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"A Classic Revisited."

This game is a very old game, one of the first. It first appeared in arcades in the early 1980's. It was created by Mr.Miyamoto, creator of Pikmin and many other new games. This was the first game to introduce Mario, Donkey Kong, and Peach. When the game came out, Mario was referred to as 'Jump Man' and Peach as 'Pauline'.

10/10 Control

I believe that all games need one thing, control. Games that take an hour to set up or learn usually lose my attention quickly. This game has only a D-Pad and an 'A' button. Very simple if you ask me.

9/10 Game Play/Story

This game has a very simple, classic, story, save the princess from the bad guy. The game play is very good and they have a lot of variety, yet something is missing. Length is what's missing, it has only 4 stages! It does repeat at the least so it is not to bad. The difficulty is very low as the enemies movements are predictable. I was able to beat the 4 stages on my second try playing the game. Beating high scores is enjoyable, but because the cards have no saves so you have to write down scores yourself.

6/10 Sound

This game has very poor sound. I recommend playing with the sound off as it can make you frustrated. The sound effects are good though, especially when you jump over barrels in stage 1. The opening music is very memorable, when they play the classic Donkey Kong music.

8/10 Graphics

The graphics may look poor when you first see them, but you have to remember this game was designed in the 1980's. Mario has a red hat because hair at that time was very hard to create with the lack of technology. I personally like the graphics they used for Donkey Kong, they look good even by NES or SNES standards.

8/10 Originality

This game was one of the 1st made so it had to be original. The E-Reader version is an emulation of the first one so they did not put much originality in that.

41/50 Overall

41/50 overall rounds to 8.2 out of 10. This game is worth the money. All the E-Reader games are worth the cost at only $5. This game, if you are good, should last 5-15 minutes each time you play. Buying this game gives about 2 hours of gaming fun. Personally this game is my favorite E-Reader game besides Excitebike.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/03, Updated 01/02/03

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