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    Mario Party-e                         Version
    Complete FAQ                            1.3
    Welcome to the Mario Party-e FAQ!
    It is copyright Mark Raby 2003-2005 via GameFAQs.  It is not to be used for
    commercial use without proper permission.  Please keep coming back for updates!
    NOTE: This FAQ will most likely not be updated anymore.  The e-Reader in the US
    has died off.  Any hopes for future Mario Party-e expansions can now be
    officially shut down.
    0) Version History
    1) Introduction
    2) What is Mario Party-e?
    3) Frequently Asked Questions
    4) Differences/Similarities between this and other Mario Party games
    5) e-Reader Connectivity
    6) Card Types
     6.1 Coin Cards
     6.2 Item Cards
     6.3 Superstar Cards
     6.4 Blocker Cards
     6.5 Search Cards
     6.6 Chaos Cards
     6.7 Duel Cards
    7) How To Play
    8) Mini-Game List/Strategies
     8.1 Free Challenge
     8.2 Duel Challenge
     8.3 Wonder Challenge
    9) Expansions?
    10) Coming Soon
    11) Credits
    0) Version history
    (Dates are based on when the FAQ was submitted, not necessarily when it was
    Version 1.3
    - Updated FAQ to match what has become my trademark style.  It is also much more
      visually appealing that my old version.
    - Added note about the e-Reader being officially "dead"
    - Added a "coming soon" section (mainly as a placeholder in case I decide that
      there's some more stuff to add in future updates)
    Version 1.25
    - New promo card was released!  Appropriate sections have been updated
    Version 1.2
    - Added a question to section 3; made a note about more than 4 people
    Version 1.1
    - 1.01 version number changed to 1.1
    Version 1.01
    - Incorrect info in the coin card section fixed
    - Added difficulty rating to Free Challenge mini-games
    Version 1.0
    - FAQ Completed
    1) Introduction
    Mario Party-e is not quite a TCG, and itís not quite a video game.  Rather,
    itís an interesting mix between the two of them that created addictive and
    original gameplay seen no where else before.  Those expecting a typical style
    Mario Party game may be disappointed, because it doesnít follow the same
    But itís a great game in its own right.  The game is for two-four players
    (although I suppose you could play the mini-games by yourself) and is not given
    an ESRB rating (though if it were it would be rated E)
    NOTE: You can actually play with as many people as you want.  Although the
    mat is designed for 4 players, if you don't use it, there's nothing stopping
    you from having 5 or 6 people join you.
    2) What is Mario Party-e?
    Itís a card game.  Though itís not your typical TCG, nor is it Euchre, Go Fish,
    or Crazy Eights.  Itís a style all its own.  Let me briefly go into the object
    of the game.  You need to collect three parts of the "superstar" and then find
    the actual superstar card.  Along the way, your opponent(s) will make it harder
    for you by challenging you to duel mini-games, using blocker cards, taking your
    items away, and much more.  All of this is detailed later in the FAQ.  Let me
    make it clear that first and foremost, this is a card game.  It does not even
    need to be played with the e-Reader, though granted thatís the bulk of the fun.
    This game is so original in that is combines classic TCG-style gameplay and
    adds a twist of video games to it; this is something no gaming industry has
    ever quite been able to accomplish, but Nintendo went out on a limb, and
    created the ultimate party/card/video game of all time!
    3) Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. How many e-Readers do I need if I'm playing with (#) other people?
    No matter how many people are playing, you only need ONE e-Reader.  You will
    just use it whenever an e-Reader challenge comes along.
    Q. How long does the average game take?
    A. It depends.  It can be anywhere from 10 minutes to well over an hour.
    Obviously, the more players you have, the longer the game will be.
    Q. How do I play without the e-Reader?
    A. Simple: when an event comes up that would normally require an e-Reader, just
    flip a coin.  Most of the e-Reader mini-games are just win or lose outcomes.
    Nintendo does not really detail what to do with the Wonder Challenge cards, but
    I would say if youíre not playing with the e-Reader donít even worry about the
    Wonder Challenges (for more info on Wonder Challenge cards, go to section 6)
    Q. Is this game worth it just to play the mini-games?
    A. Itís a tough call.  I find most of the mini-games to be pretty addictive,
    but theyíre much better in the context of the game.  However, for $10, itís not
    that big of a risk.  Plus theyíre a neat collectible as well.  If you like
    Mario Party-style mini-games and/or if youíre into Mario Party stuff, go for
    Q. Should I buy an e-Reader just for this game?
    A. Again, another tough call.  If youíve got $40 burning a hole in your wallet,
    sure!  Plus, since youíre getting it, try the other e-Reader games!  At $5
    each, thereís not much to lose.
    Q. Does everyone need their own pack of cards?
    A. No.  One pack is all you need.
    Q. Is there a special "mat" like with Pokemon and other TCGís?
    A. Yes, and it comes with the box of card-eís
    4) Differences between this and other Mario Party games
    -You walk around on a board in search of stars
    -Thereís a 1-player version
    -You play a mini-game after every turn
    -Mini-games are for all four players simultaneously
    -Thereís extra stuff to do (buy the mini-games, mini-game records, etc.)
    -You have to play near a TV and a Gamecube console
    -You draw cards until you find and play the four ones needed to win
    -No special 1-player version (though you can play mini-games for fun)
    -You play a mini-game when a player lays a certain card
    -Mini-games are either 1-player or a duel with a player you choose (and are
    generally take-turn games)
    -No extras
    -All you need to enjoy this party is your game mat, the deck of cards, and some
    -In both, you get to pick what character you want to be (in Mario Party-e, you
    sit at the corresponding spot on the game mat)
    -Both do contain mini-games (and Mario Party-eís are just as addictive as its
    -Both can be played with two to four players
    5) e-Reader Connectivity
    Although the game can be played without the e-Reader, the handy little
    card-scanning peripheral is what you need if you want to enjoy those addictive
    little things popularized by the MP series: mini-games!  Hereís how it works:
    have the e-Reader ready near the game mat.  Whenever an e-Challenge card is
    played, scan both sides of the card into the e-Reader and follow the
    NOTE: Whenever you try to scan a new mini-game, a note will pop up saying
    "A dot code other than [the last mini-game you played] was scanned.  If you
    continue, the application will be erased.  Continue?"  You should choose yes
    when this pops up.  It can get a little annoying and Iím not sure if thereís
    any way to make it not do this (if anyone knows, please e-mail me)
    6) Card Types
    There are 7 different types of cards. On your turn, you are allowed to play one
    card.  Hereís what each card type does:
    -6.1 Coin Cards-
    COIN CARDS: (25 total; 24 in starter deck + 1 promo)
    On the game mat, you will notice each player has five coin card silhouettes.
    Most cards have a cost attached to them.  You may only "pay" with coin cards
    that are on the mat (known as "In-Play Coin Cards").  Typically on your first
    turn, youíll want to lay a coin card down, and it is now in-play.  This move is
    your whole turn, but itís necessary to do most actions in the game.  You may
    have as many coin cards in-play as you want, but each coin you put in-play
    takes up a whole turn; to have 5 cards in-play, it would take 5 turns; making
    sense yet?)
    *Coin: Play this in your In-Play coin card pile to be used later; this ends
    your turn
    *Special Bonus Card: Play this in your In-Play coin card pile to be used later
    as TWO regular coin cards; this ends your turn
    -6.2 Item Cards-
    ITEM CARDS: (12 total; 4 of each kind)
    You need these to win the game.  Youíll also notice these cards have
    silhouettes on the game mat.  You want to play one of each of the item cards
    (which are Superstarís Hat, Superstarís Clothes, and Superstarís Shoes).
    Notice that to lay down an item card costs two in-play coin cards.
    -6.3 Superstar Cards-
    SUPERSTAR CARDS: (4 total)
    Once you have the three item cards in your play area, all you need to do is
    play a superstar card to win!  However, if you donít quite have all three yet,
    you can still use it to steal an in-play item card from someone else.  After
    you use a superstar card, it is discarded.
    -6.4 Blocker Cards-
    BLOCKER CARDS: (5 total)
    These are important.  Blocker cards can be used when someone tries to steal an
    in-play item/coin card from you, or when they try to steal a card from your
    hand.  Play it when your opponent uses such a card on you, and you will be able
    to block it!  Both cards (your blocker card and your opponentís card he is
    using on you) are now discarded.  Be aware that to use a blocker card, it costs
    you one in-play coin card.
    Hey, thereís more!  There are three "super" blocker cards (Super Mario, Super
    Luigi, and Donkey Kong) which allow you to not only block your opponentís
    action, but to do a counter attack!  You need to discard two in-play coin cards
    to use the counter attack though.  (If you only have one or only want to use
    one, you can just block the attack, as if it were a regular blocker card).
    Here is each characterís counter attack:
    *Super Mario: (2 In-Play Coins) Look in the opponentís hand and exchange any
    card with 1 in your hand -OR- Take 1 card from this opponentís In-Play cards
    and add it to your In-Play cards
    *Super Luigi: (2 In-Play Coins) Take 1 card from this opponentís In-Play cards
    and add it to your In-Play cards
    *Donkey Kong: (2 In-Play Coins) Look in this opponentís hand and exchange any
    card with 1 in your hand.
    NOTE: If you use a"super" blocker card, your opponent can actually use a
    blocker (or super blocker) ON TOP OF yours, and you can even use one on top of
    that (if he/she used a super blocker)!
    NOTE: After you use a blocker card, pick up a card from the deck (and if you
    used two, pick up two cards).
    -6.5 Search Cards-
    SEARCH CARDS: (4 total)
    These cards allow you to exchange one or more of your cards with cards in the
    deck, discard pile, or an opponentís hand.  Most of them cost one or two
    in-play coin cards.  If you donít have enough in-play coin cards to use it,
    you can opt to use the cardís "free challenge" mini-game (more details in
    sections 7 and 8) Hereís a rundown of each search card:
    *Princess Peach: (1 In-Play Coin or win the Free Challenge) Exchange 1 of your
    Hand cards with any card in the discard pile.
    *Graceful Princess Peach: (2 In-Play Coins or win the Free Challenge) Exchange
    1 of your Hand cards with any card in the Deck or Discard Pile.  Reshuffle the
    Deck if you choose to look through it.
    *Daisy: (1 In-Play Coin or win the Free Challenge) Draw 3 cards from the top of
    the Deck to exchange with 3 cards from your Hand.  Return your 3 Hand cards to
    the top of the Deck in any order.
    *Lakitu: (No cost) Take up to 3 Coin cards (if available) from the Discard Pile
    and place In-Play.  Plus play the Wonder Challenge (see section 8)
    -6.6 Chaos Cards-
    CHAOS CARDS: (10 total)
    Most chaos cards make you switch hand cards with an opponent.  Most of them
    have no cost to use.  In fact, only one card has a cost (Yoshi), for which you
    can use the free challenge if you donít have enough in-play coins.
    *Koopa Troopa: (No cost) Take 1 Coin card from each opponentís In-Play cards
    and add them to your In-Play cards.
    *Chain Chomp: (No cost) Shuffle your Hand cards with an opponent of your choice
    and distribute 5 to you and 5 to your opponent.
    *Bob-Omb: (No cost) Collect all Hand cards from all players, shuffle and
    distribute 5 to each player.
    *Goomba: (No cost) Exchange all the cards in your Hand with those of any
    *Toad: (No cost) Each player takes 1 Hand card from the player on his or her
    left without looking at the cards.  Start with the player using the card.
    *Shy Guy: (No cost) Exchange 1 of your Hand cards with 1 of your opponentís
    Hand cards without looking at the card.
    *Boo: (No cost) Take 1 Coin card from any opponentís In-Play cards and add it
    to your In-Play cards.
    *Two Boo: (No cost) Take up to 2 Coin cards from any opponentís In-Play cards
    and add them to your In-Play cards.
    *Yoshi: (2 In-Play Coins or win the Free Challenge) Take 1 item card from any
    opponentís In-Play cards and add it to your In-Play cards.
    *Bowser: (No cost) Discard the In-Play Coin cards of all players including the
    person playing this card.  Plus play the Wonder Challenge.
    -6.7 Duel Cards-
    DUEL CARDS: (5 total)
    When you play a duel card, you can challenge any opponent to a duel mini-game
    (or a simple coin toss if you donít have the e-Reader).  Most do not cost
    anything, but Super Waluigi and Super Wario do.  In fact, Super Wario is the
    most "expensive" card in the whole game.
    *Big Boo: (No cost) Choose an opponent to duel.  If you win the duel, take all
    In-Play Coin cards from your opponent and add them to your In-Play cards.  If
    you lose the duel, nothing happens.
    *Waluigi: (No cost) Choose an opponent to duel.  If you win the duel, look at
    this opponentís Hand and exchange any card with 1 in your Hand.  If you lose
    the duel, nothing happens.
    *Wario: (No cost) Choose an opponent to duel.  Each player in the duel will bet
    one In-Play Item card.  The winner takes both Item cards and adds them to his
    or her In-Play cards.
    *Super Waluigi: (1 In-Play Coin) Choose an opponent to duel.  If you win the
    duel, look at this opponentís Hand and exchange any cards with cards in your
    Hand.  If you lose the duel, nothing happens.
    *Super Wario: (3 In-Play Coins) Choose an opponent to duel.  Players in the
    duel will bet all their In-Play cards.  The winner takes all the In-Play cards.
    7) How to Play
    If you jumped to this section, I suggest you read the previous section which
    details all the types of cards.  The game play is not that difficult, but even
    with the instruction booklet, itís a little hard to figure out exactly when to
    draw a card and the technicalities like that.  First off, if you have extra
    Mario Party-e cards (like the Gamepro magazine promo one) take out as many
    cards as necessary so that you have a total of 64.  Next, the number of cards
    is altered depending on how many people youíre playing with.
    2 Players --> Take out two of each of the Item Cards
    3 Players --> Take out one of each of the Item Cards
    4 Players --> Use all the cards
    Now, shuffle all the cards and deal five to each player.  You should always
    have five cards in your hand!  Hereís an outline of a typical turn:
    1) Do one of the following:
    -Put a coin card on the mat (as long as you donít already have 5).  This coin
    card is now in-play
    -Put an item card on the mat (you are allowed to have more than one of an
    This item card is now in-play
    -Use a superstar card to take an in-play item card from someone
    -Use a superstar card to win the game (only if you already have all three item
    cards in-play)
    -Use a search card, chaos card, or duel card, and follow the instructions
    2) If you use a chaos card and it is blocked by a "super" blocker, you may play
    another blocker card
    3) When your turn is over, draw enough cards so you have 5 again
    Just keep playing until someone is able to play a superstar card on top of all
    three item cards.  If you have any questions or somments about this, please
    e-mail me.
    8) Mini-Game List/Strategies
    There are 11 mini-game cards (known as e-Challenge cards).  They are broken up
    into three categories: Free Challenge, Duel Challenge, and Wonder Challenge.
    If you are not using an e-Reader, just flip a coin instead of playing the
    mini-game; and just skip the Wonder Challenges.
    -8.1 Free Challenge-
    These are used for search/chaos cards when you donít have enough in-play coin
    cards to use them.  You may not opt to play the free challenge if you do have
    enough in-play coins.  If you win the Free Challenge, you get to do what the
    card says; otherwise it is discarded and unused.  I have ranked each game's
    difficulty from * to ***** (One * obviously being insanely easy, and five being
    almost impossible)
    Daisy (Search Card): Daisyís Rodeo
    Daisy will be on "Bowserís rodeo machine."  You must make her stay on for 10
    seconds by pressing the buttons that appear on the screen.  This game is very
    difficult because the buttons do not stay on the screen for very long at all.
    My helpful hint: Only the buttons L, R, and B appear.  When she goes to the
    right, itís going to be the R button; when she goes to the left itís going to
    be the L button; when she goes up itís going to be B, so be prepared before
    the button even comes up!
    Difficulty: ****1/2
    Yoshi (Chaos Card): Fast Feed Yoshi!
    There will be a circle of coins and shy guys spinning around really fast (you
    canít really see them).  You have three tries to get Yoshi to get two coins.
    One of them is actually two coins, so you can win in just one try.  My helpful
    hint: Itís all luck.  Donít try to focus on it; just push A at a random time.
    Thatís all I can say.  My record: The first time I played, I actually got the
    double coin on my first try!
    Difficulty: **
    Princess Peach (Search Card): Cast Away Mario!
    Peach and Mario are in a boat.  You control Mario.  There will be four fish
    below you; Peach tells you which one she wants.  Your "magic hand" fishing pole
    will already be in the water.  Push A to drop it when you think itíll catch the
    fish that Peach wants.  My helpful hint: Over-anticipate it!  If you think you
    did it just a little too early, youíll probably get it.
    Difficulty: **1/2
    Graceful Princess Peach (Search Card): Marioís Mallet
    Again, you are controlling Mario.  There is a pipe between you and Peach.
    Goombas are coming out of the pipe and itís up to you to whack them with your
    hammer before they get Peach!  At the start of the game, you press A to stop a
    number roulette which decides how many Goombas you have to whack.  Watch out
    though!  Luigi may pop his head up; if you hit him, you lose.  My helpful hint:
    You have 2-3 seconds to hit the Goomba before he gets Peach; take time to make
    sure itís not Luigi!
    Difficulty: ***
    -8.2 Duel Challenge-
    These are obviously for Duel Cards.  When you swipe a duel challenge card,
    there is Practice Mode and Vs. Mode.  I reccomend both you and the person
    youíre dueling do a round of practice mode first (especially if itís the first
    time youíre playing).  Most of them are just a take-turn type of game.  That
    is, you play the game and then your opponent sees if he can beat your
    score/time.  If there is a tie, Player 1 wins Ė I donít think Nintendo
    programmed it this way; they probably just did not consider the possibility of a
    tie.  I suggest if you tie that you replay the Duel Challenge.
    Big Boo: Bolt from Boo
    Itís a haunted house from Super Mario World!  And the classic SNES Boo is right
    there with you!  As Mario, you must repeatedly press A or B to get to the door,
    but watch out: Boo is right behind you!  Whoever gets the farthest (or whoever
    reaches the door the quickest) wins the duel.
    My helpful hint: If you stop pressing A or B, Boo will back off, thus making it
    possible to get farther.  My strategy is to never let him get too close, but
    never let him get too far behind you (you should stop two-three times total if
    you time it well).
    My record: 7.55 Seconds
    Waluigi: Time Bomb Ticks!
    Thereís a bomb and a board with 16 switches (numbered 1-16).  You must
    deactivate the bomb by pressing the switches in order (itís not as easy as it
    sounds: they are scattered in a random order!)  Watch out - if you hit the
    wrong switch, 200 units of time will be added (Iím guessing thatís 2.00
    seconds).  Player 1 goes around and sets the amount of time Player 2 has to
    beat.  Player 2ís bomb will actually be counting down from Player 1ís time, and
    if it hits 0, the bomb explodes and Player 1 wins.  Otherwise Player 2 does.
    My helpful hint: Focus on the big picture!  Donít just search for the number
    youíre going for, but also try and keep track of where upcoming numbers are.
    Itís hard, but it can be done quickly if you master this technique.
    My record: 752 units of time (Iím not sure how it measures it: perhaps thatís
    7.52 seconds?)
    Wario: Warioís Bluff
    One of my favorites, this is a game of chicken taken to the extreme!  Wario is
    in his car and heís headed towards the end of a cliff.  You must push A to
    accelerate him, then B to stop - the aim of the game is to get him as close to
    the edge as possible.  The player closest to the edge without going over wins
    the duel.
    My helpful hint: see the bar at the bottom?  Youíll notice three colors: blue,
    yellow, and red.  Hold down A until he gets barely into the yellow.  Then let
    go of A for a split second, and hold down B.  A more advanced technique is to
    start braking sooner, but let up on the B every once in a while to get him
    positioned just at the edge of the cliff.
    My record: 0 ft
    Super Waluigi: Waluigiís Reign
    Youíll be in a room with a bunch of pipes at the top.  When you start, coins
    and hammers will fall from them.  Grab as many coins as possible, but one hit
    by the hammer ends your turn.  Red coins will appear sparatically and are worth
    5 coins.  You have 20 seconds; whoever gets the highest score wins.
    My helpful hint: Itís better to stay alive than go for the red coins!
    My record: 50
    Super Wario: Balloon Burst
    This classic Mario Party game is not quite like it was in the previous versions.
    You and your opponent take turns pumping the Wario balloon.  You can hold
    down A as long as you like, up to a maximum of 3 seconds.  The person who pops
    the balloon loses.  This mini-game is the closest to the simultaneous play
    style familiar to the Mario Party series.
    My helpful hint: the less you and your opponent pump the balloon each time, the
    bigger it will grow.  On average, it seems to pop just about when the balloon
    covers up the entire cord from the pump.
    -8.3 Wonder Challenge-
    There are only two of these; one is a search card, the other is a chaos card.
    Each one will take you to a roulette of events.  I have included the actions
    from each roulette and what each one does.
    Lakitu (Search Card): Lakituís Luck
    1) Take 1 Item!  --> Take 1 Item from the discard pile and add to your In-Play
    2) Take 2 Items!  --> Take 2 Items from the discard pile and add to your
    In-Play cards.
    3) Take 3 Items!  --> Take 3 Items from the discard pile and add to your
    In-Play cards.
    4) Take 3 Coins!  --> Take up to 3 Coins from the discard pile and add to your
    In-Play cards.
    5) Take 5 Coins!  --> Take up to 5 Coins from the discard pile and add to your
    In-Play cards.
    6) Discard 1 Item! --> If you land on this, youíll hear a nice little scream
    and then youíll have to Discard 1 item from your In-Play cards.
    Bowser (Chaos Card): Spinister Bowser
    Yep, itís the good olí Bowser roulette!
    1) Discard all coins --> Discard all In-Play Coins from all players (kind of
    pointless because the Bowser card makes everyone discard all their In-Play
    Coins before you do the roulette!)
    2) Pass In-Play Left --> All players pass their In-Play cards to the person on
    their left
    3) Pass In-Play Right --> All players pass their In-Play cards to the person on
    their right
    4) Pass Hand Left --> All players pass their Hand cards to the person on their
    5) Pass Hand Right --> All players pass their Hand cards to the person on their
    6) Take all Items --> If you land on this, youíll hear a long victorious sound
    effect and then youíll get to Take all In-Play Items from each player and add
    to your In-Play cards!
    0) Expansions?
    There has been some speculation as to whether or not Mario Party-e will have
    expansion/booster packs.  The problem is: this is a fixed set (kind of like
    UNO).  However, they could release new e-Challenge cards that would just
    replace the current ones.  And since there are 11 e-Challenge cards, it makes
    the perfect booster pack size.  Plus, Nintendo Power and the Mario Party-e
    instruction book refer to this 64-card deck as the "base set."  Weíll just have
    to see how it unfolds...
    UPDATE: In the June 2003 issue of Gamepro magazine, there was a promo coin card,
    called the "Special Bonus Card" which acts as two coins instead of one.  While
    this is nothing to get thrilled about, it does mean that Mario Party-e
    expansions are indeed possible!!!
    UPDATE: As you probably know, the e-Reader has since died off and so any
    possibilities of Mario Party-e expansions no longer exist.
    10) Coming Soon
    However, I have not listed this as the "final" version of the guide because it
    is possible that I may make minor updates here and there.
    11) Credits
    Thank you so much to the people at the Mario Party-e message board for
    inspiring me to write this FAQ!
    Thank you also to CJayC who does incredible work around the clock and found
    time to (hopefully) put this FAQ up on his site!
    Also, thank you to "Pixelboy" for adding this FAQ to his site.  As per my
    notation here, he does have access to this FAQ.
    One final word of thanks goes out to Crazyreyn for proofreading this FAQ.
    Thanks Crazyreyn!!!

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