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"I have no idea how such a little guy kidnapped such a huge monkey..but it's your job to save your papa against the evil midget known as Mario!"

Introduction - While browsing through the electronics department of my local Wal-Mart the other day, I came across the e-Reader. Willing to spend some of my Christmas money, I bought the newest attachment for the GBA. Donkey Kong Jr., Manhole, and a few Pokemon cards came with it so I could start playing right away.

Gameplay - Donkey Kong Jr. can only jump so far, if he falls from a great height he will die. Getting the not so good controls down pat is important to beating the four levels of the game. Fun while it lasts, Donkey Kong Jr. would be pretty hard if it had any more levels. In the first three levels you try and collect the keys that will free your dad. In the last level you try to actually free him. In order to get to the final level, you must climb vines and avoid baddies. In order to destroy your foes, you can do only one thing...drop fruit on their heads! Touching fruit gives you points, and as soon as you grab hold of the tasty treat, it falls down the vine it was on, destroying any bad guys along the way. What a fun way to earn extra points.

Graphics/Sound - Being one of the first e-Reader games out so far, I really don't have a lot to compare this game to, except for Donkey Kong Jr. on one of the Atari systems which I played with a friend not that long before I bought my e-Reader. As far as I can tell, the graphics haven't been changed one little bit. Beep Boop, Beep Bop boop, boooooop! The game is 20 years old, and it with out a doubt sounds like it. Most gamers will find themselves playing the game with the sound turned off, I know I did.

Play Time/Replayability - It took me about 15 tries to beat it, and since I consider myself an average gamer, I'd put the Play Time around one or two hours. After beating the game, it starts over again, only the second time around it's harder.

Final Say - I think the e-Reader's price of $40.00 is a bit much, but if this game could be bought for five dollars like the other e-Reader games, I'd say buy it. Whether this game brings back memories of the good old days or your video game history only goes back as far as the PS1, I recommend getting this game with your e-Reader.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/04/03, Updated 01/04/03

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