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"A perfect emulation of the NES version."

Let me just say, I think the e-Reader is one of the most under rated things ever. The NES ports are all perfect, and Animal Crossing-e is very entertaining. Mario Bros. was the second game I got for my e-reader, mostly because it is not easily available in Animal Crossing. I never regretted it. This game is WELL worth the $3 you will pay for it now. Values like this don't vcome every day, and I recommend you hop on the e-Bandwagon now and get some classic games.

Mario Bros. is almost the best game on the e-Reader. The only one that nudges it out is Donkey Kong Jr. and the original DK. Basically you play as Mario in his early days as a simple, humble plumber. No Koopa, no Bowser, no Peach. Just good ole' Mario. Well, Luigi is there too, but i'll get into that later. In this game you play through sucsessive rounds in which Mario completes an unusual job for a plumber. You must defeat several kinds of enemies that have infested the pipes. Most of the are defeated by jumping into the floor under them from beneath them, but some take a little more work than that. Some must be knocked over using above method, then stepped on to be killed, and others hop around the pipes, forcing you to time your jump just right. There are a couple of otyher variations as well that you will encounter when you reach higher levels. Mario's controls are very similar to his other NES classic, Super Mario Bros. But there are noticable diferences. Por emehplo, you cannot control his jump in mid-air, something which takes fans of the other Mario games a little tie to adjust to. Graphically, this game looks good on the GBA. There is no background, but the plumbing looks cool and Mario himself obviously hasn't been on any serious adventures yet because he's fatter than ever. The enemies are reminiscent of other Mario baddies, so you really get a good Mario-style atmosphere. There is one fatal thing left out of this game. The multi-player aspect is gone, completely. No link-up mode, nothing. The only trace of our dear pal Luigi is in the demo mode, which features the best part of the game....the absent multiplayer. Overall, this is a great game. It has only two issues. The best part - multiplayer - is gone, and the sheer amount of swiping it takes to play. But considering that it's only $3, who cares.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/01/04

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