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"Addicting as Hell"

Balloon Fight-e of series 1 was a lot of peoples introduction to the game. In a world of complex controls and confusing stories, it's nice to have a game that you can pick up and play for a minute or two. I'll doubt you'll do that though, this is one of those games where you'll say "just one more game, then I'll quit", next thing you know it's 2 in the morning. This, ladies and gentlemen, is series 1's finest.

Graphics- 7
Pretty average seems to wrap it up pretty nicely, an exact replica of the NES version (which is a feat, considering that these are cards with barcodes on them). Lot's of animation though, I was kinda impressed on how everything moved around so smoothly. The character models are also pretty cool.

Sound- 9
Excellent music! I'm going to have to say that this is probably the best music in an e-Reader game. The themes are practically hummable (my favorite is the Balloon Trip music) and just all around great. The sound effects are great too, as the character gains altitude, gets electrified, and as you attack enemies, all sound as they should.

Gameplay- 10
What's really cool about this Balloon Fight is that it has 2 games in one. I'll talk about them separately.

Balloon Fight is the main part of the game. You are Balloon Man (or whatever) riding on balloons, and you must puncture the other dudes balloons and then kill them when they hit the ground. You yourself have 2 balloons and 3 lives. So, yeah, it's basically the classic arcade game Joust, Nintendo-style. Every 3 levels or so, you are treated to a bonus level in which you are to collect 20 balloons. Why? For points of course! The point counter up on top really adds to the nostalgic feel. It's unfortunate that the e-Reader is 1-player only, the NES version had 2-player support, and it was a blast.

Balloon Trip is arguably the better half of the game. You are once again Balloon Man, and you must guide yourself through a "minefield" of electrical energy. If you get hit by one bolt, you die. Also if you go too close to the bottom of the screen, thinking that you're going to cheat through this, a big fish will gobble you up. The screen will move along regardless if you character is moving, adding to the intensity. It's really fun to see how far you can make it (see how low (high) your rank will go) IMO, it is a far more addicting game than Balloon Fight.

Control- 8
Control is mostly on the up and up. It's very easy to learn Balloon fight. rapid pressing of the A button will make your character rise, don't press it to fall, and of course the D-pad to steer. It'll take some getting used to though, as it will seem the control is loose at first (not true, how'd you expect balloons to handle?) Sometimes your inexperience will result in a cheap death or two.

Graphics are true to it's source material.
Music and sound effects rule.
2 very good games in 1 package

Graphics aren't the greatest.

If you have an e-Reader, then what the Hell are you waiting for? Get this now! If you don't however, look for some more games you'd might like (It is unwise to buy a system for one game) and be sure to get this game quick. It's probably under $3 by now.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/10/04

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