on what information Von Croy wanted from him.  He will then try to
    strike a deal with Lara, offering to have a pawnbroker he knows by the name of
    Daniel Renne equip her with some items she needs in exchange for her delivering
    some passports to his shop.  Lara will agree to the request, take the 
    passports, and then exit the hideout unmolested.
    Chapter 8
    Renne's Pawnshop
    Mission: Deliver Passports to Renne's Pawnshop
             Obtain Weapons and Equipment
    On her way into the shop, Lara will bump into a strange man dressed in a black
    frock and wearing an unusual glove.  She will then drop off the passports at 
    the shop's main counter and begin searching for Renne, only to find him dead on
    the floor with a strange symbol scrawled in his own blood beside him.  Choose 
    LEFT (L) to search the corpse and Lara will find "Renne's wallet".  She'll then
    walk to the back of the shop.  Here, if you choose to go LEFT (L) the tomb 
    raider will find a rear exit, while if you choose to go RIGHT, she'll find a
    bomb hidden behind a partition. Choosing to go AHEAD will bring Lara to a 
    Access your inventory by pressing "Enter" on your remote, and then select and
    USE "Renne's wallet".  Then choose to UNLOCK (U) the weapons locker.  A piece
    of paper will appear on-screen with the numbers 1,4,5,2, and 9.  Using the 
    arrow keys and the "Enter" button on your remote, enter this number into the 
    keypad.  The door to the locker will open, and Lara will enter, gaining bonus
    point #1 in the process.  She will then spot some explosives sitting innocently
    on the floor.  
    Select PICK UP (U) and Lara will obtain the charges, but the locker's security
    system will go off, and the door will slam shut behind her, activating the 
    timer on the bomb behind the partition.  Quickly complete the minigame 
    [FOLLOW: D,U,R,L] to escape the locker and gain bonus point #2.  Lara will then
    hurl herself down the rear exit just as the bomb goes off.  You'll have to 
    complete a very difficult [MASH "UP"] mini-game to keep ahead of the flames 
    and, if you survive, Lara will burst out of the escape tunnel in a fiery 
    swan-dive, while a young stranger with a cigarette watches from across the 
    water in interest.  Seeing Lara is okay, he will then flick his cigarette into
    the water and walk away.
    The scene will then shift to an unknown location where the man with the strange
    glove Lara bumped into is speaking to his 'Cabal'.  It is revealed that this 
    man is Eckhardt, and that Werner Von Croy, who he had hired to 'track' the 
    five Obscura paintings, had discovered that the fourth painting had been hidden
    somewhere under the Louvre.  Eckhardt will dispatch a hard-bitten military man
    by the name of Gunderson to find it, and then tell his team that they will 
    leave Paris and re-assemble in Prague, where the fifth Obscura painting is 
    End Act I
    [B4] ACT TWO
    Chapter 9
    Louvre Storm Drains
    Mission: Find a Way into the Louvre
    Lara knows that there is a link between Werner's investigation and the Louvre,
    so she decides to break into that institution via its storm drains to discover
    just what that connection is.  
    At the end of the tunnel, Lara will come to a large culvert.  LOOK (D) to 
    figure out what your objective in this room is, and then, when you are ready,
    choose to go LEFT (L).  Lara will run over to one of the walls and begin to
    climb a drain pipe there.  Complete the [MASH 'UP'] mini-game to make it to the
    top.  Our heroine will then continue on, shutting off the power to a large fan,
    before continuing on towards it.  Have Lara CRAWL (D) to get by the fan, then
    complete the untimed [MASH 'UP'] mini-game at your leisure.
    Having successfully shut off one of the valves, Lara will now return to the
    culvert, and this time stop in front of a metal beam that sits just to one side
    of where the water from above falls into the room.  GO FOR IT (U), and complete
    the mini-game [FOLLOW: U,D,U] to make it across safely.  Then complete another
    untimed [MASH 'UP'] game to shut off the flow of water completely.
    Lara will ascend to the top of the room and enter the main pipe.  CLIMB DOWN 
    (D) into the area beyond, and Lara will run over to a large pipe with the 
    intention of blowing it to smithereens.  Choose USE (U), and the tomb raider 
    will set the explosives she found in the pawnshop.  Then quickly select JUMP 
    BACK (D) to get Lara out of the way of the explosion, and receive bonus 
    point #1.
    The bombs will explode, turning the room into a seething cauldron of flame.  
    Quickly choose to go LEFT (L) and Lara will take the safe route out of the 
    water and back up to the top of the room, picking up bonus point #2 along the 
    way. Once Lara stops, have a LOOK (L) to see the damage the bombs have caused,
    then CLIMB DOWN (D) into the room once more.  This time our adventuress will 
    head for a high platform.  Select JUMP (U) to hurdle the flames below, and Lara
    will make it to the new-born hole in the wall safely, and thence, on into the
    Chapter 10
    Louvre Galleries
    Mission: Get Through the Louvre Security Systems
    One flight of stairs later, and Lara will find herself in one of the Louvre's
    main display rooms.  Choose LOOK (R) to see a way around the first security
    system, and then choose CLIMB (L) to circumvent it.  Leaping back to the centre
    display case, Lara will then encounter a moving laser beam.  Successfully 
    complete the [FLASH 'UP'] game to get by it, and complete another [FLASH 'UP']
    to get by the third system and gain bonus point #1.
    The next laser trap is tricky.  If you want, you can have Lara LOOK (D) for 
    clues on how to get by it, or simply choose to HANG AND MOVE (L) to slip past
    safely.  Finally, choose RIGHT (R) to get by the last bank of lasers, and out
    to the exit.
    Select GO FOR IT and Lara will stumble through a laser trip-wire in the next
    exhibit, setting off the alarm.  Play the [TARGET GAME] to take out the guards
    who respond to the call.  Lara will find a "Louvre low level security pass" 
    left by one of them, and then start looking for another way out.  During her
    quest, she'll come upon a security camera.  Successfully complete yet another
    [FLASH 'UP'] game to get by it unharmed.  The room beyond features a security
    guard standing enraptured by the beauty of a painting.  Use a STEALTH ATTACK 
    (D) to teach him of the perils of neglecting his duties and you'll receive 
    bonus point #2 for your restraint.  
    Lara will then briefly scan the room searching for a way out, before stopping 
    right in front of a glass case containing the Mona Lisa.  Select LOOK (R) to
    have our heroine finally formulate a viable plan of escape, then choose to 
    USE ITEM (L).  Lara will use the "Louvre low level security pass" to 
    temporarily disable the security system, then make a leap for the top of a
    glass case just opposite the Mona Lisa.  [FOLLOW: U,U,U,D] to get her to haul
    herself up in time, and she'll jump over to top of the Mona Lisa case, making
    it just as the lasers kick back in around her.  From there Lara will finally
    make her way out of the area by entering the vent ducts.
    Chapter 11 
    Louvre Offices
    Mission: Find and Search Margot Carvier's Office
    Inside the vents, Lara will remember that Carvier didn't actually say what 
    Werner wanted with the Louvre, so Lara decides to raid her office to find that
    out.  After some scrambling around, the adventuress will come to a grate.  
    Choose KICK (U) to get by it, and Lara will exit onto the roof where she'll 
    spot a guard.  Complete the [TARGET GAME] to have Lara blast the poor schmoe 
    while his back is turned, then continue up the side of the building to a cable.
    GRAB (U) the wire and Lara will begin to traverse it hand-over-hand before her
    grip begins to falter somewhere near it's middle.  Successfully complete the 
    [MASH "UP"] game to give her enough energy to make it to the other side.
    The tomb raider will then find herself facing a gap across a narrow ledge. 
    Choose CLIMB (D) to have Lara descend a drainpipe down to the next story and
    duck inside a window, where she'll come across yet another guard.  Beat the 
    [TARGET GAME] to put him down for the count and you'll pick up bonus point #1.
    Our heroine will then return to the upper ledge and this time continue on down
    it before finding an access to a storeroom via an open vent.  Slipping past the
    door, she'll then come across a carpeted hallway.  Ignore the door at the end
    of the hall for now, and instead choose to go RIGHT (R).  Lara will enter a 
    security room.  Use Monitor 1 (L) to view the inside of Carvier's office, and
    then choose to zoom in on the COMPUTER (U) to get the security code to the 
    door.  Go BACK (D) and then LEAVE (D) to exit back into the hallway, and this
    time choose to go AHEAD (U).
    Lara will come to a keypad.  Enter 1,4,6,3,9 to gain access to the office and
    bonus point #2.  Once inside, Ms. Croft will be able to search the room.  Use
    the arrow keys to select between some of the room's main features, and, when 
    "O.K." appears beside the hand cursor, press "Enter" to search that feature 
    and learn some background information about the Obscura Paintings.  Once you're
    ready to continue on, move the hand all the way around to the bottom-right of
    the screen, and then use your left arrow key to highlight the desk drawer.  Hit
    "Enter" and Lara will find Carvier's pass and notes inside.  Lara will then 
    exit back into the hall and use the pass to access a security door.  Going over
    the older woman's notes, the tomb raider will then come across information 
    about a secret excavation under the Louvre that's somehow linked to the 
    Obscura paintings.  She'll head downstairs to check it out.  
    Chapter 12
    Archaeological Dig
    Mission: Search the Archaeological Dig for Clues to the Obscura Paintings
    Entering the excavation, Lara will turn on the power, and then head for the
    site office.  Once she's inside, choose to use the PRINTER (U), and she'll 
    print off a copy of one of the two symbols she needs to access the ancient 
    lock system that was found during the dig.  LEAVE (U) and she will exit out to
    the scanning chamber.  Have Lara ACTIVATE SCANNER (U) and then move the scanner
    UP (U) once and then LEFT (L) once.  Lara will find the second symbol and gain
    bonus point #1 in the process.  PICK UP (L) the printed copy of the symbol and
    Lara will head for the lock system, only to be stymied about how to get there.
    Have her CLIMB DOWN (L) and our heroine will head down into the depths of the 
    excavation, before climbing back up to a set of scaffolding that comes to a 
    stop underneath an ancient arch.  Once there, have Lara LOOK (L) to find a way
    over to the lock system, then choose AHEAD (U), and the tomb raider will leap
    up and begin using the arch as a handy set of monkey bars.  Complete the 
    mini-game [MEMORY U,U,R,D] to give her enough of a grip to make it across and
    you'll get bonus point #2.
    Once at the lock choose LOOK (L) to get some idea of the mechanism's workings,
    and then select UNLOCK (U).  You'll be taken to a menu screen where you can 
    cycle between various symbols (using your arrow keys) in two boxes.  You'll 
    want to put the second ancient symbol (the one that looks like a circle with a
    'y' sticking out the top of it) the box in the left, and the first ancient 
    symbol (the one that looks like a target) in the box in the right.  Once you
    have the proper symbols in place, Lara will throw the lever, and a large 
    circular door will unlock and open.  Our adventuress will then make her way 
    over to the door, and drop down into the long stone shaft behind it.
    Chapter 13
    Hall of Seasons
    Mission: Find Obscura Painting
    Lara will enter the hall and begin examining an engraving on a tomb before
    being interupted by an supernatural shriek. A malignant ghost, the guardian of
    the tomb, appears, and both Lara and you will have to act fast if she is to 
    survive the level.  GO FOR IT (U), then quickly choose to DODGE (L) out of the
    spectre's way to get bonus point #1.  Next, with a little more room to aim, 
    choose to SHOOT (R), and complete the mini-game [MEMORY: U,R,U,L,D] to blast 
    the keeper into quiescence.  Lara will grab the "4th obscura painting", duck 
    another lunge by the ghost, then make a run for the exit.  When she reaches the
    door, quickly choose to DUCK (D) again, and the frustrated phantom will go 
    flying overhead, giving you bonus point #2.  With no more time to spare, Lara 
    will exit back into the safety of the hallway, and from there return to the 
    Chapter 14
    Galleries Under Siege
    Mission: Escape from the Louvre
    At this point Gunderson's team will finally show up and storm the Louvre, 
    taking out the remainder of the security detail (you know, the ones you didn't
    get to) with poison gas.  When you regain control of Lara, she'll be 
    contemplating one of Gunderson's commandos who is guarding a entryway.  Take 
    out the soldier with a STEALTH ATTACK (D) and Laura will enter the display room
    beyond amid much coughing.  GO FOR IT (U) and Lara will rush behind a display 
    case as another commando repels down from the ceiling.  Quickly decide to SHOOT
    (R) and complete the mini-game [FOLLOW: R,L,D] to successfully blow him away 
    him for bonus point #1.
    In the next room, choose to go LEFT (L) and Lara will ascend the stairs to a 
    [TARGET GAME] where yet another of Gunderson's lackeys serves as a victim.  
    When he's down you'll pick up bonus point #2.  Summoning up all her reserves,
    Lara will head down the hallway, stopping at its halfway point.  Go RIGHT (R) 
    through the door here, then quickly choose to go RIGHT (R) again to find a gas
    mask.  Lara will slip it on, grateful that she can now breathe, then continue 
    on through the Louvre.
    A rather long cut-scene will follow, with Lara first being ambushed, then 
    sensually searched (hey, its Paris!) by the man who watched her flee Renne's 
    pawnshop earlier in the game.  After he steals the fourth obscura painting from
    her, Gunderson will ambush them both, leading to a wild tri-partite chase 
    through the Louvre.  That chase will end with Gunderson trapped inside the 
    building and both Lara and the man (who's name is Kurtis) knocked senseless in
    the snow outside.  When the tomb raider comes to she'll find Bouchard, of all
    people, standing over her, both Kurtis and the fourth obscura painting having
    long since gone.  The unintentional rest helped Lara remember more about the 
    happenings in Werner's apartment and she'll insist Bouchard take her there 
    immediately.  Surprisingly, Bouchard won't argue, but instead offer Lara the 
    services of his driver, and insist on coming along.  Something must be up. 
    Chapter 15
    Von Croy's Apartment
    Mission: Search the Murder Scene for Clues
    Once at the apartment Lara will ask to go it alone, and Bouchard will let her.
    Once she's gone, he'll then use his phone to call someone and tell them to send
    in 'the Cleaner'.  
    Meanwhile, Laura will rip away the police tape blocking the front door and 
    pensively enter the apartment.  Choose to LOOK (D) to see the writing on the 
    wall and our adventuress will get the point; bonus point #1 that is.  Next, go
    LEFT (L) to get some more information on events and then RIGHT (R) to find a 
    pistol.  Suddenly, the heavily armed and armoured 'Cleaner' will show up.  
    GO FOR IT (U) and complete the mini-game [FOLLOW: U,R,U,L,D] to drive him off 
    with a few hundred well placed shots.
    Lara will run downstairs and then dive for cover as the Cleaner shoots his way
    through the wall to get at her.  Again, GO FOR IT (U) and play a mini-game 
    [FOLLOW: U,D,U,R,L] to make him beat another hasty retreat.  This time Lara 
    will follow him, and pick up an assault rifle he's foolishly discarded.  Now 
    much better armed, she'll come across a hallway rigged with laser-triggered 
    bombs.  CRAWL (D) to get by them, and the hallway just in front of Lara will 
    explode.  JUMP RIGHT (R) to get by the flaming remains of the room and you'll
    be thrust into yet another confrontation with Bouchard's assassin.  This time,
    GO FOR IT (U) and beat the mini-game [MEMORY: L,U,U,L,R] to have Lara dance 
    around the laser-activated bombs he's set and finally take him out for good.
    Once he's down, you'll receive bonus point #2.  
    The Cleaner's phone will ring, and Lara will answer, her voice taking a nervous
    Bouchard by surprise.  He'll take off, and the tomb raider will search her 
    foe's body, finding a device to deactivate all the bombs remaining in the 
    house, as well as the keys to the his car.  She'll also find a card labelled 
    'Vasiley', and decide to head to Prague to find out just what Vasiley had to do
    with all this. 
    End Act II
    [B5] ACT THREE
    Chapter 16
    Vasiley's Apartment - Prague
    Mission: Find the Obscura Engraving
             Discover the Location of the Last Painting
    Our heroine will start off the level by going for a jog in the snow (in her
    shorts, no less!) before spotting a reporter watching a building across the 
    street.  The reporter's name is Luddick, and when Lara questions him he'll 
    reveal he's watching Vasiley's apartment.  It's a crime scene now, as Vasiley
    is the latest victim of the Monstrum killer.  After a little negotiation, Lara
    will join forces with the reporter; select PHRASE A (U) and you'll keep 
    Luddick talking long enough to pick up bonus point #1.  Luddick will reveal 
    that the entire Cabal is meeting in the Strahov fortress, and that he can get
    Lara an access code, but it will take him a half an hour to do so.  Lara 
    decides to use that time to check out Vasiley's apartment, so with a final
    admonition to 'stay warm', she'll leave the reporter with the intent of trying
    to find a way inside the place.
    The police are swarming around the apartment, so our adventuress will head down
    a back alley to try to get around them.  Choose GO FOR IT (U) and complete the
    [TARGET GAME] to take out a police dog and its handler for bonus point #2.  
    Lara will then head for the sewers, and from there into the basement of the 
    apartment complex.  Here, she will come across Bouchard.  After smacking him
    around a bit, Lara will get him to spill the beans about the Monstrum, 
    Eckhardt, the Cabal, and the connection between Von Croy and Vasiley, among 
    many other things. He will also tell her about the location of the last 
    Obscura painting and the engraving that contains the map to it.  
    Leaving Bouchard to sit out his concussion, Lara will then enter Vasiley's 
    apartment in search of that engraving.  She'll take to the rafters to pull a
    chain that opens the face to a grandfather clock on the main floor.  Then 
    she'll descend to stand before the clock itself.  LOOK (R) to get a better 
    idea of what you're trying to accomplish here, then choose +1 HOUR (U) three
    times in succession.  A secret staircase will open and Lara will descend down
    it. She'll find herself in a room with a panel on the wall, but she'll need a
    code to access that latter feature.  Go LEFT (L) to find a scrap of paper on
    the floor, then go into your inventory and select "Vasiley's Fax" to view the
    number written there.  Go BACK to your game and choose to ENTER CODE (U).  
    A keypad will appear.  Using the arrow keys and the 'Enter' button on your 
    remote, enter the numbers 3,1,5,9,7 on the pad and the painting on the wall 
    will slide back, revealing the "Last obscura engraving".
    Lara will return to the basement, only to find Bouchard dead in a closet.  
    Confused as to what's going on, she'll then hook back up with Luddick, who'll
    give her the low-level pass he promised her.  He'll then give her a ride to
    fortress proper, where the tomb raider will leave him outside, and enter the
    complex on her own.
    Chapter 17
    The Strahov Fortress
    Mission: Find a Way into the Strahov Fortress
    Once inside, Lara will find herself in the middle of a massive loading dock.
    Quickly, she'll make her way up to the top of a stack of containers, then 
    prepare herself to jump to a crate that's being moved by a crane.  
    GO FOR IT (U) then complete a very difficult mini-game [FOLLOW: L,D,U,D,R,U] to
    make the jump successfully.  From the crate, Lara will leap to a catwalk.  
    LOOK (L) to spot a guardpost down below, then choose AHEAD (U) to come up on it
    unobserved. Complete the second mini-game [MEMORY: U,L,D,L,U,D] and you'll 
    choke out the guard inside it for bonus point #1.  Our heroine will then pick 
    up the security card he let slip to the floor.
    Lara will clamber up a stack of boxes and make a mad dash for a security door.
    Press "Enter" to go into your inventory and choose to USE the 
    "Strahov low-level security pass".  The door will open, and right away Lara 
    will be thrust into a [TARGET GAME] where she'll have to take out yet another
    guard dog for bonus point #2.  The tomb raider will then ascend to the top of
    the warehouse and get inside the fortress' ventilation system.  In the ducts,
    Lara will come across a scene involving Gunderson, Eckhardt, and Luddick, the
    last of whom has been captured while sneaking around outside.  Eckhardt uses
    his glove to kill Luddick, and as he does so, a strange symbol magically 
    appears on the wall behind his victim, written in Luddick's own blood.  It is
    here that Lara finally realises Eckhardt is indeed the Monstrum killer.
    At the end of the shaft, Lara will come across another guard.  GO FOR IT (U)
    and complete the mini-game [FOLLOW: R,U,D,R,L,U] to leap out of the vent and
    take him down without a fuss.  Our adventuress will then enter a control room.
    Overlaying a diagram of the Strahov she finds there with her Obscura engraving,
    Lara will map her route through the fortress, only to find she has to go 
    through a bio-dome to get to the painting.  Not wanting to take a detour, 
    she'll shut the power off to that as well as several other sections, little
    realizing all the chaos her actions will cause... 
    Chapter 18
    Bio-Research Facility
    Mission: Get Through the Bio-Research Facility
    The bio-dome turns out to be a beautiful set of gardens filled with many 
    strange and wondrous plants.  Too bad so many of them are deadly.  LOOK (U) to
    observe a sweeping shot of the facility, and then GO FOR IT (L). A hideous pod
    creature will burst out of it's glass chamber and come loping around a corner,
    heading straight towards our heroine.  Beat the [TARGET GAME] to take it down
    for bonus point #1, then immediately [MASH "UP"] to make it to the creature's
    tube without becoming food for a herd of over-sized pill bugs.  Lara will drop
    down a hole in the bottom of the tank and then continue on.  
    Afterwards, you'll be treated to a scene of a bio-engineered tree curling 
    around a set of doors, locking them fast.  When you regain control of Ms. 
    Croft, she'll be facing a series of pipes and valves.  Choose to LOOK (L) to 
    get an idea of what you're trying to accomplish here, then keep selecting the
    PREVIOUS CHOICE (L) option until the first, second, and fourth symbols from the
    left are highlighted.  This done, choose to USE (U) the valves and Lara will
    cause the creature to unbar the door, gaining bonus point #2 in the process.
    Lara will continue to sneak through the facility, only to stumble on a scene
    involving the Cabal.  Eckhardt is furious over the loss of power to the 
    facility, and initially blames Muller, but the other protests that it wasn't 
    his fault.  Boaz then arrives and reveals she didn't destroy the 
    'proto-nephilium' as per Eckhardt's orders.  As Gunderson leaves to deal with
    the problem, Eckhardt decides she's disobeyed him for the last time, and he 
    feeds her to one of Muller's 'pets'; a hideous, deformed creature that seems
    to be half insect larva, and half plant-seed.
    The tomb raider will then continue on to an elevator, where she gets the drop
    on Kurtis, who was coming up behind her.  After a minor interruption by another
    of the facility's pod creatures, a return frisking by Lara, and a bit of 
    background given by Kurtis, the two agree to join forces.  Kurtis decides to 
    go after the third Periapt Shard, one of the only weapons that can restrain 
    Eckhardt and destroy the Nephilium he's trying to awaken, while Lara agrees 
    chase down and destroy the last Obscura painting so it doesn't fall into the 
    black alchemist's hands.  Then, with a last, lingering look, Lara will leave 
    Kurtis there, ending the level.
    Chapter 19
    Aquatic Research Area
    Mission: Find the Vault of Trophies
    A little while afterwards, our heroine will find herself in an aquatic research
    facility.  Against all reason, choose to leap before you look and DIVE LEFT 
    (L) into the pool.  Quickly complete the mini-game [FOLLOW: U,R,U,L,D] to avoid
    the monster there, and you'll pick up bonus point #1 before returning to the 
    safety of the platform.
    Clearly, Lara is going to have to find some way to distract the monster if she
    wishes to proceed.  This time, DIVE RIGHT (R) off the mezzanine and, once 
    underwater, quickly choose to go LEFT (L).  Lara will come to a switch, and 
    you'll have to rapidly [MASH 'DOWN'] to throw it before she drowns.  Once 
    finished restoring the power to the place, Lara will then exit the water, slip
    into a wetsuit, and make her way up to a feed room near the top of the complex.
    Here, select to USE SWITCH (L) and then complete an untimed [MASH 'DOWN'] game
    to successfully pull the lever and fill the bucket full of chum.  Lara will 
    receive bonus point #2 for her efforts, then proceed to move said bucket onto a
    feed elevator.  PRESS SWITCH (U) to lower the raw entrails to the monster 
    below.  The monster now satisfactorily distracted, Lara will dive off the high
    platform into the waters below it, then descend into the open shaft and make 
    for the Vault of Trophies.
    Chapter 20
    The Vault of Trophies
    Mission: Find the Last Obscura Painting
    Lara will kick in a patch of rotten masonry and enter the vault.  GO FOR IT (U)
    and the adventuress will operate the vault so that one of the statues moves 
    forward to abut the central plinth.  Quickly choose to go to the 
    NEXT STATUE (R) twice in succession, and you should end up floating next to a 
    statue labelled 'Vasiley'. ACTIVATE (U) the mechanism that controls this 
    statue, and it too will approach the central plinth.  Then, two balls of energy
    will shoot from the swords the statues carry, combining to break open a hole in
    the roof above for bonus point #1.
    The tomb raider will swim up through the hole and change out of her wetsuit.
    She'll then find the "5th Obscura painting", make her way down a secret passage
    and approach a hole in the floor at its terminus.  GO FOR IT (U) and complete 
    the [MASH 'UP'] game to have Lara successfully swim through the tunnel and gain
    bonus point #2.  
    Entering the chamber beyond, Laura will come face to face with Eckhardt, who, 
    along with Gunderson, has an unconscious Kurtis in his possession.  The black 
    alchemist will exchange the young man's life in return for the last painting, 
    so Lara will give it to him, causing Gunderson to drop Kurtis into the pit 
    where she stands.  Kurtis will revive in time to see Eckhardt summon the 
    monster Boaz was fed to earlier (and which now bears her face), and give Muller
    to it for use as a chew toy.  The young adept will then give Lara the periapt
    shards and levitate her out of the pit.  As she runs off to deal with Eckhardt,
    Kurtis will turn to face the monster.
    This will be the only time in the game you control someone other than Lara.  
    GO FOR IT (U) then complete the mini-game [FOLLOW: D,L,D,R,U] to put the Boaz 
    monster out of its misery.  Kurtis will confidently turn to leave, but the 
    twitching monster will choose that moment to put one of its razor-sharp legs 
    through his back, and he'll collapse to the floor, bleeding profusely.
    Chapter 21
    Eckhardt's Lab
    Mission: Defeat Eckhardt.
    NOTE: If you are playing a one team game, and have successfully obtained all
    the points available up until this chapter, then you will have already achieved
    a perfect score of 100 points out of 100.  If that is the case, you cannot 
    achieve any more points, so you can simply choose to PLAY SAFE (D) for the rest
    of this level, and save yourself a great deal of frustration  while still 
    maintaining your score.  If you have not achieved all the points available up
    until now, or simply want to challenge yourself a little more, then you can 
    proceed through the level as follows:
    Lara will slide down the loose gravel floor of a tunnel and enter Eckhardt's
    lab, where she'll encounter the black alchemist removing a series of gold 
    pieces from each of the Obscura paintings.  He will then fuse these pieces 
    together to create an object of great magical power, called the Sanglyph.  
    Lara will squeeze off a potshot at the madman, but he'll block it with his new
    toy and, giving Lara his full attention, advance on her menacingly.  A bit of
    banter will follow, and then Lara will get down to the business of putting a 
    stop to him, permanently.
    GO FOR IT (U) and complete the mini-game [MEMORY: L,U,U,L,R] to duck a jet of
    flame Eckhardt will shoot at you, then beat the [TARGET GAME] to seriously 
    wound him.  Eckhardt will split into two images, then recombine in a central
    circle within the shield he has created.  Complete a quick [TARGET GAME] again
    to pick up bonus point #1 and put the mad alchemist down for good.
    Just as the Lara is about to use the periapt shard to finish off Eckhardt, the
    last member of the Cabal, Karel, will appear and wrench it away from her.  The
    Black Alchemist urges him to kill Lara, but he puts the shard through 
    Eckhardt's head instead, killing him.  He then reveals himself as a Nephilium,
    and asks Lara to join him in finishing the 'great work', claiming that he has
    helped her both in Prague and Paris.  Lara will see through him, however, and
    realize that it was he who killed Von Croy.  The Nephilium will then take to 
    air, promising retribution.
    Again, GO FOR IT (U) and complete a third [TARGET GAME] to get the immortal off
    Lara's back.  Our adventuress will use the respite to snag the Sanglyph from 
    from Eckhardt's corpse, gaining bonus point #2 at the same time.  Then, she'll
    head for the rafters.  Complete the [MASH 'UP'] game to make it up the ladder
    alive, and Lara will make a mad dash for the Sleeper.  Choose JUMP (U), and 
    she'll make a breathtaking leap for the creature, planting the Sanglyph on it
    before falling heavily to the ground.  The Sanglyph will malfunction, creating
    a resonance between Karel and the Sleeper before destroying them both in a 
    fantastic explosion.  Lara will escape the destruction only slightly singed,
    and regain her feet, knowing she has finally avenged Von Croy's murder.  A 
    brief movie will then play to end both the level and the game.
    End Act III.
    [C1] ITEMS
    The following descriptions are for the items that appear in Lara's inventory
    during the game.  Some of items she collects, such as the Sanglyph, do not
    appear in her inventory during the course of events, and thus are omitted from
    this section.
    Lara uses this item to pry open the door to a shed on a building's roof in 
    Chapter One.  It is one of the few items she will keep in her inventory for 
    the subsequent duration of the game.
    "Gantry Gate Key"
    Lara finds this key after taking out a sentry on the rooftops in Chapter One.
    She will then use it to open an iron-wrought door and return to street level.
    The key disappears after use.
    "VC's Notebook"
    Lara retrieves Von Croy's notebook from Madame Carvier's apartment in Chapter
    Three.  Although this item has no actual use in the game, it figures heavily in
    the plot, and as such enables Lara to begin her long quest to track down 
    Werner's murderer.
    "Socket wrench"
    Found on a desk in the garage in Chapter Four, Lara will use this item to fix a
    power box that appears later on in the level.  It disappears from the inventory
    after use.
    "Bernard's Box"
    Sent into the Serpent-Rouge specifically to retrieve this item, Lara will find
    it in the top-most lighting rig of the nightclub in Chapter Five. In the next
    chapter, Lara will give this to Bernard in exchange for the password to 
    Bouchard's hideout.  Just what it is in the box that Bernard finds so valuable
    is never revealed.
    "Renne's Wallet"
    Found by Renne's corpse in his pawnshop in Chapter Eight.  The wallet contains
    a slip of paper with a number written on it that Lara will need to open the 
    door to the weapons locker in the same level.  Disappears after use.
    Lara finds these in the weapons locker mentioned above.  Removing them from the
    floor activates the bomb that destroys Renne's Pawnshop at the end of Chapter
    Eight.  Our heroine will later use the explosives to blast her way into the 
    Louvre in Chapter Nine.  Obviously, they disappear after use.
    "Louvre Low Level Security Pass"
    Lara picks this up after blasting a couple of guards in the Louvre Galleries.
    She uses it to briefly disable the security systems near the end of the level,
    so she can escape into a different part of the building.  Vanishes after use.
    "2nd Ancient Symbol Printed"
    A copy of one of two symbols Lara will need to access the ancient lock system
    located under the Louvre.  This one can be obtained by using the printer in the
    dig office. Lara discards this when it is no longer needed.
    "1st Ancient Symbol Printed"
    A copy of one of two symbols Lara will need to access the ancient lock system
    located under the Louvre.  This one can be obtained by activating the scanner
    in the excavation room, and then using it to search the dig.  Lara discards 
    this when it is no longer needed.  
    "4th Obscura Painting"
    Our adventuress will obtain this painting by outwitting the guardian ghost in
    the Hall of Seasons in Chapter 13.  Later on, Kurtis will steal it from Lara 
    before she can successfully escape from the Louvre.  From there, it will fall
    into the hands of Eckhardt, who will then use it to reconstruct the Sanglyph.
    Despite this, the item will inexplicably remain in Lara's inventory for the 
    duration of the game.
    "Vasiley's Fax"
    Discovered in Vasiley's apartment in Prague, Lara can view this item to obtain
    an access code to the safe that holds the final Obscura Engraving.  Lara 
    discards this item after it becomes of no further use.
    "Last Obscura Engraving"
    Also found in Vasiley's apartment in Prague, this item does not have a true use
    in the game.  Instead, it figures heavily in the plot, allowing Lara to chart
    her course through the Strahov Fortress in Chapter 17.
    "Strahov Low Level Security Pass"
    Lara gets this off a guard she chokes out in the warehouse area of the Strahov
    Fortress.  She'll later use it to access a security door that leads from that
    area into the fortress proper.
    "5th Obscura Painting"
    Lara will find this item in the Vault of Trophies under the Strahov Fortress.
    Like the 4th painting, it will remain in her inventory even after she has 
    surrendered it to Eckhardt.
    Please Note: All mini-games are timed unless specifically stated otherwise.
                 All other decisions are not timed unless stated otherwise.
    Chapter 1: Streets of Paris  
    - SEARCH (L)
    - USE KEY (U)
         - [MASH 'DOWN'] - NOT TIMED
    - PULL LEVER (R)
    - EXPLORE (R) - BP#2
    Chapter 2: Rooftops of Paris
    - GRAB CABLE (R)
    - PULL UP (U)
    - HIDE (U)
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [FOLLOW: U,D,U] - BP#1
    - JUMP (L)
    - LOOK (R)
    - CLIMB DOWN (D) - BP#2
    Chapter 3: Margot Carvier's Apartment
    - PHRASE B (D) - BP#1
    - LEAVE (L) - BP#2 - TIMED 
    Chapter 4: Parisian Ghetto
    - CLIMB (L)
    - LOOK (L)
    - CLIMB (U)
    - LEFT (L)
         - [FOLLOW: L,R,U] - BP#1
    - JUMP (U)
    - LEAVE (U)
    - TALK (L)
    - PHRASE B (D)
    - EXPLORE (U)
    - LIFT CAR (U)
         - [FOLLOW: D,U,D]
         - [MASH 'UP']
    - SEARCH (R)
    - AHEAD (U)
         - Press 'Enter' to access inventory; USE "Socket Wrench"
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [TARGET GAME] - BP#2
    Chapter 5: Le Serpent Rouge
         - [FLASH 'UP'] - NOT TIMED
         - [MASH 'UP']
         - [FOLLOW: U,L,U,U] - BP#1
    - GO FOR IT
         - [MEMORY: L,R,L] - BP#2
    Chapter 6: The Graveyard
         - Press 'Enter' to access inventory; USE "Bernard's Box"
    - PLUIE NOIR (L)
    - GO FOR IT
         - [TARGET GAME]
    - LOOK (L)
    - CLIMB (R)
    - LOOK (L)
    - JUMP (L) - BP#1
    - JUMP (U)
         - [FOLLOW: U,R,U]
    - GO FOR IT
         - [MEMORY: D,L,D] - BP#2
    Chapter 7: Bouchard's Hideout
    - AHEAD (U)
         - [FOLLOW: L,U,R] - BP#1
    - LOOK (R)
    - HANG & MOVE (R) - BP#2
         - [MASH 'UP']
    - AHEAD (U)
    - PHRASE A (U)
    Chapter 8: Renne's Pawnshop
    - LEFT (L)
    - AHEAD (U)
         - Press 'Enter' to access inventory; USE "Renne's Wallet"
    - UNLOCK (U)
         - [PINPAD: 14529] - BP#1
    - PICK UP (U)
         - [FOLLOW: D,U,R,L] - BP#2
         - [MASH 'UP']
    End Act I
    Chapter 9: Louvre Storm Drains
    - LEFT (L)
         - [MASH 'UP']
    - CRAWL (D)
         - [MASH 'UP'] - NOT TIMED
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [FOLLOW: U,D,U]
         - [MASH 'UP'] - NOT TIMED
    - CLIMB DOWN (D)
    - USE (U)
    - JUMP BACK (D) - BP#1 - TIMED
    - LEFT (L) - BP#2 - TIMED
    - CLIMB DOWN (D)
    - JUMP (U)
    Chapter 10: Louvre Galleries
    - LOOK (R)
    - CLIMB (L)
         - [FLASH 'UP']
         - [FLASH 'UP'] - BP#1
    - HANG & MOVE (L)
    - RIGHT (R)
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [TARGET GAME]
         - [FLASH 'UP']
    - LOOK (R)
    - USE ITEM (L)
         - [FOLLOW: U,U,U,D]
    Chapter 11: Louvre Offices
    - KICK (U)
         - [TARGET GAME]
    - GRAB (U)
         - [MASH 'UP']
    - CLIMB (D)
         - [TARGET GAME] - BP#1
    - RIGHT (R)
    - MONITOR 1 (L)
    - COMPUTER (U)
    - BACK (D)
    - LEAVE (D)
    - AHEAD (U)
         - [PINPAD: 14639] - BP#2
         - Move hand cursor to desk drawer on right and press 'Enter'
    Chapter 12: Archaeological Dig
    - PRINTER (U)
    - LEAVE (D)
    - UP (U)
    - LEFT (L) - BP#1
    - PICK UP (L)
    - CLIMB DOWN (L)
    - AHEAD (U)
         - [MEMORY: U,U,R,D] - BP#2
    - UNLOCK (U)
         - Using arrow keys, change symbols; target on right, the other on left
    Chapter 13: Hall of Seasons
    - GO FOR IT (U)
    - DODGE (L) - BP#1 - TIMED
    - SHOOT (R)
         - [MEMORY: U,R,U,L,D]
    - DUCK (D) - BP#2 - TIMED
    Chapter 14: Galleries Under Siege
    - GO FOR IT (U)
    - SHOOT (R) - TIMED
         - [FOLLOW: R,L,D] - BP#1
    - LEFT (L)
         - [TARGET GAME] - BP#2
    - RIGHT (R)
    - RIGHT (R) - TIMED
    Chapter 15: Von Croy's Apartment
    - LOOK (D) - BP#1
    - RIGHT (R)
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [FOLLOW: U,R,U,L,D]
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [FOLLOW: U,D,U,R,L]
    - CRAWL (D)
    - JUMP RIGHT (R)
    - GO FOR IT (U)
          - [MEMORY: L,U,U,L,R] - BP#2
    End Act II
    Chapter 16: Vasiley's Apartment - Prague
    - PHRASE A (U) - BP#1
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [TARGET GAME] - BP#2
    - +1 HOUR (U)
    - +1 HOUR (U)
    - +1 HOUR (U)
    - LEFT (L)
         - Press 'Enter' to access inventory, view "Vasiley's Fax" to get number
    - ENTER CODE (U)
         - [PINPAD: 31597]
    Chapter 17: The Strahov Fortress
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [FOLLOW: L,D,U,D,R,U]
    - AHEAD (U)
         - [MEMORY: U,L,D,L,U,D] - BP#1
         - Press 'Enter' to access inventory; USE "Strahov Low Level Security Pass"
         - [TARGET GAME] - BP#2
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [FOLLOW: R,U,D,R,L,U]
    Chapter 18: Bio-Research Facility
    - GO FOR IT (L)
         - [TARGET GAME] - BP#1
         - [MASH 'UP']
    - LOOK (L)
         - Note: The 1st, 2nd, and 4th symbols from the left should be highlighted
    - USE (U) - BP#2
    Chapter 19: Aquatic Research Area
    - DIVE LEFT (L)
         - [FOLLOW: U,R,U,L,D] - BP#1
    - DIVE RIGHT (R)
    - LEFT (L) - TIMED
         - [MASH 'DOWN']
    - USE SWITCH (L)
         - [MASH 'DOWN'] - BP#2 - NOT TIMED
    Chapter 20: Vault of Trophies
    - GO FOR IT (U) - TIMED
    - ACTIVATE (U) - BP#1 - TIMED
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [MASH 'UP'] - BP#2
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [FOLLOW: D,L,D,R,U]
    Chapter 21: Eckhardt's Lab
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [MEMORY: L,U,U,L,R]
         - [TARGET GAME]
         - [TARGET GAME] - BP#1
    - GO FOR IT (U)
         - [TARGET GAME] - BP#2
         - [MASH 'UP']
    - JUMP (U) - TIMED
    End Act III 
    If you have any questions/comments, and you've doubled checked to make sure 
    they haven't already been answered in the guide, feel free to email me at 
    Thanks to everyone invovled with putting together such a fun little game.
    (REF 1) & (REF 2) - in the introduction:
         Stein, Greg.  "Tomb Raider The Action Adventure Review".  Retrieved on
    07/10/2007 12:43:51 GMT.  http://www.laracroft.name/actadvreview.php
    Please also note that the names for various characters and items that appear
    throughout the game (such as for 'Joachim Karel', the 'Sanglyph', the 'Periapt
    Shards, etc.) as well as their proper spellings, were gleaned from the Tomb 
    Raider: The Angel of Darkness wikipedia entry that can be found (as of 
    07/10/2007) at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomb_Raider:_The_Angel_of_Darkness
    All further information contained within is either taken from the game itself
    or is the opinion of the author.

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