Review by creepyguywithastick

Reviewed: 07/10/04

'MANHOLE' is one of the greatest epics of our time.

Story: 10/10
Nintendo's newest hero Mister Game and Watch must fight the good fight in this romantic struggle of good versus evil. The Dark Sorceress who draws her powers from her dark master Lim'mit'edscree'eenspace has taken control of the City of Game and Watch! She's removed all the manholes and only one man is man enough to fill those manholes! Our stylishly sexy hero: MISTER GAME AND WATCH! He must work with diligence and grace to thwart her evil plans and ensure the safety of the Watchopians. She draws her power to resurrect her dark lord (who intends to reduce the screen down to the size of a cell-phone port!) by using the blood stained shirts of fallen children. Or water stained. Whatever. Can Mister Game and Watch hold her off long enough to see the FMV where she melts into a million rivers of ink and flows into the very manholes she destroyed? That’s up to YOU!

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are simply amazing! Using new methods of cel-shading, our hero Mister Game and Watch is brought to life in vivid realism! Mister Game and Watch uses a unique 'single frame replace' feature is a refreshing breath of air in a world of high polygon nose-jobs. The animation style is like nothing you've ever seen before and most likely will never see again. One of my favorite parts was Mister Game and Watch's toothy grin that was derived from the classic anime of yore.

Sound: 10/10
Never before has a game sounded so crisp and clean. Every modern game now a-days uses the same sound technique; sounds flow in and out smoothly. BORING! Game and Watch breaks the industry standards and thinks outside the box (FOR ONCE!) with a riveting new music style. Instead of having sounds fade in and out in a lame way, all of Manhole's sounds come in and out of your focus on a SINGLE NOTE! How's THAT for a wake up call, Mi$ter Bill Gate$ ?

Gameplay: 10/10
Totally revolutionary! MrGaW can move like no other character before. He actually has the ability to be ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE GAME at ANY GIVEN TIME with the push of a button! No game has ever attempted something this daring before. Using his lightning-fast speed Mister Game and Watch must stop the evil sorceress by making sure the Watchopians' shirts stay dry by making sure they have a platform to walk on at all times. A dazzling array of balance and symbolism, completely intertwined in the gameplay its self. Brilliant. This game is going to change gaming forever.

Replay: 10/10
As if one game wouldn't be enough, this game has TWO game. Both an easy AND a hard mod (and there are rumors of an unlockable multiplayer melee mode) where Mister Game and Watch fights the evil sorceress at 2 levels of power! The game can be played over and over, without ever getting dull. Heck, by the time you get bored with it I'm sure the sequel will already be out.

Overall: 10/10
A true tribute to the gaming industry its self. Never has a game impacted my life in such a deep and personal way. I hope, for your sake, you can pick up this masterpiece some time. The joy it will give you is beyond words.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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