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"Who shot JR?"

Ah yes, the little marvel by the name of the Nintendo e-Reader. And of course, with it came e-Reader Series 1. Though not as great as series 2, still a solid collection of games. Now on to the review of the e-Reader's pack-in game, Donkey Kong Jr.

Graphics- 7
Average on the NES, still average on the e-Reader. Though an exact replica of the NES version (which is quite a feat, considered these games are on a paper card medium) However with about as many animations as the original Donkey Kong, don't expect too much. It is pretty cool that they used the same Donkey Kong and Mario sprites from the original too.

Sound- 8
The game has a pretty catchy level music. On the whole a great conversion from the NES version, though the sound effects are a little primitive.

Gameplay- 6
As I said, this game has not aged very well.
What you basically have to do is save your father (DK) from the clutches of Mario. Rather than walking on a skyscraper however, you must swing from vine to vine to reach the top of the trees. Mario releases enemies which go down the vine and try and eat you, you can however, dodge them, and drop fruit on them for extra points. When you reach the top, you then grab the key and stand on a platform. There are 4 levels, all of them being different.
But, somehow, the game isn't very fun anymore. It's not the game that's changed, it's us. But can you blame us? We expect a little more than "Grab the key and put it in it's spot" kind of gameplay. Therefore, this game will get pretty old, fast, but only because it is, the game is over 20 years old.

Control- 6
These are not the precise controls from Donkey Kong. DK JR controls like a damn forklift that can happen to jump 2 inches off the ground. The graphics can play tricks on you, you can misjudge distances very often, and but of course these mistakes always gets your guy killed.

Graphics are average
Sound is catchy
Good arcade fun.....

.....for about 10 minutes
Gameplay is too simplistic
Control is imprecise

It's kinda hard not to get this game, Nintendo SAYS it packed Pinball in some e-Readers too, but everyone I know got DK JR. But if you don't have it, there are better games in every e-Reader series (yes, even series 3) than this. Even so, there is some fun to be had with the game, but this is a definite 'try before you buy'

Rent or Avoid.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/03/04

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