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"A very good game...but the Atari 7800 version is better."

This is a well made e-Reader remake of the classic NES arcade port Mario Bros. I'm sure many of you remember this game from the arcade or from two player mode in Super Mario Bros. 3. You might also know that many versions of this game have been made. There was the version on the NES, the SMB3 version, the Super Mario Advance versions, and many more. This remake is the best for one reason: it is faithful to the original. Please sit back and read the rest of this review...
The story is sort of bland but creative. You remember that Mario was a carpenter at one time. But ever since all of Donkey Kong's attacks, many carpenters went on strike (along with Mario and Luigi) and many even quit. Mario and Luigi went on to become plumbers. But their first day on the job, the pipes went kaboom and evil monsters popped out. Now, the whole strike thing isn't totally true, but it spices up the story.
Mario must kill these awful monsters by standing under the brick platforms and jumping at them when an enemy is on top of one. Then, while the enemy lays helplessly, one of the brothers must jump up and ram into them. The problem is, if you wait too long, they might get back up as you kick their toshes and make you lose a life. The concept is a very simple one, making this a relaxing and somewhat addictive game.
This is where we reach this game's trouble spot. In the 7800 version, Mario stops much faster and is easier to control. This might be because of the joystick. Mario tends to slide when you stop him, making it like you are sliding on the ice. You cannot jump on the POW block as easily, either. But the controls as far buttons is pretty good. Use the D-pad to run back and forth, A or B to jump, and START to pause (dah).
The game is a nice, relaxing one until you get up to...say...Phase 7. For veteran gamers, this game is too easy even on game B. But I give it 8 out of 10 because the challenge increases if your patient. The first few levels might cause aggravation to your four year old sister, but otherwise you need to progress.
Buy? Rent? Throw into a bonfire and find pleasure watching it burn?
I would say this is a good buy. Since the game is rare, you would have to go to a specialty shop like GameStop or EB. Even with its rarity, it still ranges between $3.99 to $4.99. Try it out. Just be warned: this game may not appeal to many ''new age'' gamers.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/30/03

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