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"Another time around."

When you'll look at the below review, you may remember it. Well, it's because it's basically the same thing. There is about 1 more thing to add, and that I will.
I had a brochure for the e-Reader at one time. I saw the Animal Crossing e-Cards and thought ''WOW!'' Well, when I looked on the back, I saw ''Coming soon: Animal Crossing-e, series 2-4!'' I was crazy for them! There are 2 great new additions: mini-games and a sibling card.

The packs include 5 cards and an instruction thing. There are (from what I've seen) 4 character cards and 1 design or music card in each pack.

Character cards are just what they sound like. On the front, they have a picture of one of the animals in the game and on the back a small description. Depending on if it's a ''main character'' or a villager, it will have the animal's astrological sign, it's clothing, and it's catch phrase. Below those is a small profile about the animal and a password to mail to that animal if he or she is living in your town. ''Main Character'' cards like Tom Nook have the same exact thing, but without the clothes and catch phrase. When scanned at the post office (if connected to the Nintendo Gamecube,), you will receive a gift from that animal.

The design cards have, when scanned at the Able Sister's, a design on them that you can use in your town.

The music cards have, when scanned at the town tune board, a sample of a K.K. Slider song to use as your town tune. On the back of the card, the notes are printed so that you can simply enter them in the game if you're too lazy to scan it.

All of the above cards have an interesting effect when scanned on the e-Reader (not connected to the Gamecube). When scanning any character card, you will get a letter from that animal explaining something weird that happened at some point in their life and are very interesting to read and to pass the time.

If you scan a design card, you'll get a comment from Sable Able on the design.

If you scan a music card, you can actually hear what the tune will sound like, only in GBA form.

Added in series 2 is a sibling card and mini-game cards. The sibling card is just a regular card, apparently, but the mini-game cards are a completely different story. When scanned on the e-Reader, you will be asked to scan some character cards. The problem is that you can't control the characters, but they're fun to watch! You can either jump rope or race.

All in all, you should definitely get these cards even if you don't have a Gameboy Advance/Gamecube link cable. Until you get one you can always look at the letters. :)

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Originally Posted: 03/02/03, Updated 03/02/03

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