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Reviewed: 10/11/02 | Updated: 04/18/03

The Balloons are coming!

Popping Balloons is great fun!
Introduction-Ever pop someone’s balloon with a needle or something else sharp and then run away and laugh? Was it fun? Now imagine popping enemy balloons and watching them parachute down. After all is said and done you finish them off. Sound fun?

Ahhhh! It’s the invasion of the evil balloon things!
Gameplay-You fly around with your balloons and try to pop the others balloons while they try to pop yours. You have two balloons to hold you up so if one is lost you’re still alive. Though flying with only one balloon can be a bit tricky so you best not get any popped. You only have three lives and there is no way to get any more; one of the few bad things about the gameplay. Once you hit the balloon of an enemy they start falling to the ground. You have to hit them again then because if you don’t they will eventually get another balloon and get really mad at you. You get more points if you hit them while they’re parachuting then hitting them on the ground. Also popping water bubbles gets you more points and you have to watch out for balls of lightning. The bonus stages are a nice break from the enemies destroying action and Balloon Fight is the game where you first encounter the flipper. This game is fun for all and easy to learn to play so you’ll enjoy it. The only problems are the inability to gain lives and no multiplayer in the E-Reader version but still great gameplay!

Oh where, oh where have the enemies gone?
Yup, there’s a B game in Balloon Fight and it’s called Balloon Trip. You start from the beginning and work your way through a bunch of lightning balls; moving and non-moving trying to not get hit (you only have 1 life). You can also pop balloons along the way for extra points. This is a bit challenging but really fun. The one life thing can get frustrating though.

Are you sure those aren’t birds?
Graphics-Yes I’m sure those aren’t birds even though they look a lot like birds. Nintendo didn’t intend them to look like birds but they look like birds. In case you didn’t know I was talking about the enemies. Anyways most of the games graphics are really good for a game released on the NES quite a while ago and then put on a series of cards. Their not the best possible but still really good.

Balloon goes POP!!!!!!
Sound-Really good sound affects are in Balloon Fight and the music is really good but not superior. What more can I say?

Fly Up, Float Down.
Control-Well it’s fairly easy, you move with the directional pad and fly up with A or B. B being a more rapid form of A. You can reset the game by pressing L and R at the same time also. The controls are really good and easy to master.

Hard or not?
Difficulty-Not, it is not hard for the most part as making the balloonists fall is easy but still very fun. The B game is quite a challenge though with only one life while you have three in the A game.

Once you pop, you just can’t stop!
That’s right this is a great game to enjoy on one of those long car trips if your not driving of course. Or on an airplane, lots of hours of pointless enjoyment come in Balloon Fight. Or anytime you feel board you can scan the cards and play. One of the lows though is the lack of multiplayer.

Balloon Fight=Very Good
Overall-You better get Balloon Fight if you have an E-Reader or the evil balloonists will come get you so hope in your hot air balloon and head over to the store.

Lasting Appeal-9

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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