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"The Best e-Reader Game."

Ice Climber, wow I’m surprised it was so niche until a few years ago… It’s a great game. I’m guessing some people think it’s one of the more popular NES titles from Nintendo, but they’ve probably been influenced by the mega popular Gamecube title, Super Smash Bros. Melee where the developers added the Ice Climbers as playable characters. Up until then, many people had not heard about, and then they researched into the game and it got a second revival (think Zero Wing, but for good reasons). Read on to find out more about this e-Reader re-release of the NES classic.

The story in Ice Climbers is non existent in the game, but it is about two Eskimo-esque people, Popo the boy and Nana the girl who have to climb to the top of a mountain to find some Giant Condor. Interesting, eh?

For the graphics, these are some pretty good ones compared to the other e-Reader offerings. The Climbers have a cool jump and the enemies have decent animation. Plus, besides the drab black backdrop, the graphics are quite colorful. You can at least see them and tell what you’re doing, so that’s great for an e-Reader game.

For the sound, there are a few tunes (which all can be heard orchestrated on Super Smash Bros. Melee) included in the game. The ditty you hear during gameplay is the most memorable perhaps, as it is very snappy and upbeat. I like it… The other music is classic, but overall forgettable. For sound effects there’s not much, the breaking of blocks and the jumping makes up most of it. Every once and a while some enemies make some rather grating, pulsing beeps which really… suck.

Now the gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward. It’s a platformer where you move up instead of across. If you walk across the screen you just loop back to the other side. To get up through these stages you’re going to have to break some blocks Super Mario Style (by jumping underneath them). You keep moving up levels until you get to the top where you reach a bonus stage where your job is to collect fruit and nail that Condor I told you about at the beginning.

There are a few enemies in the game too, all of which can be demolished by your hammer. You have the “Topi” who fills up holes in the blocks, and the mini birds who are fairly stupid. Lastly you have the Classic “Bear in Pink Underwear” who jumps and scrolls the screen up one level.

One thing that hurts the e-Reader incarnation is the lack of a two player mode. This was the saving grace of the NES version, as it was fun to play together. So overall, the gameplay was fun, with the exception of the two player support which also hurts replay value.

So, Ice Climber for the e-Reader is a fun game. Well worth your five or so dollars. This was my favorite e-Reader game so far.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/15/03

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