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Reviewed: 02/09/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Finally I review one of the NES's most classic games

Ahh, the Legend of Zelda. Simply the name brings chills down the spines of most video game players. The Legend of Zelda is simply a classic, as a matter of fact it is one of the most classic games ever. It redefined the video game industry as we know it and brought with it some new and exciting innovations (the type of RPG/Adventure gameplay has never been done before, and the game was the first to feature a battery pak to save your game). The game wasn't all that bad either, as it featured sprawling worlds and captavating gameplay. In the end, the Legend of Zelda will go down as one of, if not the best, NES game of all time. (It was also the first million seller as well)

Graphics (5/10): Okay so they're nothing much to look at in the age of Dreamcast and Playstation 2, but they were pretty darn good for a game released way back in 1986. The backgrounds were generally just a solid color (usulally black or brown) and overall the graphics are too plain. The enemy designs are imaganitive and range from a red thing which shoots arrows at you to a yellow thing which flies around trying to kill you (and you cannot kill it!!) Overall, the graphics will be made fun of by those mortals blinded by the graphics of PS2, but since the game is so much fun WHO THE HECK CARES?? Certainly not me.

Music/Sound (8/10): Again, another example of good music, especially for a (here we go again) 1986 game!! The dungeon music was very well done (I actually can recall it from the top of my head, which means its pretty darn good) and captured the dark, deep tone of the dungeon areas perfectly.The overworld map was pretty good as well, who could forget the first time they ever heard the overworld music when they first started playing Zelda?? And the sound effects are good as well (swords sound like swords, enemies dying sound like enemies dying, etc.) The only annoying thing about the sound effects were the sound the text made when it was scrolling. Otherwise, good and solid audio from a system that soom may regard as ''incapable of producing quality music'' (fools...)

Gameplay/Control (10/10): Here we go, the most important part of a game! And The Legend of Zelda fails to dissapoint. The Legend of Zelda was a completely new game for its time. Never before had a game featured the detailed gameplay and mapping that Zelda featured. The game is an adventure game with RPG elements (hearts, magic, etc) Basically you go around killing enemies, collecting ruppees, bombs, and more stuff. You can use rupees to gamble and gain more, or purchase some arrows, bombs, shield, or whatever you want. Bombs can be used to open up hidden passaages in the overworld and are needed to complete some of the dungeons. Speaking of the dungeons, Miyamoto did a wonderful design job on them. First off, you don't have a map to guide you until you find the map. Then you have a map screen on top, but you don't know where you are until you find the compass!! After getting all that stuff you can complete the dungeon (actually you dont have to get them but its a good idea, especially if you're a first time player). There are so much secrets in the game as well, because you can find hidden heart pieces and find some more hidden stuff as well. It takes a while to do it, as well. Sigeru Miyamoto's second NES hit is right here, folks. Great and captivating gameplay that changed the face of video gaming as we know it forever.

Challenge and Replay Value: 9/10

Fun Factor (9/10): The Legend of Zelda is one of the all time greats. While Super Mario Bros. changed the face of video gaming forever, Zelda also did its fair share by introducing a new style of gaming to gamers everywhere: an adventure game with RPG elements. Usually the games just had stages, this game just featured one huge overworld. This game is defiently worth your time and money!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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