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"Too many versions? Maybe. Still a great game? Yes!"

The First, Original Mario Bros. for the NES was so popular that you are seeing new versions popping up everywhere you look now. Now people are getting tired of it. They are sick of seeing the same title being re-released on system after system after system. Still, is this game a classic? Yes! Is it still a great game? Yes! Has Nintendo lost their touch by re-releasing this game too many times? No! The more versions of a great game, the better!

Story : 8/10
The story hasn't changed at all, but it doesn't really need to. Mario's true love, Princess Peach, has been taken to Bowser's Castle and held hostage. It's Up to Mario to go through dungeons and boss levels to save her.

Game Play : 10/10
Mario Bros. has and always will be a great source of entertainment. One could keep playing this game for hours and hours.

Graphics : 8/10
These are your e-reader and 8-bit Nintendo graphics. Not your best quality at all, but it'll do for an old and classic game.

Control : 10/10
This is just about the easiest game to control. Left, Right, Jump, Run. 4 Simple commands that hardly need coordination to master.

Music :10/10
The Great Classic Mario Music is back on the version of Mario Bros. for e-reader. Excellent stick-in-your-head tunes that you will never forget. Each level has different music too, so there is a wide variety of music.

Replay Value : 9/10
You can keep going and going and going and going playing this game until your brain rots out. The reason why I give it a because it may take away large amounts of time from your life.

<Bur or Rent : Buy
An e-reader game costs what? 3.29? This is just about the cheapest version of this game that you're going to get, so buy it if you have an e-reader.

Overall : 9/10
An excellent classic Nintendo game re-released for the e-reader.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/05/04

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