Review by Monkey Masher

Reviewed: 11/16/03

The hit is back

We remember the days where it took video games ,which would now probably be a game that wouldnt make it to stores, were really simple, fun, and entertaining. Take alook at Super Mario Sunshine. You dont see a 2d level with 5 in total, with this storyline:
Your angry and a mutant! Kill and make high numbers appear! Sadly, those days are gone....Or are they? The e-reader (bless it) nintendo series is to bring back the classics and let the older players, (and the occasional child, which there is very very few of, has really old brothers and has a NES), this game brings it back. (it happened in Animal Crossing too but thats something else.)

I have to put myself into Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) mode for this. (pow) Alright. The graphics seem better now, because the screen is smaller, but its the same as it always has been. And Im glad they didnt touch it up. It was good the way it was. However, the graphics take away the details, and you swear those guys are birds. However, there people with masks apparently. I kid you not, look on the balloon fight e-reader card.

One thing I really liked about the controls. Its a pain in the bootay to click [A] really super uber fast to fly up. But Instead, you can also use [B] to go up very rapidly. The controls are pretty much the same. Its annoying how you keep flying for a bit even if you stop, but it helps the games difficulty.

Rah! Rah! Rah!.. Is there another Rah? Well it deserves another one. Rah! This is what matters and this is whats good. The gameplay is fun. The Fish in the water adds to the danger, the boppers (or whatever there called) add to the fun, (I love flying into them just so I can fly) and the skinny platforms, make it harder to land. The points for popping bubbles, and popping guys parachutes are great too, and add to the what I call ''I CAN BEAT YOU ANYDAY'' sequence.

One thing that helps: BALLOON TRIP! Dodge the... electricity?... maybe there spikey... thingy... spikes.. well whatever they are, (we'll never know!) dodge them, and grab zee balloons. ITs a whole other mode. You can keep playing one mode...Need a break? Try the other! Perfect.

Rent or buy: If you know a place where you can rent e-reader cards, tell me. Please? Not blockbuster...not rogers. hmmmm...

Overall: A great classic back to life. 8.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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