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"Donkey Kong Jr. on e-Reader is perfect translation however it is slow and slugish"

This game is a perfect translation of the NES version however it sometimes seems slow and slugish and lacks basic parts of entertainment.

This classic game which originally introduced Nintendo's main man, Mario (jumpman). who played the villian is a simple game which is lacking anything which could make a fun game. It still uses it's same poor graphics and sound. The character only has several different frames which are used to give him the same boring movements. Basicly he walks jumps and climbs vines. If Donkey Kong Jr. falls even the slightest bit he is killed. It is fustrating and rediculus.

I this simple game the objective is for you to control the carachter Donkey Kong Jr. to rescue his father, Donkey Kong, from Mario. You would think that after being captured one or two times he would learn, bur instead you see this the same boring plot every single level.

Sure it may have been one of Nintendo’s original games, but it was in desperate need for improvement and they failed to deliver any improvements whatsoever. Another flaw is that it does not offer two-player support and you stuck to loathing this game by yourself.

Since this game can come packaged with the e-Reader i guess it is ok that it was not the best, however you would think that a game used to introduce a person to the e-Reader would be a little more appealing to eyes and ears if they really expect a person to buy more. It may be appealing to gamers of that generation it is not to the new generations who are expecting games that require the slightest bit of thought.

After scanning 10 dot-codes into the e-Reader you would expect to see a much more polished game instead of this game which should never have been rereleased. If you want simple games stick to Game and Watch e-Reader cards they require a lot less swiping.

Sure this game will entertain you if your watching a friend get angry while playing it but you will probably have torn the cards up by then. So with nothing more to say I ask that all people in their right mind avoid this game.

I give it a 2 out of 10 because the five cards look cool but the game isn’t. Which really matters the cover or the game. Please don’t judge this game by it’s cover or you’ll be wishing you had saved the five bucks that it cost you.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 12/29/02, Updated 12/29/02

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