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"Great for the E-Reader. Near Perfect!"

This is the classic game of Donkey Kong remade for the E-Reader. Works just as well, and the price is good too. So go get your girl back, jumpman/mario!



Now note, this game IS from the 80s, just but onto the E-Reader system, but even for then that graphics had some minor flaws, with me taking note that this is 8-bit graphics. Still not the greatest, but good.



The classic donkey kong ladder climbing, with Mario jumping past the barrels and getting to the monkey who stole his girl. Controlling is a lot easier on the gameboy, with the d-pad and A button, easily reachable. Easy to master. Small area to work with, but not much complaint on that. The hammer is nice to control too. Though with the whole E-Reader card system, some nice features are missing out too.



The game only cost (as all the other E-Reader games cost) $5 US. That's a good price for this game, especially when the E-Reader came out. Now there you can get it on the Wii for 500 points ($5 US) and probably some other, cheaper, emulators. But it still beats the buying it from the Classic NES series, by price. They probably updated it a bit. Probably the best game to buy for E-Reader next to golf, making useful for things other then pokemon berries :P



Of course this game is fun to replay over and over, you just can't keep record of your scores with the E-Reader. Still fun to replay. Pretty short, so easier to replay.



It's a the same as a classic NES game, so it really isn't going to be long. Still, it's only a few levels, not long enough. But on the E-Reader, you aren't likely going to keep it on a long time. Still, it's average time.



Average sound, some catchy music, not the greatest though. Do I need to say more? A bunch of sounds together though, not the best combination.


This Emulation for the E-Reader of the classic NES game, Donkey Kong, gets a 7/10. It's a good game, I would recommend you to buy it four years ago, not really now though. E-Reader didn't do so good, sadly enough.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/01/07

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