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    Walkthrough by Vinder_DarkWolf

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/09/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      88  88  3333    4444     99    111     11
                      88  88  33  3   44  4   9999   11 1    11
                      88  88  3333    44  4  99  99  11  1   11
                      88  88  333     4444   999999  11   1  11
                      88  88  33 3    44  4  99  99  11   1  11
                      88  88  33  3   44  4  99  99  11    1 11
                      888888  33   3  4444   99  99  11     111
                              OOOO               OOOO
                             OOOOOO    OOOOO    OOOOOO
                              OOOO    OOOOOOO    OOOO
                               XX      OOOOO      XX
                               XX       XXX       XX
                                      XX   XX
                                      XX   XX
                                      XX   XX
                                    OOXX   XXOO
                                   OOOOO   OOOOO
         222222  77  77    99    5555   5555  6666   888888  000000  111     11
         22      77  77   9999   55 55 55 55  66  6    88    00  00  11 1    11
         22      77  77  99  99  55 55 55 55  6666     88    00  00  11  1   11
         22      777777  999999  55  555  55  66       88    00  00  11   1  11
         22      77  77  99  99  55       55  66       88    00  00  11   1  11
         22      77  77  99  99  55       55  66       88    00  00  11    1 11
         222222  77  77  99  99  55       55  66     888888  000000  11     111
                                  Urban Champion
                           Copyright 2009 Josh Gilbride
                                   version 1.0
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    Table of Contents
    Legal Disclaimer................[LEGA04]
    Introduction                                                        [INTR01]
    This game is a remake of Urban Champion for the NES. I haven't played the
    original game but I beleve it's the same game, just now it's portable. Unlike
    most NES games this one has a back story, you play as a kid that's tired of
    geting picked on by bullys and you start fighting back, not much of a story is
    it? well don't worry becuse I got your back. I think the story goes something
    like this, you play as a man in his late twenties who works at a pizzeria, he
    lived a good life and all is well until one day the apocalypse hits and all
    hell breaks loose! demons are flying in the sky, the dead are coming back as
    zombies and on top of that your pizzeria got hit by a flaming meteor. Thinking
    that this counts as a bad day you decide to leave work early and vent your
    anger on anything passing by. Now isn't that a better story?.
    Controls                                                           [CONT02]
    The controls for this game are simple. You can move left or right and you have
    a weak punch and a strong punch, you can guard too but that's automatic.
    Moving & Blocking:
    Pressing left or right on the D-Pad makes you move. You automatically start
    guarding when you are close to your opponent, press up on the D-Pad to guard up
    and press down to guard down. Tap the D-Pad to the opposite side of your
    opponent and you will lean back, if you guard down and keep tapping back your
    opponent will have a hard time hitting you.
    You have two attacks in this game, if you press the (A) button you will do a
    fast but weak punch, if you press the (B) button you will do a slow but
    strong punch. each one has a pro & con, the (A) button is fast and you can
    keep hitting your opponent which will mess up his attacks but it's weak and
    will not do much. The (B) button is strong and every time it hits your
    opponent he will go flying, three or four of these and the round will be yours,
    but it's slow and it will leave you open for attack. Press up on the D-Pad and
    punch to hit your opponent in the face or press down on the D-Pad and punch to
    hit your opponent in the stomach.
    Pausing & Menus:
    From the main menu press the (Start) button to begin the game. When playing
    press the (Start) button to pause the game, press the (Start) button again to
    unpause the game. You can only pause the game when fighting and when you
    unpause the game it will take a second to respond. If you press the (L) & (R)
    buttons the game will pause and a menu will appear, here you can "Reset NES"
    which will take you back to the main menu and delete your Hi-score, or you can
    "Continue" which will unpause the game. You can pause the game at anytime if
    you use the (L) & (R) buttons.
    Walkthough                                                          [WALK03]
    How To Play:
    Being a NES game there's not much to it. The game takes place in a downtown
    city area (I like to think it's brooklyn). The game is set up like this, you're
    on the left and your opponent is on the right. The object of the game is to
    beat your opponent to his side of the street and when he's close enough he will
    roll to the next street, ending the round and starting a new one, do this three
    times and on the third round he will fall down a man hole. A woman will apear
    in one of the windows of the building you're fighting in front of and throw
    confetti, then it's off to fight a stronger foe.
    Winning & Losing:
    In the beginning of each fight a sign will appear saying what round it is, to
    win the round beat you opponent to the end of the screen, to win the fight beat
    your opnnonent three times. Once he goes down (Excuse the pun) you move on to a
    new and harder opponent and this goes on and on and on until you die. To lose a
    round your opponent has to beat YOU to the end of the screen, to lose a fight
    and thus ending the game you have to lose three rounds.
    Time & Stamina:
    At the bottom of the screen you will see your stamina on the left, how much
    time is left in the middle and how many lives you and your opponent have left
    on the right (Haha left on the right). You start each round with two-hundred
    stamina, each time you attack you lose one stamina point, if you get hit you
    lose four points, if you get thrown back you lose ten points and if you get hit
    by a flower pot you will lose five stamina points. If your stamina runs out you
    will move much slower, which is a death sentence. Each round you start with
    ninety-nine seconds, if the time runs out a cop car will drive by and whoever
    is closest to getting knocked out will get taken away and will lose the round.
    Neighborhood Watch:
    The neighborhood watch consists of one fat guy with a bad attitude. During the
    fight a man will sometimes appear in one of the windows and try to drop a
    flower pot on you, I say "You" becuse he aims for you, hence the bad attitude.
    From time to time a cop car will drive by and both fighters will stop fighting
    and return to their corners, the cop will drive from one side of the screen to
    the other which will take about four or five seconds. This could be good if
    your about to be knocked out, but it seems like he appears more when you are
    winning. Which is a pain.
    Every Time you win a fight (Win three rounds) you will get a trophy that will
    appear at the bottom right side of the screen under your lives. The most rounds
    I have won is Thirty-nine, so I can only tell you this much. The first trophy
    you get is a boxing glove, when you win seven fights (Twenty-one rounds) they
    wil change into one flag. Once you win six more fights they will change into
    what looks like a crown, unfortunately I don't know what's after that.
    Legal Disclaimer                                                    [LEGA04]
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