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"The one, the only, your friend and mine... DONKEY KONG!!!"

Most will agree that the golden age of the e-Reader was around the time series 2 came out. Series 2 was released around the same time Mario Party-e, my personal choice as the e-Reader's "killer app." Anywho, series 2 gave us the Ice Climbers, Urban Champion, Baseball and of course the classic Donkey Kong. Honestly who hasn't played this game? It's obviously what made Nintendo popular, and most will agree that it is Nintendo's best pre-Super Mario Bros. title. But does it still hold up today?

Graphics- 7
The graphics were phenomenal in 1981, but even in '85 in which this title was released on the NES, the graphics were getting a little old. Average there, average on the e-Reader. Donkey Kong and Mario (AKA Jumpman) look nice and the picture is crystal clear. The second level impressed me (for an NES game) because there was so much stuff going on at once.

Sound- 7
There is a catchy little tune in game but nothing spectacular. There are, however lots and lots of sound effects, making the game a little more frantic than it really is. Then there is the noise Mario makes when he walks, if you walk enough in one direction without stopping it'll make a complete song.

Gameplay- 9
This is a true classic my friend. You are Mario and your girlfriend has been kidnapped by Donkey Kong. You must go through 3 levels (it was 4 in the arcade version, the cement factory never made it home to consoles, a pity, it was an awesome level too) to get her back. Mario must dodge barrels, anvils and enemies in his objective to reach the top. There are items scattered throughout the level that can be obtained for points and a hammer item that makes your front practically invincible. The game is very fun to this day, it's only aged slightly.

Control- 8
I don't have any major gripes with the control, it handles the way it's supposed to. Sometimes the control can get a little tight, it's probably the most restricting Mario game I've ever played. The tight control can sometimes result in a cheap death or 2.

Graphics and sound are all right.
Gameplay is phenomenal, a classic.
Control is good.

Graphics and sound are dated.
Control is a little tight.

This a classic game no matter what medium it's on. It's certainly one of the best games on the e-Reader and a must own. It's only $4.99 too.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/07/04

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