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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TConnolly

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                     ZELDA II: THE ADVENTURE OF LINK
                              Version 1.0
                            By Tim Connolly
    	A lot of people have the old NES game "Zelda II: The Adventure
    of Link" out there. However, if you're like many people, you haven't
    gotten through the game yet. Well, fear no more, because this FAQ will
    help you through it all. Take note that right now this FAQ won't go
    over a lot of the necessary things that you need to know, but in time
    this thing will grow.
    	Here's what'll be covered in the FAQ as of now:
    		-Locations of Heart & Magic Containers (as well as
    	other important items)
    		-Palace Maps
    		-Boss Strategies (as well as other tough enemies)
    		-Levels and Experience
    		-Magic Spells
    		-Frequently Asked Questions
    		-Other General Tips
    		-Basic Itinerary
    		-Game Genie Codes
    	With all that said, here we go!
    	Link starts out with 4 Heart and Magic Containers with the
    potential to get 4 more of each kind in the game. They are all fairly
    spaced out in the land, but usually you'll get a set of 1 Heart and 1
    Magic Container fairly close to each other.
    		1: Due south of the first palace, you'll find a road
    leading to a small forest. (One of the road squares is a battle square
    with numerous pits and bubbles. Shouldn't be a problem.) Go to the
    patch of grass in the middle of the woods. The Heart Container will be
    to your right, guarded by an Orange Goriya. (I highly advise dealing
    with the Goriya first - the Container will heal you anyways!)
    		2: After you get the Hammer, Go to the road from which
    you'd head west for the second palace. Instead of going west, though,
    walk east. Whack the rock guarding the cave, and a Heart Container will
    be at the end.
    		3: When you get the Boots, walk into the sea as you
    would to get to the fifth palace. After some walking, however, move
    north four spaces, then continue east. You'll come across a "battle"
    square with a mountain holding Heart Container #7.
    		4: Search the beach around the sixth palace, around the
    south-east corner of the world. The final Heart will be in that area.
    		1: Go south from where you start the game. You'll find
    a cave to the south and slightly to the east of the castle. I suggest
    going here before the first palace, even if you don't have the candle.
    After beating up on some Lowders and Octoroks (in the dark, you'll be
    able to see the Lowders crawling around if you keep a close eye on the
    ground. The Octoroks should be dead ringers - they're in the gaps!),
    the Magic Container is at the end of the cave.
    		2: After getting the Hammer, immediately use it on the
    rock right next to the cave from which you emerge. The Container is at
    the bottom.
    		3: In Maze Island, when you're given a choice between
    two L-shaped corridors, choose the outer one. One of the road squares
    is a hidden pit, leading to your seventh Magic Container.
    		4: In the hidden town of Kasuto (which can be found by
    traversing the north-east cave in the vicinity of the sixth palace and
    using the hammer on the second tree from the first row of four), be
    sure to talk to an old lady dressed in blue. She'll say something to
    the tune of "You'll need my help" and let you in. You'll find the last
    Magic Container in the back room of her house.
    	There are numerous other items to look for in Hyrule. Most
    notable of all is the Hammer, and here's how to get it:
    	From Death Mountain, make sure that whenever there's a fork in
    the road and you have to choose between two or more caves, CHOOSE THE
    ONE ON THE RIGHT. This is the road to the hammer. When you come across
    a cave with an up/down elevator, leave it alone and continue straight.
    When you get to the last cave, (The one next to the rock that reveals
    your sixth magic container. Remember?) Take the elevator down then head
    right. After beating some Dairas, the Hammer will be yours.
    	BE SURE that your Life Level is at AT LEAST 4, and that you
    have the Life Spell, or I will guarantee you that YOU WILL NOT make it
    	Other items of interest are -
    	TROPHY (Jump Spell requisite): Go to the cave in the desert
    just north of the castle. Brave the dangers inside, and the Trophy is
    yours. Now go to Ruto and trade it in for the Jump Spell. (Note: I
    suggest beating the first palace and getting the Candle first - the Red
    Goriya guarding the trophy can get pretty nasty in the dark.)
    	MEDICINE (Fairy Spell requisite): After exiting the cave south
    of Ruto, you'll notice a cave blocked by a boulder. This is where
    you'll find the Medicine. (Of course, you'll need the Hammer to crush
    the rock before you can get to the cave anyway.)
    	CHILD (Reflect Spell requisite): In Maze Island, go to the dead
    end that's just south of the fourth palace. Defeat the Lizardman by
    TILAI (Treating It Like An Ironknuckle - check the palace strategies),
    and you'll rescue the child (which is to the right - the left is the
    	MAGIC KEY: When in Hidden Kasuto, check out the empty house
    with the fireplace. Enter the hearth, and you'll receive the Spell
    of... well... Spell! Now go to the end of town (To the right, where
    there's a dead end) and cast Spell. A house will rise up from the
    ground, and the Magic Key is yours. Remember: without the Magic Key,
    YOU CANNOT get through the sixth palace.
    	I'm not going to get into detail regarding P-bags, Red Jars, or
    Fairies, largely because they aren't really crucial to the game. Here
    are some basic things to remember, though:
    	-Red Jars like to hide in large clumps of a certain terrain.
    They'll hide out in a big desert or swamp.
    	-P-bags usually stick out like a sore thumb. If you see a large
    plain and see a block of forest in that plain, check it out.
    	-Fairies, well, are just hard to find. There is one in the
    forest next to the exit of the cave south of Ruto.
    	-Remember: Fairies and Red Jars reappear when you reset the
    game. P-bags don't.
    	There are a total of six palaces in the game (Not including the
    Great Palace, of course). For the first four, you'll have to go through
    every room to get the necessary item and beat the boss. (Some cases you
    don't HAVE to get the item, but it's a darn good idea.) In this part,
    I'll map out each palace, cluing you in on where to find keys, locks,
    the item, and the boss. Also, I'll tell you the quickest path to follow
    to cover all the bases. Note that each room is numbered for your
    convenience as well as mine. Get it? Got it? Good.
    	A couple notes to remem
    	PALACE 1: CANDLE (Lights up caves)
    	     1       2 - 3
    	     |       |
    	 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8
    	             |   |
    	     9 -10 -11  12 -13 -14
    	Keys can be found in rooms 2, 3, and 4.
    	Locks are in rooms 6, 9, and 13.
    	The Candle is in room 6.
    	The Boss is in room 14.
    	Best Path: 1-5-4K-5-6L-7-8-2K-3K-2-8-7-11-10-9LI-10-11-7-8-12-
    	Other special rooms:
    8: Continue right when you come across the elevator, and you'll find a
    	fairy. Enjoy it; there aren't any other regular palaces with
    9: Say hello to your first Ironknuckle. Here's how to beat it: Jump up
    	and strike the guy when you land. It helps to do this in a
    	narrow corridor so that you don't jump too high. Continue the
    	process until the bugger goes bye-bye. By doing this, you're
    	faking the knight into moving his shield down, thus allowing
    	you to strike high. (This is what TILAI means.)
    10: Watch for the collapsing bridge. Remember that only squares that
    	you step on crumble. The P-bag is a bit of a decoy, but if you
    	want to gamble for the 50 points, go ahead.
    	PALACE 2: POWER GLOVE (Allows you to break stones with your
                     2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
                     |               |
    	 7 - 8 - 9          10 -11
                     |               |
                    12 -13 -14 -15  16 -17
                            18 -19 -20 -21
    	Keys can be found in rooms 4, 10, 15, and 17.
    	Locks are in rooms 5, 7, 9, and 20.
    	The Glove is in room 7.
    	The Boss is in room 21.
    	Best Path: 1-6-11-16-17K-16-11-10K-11-6-5L-4K-3-2-9L-8-7LI-8-9-
    	Other special rooms:
    1: Be sure to stab the Ironknuckle statue at the start - a Red Jar lies
    5: The flying heads will give you a problem, largely because they also
    	steal your hard-earned experience as well as life when they hit
    	you. However, do your best to kill them: Though it looks like
    	they pile in ad infinitum, there's only two of them, going out
    	one side of the room and coming in the other. Defeat both of
    	them, and they won't show up again.
    8: Beware of those falling blocks. They can do two things: first,
    	getting hit by them causes an Excedrin headache, and also they
    	have a nasty habit of trapping you inside their created walls.
    	My hint for you on the way in is to blaze through without
    	abandon, but once you have the glove, take it easy. Wait until
    	the blocks are stacked three high, then break the ones at your
    	height and walk through the tunnel you create.
    	PALACE 3: RAFT (Gives access to West Hyrule)
    	 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
                     8 - 9 -10 -11 -12
                        13 -14 -15 -16
    	Keys can be found in rooms 5, 7, 8, and 11.
    	Locks are in rooms 9, 10, 12, and 13. 
    	The Raft is in room 12.
    	The Boss is in room 16.
    	Best Path: 1-2-3-4-K5-6-7K-6-10L-11K-12LI-11-10-9-8-9-13-14-15-
    	Other special rooms:
    1: Again, Red Jar in the Ironknuckle statue. (Watch out, though: there
    	is a chance that the statue may come to life.)
    6: You don't *need* to use the Jump Spell to get over to room 7. If you
    	get up enough momentum on that small step, you can jump onto
    	the upper step and go on.
    12: Ah, the Blue Ironknuckle. These guys are major PITAs. Actually,
    	they don't start out bad, but once you hit them they get MAD.
    	And they start throwing their sword like it'll win them
    	something. Best bet is to use the Shield spell.
    	Also, remember that you need the Fairy Spell to even get to the
    third palace. South of Mido, you'll find a graveyard, and the grave
    that's separate from the rest is the King's Tomb. Head directly south
    of the King's Tomb, and you'll fall down a hole to the passage to the
    third palace. The third palace is to the right, but you'll need to use
    the Fairy Spell to get over that big wall.
    	PALACE 4: BOOTS (Allows you to walk on certain blocks of water,
    Gives access to fifth palace)
    	Note: A passage marked as V is one-way.
    	 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
    	     |       |
    	 6 - 7 - 8   9 -10 -11
    	 |           |   V
    	12 -13 -14  15 -16 -17
                         |   V
                    18 -19 -20 -21
    	Keys can be found in rooms 2, 3, 8, 11, 17, and 21.
    	Locks are in rooms 3, 4, 7, 12, 17, and 19.
    	The Boots are in room 17.
    	The Boss is in room 14.
    	Best Path: 1-4-5-9-10-11K-10-16-17LI-16-20-21K-20-19L-18K-19-
    	Other special rooms:
    1: Surprise, surpise! Another Red Jar in the statue!
    4: Note the Magicians. The spell of Reflect will be absolutely crucial
    	should you want to get through this palace. It's also a good
    	idea for these Magicians - the 100 points you get for beating
    	them is a good find.
    8: Remember the nature of the flying heads. They'll knock you into the
    	pit below unless you deal with them. (And don't forget - the
    	statue next to the key has a Red Jar.)
    	PALACE 5: WHISTLE (Clears away River Devil, gives access to
    palace 6)
    	         2 - 3 - 4 - 5
    	     6 - 7   8 - 9 -10 -11
    	     |       |
    	    12 -13 -14 -15 -16 -17
    	     |   |               |
    	18 -19  20 -21 -22 -23 -24
    	         |           |
    	    25 -26      27 -28
    	Keys can be found in rooms 3, 9, 16, and 18.
    	Locks are in rooms 5, 6, 27, and 28.
    	The Whistle is in room 27.
    	The Boss is in room 7.
    	Best Path: 1-2-3-4-3K-4-5L-10-9K-8-14-13-20-21-22-23-24-17-16K-
    	Other special rooms:
    1: I think I better warn you: there ISN'T a Red Jar in the statue here.
    11, 15, 25, 26: These are extraneous rooms. There is nothing to be
    	found in these rooms, so stay away from them.
    3: You must revisit this room to get the key. You need to use the Fairy
    	Spell to get over the wall, but you need to be able to use your
    	sword in order to get the Key.
    16: If you want the key in this room, you can't approach it from the
    	left. A wall separates the two sides of the room, and the key
    	is on the right side.
    22: The wall behind the Blue Ironknuckle is FAKE. It might look real,
    	and it might seem real if you try to walk through it, but if
    	you jump into the wall you'll reveal a secret passage.
    	PALACE 6: CROSS (Reveals hidden enemies)
    	 2 - 3   
    	     4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9
    	         V       |   V
    	        10      11 -12
    	        13 -14 -15 -16 -17 -18 -19
    	         V               |       V
    	        20              21      22 -23
    	         V               |       V
    	         5          24 -25 -26 -27
    	A Key can be found in room 9.
    	Locks are in rooms 4, 5, and 9.
    	The Cross is in room 9.
    	The Boss is in room 23.
    	Best Path: 1-3-4L-5L-6-7-8-9LI-8-7-6-5-10-13-14-15-16-17-18-19
    	Other special rooms:
    1: Just guess.
    2: There's a 200-point P-bag in this room. Though it isn't necessary,
    	you might want to check it out.
    4: Hope to God you have a Magic Key. If you don't, this is as far as
    	you're going to get. Check the Locations of Items to find out
    	how to get the Magic Key.
    8: Beware of the False Floor. It's located just after the third
    	Ironknuckle Statue.
    9: You'll have to fight another Ironknuckle to get the cross. This one,
    	however, is on a horse, like the third palace's boss. Check out
    	Boss Strategies if you're having trouble.
    16: No, there's no invisible bridge over the pit. Only your Fairy Spell
    	will get you over this lava lake. (And try to avoid getting hit
    	by the Skull Balls!)
    19: Don't drop down the hole immediately. On the other side, a blue
    	Ironknuckle guards a 1-up doll. Take it - you don't want to
    	leave in the palace once you've cleared it.
    22: Be sure to have the Fairy Spell ready to use when going down here.
    	It's the only way to reach the corridor leading to the boss.
    	PALACE 7
    	No, I'm not going to map out the ENTIRE palace. To do so would
    be a total waste of time, since you don't even have to explore half of
    it! I will instead give you directions as to how to get to the end.
    	Down one room, Left 1, Down 1, Right 2, Down 1, Right 1, Down 3
    (The second one down has a big skull ball - avoid it), Right 1, Down 1,
    Right 2, Down 1, Right 1, *Down 3, Left 1, Down 1 (False floor under 
    the fifth block to the left), Right 1 (Watch for the big Bot!), Down 1
    (Through that tiny hole), Right 2.
    	Of course, here are some general tips for this palace:
    	-Most of the rooms are pretty similar. Using this knowledge, it
    should be easy to figure out such things as false floors, Red Jars,
    	-If you come into a room that looks like it's just a small
    elevator passage, try pushing against the left wall. If it's fake, then
    there should be a Red Jar in the Knightbird statue.
    	-Be aware that all enemies that you've seen before are harder
    than before. Likewise, they'll give up more experience. (Except for
    skull balls, which give up less.)
    	-Knightbirds. As Geena Davis put it, "Be afraid. Be very
    afraid." These guys are just like Blue Ironknuckles except that they
    can jump, they take more hits, and they are major hemorrhoids. Shield
    spell is a must when trying to tackle these guys. (The real sad thing
    is that they give less experience than Ironknuckles! Waaa!)
    	-See where that star is in the directions? Well, two screens
    down you'll come to an area where there's a fairy (chances are you'll
    need it) and a 1-up doll! The fairy is on the right, the 1-up is one
    screen to the left.
                     PART 3: BOSS AND ENEMY STRATEGIES
    	In this section I'll teach you how to defeat every boss in the
    game, as well as some of the other difficult enemies in the game.
    	HORSEHEAD (Palace 1 boss): Jump up and hit him in the head,
    then jump back to dodge his club. Repeat until dead.
    	HELMETHEAD (Palace 2 boss): Same thing as Horse Head, except
    you don't need to jump as high and you also have to watch for the other
    heads shooting at you.
    	IRONKNUCKLE (Palace 3 boss): Downthrust the area between the
    Ironknuckle and the horse a few times to get the guy off. Then TILAI.
    	CAROCK (Palace 4 boss): Cast the Reflect Spell, go to the left
    end of the screen, and duck. Carock does the rest for you!
    	GOOMA (Palace 5 boss): Hit him in the midsection, then jump
    away from the mace. It'll take a while to get the timing down, but it
    shouldn't be a problem if you can cast the Life Spell once.
    	BARBA (Palace 6 boss): Stay on the right island. When Barba
    rises up, get in close (and I mean CLOSE - almost hugging the thing),
    jump up, and hit him in the head. You'll need the Jump Spell to reach
    	THUNDERBIRD (Palace 7 boss #1): Use the Thunder spell to expose
    his head (Note - you have to do this when he shows up - NOT just when
    his life bars appear. Remember, if you screw up you're out half of your
    magic!). His head is the weak point (natch). The fire he throws
    shouldn't be too hard to dodge - just make sure that you don't wind up
    directly ON Thunderbird's head. It's a sure hit there.
    	LINK'S SHADOW (Final Boss!): Well, I would say TILAI, but that
    doesn't always work. However, keep a good rhythm going, jumping and
    striking, jumping and striking, and eventually the shadow will make a
    mistake. Just remember: With 8 Magic Containers, you should be able to
    use the Shield Spell and have enough for 2 doses of Life, so you really
    have 14 Heart Containers! Another thing to watch for is when the shadow
    jumps - you can get a good hit in when he lands if you're quick.
    	And now, here's how you deal with other non-boss enemies that
    may give you a headache:
    	STALFOS: Hit them in the legs. Easy once you know what to do.
    	DAIRA (Axe Weilders): It depends. For the Orange ones, it's
    simple: Strike and move nack, strike and move back. For Red ones, use
    TILAI, jumping up when the Daira throws an axe.
    	IRONKNUCKLE: (This is TILAI, folks) Jump up to fake out the
    Ironknuckle's shield placement, then strike as you're landing. Even the
    Blue ones fall for this.
    	SKULL BALLS: Strike. Strike. Strike some more. Even at Attack
    Level 8 it takes 11 hits to beat him! It helps if you have downthrust
    to beat him.
    	LIZARDMEN: TILAI. Especially the Orange kind - it's just an
    Ironknuckle for the outdoors. Blue ones should be done as you would a
    Red Daira.
    	DOOMKNOCKERS (Palace 4 Magicians): Reflect. Duck. 'Nuff said.
    	GORIYAS (Boomerang throwers): If you have downthrust, use it!
    Theses guys can't throw their boomerangs straight up. Otherwise,
    strike constantly, moving your shield accordingly.
    	Also remember that certain enemies (such as the field enemies
    around Nabooru) can only be hurt with the fire from the Fire Spell.
                       PART 4: LEVELS AND EXPERIENCE
    	Zelda II incorporates a Role-Playing-like facet to its game:
    experience. Most enemies give experience when you beat them allowing
    you to get stronger in three areas: Life, Magic, and Attack. Their
    explanations are:
    	LIFE: The higher this level, the less damage you take from a
    	MAGIC: The higher this level, the fewer magic points it takes
    to cast a specific spell. (Each magic container has 16 magic points,
    	ATTACK: The higher this level, the fewer hits other enemies can
    	Here is a table of each level and the experience needed to
    raise each attribute:
    	  2 |   50 |  100  |  200
    	  3 |  150 |  300  |  500
    	  4 |  400 |  700  | 1000
    	  5 |  800 | 1200  | 2000
    	  6 | 1500 | 2200  | 3000
    	  7 | 2500 | 3500  | 5000
    	  8 | 4000 | 7000  | 8000
    	Anything developed past 8 (which requires 9000 points) is worth
    a 1-up.
    	In other words, barring a cancel (see below) the level up
    schedule will be (L=Life, M=Magic, A=Attack)
    	L, M, L, A, M, L, A, M, L, A, M, L, A, M, L, A, M, L, A, M, A.
    	Also remember that you can cancel level-ups. If you have enough
    experience to bring up one trait yet don't want to do it, select Cancel
    on the level-up screen and you'll skip to the next level. Once that's
    gone up, you'll go back to the level on which you skipped. (You may be
    wondering how I managed to figure out magic requirements for ALL spells
    and ALL levels... see below)
                               PART 5: MAGIC
    	Link can learn a total of 8 spells in the game. While the first
    spell (Shield) is pretty much a freebie, you'll have to work for the
    other 7. Here I'll tell you how to get each spell, what it does, and
    the Magic Point requirement for each spell. First, here are the
    	SHIELD: Find the house in Rauru that offers it. That's all.
    	JUMP: Find the Trophy in the cave north of the starting point.
    Take it to Ruto for the spell.
    	LIFE: In the third "open" house of Saria, check under the
    table. You should be saying "I found a mirror." Take it to a woman who,
    alas, lost her mirror. She'll let you in her house for the spell.
    	FAIRY: Get the medicine in the swamp cave (The one blocked by a
    boulder) and take it to Mido Town. The spell will be yours.
    	FIRE: In Nabooru, you'll meet a woman who is thirsty. Not too
    far away from her is a fountain. "Talk" to the fountain and go back to
    the woman, and she'll let you in for the Fire Spell (Ironic how giving
    someone water gets you fire! :) )
    	REFLECT: Save the child from the cave in Maze Island. Go to
    Darunia, and you'll be rewarded from your heroic efforts with the
    	SPELL: In hidden Kasuto Town, Find an empty yet large home with
    a fireplace. Press up at the niche, and you'll go into the room where
    you find the Spell Spell (Yes, I MEANT to do that).
    	THUNDER: Go to the other, not-so-hidden town of Kasuto. Enter
    the first house and get the Thunder Spell. (After that, just leave.
    There's nothing else of interest there.)
    	Now, for the cost and effect of each spell:
                                                    Magic Level
    SPELL  |            EFFECT            | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
    Shield |1/2 damage for one screen     | 32| 24| 24| 16------------->
    Jump   |2x jump height for one screen | 48| 40| 32| 32| 32| 20| 16|  8
    Life   |Heals 3 Heart Containers      | 70| 70| 60| 60| 50--------->
    Fairy  |Turn into fairy for one screen| 80| 80| 60| 60| 40--------->
    Fire   |Shoot fire for one screen     |120| 80| 60| 30| 16--------->
    Reflect|Reflect magic for one screen  |120|120| 80| 48| 40| 32| 24| 16
    Spell  |Random effects                |120|112| 96| 80| 48| 32| 24| 16
    Thunder|Hurts all enemies on screen   |120|120|120|120|120|120|100| 64
    	Well, these aren't really FREQUENTLY asked, but you might be
    stewing these questions over and so I feel I ought to address them here
    and now.
    	Q: Why can't I get to Death Mountain?
    	A: The bridge in Saria connecting Death Mountain to the rest of
    the world can only be deployed if you've talked to Bagu. He's located
    in the upper forest just to the east of the swamp. Talk to him, then go
    back to Saria. Talk to the river guard, and he'll let you cross.
    	Q: How come I can never get past the second palace or get the
    	A: Many players get stuck after the first palace, simply
    because they rush through the game and don't take the time to build
    levels. If you're hitting a speed bump around this area, try getting
    some experience and building levels. That'll help quite a bit.
    	Q: Cool! I found a 1-up doll in the field! Should I take it?
    	A: NO!! LEAVE IT ALONE!! There are only 5 1-up dolls in the
    entire game. One is in the west swamp, one square down and to the left
    of the rock that blocks the cave to the medicine. Another is in the
    desert near Maze Island, in a small dead end just north of the ocean.
    A third doll is in the swamp of southeast Hyrule. The other two are in
    the sixth and seventh palaces.
    	If you find a 1-up doll early in the game, DON'T TAKE IT! Like
    most other items, dolls do not reappear when you reset the game. Once
    they're gone, they're gone. It is much better to save them up for the
    last palace, when you'll no doubt need them!
    	Q: Where's the best place to build experience?
    	A: Early game, fight the weak enemies of the swamp in West
    Hyrule. Mid-game, go for the strong enemies in the desert south of
    Mido. Late game, do the weak enemies in the forests of southeast
    Hyrule. The first will rack up about 50 points a screen, the second
    yields 66 points a screen (with high potential for P-bags), and the
    third one gives you around 310 points a screen.
    	Q: Oh, no. It's my last life, and I'm at the palace boss, but
    I only have enough magic for either a Life Spell or a Shield Spell, but
    not both. Which one do I do?
    	A: Shield Spell, hands down. By using Shield, you're
    effectively doubling the amount of life you have. This is very
    important to know. (However, you should be using the Shield spell when
    fighting ANY boss.)
    	Q: I'm entering a screen I have no clue about. Should I use the
    Shield Spell?
    	A: No. Not yet, at least. Never use magic until you see a
    reason to. Imagine that you used Shield in that unexplored area only to
    find it was completely empty. Not a good thought, huh?
    	Q: Drat! I just lost my last life. But I don't want to have a
    really high play count. What should I do?
    	A: I follow the 2-accomplishment rule. If you did two or more
    things in your game that added to your progress (Getting a Heart or
    Magic Container, Clearing a palace, going up a level, etc.), then go
    ahead and save your game. If you didn't, don't bother. Reset and keep
    your play count low.
                           PART 7: GENERAL TIPS
    	-If you come across a Red Jar, make sure you milk out the rest
    of your magic bar with as many Life Spells to heal yourself, then take
    the Jar to get the most out of it. If you don't have enough magic to
    cast Life, but you're still not all that healthy, then highlight the
    Life Spell, take the Jar, and press SELECT like mad. You'll not only
    refill your life, but your magic will fill up almost to full!
    	-To get the downthrust, go to Mido and use the Jump Spell to
    get to the upper door of the church.
    	-To get the upthrust, go to Darunia. Find a house with a
    chimney and use the Jump Spell to reach it. (You'll have to jump on the
    roofs of other houses to get to it.) Pull a Santa Claus, and you'll
    learn the upthrust.
    	-Don't always rely on your ability to throw your sword when you
    have full life. Especially late in the game, enemies won't be hurt by
    the thrown sword. Learn how to fight in close quarters.
    	-Remember that whenever you make contact with an enemy, you're
    going to recoil a bit. Keep this in mind, especially when fighting
    Skull Balls. Also, remember that if you hit an enemy, you'll stun it
    slightly, and you won't take damage from it while it's stunned.
    	-If and when you beat the game, you'll have the ability to
    replay it. When you do so, notice that while all tangible items (palace
    items, Heart Containers, etc.) will be reset and you must find them
    again, you'll still know all the spells and have the same high level!
    At this point, the beginning of the game is a breeze. (Also, beating a
    palace pretty much means an extra life!)
    	-If you want to experience this superiority without beating the
    game, then do this: Play the game as you would, but take care NOT to
    clear the palaces. Take the item, but don't beat the boss. Once you've
    found all the items, learned all spells, and developed your attributes
    to 8, start playing the game over again. It'll be so easy!
                             PART 8: ITINERARY
    	Here's a basic walkthrough of the steps to take in order to win
    the game with the most efficiency. Remember, however, that this doesn't
    cover level-ups - you should stop every so often to build experience on
    your own. Also, this walkthrough assumes you know where to get
    everything. (If you don't, consult the necessary places.) I've divided
    the game into Early, Middle, and Late areas. So, here goes!
    	Get Magic Container
    	Go to Rauru 
    	Get Shield Spell
    	Take cave to Northeast desert
    	Get Heart Container
    	Clear first palace (Get Candle)
    	Take cave to mainland
    	Get Trophy
    	Go to Ruto
    	Get Jump Spell
    	Take cave to swamp
    	Talk to Bagu
    	Go to Saria
    	Find Mirror
    	Get Life Spell
    	Go to Death Mountain
    	Get Hammer
    	Get Magic Container
    	Get Medicine
    	Get Heart Container
    	Go to Mido
    	Get downthrust
    	Get Fairy Spell
    	Clear second palace (Get Power Glove)
    	Go to King's Tomb
    	Take cave to southern island
    	Clear Island Palace (Get Raft)
    	Go to East Hyrule
    	Go to Nabooru
    	Find Water
    	Get Fire Spell
    	Take cave to north mainland
    	Go to Maze Island
    	Save Child
    	Go to north mainland
    	Go to Darunia
    	Get Reflect Spell
    	Get upthrust
    	Go to Maze Island
    	Get Magic Container
    	Clear fourth palace (Get Boots)
    	Get Heart Container
    	Clear fifth palace (Get Whistle)
    	Defeat River Devil
    	Take cave to mid-east forest
    	Go to Hidden Kasuto
    	Get Magic Container
    	Get Spell Spell :)
    	Get Magic Key
    	Take cave to mainland
    	Get Heart Container
    	Go to Kasuto
    	Get Thunder Spell
    	Clear sixth palace (Get Cross & 1-up)
    	Retrieve all 1-up dolls
    	Take caves and lava to palace
    	Clear seventh palace
                           PART 9: GAME GENIE CODES
    	Okay, for all you cheaters out there, here's a list of Game
    Genie codes to help you out. The codes here are the same ones you'd
    find in the Game Genie codebook.
    	SZKGKXVX	Infinite lives
    	PASKPLLA	Start with 1 life
    	TASKPLLA	Start with 6 lives
    	PASKPLLE	Start with 9 lives
    	AZUOLIAL	Higher jump
    	OYKEEVSA+NPKEOVVA	Swap Shield Spell for Fire Spell
    	LYKEEVSA+VAKEOVVE	Swap Shield Spell for Spell Spell :)
    	LZKEEVSA+OPKEOVVA	Swap Shield Spell for Fairy Spell
    	IIKEEVSE+VAKEOVVE	Swap Shield Spell for Life Spell
    	VTKEEVSA+OPKEOVVA	Swap Shield Spell for Thunder Spell
    	The "Swap Shield Spell" codes mean that when you learn the
    Shield Spell, you'll really be learning the spell desginated by the
    code. While the menu will still list it as the Shield Spell, and it
    will take the same amount of magic as the Shield Spell, it will have
    the effects of the new spell. You will learn the true Shield Spell in
    the town of the new spell.
                                 Written by
                                TIM CONNOLLY
                     E-mail: loogaroo@nethosting.com

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