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"The Champion of all e-Reader games!"

When I got an e-Reader, series 1 of the e-Reader was out and pretty lacking, only Balloon Fight and Excite Bike stood out at all. Then a few months later Series 2 came out effectively kicked Series 1's butt. With classics like Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., Ice Climbers and the game I'm reviewing today, Urban Champion.

Graphics- 8

Not bad, not bad at all. Those e-cards can hold more than you think. The graphic animations are fluid for both you and your opponent. The foregrounds are nice and colorful and are in sharp resolution. The backgrounds are a nice shade of dark blue for night time unlike the plain black for Balloon Fight. Looks identical to it's NES cousin.

Sound- 8

Again, not that bad. The sound effects are pretty good, you hear footsteps for every step you take, one gripe is that when you punch your opponent it sounds like you're punching a punching bag. The game consists of one tune that is pretty catchy and is never annoying.

Gameplay- 9

This is where the game shines. The game is essentially just a beat'em up, in the same vein as Final Fight or Double Dragon. It shouldn't be that great but somehow it is! The games raw fun factor completely makes up for it's lack of originality and complexity.
You're the guy on the left and you have to try and punch the guy on the right out of the block three times. You do that and the rounds over, and another guy will come. You have a time and stamina meter at the bottom of your screen, if any of those meters run out the cops will come. Whoever is closest to the edge of the screen will be hauled away.

Control- 8

This game is primarily a button-masher, but it is one of the highest caliber. The game controls real well due to the fact that the NES controller had two buttons and a D-pad, the same layout as the GBA. However the button strike to the in-game command is a little slow, but it's not that big of a deal because the game is not based on precision timing rather than mindless button mashing.

Strong graphics
Strong sound
Good control
Fun factor through the roof

Control is not precision
No Multi player.

If you have an e-Reader you must get this game. Most places sell this for $4.99 new. It is not a title that will make you get an e-Reader but it is a strong title in it's library and also my favorite title.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/23/03

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