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"Very repetitive and very fun"

Having never played the original NES version I was eager to pick up the remake for the eReader. The game was originally released for the NES and Nintendo has re-released it for the next generation. Much to my delight I found a great game that I will hang on to for a long time.

Gameplay: Very simple and easy to get used to. A to jump, B to hit things with your hammer. One of the few downs is the way that you jump. If you land on a platform to far towards the edge you fall through which can lead to fatal incidents. Hitting things with your hammer is simple. Also if you jump you hold your hammer above your head you hit enemies above you. The downside to this is that some enemies are not killed by an upward hammer and this can also lead to repeated deaths.

Story: Didn’t really catch this one. I don’t think it was really meant to have one anyway. On the outside of the pack it talks about having to get your vegetables back from mountains but I didn’t really think this was the story. Well…I guess it was. Anyway it doesn’t take much from the game.

Graphics/Sound: They could have utilized the GBA’s power a little more on this item. Instead they decided to directly convert the game from NES format. So I will review this item based on the capabilities of the NES. The graphics are very good for the NES. The sprites can perform a wide range of tasks and they look very nice. The sound gets a little repetitive having only two songs. One for the regular stage and one for the bonus stage.

Replayability: Since you can start on any mountain you choose there’s definitely a huge replay value. Getting the high score also adds some more to the game. You may not want to replay though because many of the mountains are very repetitive.

Buy/Rent: I would recommend buying the game as you can also get many other games for the eReader if you decide to invest the money. Also you can buy new packs for a fraction of the price of GBA games. In the case of Ice Climbers the game is a fun addition to every gamers stash.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/03/03, Updated 02/03/03

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