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"Wow! Better items, cooler looking cards, AND new card types!"

Opening Comments: Some people will say the Animal Crossing-e cards are ''cheap'' because it forces you to pay extra money for the game. The thing is: these are trading cards! They're not JUST for the game itself. Now, I'm not saying these people don't have some justification. The GBA / e-Reader / GC-GBA cable package costs a lot. My point is, these cards are fun to collect even if you don't have all that!

Well, I'm going by the ARP here. Some stores sell them at $2.99, some at $3.29 (the actual suggested retail price), and some charge $4.99! Now, the packs only come with five cards, so $1 per card is a little steep. But $3.29 is a reasonable price; it's about double the cash ratio from regular trading cards, but the dot code makes up for it.

Fun Factor:
Alright. These cards are fun to collect, they're fun to scan without hooking up to the GC, and they're fun to use at the ''e-TM'' on the actual Animal Crossing game. Plus, when you add the

Technicalities (Sound, Graphics, etc.):
Alright, I know no one buys Animal Crossing-e cards because of the awesome graphics/sound you get from scanning them into your e-Reader. It's just not what the cards are for. However, I do have to take off (I'm not discriminatory; if the graphics and sound aren't there, it's going to cost some points). The only thing that saves it are the town tune cards (they're pretty catchy, even on the GBA)

Okay -- it's obvious that no one's going to keep scanning the cards in the e-TM after they've done it once. So that pretty much kills the replayability factor. However, it does redeem itself with the game cards and town tune cards (I don't know why, but I'm really addicted to scanning them and listening to them on the GBA)

TOTAL: 8/10 (Pretty good. The only thing I would like to see more of is the ability of e-Reader only items)

Closing Comments: A fun series of cards to collect, but it's arguable whether or not it really is a worthwhile video game item (after all, this is GameFAQs). All the items you can get are already available within the game itself. The second series does redeem itself, as it does have cards which include Redd and Lottery items (Series I had hardly any of these, if any at all). I took off two points for replayability & technicalities.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/10/03, Updated 03/10/03

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