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"The NES Classic returns with a vengence!"

Donkey Kong Jr. is as good as it gets on the Nintendo E-Reader.

This NES Classic is in excellent shape, and although it's just a port of an ready classic game, it still lives up to it's name.

And trust me, Donkey Kong Jr. is still as fun as playing it on the NES, back in the day.

You'll be playing this game for days on end, just to get to the end, and even after that, you'll still want to play more and more.

This game is so utterly addicting, it's not even funny.


This game is so much fun and it takes a lot of try's to finally be able to beat the game. The replay value is extended by the difficulty level; this game isn't hard, but it's challenging.

Each level of the game has it's own hardness level, as some levels are harder then others, and also, the levels are designed with a number of hazards that will get in your way each time, which makes the game that much more challenging.



The controls are easy to use, without any faults in them.

It does kind of get a little repetitive, but not very much. There might be some areas where the controls get a little hard to control, well... not really but kind of.



The music is really slick and fun to listen to, and kind of catchy, too.

The sound effects are really well-done, with different ones in each level, same with different music in each level, as well.



What can I say? The presentation and the design of the game is really neat, just as it was on the NES. And the interface is really slick.


Closing comments:

Dockey Kong Jr. for Nintendo's E-Reader is excellent in every way, and it's basically as if you were playing Donkey Kong Jr. on your NES, that's how awesome this game is on the E-Reader. It's the same exact game, minus the tv, but once you get the GameBoy Player, then obviously, Donkey Kong Jr. will be the same game as the NES classic.

My final rating:



No doubt about it. GO to your local Electronic Boutique or GameStop and buy this awesome game right now, but a matter of fact, I don't think you can buy it separately, it only comes with the E-Reader itself. But the E-reader itself costs $39.99, but it comes with a classic game, Donkey Kong Jr.

So, it's totally worth it.

Just you wait and see! :)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/11/03, Updated 07/11/03

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