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"Worth adding for your SMA4 collection"

Well, we all know that the E-reader was supposed to add new levels using E-Reader cards for Super Mario Advance 4. This is the first series out of 2, when there was supposed to be 4 series released. But no, Nintendo gives up on the E-Reader and cancels Series 3 and 4. Anyway, this is about the Series 1 pack.

Graphics: 10/10
Of course, if these cards are meant to be for Super Mario Advance 4, then the graphics are supposed to be great. This is still true. The graphics are still colorful and easy to see. Almost everything has been well designed, such as Mario and Luigi, most of the items, enemies, backgrounds, and so on. These just have minor step-ups from the Super Nintendo version of Mario Bros. 3.

Gameplay: 7/10
Out of series 1 and 2, this would be considered the more boring series. Some of the levels you get out of this package are boring and some are fun. But you do get levels like World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. and a neat level called Sliding the Slopes, where you slide down a series of slopes and have fun. So, you go through each level scanning it through your E-reader, stomping all the enemies, solving puzzles, and trying to get to the tile at the end of the level. Some levels require you to beat a certain enemies. Another new thing in this E-Reader levels are Ace Coins, where you can collect all of them for a 1-up in each level. If you have 30, you can unlock a game house. But with series 1 and 2 combined, you can only unlock 1.

Of course, there are boring levels like Piped Full of Plants and Doors 'O Plenty, where there are a lot of obstacles in your way. And the other fact is that there are not just levels with these cards. You also get demos on how to do neat stuff in some levels, items, and a switch that turns enemies into coins when hit with a fireball. Most of these are pretty neat and the items are just your same thing.

Sound Effects: 9/10
These are your same old sound effects from the older Mario games. The sound of going down a pipe, getting hit, getting a Mushroom, etc. But, in Mario Advance 4 and in the E-Reader levels, a new sound effect is that Mario and Luigi can talk. They do when they get hit, lose a life, get a Mushroom, and so on. The sound effects are cool though. Some are nice, and the rest are just annoying.

Music: 9/10
The music in this game is nice as well. I like the music inside the E-Reader castle, even though that place is pointless and most of the levels too. The E-Reader map music is ok and the rest is good as well. Most of this music brings up the good old days back then. Also, since this is on a GameBoy Advance, most of the music has been slightly remixed because of a GameBoy Advance's small audio. You can notice it comparing it to a Super Nintendo version.

Replayability: 4/10
This is the bad part. You only get a few levels out of Series 1, and after playing them they will eventually get old, leading to you getting bored with the game. The only good reasons to play these levels again are if you want to get better, get any Ace Coins you missed, or to get coins for the mini games. Otherwise, if you're a great player at this game, these levels will get old fast.

Worth Buying?
Well, you can't rent E-Reader cards obviously, but I can say that these cards are worth buying. This is if you want to spend your money on an E-Reader and the cards for this game, and if you beat the Mario Advance 4 levels 100%, you can use these levels to do something else in the game, but you will get bored of them fast and they do get old. Otherwise, you may want to stay away. These cards did have the potential to make Mario Advance 4 a perfect game out there, but blame Nintendo for cancelling Series 3 and 4.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/23/05

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