Review by Warchief Zuljin

"More fun than a bunch of monkey's reenacting the civil war... maybe"

Story- The evil Mario (no matter how many times I say that, it still sounds funny) has kidnapped Donkey Kong !! It's up to Donkey Kong's kid, Junior, to save his father from the... evil Mario. Junior will have to make it through all of Mario's traps to save his giant father.

Gameplay- Back to basics here. We're talking awesome ''non-violent'' gameplay. Junior must hop and climb his way to the top of each of the 4 (count 'em) 4 levels (a jungle level, a mountain level, a computer level, and uh a city). Mario will unleash various baddies on your monkey butt, from what appear to be crocodile heads, birds, and ooo sparks.

You can dispose of your foes by dropping fruit on them. Well... More like they have to be directly under the fruit for it to work.

Uhh there is no ending to this game, so I hope you like doing the same levels over and over. You're rewarded with points at the end, which will eventually help you gain extra lives. The faster you complete a level, the more points you get. As you complete each 4 sets of levels, the game gets harder... as in there's more badguys. But, that also means you get more points for finishing the level. Huzzah !!

Graphics and Sound- Hmm... This looks way better than it did on the NES. Probably cause it's been scaled down, and the pixels aren't so obvious. Some things can appear to be a bit small, such as the croc heads, and you might occasionally miss them.

The sound... brutal, especially the second level. The birds make this really annoying sound while they're flying around, and it seems like it jacks the GBA's sound to max. Don't be expecting much in the BGM factor, the walking, climbing and jumping are louder, so that's all you'll pretty much hear.

Replay Value- Well, I for one like playing this game over and over. I've always liked the idea of accumulating points. But if you're the type that doesn't like playing the same thing over and over, then just stay away with this one.

Rent or Buy- I dunno if you can rent E-Reader cards. This game is well worth the $5 you'll have to pay for it. You can also find it packaged inside the E-Reader. Not bad. This game is the sole reason I bought the E-Reader (I know, I'm stupid...)

My final score - 8/10

It seems that even with all those fancy PS2 and Gamecube games I've got, I still find myself going back to the classics. Call it nostalgia I guess, and it's a good time killer while you wait for loading or turn-based RPG fights.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/17/02, Updated 10/17/02

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