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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

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    • Game: Clu Clu Land
    • Console: GBA e-Reader
    • File Type: Formatted FAQ/Walkthrough
    • Author: KeyBlade999 (a.k.a. Daniel Chaviers)
    • Version: Final
    • Time of Update: 11:49 PM 11/24/2013
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    Welcome to my first FAQ/Walkthrough for the GBA e-Reader, another first for me in recent days. This one covers its port of Clu Clu Land. Clu Clu Land is a game I'm pretty familiar with at this point - already I've mapped the NES, FDS, and arcade versions of it, and wrote an FAQ for the latter two of these. It's nice to come full circle on this minor project of mine wherein I basically covered the uncovered ports of Clu Clu Land.

    Clu Clu Land was one of my favorite games when I was younger. While I did grow up in the eras of the SNES and Nintendo 64, I did also grow up with an NES from my parents and several classics such as this. Few puzzle games have actually brought back that ... I suppose you could say "warm" feeling this game brought to me. Oh, sure, I've played some crazy puzzle games in my day (try Creatom on the NES or CRUSH3D on the 3DS), but Clu Clu Land stood out primarily because -- well, I'll let you figure it out. ;)

    Well, anyways, my generic babbling aside, I hope you enjoy this FAQ!


    Game Controls

    ButtonResultant Effects
    D-PadHold in a direction perpendicular to your movement to swing around pegs (see image)
    A ButtonRelease shock waves to attack enemies
    B ButtonRelease shock waves to attack enemies
    L ButtonN/A
    R ButtonN/A
    Start ButtonPause gameplay
    Select ButtonN/A

    Game Description

    In Clu Clu Land, you will play through a series of levels. Each level takes place in a room similar to the one pictured to the right. In there, you'll see a number of pegs which help to facilitate your movement. See, when you press the D-Pad to begin moving your character, they move in a straight line until they hit something, then they bounce back. (See Game Controls for how to move.) However, your goal is to run over any space between pegs in which lies a gold ingot (some are shown already in the nearby screenshot). So, how does that work?

    As your character moves, you need to use the D-Pad to stick out an arm perpendicular to your movement - see the Game Controls for that. As long as you hold that D-Pad button down, the character will repeatedly twirl around the peg. Once you let go, the character will then move straight again, this time in the direction it faces when you let go. It's a little hard to do if you haven't played a lot, but you'll get the hang of it with practice.

    Now, as I said earlier, your primary goal is to reveal all of the ingots and reveal an image, thereby letting you proceed to the next level. This is normally a task not worth much note ... until you start passing Land 20 or so. Around that point, you'll have to be careful how much you land on ingots, for you'll enter an "Expert" difficulty. (Unlike the FDS release, this is not by choice - you start in "Beginner" no matter what.) There, if you run over a revealed ingot, it is like not revealing it even though you can see it: shiny ingots are the ones you want, while lusterless ones need to be run over again.

    Now, this seems simple enough, right? Of course that is wrong. Look at the top of the screen and you'll notice a timer. It usually varies a little between levels, but once it runs out outside of a bonus level, you lose a life. Additionally, in later levels of the game, there is the presence of enemies. These enemies look normally like gray balls, as seen to the left. You can combat them, however, by using your shock wave attack, activated with the B Button. This turns them into orange blobs that you can touch without harm. However, to truly defeat them, you need to run into them and shove 'em into a wall. Enemies are produced from the flashing holes on the screen you'll start seeing around Land 02. They usually reproduce indefinitely from them, unless you fight the larger "boss" version of them: he's killed in a similar manner. For some reason, I never saw another enemy in the same level after that. >_>

    If you touch an enemy, enemy spawn point, or boss, or time runs out, you will lose a life. Lives are pretty easy to obtain, though - all you need to do is gather 10,000 points. Below are the point values of stuff, so you know just how easy it is. The game ends if you lose all of your lives, so be careful!

    So, then, once you've finished the level, you will get some points added on to your score as below before proceeding into the next one. Points are accumulated at the end of the level, keep that in mind.

    Action:Point Value:"Currency:"Reward:
    Reveal an ingot100 points10 seconds remaining10 points per 10 seconds
    Defeat an enemy500 pointsFind more ingots in two-player2,000 points
    Get a cherry800 pointsGet all 66 bonus-level ignots3,000 points
    Get a money bag1,500 points
    Defeat a boss5,000 points

    General Strategy

    • Slow Down: A common mistake I find myself making in this game is that I try to go too fast and end up releasing the D-Pad at the wrong time or something to screw up my trajectory. While in the Beginner difficulty this is a minor inconvenience at worst, it becomes a serious problem in Expert. Usually, if I can actually remember it, I try to revolve around each peg at least twice, so I can get my bearings, figure out what I need to do and where, and so on. It's surprisingly helpful.
    • Warp Zones: In the purple and brown levels, there are unblocked paths in the corners. Keep in mind you can use those to warp to the other side of the screen, similarly to the arcade game Pac-Man.
    • Searching: Let's assume you don't know exactly what is where in the puzzle (even though I provide the solutions). You need to search them out in some manner, preferably an organized one wherein you know that you've checked this-and-that. Whatever method you choose is up to you. I personally prefer a grid-search pattern: first I cover all of the vertical columns, then all of the horizontal rows. This can be a bit more difficult on the Expert difficulty due to the need to run over things an odd number of times, especially if a bouncy thing comes up, though...
    • Fixing Mistakes: ... which leads to this. When it comes to the Expert difficulty, I strongly recommend just following the images in the Walkthrough so as not to screw up by having to fix things. (The proper ingots are shiny.) However, if you need to fix something either way, there are a few ways that can work. If you have a group of ingots centered around a single peg to clean up, you can swing around it as needed. If only part of that group needs to be fixed, then you need to time your release of the D-Pad: if only part of a group is properly hit, then it will remain partially-complete (just with different ingots) no matter how many times you revolve around it. In general, that scenario can be prevented if you leave some "lone ingots" alone - the level ends when the last one is fixed, so if you have a tough-to-reach one, you can leave it for last. Finally, there's a suicide strategy wherein, if you can and have to only fix one in a concentrated group of ingots, you can run through it, then kill yourself by letting time run out or hitting an enemy.
    • Symmetry: As a general rule, a majority of the levels (though not all) have some sort of symmetry to them. That is to say, what you'll find on the left half, you'll find mirrored on the right half, or sometimes even with the bottom/top halves in the brown levels! When I say mirrored, for example, say an ignot is one unit from the left wall. That means the one it is symmetrical with is one unit away from the right wall, at the same height. The green levels show this property the least (3 of 6 solutions).
    • Objects: Similarly to the above, many of the puzzle solutions in this game look a lot like actual objects, like houses, phones, and submarines. Using this kind of info can be helpful in determining where ingots lie. Keep in mind that the enemy spawn points themselves can even help in the design. ;) The brown and purple levels are just random geometric designs, so you won't find this helping much. And the blue levels are the main ones to use the spawn points in level design.
    • Multiplayer: It goes without saying that multiplayer really helps in this game. In fact, it's probably the only way to finish the Bonus Levels. >_> Plus, getting more ingots than an opponent makes you get a 2,000-point bonus, which is 20% of the way to an extra life!

    A Brief Note

    When using the level designs below, keep in mind that these are taken from in-game screenshots, not hand-drawn, so they should be completely accurate. However, I'm not completely sure if these are all of the solutions, so if you experience one not listed here (derived from about 100 levels total), please send me an e-mail!

    Also, the levels are simply organized by color because, for the most part, they come in completely random sequences. However, each level color (and, in turn, level shape) has its own unique solutions.


    Green Level: Dog

    Hey, it's the best I've got.

    As a huge note, if you have revealed one of the "eyes", which are basically those pink plastic bouncy walls, you do not want to run into it coming from the other side if you use one of the pegs just diagonal from it. (In other words, don't reveal the left one then come at it from the right.) You'll get stuck between them and forced to die!




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      • For making this FAQ. =P
    • You, the reader:
      • For hopefully enjoying this FAQ.

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      • Time: 11:49 PM 11/24/2013.


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    This is the end of KeyBlade999's Clu Clu Land (GBA e-Reader) FAQ/Walkthrough.

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