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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Charizard06

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 10/14/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |  SSSS  UU  UU PPPPP   EEEEE RRRRR                                           |
    | SS   S UU  UU PP  PP EE     RR  RR                                          |
    |   SS   UU  UU PPPPP  EE EEE RRRRR                                           |
    | S   SS UU  UU PP     EE     RR R                                            |
    |  SSSS   UUUU  PP      EEEEE RR  RR                                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |  MMM MMM   AAAAA  RRRRR  II  OOOO    BBBBB  RRRRR   OOOO   SSSS     22222   |
    | MM MMM MM AA   AA RR  RR II OO  OO   BB  BB RR  RR OO  OO SS  SS   22   22  |
    | MM  M  MM AA   AA RRRRRR II OO  OO   BBBBB  RRRRRR OO  OO SSS          22   |
    | MM  M  MM AA   AA RRRR   II OO  OO   BBBBB  RRRR   OO  OO    SSS      22    |
    | MM  M  MM AAAAAAA RR R   II OO  OO   BB  BB RR R   OO  OO SS  SS..   22     |
    | MM  M  MM AA   AA RR  RR II  OOOO    BBBBB  RR  RR  OOOO   SSSS .. 2222222  |
    Famicom Mini: Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Game Boy Advance
    FAQ/Walkthrough by Charizard06 (Austin Angelus)
    | Table of Contents |
    *To use this easily, copy the line you want to use, and hit Ctrl+F. Then paste
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    1. Version History
    2. Legal/Contact Info
    3. Introduction
    4. Story
    5a. Items
    5b. Enemies
    5c. Other Characters
    6a. Controls
    6b. Advanced Moves
    7. Walkthrough
    8a. Helpful Tips
    8b. Glitches
    9. Bonus Rooms
    10. Frequently Asked Questions
    11a. In-Game Menu
    11b. Saving Data
    11c. Sleep Mode
    12. Changes to SNES
    13. Credits
    | 1. Version History |
    Version 0.1 - 08/28/04
      Started the walkthrough up to World 3-4.
      Did every other section except for 8b: Glitches and 9: Bonus Rooms.
    Version 0.2 - 09/01/04
      Covered the walkthrough up to World 4-4.
      Posted some glitches on Section 8b.
      The rarity ratings for the items and enemies are more accurate.
      Added a new note under Section 2: Legal/Contact Info.
      Added "Pipe" under Section 5a: Items.
    Version 0.3 - 12/28/04
      OK. The reason why I wasn't able to update this FAQ is because I had my game 
        stolen a while back. I didn't replace it until a few days ago, so
        therefore, I hadn't been able to update this FAQ until now. But, there are 
        many changes to this update.
      Added "Infinite 1-UP trick" and "Bowser Decoys" in Section 8a: Helpful Tips.
      Added two people (...er, three, one of which is anonymous) in the Credits 
      Added a very helpful tip for World 3-4. I put it AFTER that long ASCII art of
        the maze.
      Made a clarification in "Hammer Immunity" in Section 8b: Glitches.
      Finished up to World 5-4.
    Version 0.31 - 12/28/04
      Minor update: Added the site http://www.neoseeker.com/ to the list of sites 
        allowed to use this FAQ.
    Version 0.4 - 01/12/05
      Walkthrough is now covered up to 6-4.
      Added a power-up I missed in 5-3.
      Added a new glitch called "Timer Loop."
    Version 0.5 - 05/16/05
      Again, it's been a long time since this FAQ was last updated... but this time
        because I was lazy.
      Walkthrough is now covered up to 7-4.
      Added a few Frequently Asked Questions.
      Added a glitch called "Missing Flagpole."
      Added some information about Worlds A, B, C, and D (in Section 8a).
      Added underground Bonus Rooms (see Section 9). I have yet to include airborne
        or underwater Bonus Rooms, however... they will be a pain in the neck to
    Version 0.6 - 10/09/05
      Created a brand new "Changes to SNES" section for this FAQ. The section is
        basically all (or at least many) of the changes done to the SNES game Super
        Mario All-Stars (or Super Mario Collection in Japan), with a huge thanks to
        BuchanMan X for writing the section.
      Walkthrough is now covered up to 8-4. Finally, the first part of this game is
      Fixed a few typos in this guide.
    Version 0.7 - 10/14/05
      Added the site http://www.supercheats.com/ to the list of sites allowed to
        use this FAQ.
      Walkthrough is now covered up to 9-4.
      Fixed some more typos.
    | 2. Legal/Contact Info |
    This guide is Copyright (c) 2004-2005 by Austin Angelus. It may not be posted
    on your website without my permission. If you want permission, send me E-Mail.
    I *might* give you permission, but it isn't guaranteed. If you put this guide
    on your site without permission, I will ask you to remove it within 14 days.
    And if you refuse to do that... well, I don't want to go there; I will take
    legal action. And especially, do not sell this guide.
    If you want to put this on your site, make sure to update it whenever I update
    it. Also, if you want to put it as part of a frame, make sure it's removable.
    Leave the file in *.txt form. Finally, do not edit any part of this FAQ.
    Also, if you see this guide on another site without permission (see the list
    below), E-Mail me IMMEDIATELY.
    My E-Mail address is charizard06 @ comcast.net (remove the spaces as
    necessary). If you wish to send me E-Mail, look at the following guidelines
    - Do not send SPAM (a.k.a. "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages"). In other
      words, do not sell me anything, because I'm not interested. Thank you.
    - Make sure the subject is "Famicom Mini: Super Mario Bros. 2 FAQ". If you
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    - Please don't send unconstructive criticism. If there's something about the
      FAQ you don't like, please say it nicely.
    - If you have a question, please check the walkthrough or the frequently asked
      questions section. If you don't see it there, feel free to ask me. Also, feel
      free to correct any errors.
    - When I credit you, tell me what you want as an "alias", otherwise, I will
      credit you by your E-Mail address.
    - And lastly, don't send me "chain mail" or "pyramid schemes". They are
    The following sites are currently allowed to post my FAQ:
      > http://www.gamefaqs.com/
      > http://www.gamespot.com/
      > http://www.neoseeker.com/
      > http://www.supercheats.com/
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    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    | 3. Introduction |
    You're probably wondering, "What exactly is this game?" Well, I will first
    explain the Famicom Mini games. They are games ported from Famicom and Famicom
    Disk System games (neither of which I know too much about, as I don't live in
    Japan), like our Classic NES Series. (Yes, I imported this game.)
    Now you might be wondering, "What is this Famicom you speak of?" Well, it's not
    called NES in Japan, but rather a Family Computer, or Famicom for short. Next,
    there is an add-on called the Famicom Disk System, which, from what I
    understand, you plug into the Famicom (much like how you plug an e-Reader into
    a Game Boy Advance). The Famicom Disk System plays games made out of yellow
    floppy discs. This is why the Famicom Mini Series 3 cartridges are yellow.
    Now that we have that covered, you're most likely wondering, "This is Super
    Mario Bros. 2? I thought you had to throw vegetables at Shy Guys!" Well, you're
    wrong. Japan had a different Super Mario Bros. 2 than we Americans did.
    (Remember, this is a Japanese game.) This has the same game engine as Super
    Mario Bros., but the levels are a lot harder. Then, when it was time for a
    sequel in North America (and Europe), they decided not to release it here
    because it was thought to be too challenging, which is pretty insulting. If it
    were not too challenging in Japan, why would it be here? Although, it WAS
    eventually released in Super Mario All-Stars (for SNES, which I don't own) as
    "Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels". Then, it was released on the GBC game
    Super Mario Bros. Deluxe as "Super Mario Bros. for Super Players".
    So, anyway, you're thinking, "So where did our Super Mario Bros. 2 come from?"
    Simple. It was taken from a Japan-only game called "Doki Doki Panic." It had a
    different storyline, and had different characters (they were originally Arabic
    characters). It wasn't even a Mario game. Anyway, they changed the characters
    into Mario characters -- Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad -- and the plot as well,
    as well as a few other things (most noticeably upgraded animation), and called 
    it "Super Mario Bros. 2". This is why it is so different from other Mario games
    (in my opinion, it is fun nonetheless). By the way, our Super Mario Bros. 2 was
    eventually released as "Super Mario USA" in Japan.
    This Super Mario Bros. 2 is a bit different from the original Super Mario Bros.
    Some of the graphics were changed, such as the floor on the bottom is now
    stone, the font has a shadow effect on it, clouds have faces, and some others.
    However, most of the graphics remained the same. And, there are new additions
    as well. The most important one is the Poison Mushroom, which makes you SHRINK
    when you hit it. Another noticeable addition is the Red Piranha Plant. These
    will always come out of pipes, even if you standing next to the pipe. There are
    other additions too, but there are too many to list!
    Additionally, another big change is the difference between Mario and Luigi.
    Although only one player can play at a time, you can choose your character at
    the start of a game. Mario plays almost the game as he did in SMB, however, he
    seems to bounce a bit higher off of enemies than before. Luigi, however, jumps
    much higher than Mario, runs a bit slower, skids like crazy and he bounces even
    higher than Mario does off an enemy. So choosing your character can change the 
    difficulty of various levels. And no, Luigi doesn't kick when jumping, seeing
    that their sprites are the same, just different colors.
    | 4. Story |
    The story is the same as the original. Bowser turns all the Mushroom Kingdom
    citizens to stone, and the only one who can break this spell is Princess Peach.
    However, Bowser has her locked up in one of the eight castles. Fortunately,
    Mario and Luigi are willing to save Peach from Bowser. Also, the other castles
    have Toad in them, so you can rescue those as well if you want.
    | 5a. Items |
    Famicom Mini: Super Mario Bros. 2 is full of items and power-ups in this game,
    and here they are.
    - Mushroom -
     Value: 1000 pts.
     Rarity: Common
     Description: When you are regular Mario or Luigi, some ? Blocks can reveal
       these red and orange power-ups. If you get one, you will become Super Mario
       or Luigi, and you will get an extra hit from an enemy. You can also break
       brick blocks. If you are hit while you are in Super form, you will shrink
    - Poison Mushroom -
     Value: 0 pts.
     Rarity: Common
     Description: These look like Mushrooms, but they have black dots and their
       color matches that of the level. Also, they do the opposite of Mushrooms. If
       you touch one while big, you will shrink. If you touch one while you are
       already small, you will lose a life. Avoid these at all costs. Also, these
       never existed in the original SMB.
    - 1-UP Mushroom -
     Rarity: Rare
     Description: These rare beauties will give you an extra life and are green in
       color. They are found in invisible blocks USUALLY on the first level of each
       world, and usually only once per game. Also, they can only be found if you
       warp to the level, or if you get every coin in the third level of the
       preceding world.
    - Fire Flower -
     Value: 1000 pts.
     Rarity: Common
     Description: If you are Super Mario or Luigi, a ? Block may reveal this
       instead of a Mushroom. Touch one, and you will turn orange and you can shoot
       fireballs by pressing B. Most enemies will be knocked out from them, but
       some enemies like Buzzy Beetles are immune to this attack.
    - Starman -
     Value: 1000 pts.
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: These appear from brick blocks. They bounce and you have to chase
       them down. Hit one and you will be invincible for a short period of time. 
       These power-ups are useful when there are a lot of enemies in one place.
    - Coin -
     Value: 200 pts.
     Rarity: Very common
     Description: These items are very abundant throughout the Mushroom Kingdom.
       They can be hidden inside ? Blocks, brick blocks, and even invisible blocks.
       They can also be found lying in the air or on the ground. 100 of these will
       give you an extra life.
    - Vine -
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: These are found from brick blocks. When you climb them, you are
       taken to "coin heaven." You ride on a cloud platform and get as many coins
       as possible, while hearing Starman music. After you fall down at the end,
       you are taken to another part of the level. Not all vines take you to "coin
       heavens," though. Some take you to Warp Zones, and there's one that is
       necessary to finish one level.
    - ? Block -
     Rarity: Very common
     Description: Not really an item, but if you hit the bottom of one, an item
       will come out of the top. These can be Mushrooms, Poison Mushrooms, Coins,
       or Fire Flowers. You don't know what's inside until you hit it! Also, you
       can kill most enemies by hitting the bottom of a ? Block while the enemy is
       above the same block.
    - Used ? Block -
     Rarity: Very common
     Description: This is what a ? Block or certain brick blocks will turn into
       after it is used. Also, Firebars usually, but not always, spin around this
       as well.
    - Brick Block -
     Value: 50 pts.
     Rarity: Very common
     Description: Usually, these blocks can only be broken with Super Mario/Luigi
       or Fiery Mario/Luigi. But some others are really ? Blocks. If this is the
       case, then it can hold anything a ? Block can hold, plus it can also reveal
       Vines, Starmen, or multiple Coins. And, like the ? Blocks, punching it from
       the bottom will kill most enemies directly above the same block.
    - Springboard -
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: These come in two colors: red and green. The red ones are just
       like in original Super Mario Bros., which, when you press A at the right
       time, will launch you in the air and are useful to get to high platforms.
       The new green one launches you very high in the air! You fly off the screen
       for a long time, allowing you to skip a huge portion of a level. There is
       even a level full of wind and green springboards! Use these wisely!
    - Pipe -
     Rarity: Very common
     Description: These appear everywhere in every single level. Most of these have
       Piranha Plants in them. Also, some of them can be entered by pressing Down
       (or Right, depending on the formation), and you will end up in another part
       of the level. A few of them can take you to another world of the game, and
       unlike SMB, sometimes they can take you back a few worlds! And, pipes can be
       upside-down in this game, unlike in SMB.
    - Flagpole -
     Value: 100-5000 pts. (varies)
     Rarity: Take a guess, there's one in each level...
     Description: In order to beat a level (other than the castle levels), you have
       to get to the Flagpole. The higher up you get, the more points you receive.
    - Axe -
     Rarity: Uh, take another guess...
     Description: Every castle has this axe. You must touch it to beat the castle.
       Doing so will cause the chain holding the bridge to break, which makes the
       bridge fall. And then, Bowser falls down with it.
    | 5b. Enemies |
    - Goomba -
     Value: 100 pts.
     Rarity: Very common
     Description: These living mushrooms are pretty easy to beat and are usually in
       groups. All you have to do is jump on one or shoot a fireball at it. They
       also change color according to the color of the level.
    - Koopa Troopa -
     Value: 100 pts.
     Rarity: Very common (green/blue/gray), Common (red)
     Description: These come in four colors: green, red, blue, and gray. All except
       red fall off of platforms, and their color changes according to the level.
       Red Koopas always stay on platforms and can become pretty annoying, unless
       they were originally Red Koopa Paratroopas which were stomped on, in which
       case they will act like other colored Koopas. When you jump on one (unless
       you're underwater), it will hide in its shell, and it can be kicked. When
       kicked, other enemies will be defeated, and each enemy it defeats will give
       you more and more points: 500, 800, 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000, 8000. Each enemy
       a shell defeats after that gives you an extra life. If it hits a wall or
       pipe, it will ricochet and bounce back at you. If you stomp on it again, it
       will stop moving. If you leave it alone for a while, it will get back up.
       Fireballs will instantly eliminate these. Also, don't jump on them when
       you're underwater, because they will hurt you.
    - Koopa Paratroopa -
     Value: 400 pts.
     Rarity: Very common (green/blue/gray), Common (red)
     Description: Like the Koopa Troopas, they come in green, red, blue, and gray.
       Red ones always fly vertically back and forth, and green, blue, and gray
       Koopas usually hop. However, sometimes they can fly horizontally back and
       forth as well. Jumping on one will revert it to a regular Koopa Troopa,
       unless you're underwater, in which case you should avoid it at all costs.
    - Buzzy Beetle -
     Value: 100 pts.
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: These are like Koopa Troopas, but they are immune to fireballs,
       and they don't have a flying form. Also, they look completely different, and
       they always fall off of cliffs. The gray Buzzy Beetles, when underwater, are
       dangerous because they can't be stomped on OR be gotten with fireballs.
    - Piranha Plant -
     Value: 200 pts.
     Rarity: Common
     Description: Unlike the original, which only had green and blue Piranha
       Plants, this game also has red. They appear out of almost every single pipe
       and you can't jump on it. Fireballs, however, will kill them. Green and blue
       ones (which colors change depending on the background of the level) won't
       come out of pipes if you're standing on, above, or next to the pipe, but red
       ones (which start to appear on 4-1) will appear even if you're right next to
       the pipe or if you're standing on the very edge of it. Also, since there are
       upside-down pipes in this game, Piranha Plants can also be upside-down.
    - Hammer Brother -
     Value: 1000 pts.
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: These guys like to throw hammers like crazy. Unlike the original
       (and SMB3), which usually had them in pairs and with a lot of brick blocks,
       this game usually has one Hammer Brother at a time and without the brick
       blocks (ouch). Fireballs are very effective against these, but if you don't
       have a Fire Flower, your best bet is to avoid these completely. You can jump
       on them, but you risk getting hit by a hammer by doing so.
    - Lakitu -
     Value: 200 pts.
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: These turtles like riding in clouds and throwing Spiny Eggs at
       you! They are usually in out-of-reach positions as well, making it hard to
       jump on one. And even if you do, Lakitu will reappear eventually. They can
       be a pain in the neck at times. Fortunately, they will stop throwing eggs if
       there are a lot of enemies on the screen. Also, the eggs are always
       vertical, so if you keep running, they will never hit you.
    - Spiny Egg -
     Value: 200 pts.
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: These spiky eggs are thrown by the annoying Lakitu. They always
       fall vertically, unlike SMB3 where Lakitu can predict your movement (what a
       relief!) You also can't jump on it, but fireballs are very handy here.
    - Spiny -
     Value: 200 pts.
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: As soon as a Spiny Egg hits the ground, it hatches into a Spiny.
       You can't jump on it, and you can't hit it from the bottom of a block. Also,
       when it falls down a platform, it will change direction depending on where
       you are. Spinies can be very frustrating. It's a good thing that fireballs
       kill them.
    - Bullet Bill -
     Value: 200 pts.
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: These bullets are launched out of cannons. They are usually in
       groups and are somewhat hard to avoid. Fireballs do not affect it. You can
       jump on it, though. If you're right on or next to their cannon, they won't
       fire. Cannons never fire any Bullet Bills underwater, either. Use this to
       your advantage.
    - Cheep Cheep -
     Value: 200 pts.
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: These are basic fish that swim in water. They come in two colors:
       red and gray. Red ones move faster than gray ones, but both are slow.
       Surprisingly, they can be hit by fireballs. When Cheep Cheeps jump on levels
       above water, they are really frustrating (and only red ones appear). If you
       run often, however, they'll rarely hit you.
    - Blooper -
     Value: 200 pts.
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: These are more annoying than Cheep Cheep. They are squids that
       float around and follow you a lot. Mario and Luigi can swim faster, however,
       so it's not the end of the world. Also, in this game only, there are FLYING
       Bloopers! Yes, that's right. In the air, they float around as if underwater,
       and you can, thankfully, stomp on them above water. And, in both underwater
       and above water, they can be shot with fireballs.
    - Podoboo -
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: These fireballs appear out of lava in almost all castle levels.
       They jump out, and fall back in. It's not consistent, either, so you have to
       have good reflexes to avoid getting hit. Not only that, but you can't jump
       on it OR shoot fireballs at it, so you should avoid it completely.
    - Firebar -
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: This chain of small fireballs (the size of Mario's and Luigi's)
       swings around in circles. It is usually, but not always, around a used
       ? Block. Some chains are bigger than others, and others are faster than
       others, so be very careful getting past the larger or quicker ones. Also,
       your own fireballs do not affect it, let alone jumping. And in this game,
       they aren't only in castles -- they can be in ordinary levels too!
    - Bowser -
     Value: 5000 pts.
     Rarity: Uncommon
     Description: Bowser, King of the Koopas, is the reason why you're playing this
       game in the first place. He is the one who unleashed the black magic spell,
       and kidnapped Peach (along with seven Toads). Bowser appears at the end of
       every castle... well, a decoy, anyway. The REAL Bowser is at 8-4. Anyway,
       when you see him, he breathes out fire! Be careful. In some levels, he
       throws hammers instead (which, in my opinion, is easier to dodge). The best
       way to counter him is to throw five fireballs at him, giving you 5,000
       points, revealing his identity, and being able to beat the level! But, if
       you don't have a Fire Flower, the next best method is to wait for him to
       jump, then run under him. Then, when you get the axe, the bridge will
       disappear. Also, in some castles in this game, there are TWO Bowsers --
       watch out!
    | 5c. Other Characters |
    - Mario -
     Yes, we all know who Mario is... he is considered an Italian plumber who is
     set out to save the Mushroom Kingdom! He is a good choice in the game for
     levels that require a lot of speed or levels with narrow platforms.
    - Luigi -
     He is Mario's brother. (Duh.) Instead of wearing red and brown, Luigi wears
     green and white (he looks better with blue instead of white, though). He jumps
     higher, but he has a bit of a skidding problem, and he runs a bit slower. He
     is better for levels with high and long jumps. Too bad he doesn't kick while
    - Toad -
     Toad is Peach's servant, who looks like a mushroom, and he is locked up (along
     with other Toads) in most castles. Mario and Luigi must save him along with
     Peach. And like in the original, he always says, "Thank you Mario! But our
     Princess is in another castle!" (Or, if you're playing as Luigi, Toad will say
     "Luigi" instead of "Mario.")
    - Peach -
     Peach is the only one who can break the spell from Bowser's black magic, but
     unfortunately she is locked up in one of the castles (dang you Bowser!) She is
     also friends with Toad, and she looks a bit better in this game than she did
     in SMB1.
    | 6a. Controls |
     _______/                                  \_______
    |___L__|              Nintendo              |__R___|
    |            __________________________            |
    |           |                          |           |
    |           |                          |           |
    |    _      |                          |       ___ |
    |  _| |_    |         GAME BOY         |  ___ | A ||
    | |_   _|   |                          | | B ||___||
    |   |_|     |         Nintendo         | |___|     |
    |        _  |                          |           |
    | Start |_| |                          |           |
    | Select|_| |__________________________|   /  /  / |
    |           |_____GAME_BOY_ADVANCE_____|  /  /  /  |
    \___   ____                              /  /  /___/
    A Button:
      - Jump. The longer you hold this, the higher Mario or Luigi will jump.
      - Swim. Repeatedly press A to rise up.
      - Make selections in the In-Game Menu.
      - Instantly exit out of the Famicom Disk System screen.
    B Button:
      - While Fiery Mario or Luigi, this shoots out fireballs. Only two can be on
        the screen at one time.
      - Hold this to run. While running, Mario and Luigi can skip across one-block-
        wide gaps, and they can jump farther.
      - Exit out of the In-Game Menu.
      - Press this on the Famicom Disk System screen to get a "Now Loading..."
    Select Button:
      - Choose between "Mario Game" and "Luigi Game" on the Title Screen. Mario
        runs faster and doesn't skid very much, but Luigi jumps higher and tends to
        float a bit.
      - Choose an option on the In-Game Menu.
    Start Button:
      - Confirm your character choice on the Title Screen.
      - Make selections in the In-Game Menu.
      - Pause the game. While paused, press Start to resume.
    L+R Buttons:
      - Access the In-Game Menu.
      - While in the In-Game Menu, exit it.
      - Press this as soon as you turn the game on, and you will be asked if you
        want to erase all saved data. I think the first option erases the data (I
        can't read Japanese, so can someone confirm this?).
    L+R+Select Buttons:
      - Exit out of Sleep Mode.
    A+B Buttons:
      - Press this as soon as you turn the game on to access the Famicom Disk
        System screen.
    Control Pad:
      - Left:
        - Move Mario or Luigi to the left.
      - Right:
        - Move Mario or Luigi to the right.
      - Up:
        - Climb up a vine.
        - When in the In-Game Menu, choose the option above you.
      - Down:
        - When in Super or Fiery form, use this to crouch. This is useful to dodge
          enemy attacks or slide under tight gaps.
        - Enter some pipes. Not all pipes can be entered.
        - When in the In-Game Menu, choose the option below you.
    | 6b. Advanced Moves |
    - Walking Jump -
     While walking, you can jump a bit farther than normal. This is useful for
     making somewhat long jumps.
    - Running Jump -
     While holding B and jumping, you can jump very far and high. You need this to
     get to far platforms. Beware, though, as it's difficult to turn back in mid-
    - Running Squat -
     Run for a long time, and press Down. You will slide a long distance. This is
     useful to get under small openings that are one block high.
    - Sliding -
     If you perform the Running Squat move listed above, and you end up under a
     block, let go of Down. Mario or Luigi will automatically slide to the right
     until he's not touching any blocks (that includes both his head and feet).
     Also, the screen won't scroll.
    - Ducking Jump -
     You can do this move while holding Down and jumping. This move is useful to
     get to high, small openings, or to dodge difficult enemies.
    - Gap Crossing -
     If you run fast, you can skip over one-block-wide gaps. Useful indeed.
    - Squat + Gap Crossing -
     If you perform a Running Squat while going over a one-block-wide gap, you
     might make it across. Useful for bricks above one-block-wide gaps, like in
    - Arc Jump -
     If there are blocks right above blocks you're standing on, you may have to use
     this move. Simply stand on the very edge of the block, jump, and you will end
     up on the one above you.
    | 7. Walkthrough |
    All right, here it is... Super Mario Bros. 2. Simply turn on the Game Boy,
    press Select to choose between Mario or Luigi (see section 5c for their
    differences), and press Start to begin your game!
    It is recommended that you play the first Super Mario Bros. a lot until you get
    to the point where you're experienced with the game, because if you haven't
    beat the original, you'll have a hard time beating this game.
    - World 1-1 -      Difficulty: 3/10
    -------------      Recommended Character: Mario
    This level introduces you to some of the basics. First, you'll notice a "World
    1-1" screen, then the level will start. You'll see a green Koopa Paratroopa;
    jump on it to turn it into a regular Koopa. Then, you'll see a red Koopa Troopa
    in a little "chamber". There are some brick blocks. Hit the bottom of the
    second one to reveal a Mushroom. Then, if you're Luigi, you can jump into the
    chamber to get the Mushroom. If you're Mario, the Mushroom is a bit harder to
    get. To do so...
    +----+             / O  O \   +----+
    |\__/|             \______/   |\__/|
    |/  \|              | || |    |/  \|
    +----+              |____|    +----+
    |\__/||_|__||.  .||_|__||_|__||\__/|
    |/  \||__|_||.  .||__|_||__|_||/  \|
    ...make sure to bump this block when the Mushroom is in this position. (Don't
    worry about the red Koopa Troopa.)
    When you get the Mushroom, you will become bigger, and you will get an extra
    chance not to be hit by an enemy.
    Next, you will come across five "? Blocks". The first, second, fourth, and
    fifth contain coins; 100 of these give you an extra life. Don't get the middle
    one, though; it contains a Poison Mushroom. Touch one, and you will shrink. Or
    if you're already small, you will lose a life! Very embarrassing on the first
    level. Then, you will see a Piranha Plant on top of a pipe. Avoid it. You will
    see another pipe and two Goombas; stomp on those. Then, after the pipe is a
    hidden 1-UP Mushroom!
                           / O  O \
                            | || |
                            |.  .|
                            |.  .|
    +----------+              ^^
    |  | |   | |              ||
    |  | |   | |               \-------------Hit the bottom of this invisible block
    +----------+             ____            to reveal a 1-UP Mushroom.
       |    |               < || >
       |    |               <____>  <----------------This is just the top of a
       |    |               <    >  <----------------tree in the background.
       |    |               <____>
    Then, after you have the 1-UP Mushroom (which gives you an extra life), avoid
    the next Piranha Plant and jump across the bottomless pit (jump in it and you
    Here, hit the first brick block on the bottom row to reveal a Starman; this
    makes you invincible. If you are small and you want to get the coins above,
    just hit the blocks: even though they won't break while you're small, the coins
    will still be collected. Or, as Super Mario/Luigi, you can just jump up there.
    Then, if you want, you can get the brick block just past the "staircase" to
    reveal multiple coins. Once you do, get back up to the top.
    In this part, you can't be invincible to do this. Jump on the red Koopa Troopa
    and kick the shell to the right. It will fall down and ricochet off the block
    and then it will hit the green Koopas. Then it will fall down and ricochet back
    to the right. If the shell is close to the right of the screen, it may kill
    enough enemies for ANOTHER 1-UP! Amazing! (BTW, the ? Blocks you missed just
    contained coins, except for the third one, which has a Poison Mushroom, so you
    didn't miss much.)
    Now, get past another Piranha Plant, and then jump to the bricks. If you want
    to take a shortcut, fall down to the right, and jump left to the pipe. Press
    down to enter it. You will enter a Bonus Room #1 (see Section 9 for the coins 
    and Mushroom).
    If you didn't take the shortcut, go to the right and avoid the green Koopa and
    Piranha Plant. Then you will see four ? Blocks. The first three have coins
    (again! You will see lots of those...), and the fourth contains a Mushroom, or,
    if you're big, a Fire Flower. You can shoot fireballs with these by pressing B.
    Jump above the pit, and you will see a red Koopa Troopa. If you have fire
    power, now is the time to abuse it. Shoot a fireball at the Koopa and the
    Piranha Plant that you'll see. Then you'll see another Goomba. Stomp/fireball
    it. Then you will see a staircase. This marks the end of the level. You'll then
    see a flagpole; touch it to end the level. If you thought THIS level was
    -------------      Warp Zones: 2, 3, 4
    - World 1-2 -      Difficulty: 4/10
    At the start of this level, Mario/Luigi will automatically walk into a pipe.
    This will be very common in the second level of a world.
    Now, you will be in an underground area, and the blocks are all blue. Avoid the
    blue Koopa Paratroopa, and once you do, make a long jump past the water (you
    cannot swim in water if you're in a land level, like this one). You will be on
    a staircase.
    If you want a power-up, hit the block right above the last pile of "stair
    blocks." Mario has to perform a running jump, but Luigi can just stand and jump
    to get it. And Mario can't get the power-up if it's a Fire Flower, but Luigi
    can. And any character can get it if it's a Mushroom.
    Here, get past the blue Piranha Plant as well as the blue Goombas. Watch out
    for the pit too. As for the Goombas, wait until they're not under the bricks.
    Then you can stomp on them. If you're big and you want coins, keep breaking the
    second reachable column of bricks until you reveal the block. Once you're done,
    perform a running squat under the blocks to get across. Or if you're small,
    simply run under.
    You will come across a Piranha Plant. Get past it. Next you'll see a new enemy:
    the Buzzy Beetle. It's like a Koopa Troopa, but fireballs do not affect it.
    Anyway, if you wish to warp to World 3, follow the directions below. If not,
    skip to the next part.
    ----------------------------- Warping to World 3 -----------------------------
    This is simple to do once you understand it. First, there's a coin block a bit
    to the right of the pipe, but to the left of the staircase. Once you find the
    coin block, the first brick block after that reveals a vine -- the first of its
                               --------------Hit this brick block to reveal a vine,
                                             then touch it to climb it up!
                      |.  .| <----------Invisible block containing a coin.
                      |.  .|
                                                          |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
    +----------+                                    +----++----++----++----++----+
    |  | |   | |                                    |\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/|
    |  | |   | |                                    |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
    +----------+                                    +----++----++----++----++----+
       |    |                                 +----++----++----++----++----++----+
       |    |                                 |\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/|
       |    |                                 |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
       |    |                                 +----++----++----++----++----++----+
       |    |                           +----++----++----++----++----++----++----+
       |    |                           |\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/|
       |    |                           |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
       |    |      There's a            +----++----++----++----++----++----++----+
       |    |      Buzzy Beetle   +----++----++----++----++----++----++----++----+
       |    |      somewhere      |\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/|
       |    |      around here.   |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
    Once you've done that, touch the vine to climb it up, and you will end up in a
    tree-top area. Collect all of the coins if you wish, and make sure not to fall
    off! At the end, you will see "WELCOME TO WARP ZONE!" with a 3 under it. Enter
    the pipe to go to World 3-1.
    --------------------------- End of Warp to World 3 ---------------------------
    If you didn't want to do that, then you now have two options: break bricks (if
    you're big) and go on top of the screen, or go on the collapsible lifts. Either
    way is pretty easy. If you're going below the blocks, just watch out that as
    soon as you touch a lift, it will fall down, so you have to jump off
    immediately! But before you go on the lifts, there are secrets to find:
          +----++----+              ^^    ^^    ^^    ^^
          |_|__||_|__|              ||    ||    ||    ||
          |__|_||__|_|              ||    ||    ||    ||
          +----++----+              ||    ||    ||    ||
    +----+  ^^    ^^               1-UP   ||   1-UP   ||
    |_|__|  ||    ||             Mushroom || Mushroom ||
    |__|_| Important!                     ||          ||
    +----+ Break these                  Mushroom/     Mushroom/
           blocks!                     Fire Flower   Fire Flower
    Obviously, it will be a Mushroom when you're small, and a Fire Flower when
    you're big.
    And there's one thing you MUST remember. Only one power-up can appear on the
    screen at any given time. So you must CHOOSE between what you want. And you can
    only get one of those things too (although it is possible to get both a Fire
    Flower and a 1-UP Mushroom).
    Now to get these items, you must break the blocks in the ASCII art above. Then
    go above the brick blocks and chase after the item. Fire Flowers are easier to
    get, since they don't move. So it is actually possible to get a Fire Flower
    then a 1-UP Mushroom. And unlike other 1-UP Mushrooms in other levels, they 
    reappear each time you lose a life. 
    Now, once you get across with either method, you will see seven pipes, six of
    which have Piranha Plants; dodge them and carefully jump from one pipe to the
    next. You will then see three Koopa Troopas; avoid those too. If you want more
    coins, the top brick block in the second column of the "upside-down staircase"
    has some. Then you'll see another of those lifts that look like Mushrooms, jump
    on it and quickly jump to the elevators that go up. Now, you have three options
    here: go to World 1-3, 2-1, or 4-1. If you want to enter 1-3, simply enter the
    horizontal pipe. Getting to the others can be tricky. First, when the elevator
    is high enough, jump on the brick blocks suspended in mid-air. Then jump above
    the pipe, and run to the right.
    You will see a pipe. If you want to go to World 4-1, enter it. Otherwise, go to
    the right.
    ----------------------------- Warping to World 4 -----------------------------
    Go down the first pipe after the long brick wall. You will come across three ?
    Blocks. The first two have coins; the last one has a Mushroom/Fire Flower. If
    you're small, getting the Mushroom can be tough since you risk jumping into
    water, and you shouldn't get it anyway. If you decide to get the Mushroom, the
    next part will be harder. Then jump on another collapsible lift and get to the
    next platform. Wait for the Piranha Plant to go in its pipe, and jump on it. 
    Then jump on the next lift, and jump immediately. You should easily make it
    over the next Piranha Plant.
    Now do you see why this next part is difficult with a Mushroom? Yep. A wall of
    brick blocks is right above a small pit of water. If you're small, this will be
    simple: just run over the water. (I call this trick "Gap Crossing.") If you're
    big, this will be harder. Run, and right before you are about to hit the
    blocks, duck. It's better to do this too late than too early. Because if you do
    it too early, you will fall in the water. Too late and you just have to try
    again. If done correctly, however, you will slide over the water and make it.
    Now this next part is hard. Get past the Piranha Plant, and get rid of the red
    Koopa Troopa (kick it in the water). Next, stand on the last block, and jump.
    You will reveal a hidden coin block. Now jump on the coin block, and stand on
    the right edge of it. Jump again, and you will reveal another coin block. Now
    jump on the second block, and jump on the pile of bricks. Run to the right, and
    fall down, and you will eventually see "WELCOME TO WARP ZONE!" with a 4 under
    it. Enter the pipe.
    --------------------------- End of Warp to World 4 ---------------------------
    ----------------------------- Warping to World 2 -----------------------------
    If you want to go to World 2 instead of 4, then ignore the first pipe past the
    pile of bricks. You will see another pipe with a Piranha Plant; dodge it. Next,
    go up the staircase and fall down at the end. You will see the message "WELCOME
    TO WARP ZONE!" with a 2 below it. Enter the pipe to go to World 2.
    --------------------------- End of Warp to World 2 ---------------------------
    If you decided not to take any warps, then enter the elbow pipe at the end of
    the level. Then you will go back above ground; this is just like the end of 1
    1. Finish the level to go to 1-3.
    - World 1-3 -      Difficulty: 5/10
    This is your first tree-top level (excluding one of the Warp Zones in the
    previous level), and it's a pretty hard one too, though not as hard as the
    later ones. You may think I'm crazy for recommending Mario in this world, but
    he's useful for this level.
    First, jump on top of the first tree with a coin on it. Then you will see a
    Scale Lift: the first of its kind! When you jump on one, it will fall, but the
    connecting one will rise! So make sure that right one is somewhat high enough
    to be able to go on the next tree.
    Now, get rid of the red Koopa and get 5 coins. Then fall down and avoid the
    other two Koopas. When you're on the bridge, you will see a flying Blooper!
    This wasn't in the original SMB. Jump on it or shoot a fireball to get rid of
    it (if it follows you). If you go the right, you will see a slightly higher
    platform. You will also see a red Paratroopa. You can bounce off it (not
    recommended) or simply jump to the next platform (recommended).
    Then you will see a lift moving horizontally. Also, it won't collapse if you
    jump on it, so don't worry. Stand on the left of the lift and run right to gain
    momentum as you jump to the next tree.
    You will see another Scale Lift, like the one you saw before. Jump on it, but
    not for too long. Collect the coins if you wish. Try to make it to the really
    high tree. If you don't, you will have a harder time. If you're on the higher
    tree, jump to the next tree. If you're on the lower one, jump on the blocks
    suspended in mid-air, and then instantly jump to the next tree.
    Fall down to the tree below, and get rid of the Koopa. If you are Regular or
    Super Mario/Luigi, get the ? Block. The Mushroom is harder to get; what you
    want to do is run to the left side right after you hit the block, and jump
    above it ASAP. If fast enough, you will get the Mushroom before it even gets a
    chance to fall down. And obviously, a Fire Flower is easy to get here. Then
    stand on the block and jump to the next tree.
    You will see another horizontal lift. Jump on it, then jump on the Scale Lift.
    Try to raise the right side as much as possible, then jump there. Then jump on
    the next tree, and then the next one after that. Finally, jump to the Flagpole
    to end this long level. You probably had enough of this level already.
    - World 1-4 -      Difficulty: 5/10
    OK, this is your first (and easiest) castle level. Move to the right, avoiding
    the chain of fireballs (known as a "Firebar"). Jump twice to the right, and get
    the ? Block if you need to (it contains a Mushroom/Fire Flower). Both Mario and
    Luigi can get the Fire Flower; if you're Mario, you have to stand on the left
    edge of the platform left of you, run, and jump towards it. Getting a Mushroom
    is difficult for the same reason as in 1-3. If you get the power-up (or if you
    didn't), jump to the right and avoid the next Firebar. Fall down to the right,
    go above the suspended platform, and avoid the two Firebars (which is a bit
    Then jump to the staircase, and avoid the next three Firebars in the ceiling,
    as well as any Koopa Troopas and the Firebar below you. At this point, you
    should see small fire breath. This is coming from Bowser. Try to avoid it as
    much as possible.
    Jump to the next platform and try to avoid the next Firebar (and keep in mind,
    Bowser will keep breathing fire). Jump quickly to the next platform, and then
    jump to the right again.
    You will see three mini-walls, which you can use as defense for the fire that
    comes at you.
    Once you get past that, you will meet Bowser! Er, not really, but your
    objective here is to hit the Axe to finish the level. The more powerful you
    are, the easier time you will have with him. Fiery Mario and Luigi can shoot
    five fireballs at him, while keeping a safe distance, which will reveal his
    decoy, which is, in this level, a Goomba. (Did you really think it was Bowser?)
    However, if you're Super Mario/Luigi, then you have to try to dodge him, which
    is difficult, but you have two chances to survive, plus you stay invincible for
    a long time if you get hit, giving you enough time to run all the way to the
    If you're Regular Mario/Luigi, this will be even harder. You have only one
    chance not to get hit, so you have to be really careful. Thankfully, there is a
    horizontally moving lift to help you out. In later levels, though, it is
    recommended that you wait for Bowser to jump so that you can run under him.
    Anyway, if you make it to the Axe, Toad will greet you and say this, "Thank you
    Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!" (If you're Luigi, he will say
    "Luigi" instead of "Mario".) Then, your timer will be counted down (unlike the
    original SMB) and you will start 2-1. Happy? I bet!
    - World 2-1 -      Difficulty: 5/10
    -------------      Recommended Character: Luigi
    In this world, it is nighttime (the sky is black). Start this level by jumping 
    on the bridge and carefully dodging the green Paratroopas. Eventually, you will
    see three ? Blocks. The middle one is a power-up; the other two are coins. Once
    you get those, jump on the tree-top and then jump over the water to the 
    staircase. Hit the middle brick block to reveal a Starman. You can kill the 
    Piranha Plants easily here, and if you go in the pipe below the platform you're
    on, you can go in a room (Bonus Room #2) with lots of coins. Don't scroll the 
    screen too far to the right, though, as you don't be able to make it in. Also, 
    it isn't a shortcut and you will lose your Starman, so think twice before 
    deciding to do this.
    If you decided to get all the coins, you will end up in the second-to-last
    pipe. If you didn't go in that pipe, then you will be in the same place, but
    with a Starman. Either way, jump to the right and avoid the Piranha Plants if
    you don't have the Starman. Then jump to a tree-top, which has an two invisible
    blocks: one with a coin and one with a power-up. After that, jump on the lift.
    Then jump on the next tree-top, and what's this? A green springboard! Jump on it
    and press A when it is at its lowest point to spring very high. You can skip 
    this hard part of the level. Now, if you want to get a vine (the second one 
    you've seen), here are the blocks you'll see:
                   There is a vine in
                   this brick block!
                   Is this fun or what?
                      |.  .||.  .||_|__||_|__||_|__|
                      |.  .||.  .||__|_||__|_||__|_|
          +----------+  ^^    ^^
          |  | |   | |  ||    ||
          |  | |   | |  ||    ||
          +----------+  \\    //
             |    |      \\  //
             |    |       \\//
             |    |        \/
             |    |        ||
             |    |  Invisible blocks
             |    |  that contain coins. 
             |    |
    This is much easier to do if you're big; just break a brick near the vine and
    you should be OK. If you're small, you have to try doing that "Arc Jump" move 
    listed in section 6b. Luigi shouldn't have much of a problem however. Also,
    beware if you scroll too far to the right, the vine will disappear and you
    can't get to it!
    Once you get up the vine, you will be taken to a "coin heaven" with tons of
    coins. Try to get as many as possible.
    When you're done, you will end up in an area with four ? Blocks. (You'll end up
    in the same area if you didn't get the vine.) Get the last three if you want
    coins. Avoid the first one though; it has a Poison Mushroom!
    Go to the right, and you will see ANOTHER green springboard! Jump on it. If you
    got all the coins in 1-3 or warped to this level, move to the right until you
    think you're above three high blocks. Once you're here, jump on the third block
    to get a 1-UP Mushroom (thanks to B. Youn for this):
                |.  .| <------------Invisible block with a 1-Up Mushroom.
                |.  .|
    |\__/||\__/||\__/| <---------The easiest way to reach these high blocks is to
    |/  \||/  \||/  \|           use the green springboard.
    If the 1-UP Mushroom didn't appear, then you didn't get all the coins in 1-3 or
    you didn't warp to this level.
    Now avoid the green Paratroopas and be careful to avoid the Goombas on the
    staircase at the end. Your best bet is to wait for them to come all the way
    Now get the flagpole to end this level!
    - World 2-2 -      Difficulty: 6/10
    Yes, this level can get frustrating. Start out by dodging the Koopas, Goombas,
    and Piranha Plants. Then jump to the staircase and jump to the next pipe. Go
    right some more, and you will see a difficult jump (if you're Mario). If you
    ARE Mario, which you shouldn't be, run and jump to the lone block, and
    immediately jump to the next staircase. Alternately, just make a running jump
    past that lone block. Luigi will have an easier time, as he doesn't need to
    jump immediately.
    Now jump on the pipe and go right some more. If you are making a long jump
    (which you probably are, make sure not to run into the Goombas. Avoid the
    Paratroopa, and move right more. Jump below the brick block (Luigi has a hard
    time landing!) Hit the block for a Starman. Kill as many enemies as you can and
    get as many coins as you can too. Now, if you went all the way right, you will
    see a pipe (with a Piranha Plant) and two brick blocks.
                            |_|__|  <-----------Brick Block containing a power-up
                            |__|_|              (Mushroom/Fire Flower)
    Bonus Room #1 
        ||||                +----+
        ||||                |_|__|  <--------Multiple Coin Block
        ||||                |__|_|
        VVVV                +----+
    |  | |   | |
    |  | |   | |
       |    |                     +----+
       |    |                     |\__/|
       |    |                     |/  \|
       |    |                     +----+
       |    |                     +----+
       |    |                     |\__/|
       |    |                     |/  \|
    Simply put, get the power-up if you need one, and if you need another, go down
    the pipe (Bonus Room #1). And get as many coins as you need.
    Either way, you will end up in the place right after the pipe, and you should
    have a Fire Flower by now.
    Now this part is tricky. There seems to be no way to get on top of that really
    high pipe, but you can get up there with either character. There are two hidden
    blocks you must find:
                                     |.  .|
                                     |.  .|
                           /               +----+
     Two invisible blocks /------------->  |.  .|
     with coins can be found here.         |.  .|
     Use these to get to the high pipe.    +----+
    |  | |   | |
    |  | |   | |
       |    |
       |    |
       |    |
    |                                                    |
    |                                                    |
    Once you find the first block above, jump on it and find the second one. Mario
    will have a tougher time here, because he needs to perform a running jump. Then
    stand on the edge of the first one to get the second one. Jump on the second
    one, and jump to the high pipe once the Piranha Plant gets out of the way. Then
    jump to the right and get rid of the Koopas if possible. Get the coins next,
    and go further to the right. Get past the Piranha Plant and Goombas. Make a
    running jump to the set of three blocks, and then carefully jump to the right.
    You will see a staircase with Goombas on it. These are hard to dodge, and there
    is an annoying block somewhere above the staircase to make it even harder. Then
    once you dodge them, touch the Flagpole to clear the level.
    - World 2-3 -      Difficulty: 6/10
    Remember 2-3 and 7-3 in the original Super Mario Bros.? Well, this level is a
    lot like those levels, only even harder (only slightly though -- wait until you
    see 6-3, A-3, and C-2 in this game!). I hated those levels. If you've never 
    played those levels, they're full of jumping Cheep Cheeps.
    First, jump to the bridge and avoid the three Koopas. Keep jumping to the
    right, and you'll eventually see the jumping Cheep Cheeps! Avoid them at all
    costs! The trick is to always run to the right, but if a Cheep Cheep is about
    to hit you, turn back immediately! This is easier with Mario than with Luigi.
    Or, if you feel the need to, you can jump on them to get rid of them. Dodging
    them is a better move however. Eventually, you will find four ? Blocks. (I told
    you it was different!) The first one in the top row contains a power-up; the
    others have coins. Next, you'll see another of those annoying flying Bloopers.
    Combine with the Cheep Cheep, and this level is really an annoyance. Get past
    it, and then jump on the trees. Then jump on the short bridges while avoiding
    the green Koopa Paratroopa (which fly horizontally this time, rather than
    bouncing). Jump on the trees after that.
    Then jump on the short bridge and the long bridge, avoiding the green Koopa
    Paratroopa. Get the coins if you want, and make sure to avoid the red Koopa.
    Then jump on the next tree. You'll notice that the Cheep Cheeps will stop
    flying at this point. (Whew!) Then jump on the next tree and then the flagpole
    to end this dang level.
    - World 2-4 -      Difficulty: 6/10
    Not surprisingly, but annoyingly, this is another castle level. It's a hard one
    too. Get rid of the blue Koopa (yes, it's blue, but it acts like green ones)
    and kick it off, preferably to the right. If done correctly, the gray (yes,
    gray) Goombas will be run over by the Koopa shell. Now this is a hard jump. My
    strategy, for both characters, is to make a running ducking jump off the ledge.
    Of course, if you're small, ducking is not necessary. Why do I prefer this over
    simply falling down? Because if you jump, you'll have enough momentum to make 
    it below. And ducking is necessary to fit in the space easier. Once you
    practice this part, you'll get the hang of it.
    Now that you're past that, jump on the first blue Koopa Troopa you see here and
    kick it to the right. This will get rid of all the other Koopas. Now you'll see
    a Firebar right before a large pit of lava. Luigi will have an easier time with
    this, although Mario can do this too. For Luigi, simply gather enough speed to
    jump over both the Firebar and the pit. For Mario, jump on the Firebar at the
    right time, and immediately jump over the pit (while holding B).
    Go up the staircase here. Then, fall down the small gap. Here, run as fast as
    you can over the lava pits and pray the Podoboo won't hit you from the first
    pit. (An easy way to do this is to run while the Podoboo is in the air.) Also,
    if you're big, make sure you won't get hit by the Firebar. 
    Here, wait for the Firebar above you gets out of the way, and jump to the
    right. Jump over the lava pit and make sure not to hit either the Podoboo or
    the Firebar on the next platform. Now jump on the block that the Firebar is
    rotating in (at the right time of course), and jump on the bricks suspended in
    mid-air. Now jump on the next Firebar block (once again, at the right time),
    and jump over the small lava pit. Then jump over both lava pits. Beware: they
    have Podoboos in them.
    Now here he is: Bowser! There are tons of bricks this time, so jumping OVER him
    isn't the best idea here, even with the lift. Instead, stand a distance from
    him (to dodge his fire) and wait for him to jump. With good reflexes, run under
    him and stomp the axe!
    Or if you're Fiery Mario/Luigi, simply throw five fireballs at him. His decoy
    is a Koopa Troopa (thanks to icedbubbleblade2000 for this).
    You will see Toad, once again, say: "Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in
    another castle!" Or he will obviously say "Luigi" if you ARE Luigi.
    Satisfaction? I think so.
    -------------      Warp Zones: 1
    - World 3-1 -      Difficulty: 5/10
    -------------      Recommended Character: Mario
    A hard level, but not the hardest yet. You will first see two Hammer Brothers.
    I think these are the first you've seen in the game. They throw hammers in an
    arc formation. You can throw Fireballs at Hammer Brothers or jump on them. Or
    better yet, hitting them from below when they're on a brick block above you
    will work too. Once you get rid of them, hit the fifth to last block in the
    bottom row to get a Starman. Once you get it, jump over the pit and kill the
    Koopas. Get the first three blocks if you want coins, and avoid the fourth one,
    as it has a Poison Mushroom (although, if you still have the Starman, it
    doesn't matter...).
    Now if you're in need of a power-up, get the first ? Block in the top row of ?
    Blocks. If it's a Mushroom, it will be hard to get. There are three ways to get
    it: 1) Hit the second ? Block at the right time to make it move to the left,
    then chase after it quickly, 2) Perform an arc jump and chase after it going to
    the right, or 3) Wait for the Mushroom to fall, and try to catch it over the 
    pit. Once you get your power-up, go to the right.
    Dodge the red Koopas, and jump and avoid the Piranha Plant. And do NOT go down
    the pipe unless you want to go back to World 1-1! You will regret it! Instead,
    just go right some more. Avoid more Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas and
    jump over to the right once more. You will see a Bullet Bill cannon (it
    launches Bullet Bills) and three green Koopas. Avoid all of them, and get the
    first ? Block for a power-up. You can also get the other blocks for coins. Jump
    over the double Bullet Bill cannon, and you will see a red Koopa Paratroopa if
    you didn't kill the previous enemies. Above it is a hidden 1-UP. It is hard to
    bounce off the Paratroopa, and even harder to chase after the 1-UP. But just
    bounce off it when it's high enough, and you should do it. And when it comes
    down to the high pipe, and if you're big, your head should catch the 1-UP
                |.  .|
                |.  .|
               You will get a 1-UP Mushroom.
                           If you are big, try to "catch" the 1-UP Mushroom with
                           your head before it reaches here.
                Bounce off  +----------+
                this Koopa  |  | |   | |
                Paratroopa. |  | |   | |
                     |      +----------+
                     |         |    |
                  /\ V         |    |
                 /O|   _       |    |
                 | |__/ \      |    |
                 |/   \ |      |    |
                 <|   |/       |    |
                  |___|        |    |
                  |_|_|        |    |
                               |    |
                               |    |
                               |    |
                               |    |
                               |    |
                               |    |
                               |    |
    Then, jump across the pipes...
    If you go in the second pipe, you will go to Bonus Room #2, then, when you 
    finish, you will end up here:
    |__|_||__|_||__|_||__|_||__|_||/  \|
      ^^    ^^    ^^    ^^    ^^  +----+
      ||    ||    ||    ||    ||  |\__/|
      ||    ||    ||    ||    ||  |/  \|
       \\    \\   ||   //    //   +----+
        \\    \\  ||  //    //    +----+
         \\    \\ || //    //     |\__/|
          \\    \\||//    //      |/  \|
           ----------------       +----+
                  ||              +----+
            Once you get the      |\__/|
          Mushroom, use it to     |/  \|
           break these blocks.    +----+
                            |.  .||\__/|
                            |.  .||/  \|
                              ^   +----+
                              |   |\__/|
                              -------------------Hit this invisible block to
                                  +----+         reveal a Mushroom; you NEED this
    +----------+                  +----+         if you are small.
    |  | |   | |                  |\__/|
    |  | |   | |                  |/  \|
    +----------+                  +----+
       |    |                     +----+
       |    |                     |\__/|
       |    |                     |/  \|
    Go back to where you were before (seem familiar? The pipe took you backwards)
    and jump across the pipes again. Eventually you'll see a green springboard;
    jump on it if you wish and go to the flagpole. Do not go past the flagpole,
    however, as you will end up warping to World 1-1 (again), and you probably
    don't want to do that. Thankfully, there is a pit in that Warp Zone to commit
    suicide (and it's placed in a spot where it can only be done on purpose) so
    that if you DO accidentally end up here, just jump in the pit and start 3-1
    again. Anyway, just go to the flagpole to end the level.
    - World 3-2 -      Difficulty: 5/10
    Like in 1-2, you will see Mario/Luigi start out and enter the pipe. However,
    this time, you are underwater and you get to swim.
    The underwater levels in this game are more difficult than in the original.
    Also, like the original SMB, ? Blocks never appear in these swimming levels.
    You will see a swimming Blooper, which, by the way, WERE in the original SMB.
    You cannot jump on any underwater enemy, so avoid it. Or if you have a Fire
    Flower, then shoot a fireball at it. Swimming Bloopers act just like flying
    Anyway, get rid of it, and swim to the right. You may or may not see Cheep
    Cheeps, as they appear randomly on the screen. Red ones move faster than gray
    ones do. Also, when you are above the pit, you will notice a current pushing
    you. Try to resist it. Go to the right, and you may see more Cheep Cheeps; just
    dodge them if they appear. Another Blooper appears. BTW, if you're on the ocean
    floor, Bloopers will never hurt you, even if you aren't ducking. Go to the
    right to see a "staircase", and swim to the right and try to get the coins.
    Make sure you aren't affected by the suction cup.
    Now go to the right some more, and avoid the Bloopers. You will see coral; this
    acts as an obstacle. You have to swim above it. (Don't worry, it won't hurt
    you.) Get the coins on the ground and watch out for... gasp... a swimming Koopa
    Troopa! Koopas were never underwater in the original, and they certainly
    weren't gray. You can't jump on it either, so the easiest way to counter it is
    to use your handy fireballs if you have them. It's even tougher to avoid since
    there is coral hanging on the ceiling blocking you. Jump over the next piece of
    coral, and swim right some more. Watch out for Cheep Cheeps if necessary. Also
    watch out for another suction cup.
    Go to the right some more, and watch out for any more Cheep Cheeps. You will
    eventually come across a red Koopa Paratroopa. These weren't in the original
    either, and you can't jump on it. Dodge it like crazy, which is hard, because
    of the wall right after it.
    Now this part is difficult. Tons of coral will hang from the ceiling, and
    Bloopers and Cheep Cheeps appear in the most inconvenient places. Not only
    that, but more currents await you :P. If you get across, well, good luck. Go to
    the right and avoid the red Koopa. A Blooper awaits here too. Swim to the right
    once more, overcoming the currents and any Cheep Cheeps.
    You will come across three platforms. The middle one is higher than the rest,
    and the other two have some coral on it. Another Blooper is here as well. Try
    to dodge it while going above or under the middle platform. Coins are below it,
    so if you are close to another life, go for it... And go to the right more, and
    you will see an almost-sealed platform. You may be trapped by Bloopers here, so
    try to go above or below it.
    Go to the right again, and you will see a rectangular platform. Under it, there
    are lots of coins, but a red Koopa. This is more risky. Above it is a better
    option unless you like coins. Now, at the end, go in the pipe to go above land
    and touch the flagpole to end this long level. If you thought this was hard,
    wait until you get to 6-2...
    - World 3-3 -      Difficulty: 6/10
    This level has lots of hills, lifts, and pits. Be careful here. It has nice
    graphics though: it looks like a wintry setting with icy and snowy trees. Don't
    worry: the ice/snow isn't slippery.
    You will see a high tree above you. If you're Mario, use a running jump to get
    up here (which isn't hard, because you should be running anyway). You will see
    tons of Koopas. Go on the platform below and stomp on the first one. Then kick
    it to the right and run as fast as possible. Then jump right to the platform
    below you. It will kick a lot of Koopas, and you will get a lot of points.
    Now wait for the Koopa on the platform to the right to fall down, and dodge it.
    Jump to the next platform, and wait for the Piranha Plant to get out of the
    way. Jump on the scale lift, and raise the second half high enough so that you
    can make it to the next platform.
    Jump to the platform below you, and make sure you don't hit the Piranha Plant.
    Do the same to the next platform. If you're a coin-collecting freak like me,
    then jump on the green springboard (you can't miss it), make the screen scroll
    to the right until the left of the high platform is on the left, and move left
    all the way. Wait for Mario/Luigi to land on the platform, and collect all the
    (Or, if you need a power-up, jump on the green springboard and move to the
    right until you see a high tree. Jump while standing on the center of the tree,
    and you will find an invisible block with a power-up in it!)
           |.  .|    <--------- Invisible power-up here.
           |.  .|
          ____   ____
         /    \ /    \
        / ] ] ||  ] ] \
     __/      \/       \__
    |_   \___/   \___/   _|
      \    _        _   /
       \__/ \______/ \_/
     /                      \
     |                      |
           |    ||    |
           |    ||    |
            \__/  \__/
            /  \  /  \
           |    ||    |
           |    ||    |
            \__/  \__/
            /  \  /  \
    Then jump on the collapsible lift to the right, wait, and immediately jump to
    the high platform to the right. I believe both characters can do this. Fall
    down to the scale lift to the right (or jump to it if you are on the lower
    platform), collect the coin if you wish, and, like before, make the right side
    high enough.
    Jump to the platforms to the right, and get rid of the red Koopa Troopa. Wait
    for the red Koopa Paratroopa to get out of the way, and then jump to the next
    platform. Neither character has to bounce off this.
    Make a running jump to the collapsible lift, and IMMEDIATELY jump to the next
    one. Then immediately jump to the next platform. You will see some suspended
    blocks. The easiest way to reach them is to reveal hidden coin blocks:
    Once you find these blocks,
      jump on them, then jump
           over here. ------------
               ||                 \
            --------               \
            ||    ||                -----------|
            VV    VV                           V
          +----++----+                       +----+                  +----++----+
          |.  .||.  .|                       |\__/|                  |\__/||\__/|
          |.  .||.  .|                       |/  \|                  |/  \||/  \|
          +----++----+                       +----+                  +----++----+
            ^^    ^^
            ||    ||
             \\  //
              \\//                                        ___   ___   ___   ___
               \/                                        / _ \ / _ \ / _ \ / _ \
    These are two invisible                              || || || || || || || ||
       blocks with coins.                                ||_|| ||_|| ||_|| ||_||
                                                         \___/ \___/ \___/ \___/
                                                          (These are coins above,
                                                          and there are more to the
                                                          right. Also, there are
     ----------------------                               pipes far below here.)
    /                      \
    |                      |
          |    ||    |
          |    ||    |
           \__/  \__/
           /  \  /  \
          |    ||    |
          |    ||    |
           \__/  \__/
           /  \  /  \
    As shown in the ASCII art above, find the blocks and get to the block. The keep
    jumping on the blocks as you progress to the right. Mario will have an easier
    time with this than Luigi. Also, don't worry about the coins below you. I've
    missed them once and STILL was able to get the 1-UP in World 4-1. If you're an
    experienced player, you should get them though. (There are pipes below, and I
    didn't diagram them.)
    Anyway, whether you're on the two blocks or the pipe, make a running jump to
    the platform to the right. Then make a running jump to the right to touch the
    flagpole. You're done with this long level!
    - World 3-4 -      Difficulty: 5/10    **Maze Level!**
    It's a castle... and it's a maze. Run as fast as you can down the staircase,
    and the fun begins. Also, you should be small to do this. There is a Piranha
    Plant later on. If you're big, run into it on purpose to shrink. Here's the
    route you should take: (If you go the wrong way, the maze will repeat itself.
    And each ASCII art is separated by a line)
    Also, be warned, as there are many huge diagrams...
    If you want to read at the end of the level, hit Ctrl+F, and type
    (End of 3-4 maze)
                                         |  |  |  |
                                          |  |  |  |
                                         |  |  |  |
                                          |  |  |  |
                                         |  |  |  |
                                          |  |  |  |
                                         |  |  |  |
                                        _|__|__|__|_                  /--------
                                          |  |  |  |                 /        |
                                        __|__|__|__|                /       __V___
                                                                   /         |  |
                                                                  /         _|__|_
                                                                 /            |  |
                                                                /           __|__|
                                                               /             |  |
                                                            --/             _|__|_
                                                             /|               |  |
                                                            / |             __|__|
                                                           /                 |  |
                                                          /                 _|__|_
                                                         /                    |  |
                                                 Jump   /                   __|__|
                                                 here  /                     |  |
                                                      /                     _|__|_
    ------------------------------------------->-----/                        |  |
    ________________________________________________   _     _     _     _  __|__|
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | __/ /___/ /___/ /___/ /_ |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_|                      |_|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  ||       Lava Pit       |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__||                      |__|__|
                                                     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                                                      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                                               |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                                                |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                                                     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    Run right as fast as you can,                     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    and fall down where the arrow                   __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
    indicates. Either character                      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    should be fast enough!                          _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
    --------------------------->---                   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    ______________________________ \                __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |   \                |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_   \              _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |    \               |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|     \ |          __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |       \| 
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_     --\ 
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |        \
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|         \
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |           \
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_           \
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |            \
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|             \
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |               \
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_               \
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |                \----------------------------->
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|   _     _     _  ______________________________
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | __/ /___/ /___/ /_ |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_|                |_|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  ||    Lava Pit    |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__||                |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
     |  |  |  |
      |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|                        __________________________________________
     |  |  |  |                          |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|_                        _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |                          |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|                        __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
     |  |  |  |                          |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|_                        _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |                          |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|   If you are big,      __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
     |  |  |  |    you should hit        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|_   this Piranha         _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |   Plant to               |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|   shrink. You          __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
     |  |  |  |    need to be      
    _|__|__|__|_   small for the
      |  |  |  |   next part.
    __|__|__|__|  ------->------------
                 /    +----------+    \
                /     |  | |   | |     \ |
               /      |  | |   | |      \|
              /       +----------+     --\
           --/           |    |           \
            /|           |    |            \
           / |           |    |             \
          /              |    |              \
         /               |    |               \
    -->--                |    |                ------>--------------------->------
                         |    |   
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                                                           |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                                                            |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __________________________________________            __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                                                           |  |  |  |  |  |
                                                            |  |  |  |  |  |
    Keep running this way. See why you need to be small? Well, even though you
    can slide under when you're big, you won't be able to soon.
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __________________________________________________________________      ______
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |   ^    |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_  ^   _|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |     |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|  |   __|__|
    __________________________________________________________________  |   ______
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |   |    |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_  |   _|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |     |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|  |   __|__|
    __________________________________________________________________  |   ______
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |   V    |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_  |   _|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |     |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|  |   __|__|
    Once again, keep running. See why you need to be small?             |
    And watch out for the Podoboo that may sneak by!                    |
    __________________________________________________________________  |   ______
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |   |    |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_  |   _|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |     |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|  V   __|__|
    __________________      ______
     |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|_      _|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|      __|__|
                      |.  .|<--Mushroom
                      |.  .|
     |  |  |  |  |  |        |  | 
    _|__|__|__|__|__|_      _|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |                       ---------|
    __|__|__|__|__|__|      __|__|                      /         V
                                                       /        +----------+
                                                      /         |  | |   | |
                                                     /          |  | |   | |
                                                    /           +----------+
                                                   /               |    |
                                                  /                |    |
                                                 /                 |    |
    __________________      ______              /                  |    |
     |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |              /                   |    |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|_      _|__|_          --/                    |    |
      |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |           /|                    |    |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|      __|__|          / |                    |    |
                                      Jump /                       |    |
                                          /                        |    |
    ------------------------->------------                         |    |
    ________________________________________________            ___|____|___
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |              |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_            _|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |              |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|            __|__|__|__|
    Get the Mushroom if you are able to reach high enough (I usually don't get it).
    Then jump to the pipe...
                        /----|  ---------------------------->
                       /    _V____      __________________________________________
                      /      |  |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                     /      _|__|_      _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
                    /         |  |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                   /        __|__|      __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
    +----------+                  +----------+                        +----++----+
    |  | |   | |                  |  | |   | |                        |.  .||.  .|
    |  | |   | |                  |  | |   | |                        |.  .||.  .|
    +----------+                  +----------+                        +----++----+
       |    |                        |    |                             ^^    ^^
       |    |                        |    |                             ||    ||
       |    |                        |    |                             --------
       |    |                        |    |                                ||
       |    |                        |    |                           Hidden coin
       |    |                        |    |                             blocks
       |    |                        |    |
       |    |                        |    |
       |    |                        |    |
       |    |                        |    |
       |    |                        |    |
    ___|____|___                  ___|____|___            ________________________
     |  |  |  |                    |  |  |  |              |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
    _|__|__|__|_                  _|__|__|__|_            _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |                    |  |  |  |              |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|                  __|__|__|__|            __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
    Jump to where the arrows are, and then run across the top... the ceiling is a 
    bit higher then what I diagrammed.
    ________________________    \
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |      \
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_      \    ---------->------------>------------>--->
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |       \  /
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|        \/
                                    /|        ____________________________________
                                   / |         |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
                                  /  |        _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
                                 /    \         |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                                /      |      __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
                               /       |
                            --/        |
                             /|        |
                            / |        |  
                           /           V
         --------->--------            |
        /                              |            ______________________________
       |  +----++----++----++----+     |             |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
       |  |.  .||.  .||.  .||.  .|     |            _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
       |  |.  .||.  .||.  .||.  .|     |              |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
       |  +----++----++----++----+     |            __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
       ^    ^^    ^^    ^^    ^^       |
       |    ||    ||    ||    ||       V
       |    --------------------       |
       |             ||                |
       |     Hidden coin blocks        |
       |                               |
        \                             /
         \--                         /
         |\                         /
         | -------<-------<---------
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    This may be a bit confusing here, but you have to fall down and find four coin
    blocks. Once you do, jump on them, and jump on the top ceiling. As you may have
    noticed, you will go in a loop fashion. Also, if you haven't noticed, two of
    the coin blocks are in the other diagram as well.
    Run across the top. Plain and simple.
    ____________________________________      ____________________________________
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_      _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|      __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
                                               |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                                                |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                                               |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                                                |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    ____________________________________      __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_      _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|      __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
    ________________________      ________________________________________________
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_      _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|      __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
    Just jump up here and avoid the Firebar.
          /           ____________________________________________________________
       --/             |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
        /|            _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
    ---- |              |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    ______            __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
     |  |               ^^
    _|__|_              ||
      |  |            Firebar
     |  |  |  |
      |  |  |  |
     |  |  |  |  |  |
      |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|                        ____________________________________
     |  |  |  |  |  |                          |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|_                        _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |                          |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|                        __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
    __________________                  __________________________________________
     |  |  |  |  |  |                    |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|_                  _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  |                    |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|                  __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
    Do I need to say anything?
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __________________  \
     |  |  |  |  |  |    \
    _|__|__|__|__|__|_    \
      |  |  |  |  |  |     \
    __|__|__|__|__|__|      \
                                       \ |
    __________________                  \|
     |  |  |  |  |  |                  --\
    _|__|__|__|__|__|_                    \
      |  |  |  |  |  |                    |
    __|__|__|__|__|__|                    |
            ^^                            |
            ||                            |
          Firebar                         |   Finally, the maze is over!
                                          |   Just fall down here, jump to
                                          V   the right, and Bowser appears!
    __________________   _     _     _  __V_________   _     _     _  ____________
     |  |  |  |  |  | __/ /___/ /___/ /_ |  |  |  | __/ /___/ /___/ /_ |  |  |  |
    _|__|__|__|__|__|_|                |_|__|__|__|_|                |_|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  ||    Lava Pit    |  |  |  |  ||    Lava Pit    |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__||                |__|__|__|__||                |__|__|__|__|
    (End of 3-4 maze)
    NOTE: There is a way to get to Bowser with Fiery Mario, but is somewhat 
    difficult. This is an E-Mail sent by an anonymous reader:
        I know something that you haven't listed in your FAQ about Super Mario
        Bros. 2 for the FDS in World 3-4.  It is actually possible to get to Bowser
        in that level with the ability to throw fireballs.  In the area where you
        said in the FAQ that you need to be small to get past, don't become small. 
        Run towards the small gap, and crouch to get under.  Mario will move
        through the brick, but here's something useful.  If you crouch when you're
        one block away from the gap above, Mario will slide past the opening and go
        under the next long platform.  Then if you crouch when one block from the
        pit, Mario will slide across and not fall in.  If you can't throw
        fireballs, jump straight up from the last opening, and you'll see a fire
        flower.  You'd need to jump from the right edge of the platform to the one
        above, then repeat it to get to the top.  From there you can easily get the
        fire flower.  I have done this many times myself.
    Again, this is useful, but it is difficult to do. One thing, though, that he
    forgot to mention was that you're supposed to run before you crouch over the
    pit, as opposed to letting Mario/Luigi slide on his own.
    OK, time to fight Bowser. His decoy is a Buzzy Beetle, which is odd, because
    usually Buzzy Beetles can't be hit with fireballs. Anyway. Since there are no
    brick blocks here, you can jump over him easily -- just make sure he doesn't
    jump as well. Or, you can stand away from the Podoboo that springs up, wait for
    him to jump, and make a run for it! Or your third option is, if you got the 
    Mushroom somewhere at the beginning and made it here, just run into him, making
    you invincible, and hit the Axe! You will see Toad again, saying the exact same
    message as before. Sigh, haven't we had enough of him already?
    - World 4-1 -      Difficulty: 5/10
    -------------      Recommended Character: Luigi
    When you start this level, you will be in for two surprises: Lakitu and RED
    Piranha Plants. Lakitus, like in the last game, throw Spiny Eggs, which you can
    only hit with fireballs. They then turn into Spinies, some of the most annoying
    creatures. Red Piranha Plants are new to this game and they are similar to
    green and blue ones, but they usually pop out of pipes even if you're standing
    next to one.
    Anyway, just jump over the first pipe, avoiding the Piranha Plant, and make
    really sure to avoid Lakitu and the eggs it throws as well. This will take some
    practice. There is a partial brick wall, and the second highest one brick block
    contains a lot of coins. Jump over it or perform a ducking jump into the
    crevice (if you want the coins). There is also a hidden coin block slightly to
    the left of the wall if you need it. Next, avoid the next eggs and jump over
    the next wall. Jump over the pipe afterwards. (You may want to wait for the red
    Piranha Plant to disappear, then jump over the plant if it appears again).
    Lakitu should disappear at this point, but he will reappear later. There are
    seven ? Blocks; the first six contain coins and the last one contains a power
    up. Use them as necessary.
    Next, you'll stumble across a regular springboard. SMB veterans should know
    about this. Make a running jump on the springboard, and press A when it is at
    its lowest spot. Then move right across the water. If you're new to this game,
    this will take practice.
    When you make it over the water, Lakitu will appear again. Make sure you dodge
    his every attack. There is also a staircase here. Jump over it, and if you got
    all the coins in 3-3 or warped here, a 1-UP Mushroom can be found right after
    the staircase:
                                        |/  \|
                                  |/  \||/  \|
                            |/  \||/  \||/  \|
                      |\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||.  .| <---- Here is the afore-
                      |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||.  .| <---- mentioned 1-UP Mushroom.
                |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
          |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
    |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
    Go right some more, and you will see three ? Blocks. The third has a Poison
    Mushroom, so make sure you avoid it. The other two blocks have coins, though.
    Once you're done here, jump on the blocks and then to the pipe. Make sure you
    avoid the red Piranha Plant. Run to the right, and you will see pipes and lots
    of ? Blocks. The second one has a power-up; get it as needed. Also, the first
    pipe leads you to an underwater area if you want to go in it. In the underwater
    area, there are a few Bloopers and Buzzy Beetles (you can't use fireballs or
    jump on them), but lots of coins. Get them if you want.
    Once you get out, you will end up in a spot right after where you were before.
    If you want lots of coins and are in need of lives, jump on the ? Block, and
    then hit the brick block. A vine will appear, and it will take you to a coin
    heaven with tons of coins. When you're done, you'll go backwards and end up
    near the staircase. You can get to the coin heaven again. It is possible to get
    multiple extra lives using this method. Just watch your time.
    If you want to just finish the level, go right and jump over all the pipes. You
    will see a staircase; watch out for the Goomba. Then, jump to the flagpole. If
    you're concerned about getting 5000 points, and you're Mario, there are two
    hidden coin blocks to find after the staircase. Find them (as seen below), and
    jump back on top. Run as fast as you can on the top, and jump to the flag.
                                              |\__/||.  .| <--
                                              |/  \||.  .| <--\
                                              +----++----+    |
                                        +----++----+          |
                                        |\__/||\__/|          |
                                        |/  \||/  \|          |
                                        +----++----+          |--- Hidden coin
                                  +----++----++----+          |--- blocks
                                  |\__/||\__/||\__/|          |
                                  |/  \||/  \||/  \|          |
                                  +----++----++----+          |
                            +----++----++----++----++----+    |
                            |\__/||\__/||\__/||\__/||.  .| <--/
                            |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||.  .| <--
                      |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
                |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
          |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
    |/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \||/  \|
    You're finally finished with this level! Now let's try the next one...
    - World 4-2 -      Difficulty: 6/10
    First, you'll see three Bullet Bill cannons. Try hard to avoid them. There is,
    however, a power-up in between the first and second cannons. Use it to your
    advantage. After the third, there is a brick block and two ? Blocks. The brick
    block contains a Starman; the ? Blocks contain coins. You don't really need 
    this Starman, but get it if you need it.
    Run to the right and get rid of the Buzzy Beetles. Then jump on the
    springboard. If you are not invincible, get the Koopa Troopa and kick it. Watch
    it go to the right and you might get 1-UPs (although I haven't tried this, but
    it looks similar to 1-1). There is also a Lakitu, which is easy to deal with if
    you have the Starman. Run to the right and dodge the enemies. Your
    invincibility should wear off by now.
    Anyway, you'll come across a high pipe. If you're Luigi, you can jump up it
    easily. If you're Mario, it will be a bit tougher; do a running jump. You'll
    see more Bullet Bill cannons and some ? Blocks (and sometimes red Koopas). The
    first one is a power-up; the last one is a Poison Mushroom; the others are
    coins. Also, you can jump on the blocks to simply dodge the cannons. Go to the
    right more, and you'll see a brick block over a pit. Jump over it; but if you
    can somehow get under the block, you can get lots of coins.
    You'll see a Hammer Brother. Do your best to jump over it. You can also try
    running under it when it jumps, but this requires good reflexes. Or, a Fire
    Flower should get rid of it really easily. Here, you'll see a lot of solid
    blocks. Jump ABOVE them. If you are under, you will be really sorry. Go to the
    right, and you'll see a Hammer Brother. If you are above (which you should be),
    wait for it go under you, and run. If you are below the blocks (and you
    shouldn't be), hit one of the ? Blocks. This is difficult, thanks to the red
    Piranha Plants. Or just throw a fireball at it (if you can). All of the ?
    Blocks contain coins.
    Next, jump to the right past the pipe and mini-wall. This part is a little 
    difficult. Jump on the first levitating block, then jump on the next one. Wait
    for the green Koopa Paratroopa to get out of the way, and then jump on the next
    set of two blocks. Then jump to the flagpole. (If you're Luigi, it is actually
    possible to jump over the flagpole! If this happens, just jump back left; the
    screen won't scroll any more to the right.)
    - World 4-3 -      Difficulty: 7/10
    Whoa! This is the hardest level so far, although not the hardest in the game.
    It is full of dangerous jumps. First, run as fast as you can, and jump right at
    the edge (while moving right). Luigi has a MUCH easier time with this than
    Mario does. Next, jump on the springboard, and launch yourself onto the
    collapsing lift. Immediately jump to the moving lift. You should worry about
    jumping more than getting the coins. Then jump to the scale lift, and then the
    next moving lift. Then jump to the tree.
    You thought that was hard? Think again. This one you're about to experience is
    much harder. Run on the tree, and jump right before you're at the ledge. You
    may have to slow yourself down at the top of your jump. You'll see a red Koopa
    Paratroopa; it is crucial that you bounce off it to get to the next tree.
    Again, Luigi is better at this than Mario. (Also, the Paratroopa seems to be in
    different altitudes each time, depending on how much time you spend on the tree
    before it. With Mario, you should wait a second before jumping to make the
    Paratroopa be at the right height; try moving as far right as you can without 
    falling off the tree so you can see the Paratroopa on the right side of the 
    screen. Luigi can jump anytime here.)
    If you make it to the tree, congratulations. Now jump on the lift. You don't
    need to worry about the springboard, even if you're worried about coins. The ?
    Block contains a power-up; get it if you need to. If you want the coins, just
    jump on the block, and jump again (Luigi is better at this). Jump on the same
    lift again, and jump on the tree. Jump to the next tree. You just made it
    halfway through the level.
    Now try to make the screen scroll as far right as possible here. Bullet Bills
    will start launching in random locations. Make sure it's in a position where
    you know it won't interfere with your jumping here. If you feel it's the right
    time, jump on the scale lift. Lower it to make the right side higher. Now jump
    on the right side and jump on one of the trees, preferably the top one.
    Jump on the collapsible lift (if you're on the high tree), then jump on to the
    right immediately. Or if you're on the lower tree, then make a running jump to
    the right. If you're Mario, you'll have to jump at the last split second; any 
    earlier and you will very likely fall into the pit. (The tree's big, so you'll
    have enough room to run.) Go far enough to the right, and the Bullet Bills will
    stop firing at you. Go close to the right end and stand near there, but don't
    go all the way. Koopa Paratroopas aren't much of a threat here. Wait for the
    second one to fly up, and run. Make a jump when you're at the end, and jump to
    the block. IMMEDIATELY jump to the next one, then repeat the exact same thing.
    This can be very difficult to pull off, and only practice will get you better.
    If you do this correctly, you will make it to the flagpole! (And you thought
    the end of the original SMB's 8-3 was hard...)
    - World 4-4 -      Difficulty: 6/10
    This castle will really test your patience. Start out by running as fast as you
    can down the steps. You'll see a giant Firebar revolving around some blocks,
    and a red Koopa. The third block is a power-up; the rest are coins. If you want
    it, hit the block and run to the right as fast as you can under the blocks.
    Also, if you get a Mushroom, be aware that you will have to make a lot of
    ducking jumps here. Anyway, go to the right and avoid the Goomba. Also avoid
    the first Firebar. Run to the right as fast as you can after that and jump
    immediately (if you're big, duck first!) You'll land on a platform with another
    giant Firebar: move as fast as possible, and you won't be hit. Jump on the
    vertical lift. Then jump to the right.
    This part is easier than it looks. Wait for the blue Koopas to fall down (and
    be as far left as possible). Then, stomp on one and use that to get rid of the
    other Koopas. Once you're done with that, try to jump on the block with the
    Firebar, and avoid it! Mario will have to do a running jump; Luigi can simply
    stand on the corner and wait for the right time to jump. Then jump to the
    Here, jump on the falling lift, and wait until it gets to the near bottom. Jump
    to the right. (If you're big, it's easier to duck first.) Here, first dodge the
    Firebar. Then run to the right again, and you'll see a Hammer Brother! The best
    strategy is to a running jump over him. Again, Luigi is better at this than
    Mario, since he can make longer jumps. It's a good idea to be on the highest 
    platform. Stand on the pipe, and wait for the right time to run under (the best
    time is when both Firebars are out of the way). When you run all the way to the
    right, there are some hidden blocks:
     |  |  |  | +----++----+
    _|__|__|__|_|.  .||.  .|
      |  |  |  ||.  .||.  .|
                  ^^    ^^   |  |  |  | 
                  ||    ||  _|__|__|__|_
                 Coin   ||    |  |  |  |
                        ||  __|__|__|__|
                   Power-up  |  |  |  | 
                              |  |  |  |
                             |  |  |  | 
                              |  |  |  |
    __________________      __|__|__|__|
     |  |  |  |  |  | +----+ |  |  |  | 
    _|__|__|__|__|__|_|.  .|_|__|__|__|_
      |  |  |  |  |  ||.  .|  |  |  |  |
    __________________   _  ____________
     |  |  |  |  |  | __/ /_ |  |  |  | 
      |  |  |  |  |  || Pit|  |  |  |  |
    __|__|__|__|__|__||    |__|__|__|__|
    You can only get the power-up if it's a Mushroom. You may need it though. Also,
    at this point, you will see fire breath going towards you.
    When you're on the bottom, watch out for Koopa Troopas. You can either jump
    over them or kick one shell onto the others. If you trying to get the Mushroom,
    you may want to rush and jump over them quickly.
    At the end of this part, you'll see a pipe and some bricks suspended in the
    lava. Also, try to catch the Mushroom as you are jumping. This is hard to do,
    however, as you need to jump correctly, and you also need to dodge Bowser's
    fire breath.
    Anyway, if you make it to the platform, jump on the lift. Wait for it to go to
    the right. If there is no fire in your way, jump on the solo block. If not,
    then wait for it to go right again, and jump if you can. (Try not to wait too
    long, because you may be running out of time.) Once you get to it, then jump on
    the next platform, and then jump to the right (and try to avoid the Podoboo).
    You will see Bowser again!
    This one is hard because there is a Firebar rotating around the bridge, which
    prevents you from running under him. Well, you can if you have good reflexes.
    Wait for him to jump and run as quickly as you can, while dodging the Firebar!
    Another strategy is to wait for him to walk far enough to the left so that you
    can jump over him! If you make it, you will, as you have guessed, see Toad 
    again! Also, you will go to World 5-1.
    This is only half the battle...
    Bowser is really a Spiny (thanks to icedbubbleblade2000 for this).
    -------------      Warp Zones: 6
    - World 5-1 -      Difficulty: 5/10
    -------------      Recommended Character: Mario
    You will first be greeted by Buzzy Beetles. You can jump on the ? Blocks (which
    have coins) and just jump over them to dodge them. Then you will see an upside-
    down pipe with a red Piranha Plant; avoid it. Jump to the next platform. You
    will now see a few narrow platforms and upside-down pipes above the gaps, also
    with red Piranha Plants. Mario will have a much easier time dodging these than
    Luigi will. With Mario, just run full speed without slowing down and jump each
    time you get to a new platform. With Luigi, slowly jump to each platform and
    wait for each plant to go back in its pipe. Then jump at the right time. Repeat.
    Now dodge the Koopa Paratroopa and Bullet Bills. Go down the pipe right after
    the Bullet Bill cannon. You will end up in Bonus Room #4; get the coins and
    Mushroom/Fire Flower. (If you don't go down the pipe, you will just go through
    a couple of pipes and three Goombas.)
    You will end up right before a staircase. You will experience an odd surprise:
    WIND! This is the first level with wind, and even SMB veterans will be
    unfamiliar with wind, as it didn't exist in that game. Anyway, wind controls
    your movement. It can help you or mess you up. Here, it will help you make
    longer jumps. But, if you got all the coins in 4-3 or warped here, you can get
    a 1-UP Mushroom. Just fall to the right of the stairs, and jump; first you will
    see an invisible block with a coin. Then jump on that block and you will get
    the 1-UP Mushroom! Then, when you did that, go back on the staircase, and make
    a long jump for the next platform. The wind is very useful (well, at least it
    is here). Then, as soon as you land, make another long jump. You will make the
    next platform; jump again to finally make it to the next part of the level.
    The wind will stop here. Jump over the easy-to-avoid Bullet Bill cannon. You
    will see two pipes nearly touching each other. What you want to do here is
    stand on the edge of the pipe; you will then only have to deal with the top
    Piranha Plant. Run when it's up, and you will see more pipes with Piranha
    Plants. These are pretty easy to avoid. You will soon see a green Koopa
    Paratroopa; if you jump on it, kick it, and run fast enough, you can get one or
    even two 1-UPs! Just watch out for the plants. Now, when you make it to the end
    of the platform, stand a relatively long distance from the lone block. Run and
    jump on top of the block, and immediately jump to the right towards the
    partially-broken staircase. (Or, if you're Luigi, you can take your time after
    you jumped on the lone block.) Jump to the right, and let the red Koopa
    Paratroopas to help you across.
    ----------------------------- Warping to World 6 -----------------------------
    If you want to get to World 6, and need a lot of coins, hit the right block on 
    the top row to open up a vine. If you're big, break a block so you can get to 
    the vine. Ride the cloud platform to get numerous coins. Fall off at the edge 
    and you will find a Warp Zone.
    --------------------------- End of Warp to World 6 ---------------------------
    But if you didn't want to warp there, then continue right. Dodge the green
    Paratroopas, and it seems that there is no way to get to the top. But don't
    worry, there is. Near the wall, about three blocks away, jump and you will find
    an invisible coin block. Then, jump on the coin block (if you're Mario, you
    will have to run), and stand on the right edge. Jump. Another invisible coin
    block will appear. Then, use these blocks to jump on the wall, jump over the
    Piranha Plant-infested pipe (which is easy), and finish the level.
    -------------      Warp Zones: 7, 8
    - World 5-2 -      Difficulty: 5/10
    Nintendo apparently switched some of the worlds in this game. Before, in SMB,
    World 4-2 was the second underground level. In this game, 5-2 is the second
    underground level. And it does indeed have Warp Zones.
    Anyway, you will fall down to a rocky ground. Avoiding the first upside-down
    red Piranha Plant is very easy, but to avoid the second one, you have to wait
    for it to go back up in its pipe. Then jump to the platform to the right.
    You will see two red Koopa Troopa; get rid of them. You will also see six ?
    Blocks; five contain coins, but the second-to-last one contains a Poison
    Mushroom (a.k.a. "Don't Get It"). 
    Go to the right and go under the bricks right to the pipe if you need a
    Mushroom/Fire Flower. It's on the first column of lone bricks.
                                                ^^              +----++----++----+
                                                ||              |_|__||_|__||_|__|
                                                ||              |__|_||__|_||__|_|
                                             Get the Mushroom   +----++----++----+
    +----------+                             (or Fire Flower)   +----++----++----+
    |  | |   | |                                  here.         |_|__||_|__||_|__|
    |  | |   | |                                                |__|_||__|_||__|_|
    +----------+                                                +----++----++----+
       |    |
       |    |
       |    |
    ___|    |_______________________________________________________________
    If it's a Mushroom, you will have to chase it down. Running over the one-block-
    wide gaps isn't difficult, as long as you run. Also, if you need a Starman, you
    can get one by hitting the last brick in the really long row. Keep running into
    enemies like crazy. Jump over the pit at the end. Get the block on the left if
    you need coins. There is also a warp to World 8 if you want to skip a bunch of
    worlds (useful for beginners). 
    ----------------------------- Warping to World 8 -----------------------------
    This warp is hard to get to, but when you get to it, you will be joyful as you
    skip part of World 5, and all of Worlds 6 and 7. Anyway, here's what you do.
    Jump on the first lift when it's really low, and hit the block on the very
    right. If you did this, a vine will come up. Climb it. This part is easier; it
    has a bunch of trees, and the only obstacle is the pit. No enemies. There are
    also tons of coins. 
    --------------------------- End of Warp to World 8 ---------------------------
    OK, if you didn't want to do that, then jump on each lift to the right. You
    have two options: warping to World 7-1 or simply beating the level. Which do
    you want to do?
    ----------------------------- Warping to World 7 -----------------------------
    To warp to World 7, first jump on the first lift. Watch the second lift very
    carefully. When you suspect a new lift coming from the top, jump immediately.
    Next, jump to the next one immediately, then jump on top of the ceiling. Now,
    run, and make sure to jump when you're about to see the pipe -- if you forget
    to jump, you're stuck with either losing a life or simply beating this level.
    Anyway, simply keep running and you will make it. Welcome to Warp Zone!
    --------------------------- End of Warp to World 7 ---------------------------
    OK, so maybe you decided not to warp at all and beat this level just so you can
    see World 9. In that case, then jump on the lifts, as usual, but this time, go
    BELOW the ceiling (which is much easier). Get the coins, and wait for the
    Piranha Plant on the right to appear (no, not a typo). Jump to the pipe, and by
    the time you get there, it will have disappeared. Then, jump again to the large
    pipe. Your jump will most likely be cut off by the pipe, and you will land on
    the brick platform directly below you. If you survived (which is easy), then
    stand on this brick block, and walk slowly to the left until part of your foot 
    hangs from the edge (don't go too far or you'll fall off). Wait for the red 
    Piranha Plant to disappear, and make a run for it. Go in the pipe and finish
    the level. 
    - World 5-3 -      Difficulty: 8/10 
    Ouch. This may be the hardest level yet in this game. First start out by
    jumping on the lift. It will move to the right; dodge the red Piranha Plant.
    When you see two Koopa Paratroopas, get off the lift and stand on the tree
    between the two pipes. What you want to do here is to bounce off of both red
    Paratroopas when they are at their highest point to get to that high pipe.
    Also, make sure you land on the block next to the pipe, rather than on the pipe
    itself, as there is a red Piranha Plant. Wait for it to disappear, and go in
    the pipe. (By the way, if you decided to go further right and skip the
    Paratroopas, you will just see a Blooper and a couple of platforms; survive and
    you will loop back to the near beginning of the level. The last tree platform,
    though, has a Mushroom on the right of it.)
    You will now enter a cave with numerous coins, no enemies, and a coin block at
    the end (Bonus Room #5). To get the coin block, you have to be big; break the 
    last block before the pipe and then jump to get the coins. Enter the pipe and 
    you will end up in another part of the level.
    This part is hard. Jump to the tree and the pipe afterwards, avoiding the red
    Piranha Plant. Make sure to avoid Bullet Bills as well; they seem to fire in
    the most inopportune places and at the most inopportune times. Next, jump on
    the scale lift and wait for a split second to jump on the next one. If you're
    picky on coins, let the second one fall until you get the coin, and make a
    running jump on the high tree. You can also go on the lower tree, but you won't
    get the coins. Either way, you'll also have to deal with another flying pink
    Blooper; jump on it or use a fireball. When you're done with that, jump to the
    next horizontally-moving lift, making sure no Bullet Bills interfere with your
    Now what you're supposed to do here, which is similar to what you did at the
    beginning of the level, is to bounce off the red Paratroopa to get on that high
    tree. This is tough, as the lift as to be all the way to the right, Bullet
    Bills tend to get in your way, and you also have to wait for the red Paratroopa
    to be at a reasonable height. Don't jump when it's too low or your bounce won't
    be high enough to get to the tree; don't jump when it's too high or you won't
    even make the Koopa.
    If you make it to the tree, then jump on the lifts that collapse very quickly.
    Since they sink quickly, you'll want to rush your jumps. Jump on the tree;
    you'll notice Bullet Bills will stop appearing for once. Next, jump on the
    scale lift. Get the coins if you want them, and then jump on the next lift.
    Again, get the coins if you need them, then jump on the suspended blocks. Stand
    on the left and make a running jump to finish this really hard level. (By the
    way, if you thought this was hard, wait until you see 7-2...)
    - World 5-4 -      Difficulty: 8/10
    Another difficult castle level. Castles will never get any easier; only harder.
    Start out by running left, then run right as fast as you can. You will end up
    on the second island, and then immediately jump. You will make it to the next 
    This part reminds me of the beginning of 7-4 in the original: it has a
    collapsing lift and as well as Podoboos. My method of approaching this is to
    rush the jumps without stopping; the Podoboos won't hit you as easily and you
    won't have to deal with the lift knocking you into the lava. Now you'll see a
    bunch of Firebars; the first two are easy to avoid, but if you like Mushrooms
    (or Fire Flowers), the third one can be a pain in the neck, especially with its
    ridiculous speed. The power-up, if you didn't know, is in the brick block right
    above the third Firebar. To get the power-up, first stand on the brick block
    and wait for it to point up and to the left and stand on the block it is
    rotating on. Hit the block, and IMMEDIATELY jump on the top to get the
    Mushroom/Fire Flower. This is hard to pull off, but is worth it. Next jump on
    the suspended platform with the fourth Firebar, and jump to the two narrow
    islands (this is difficult with Luigi).
    Jump to the next platform, while carefully avoiding the Firebar. Stand on the
    left here, and wait for it to get out of the way. Then, run, and jump when
    you're at the end of the platform to get to that high platform. If you're big,
    MAKE SURE YOU DUCK BEFORE JUMPING. If you forget to duck, your head will hit
    the ceiling, which will severely cut off your jump and you will land in the
    But if you made it, run to the right, but slow down at the end. Wait for the
    Firebar on the next platform to get out of the way, and fall to the left side
    of it. Jump over it when it's about to point upward, and stay to the right of
    the platform. Don't take too much time here, though, as you're still vulnerable
    to the Firebar. Next, jump to the floating platform.
    Here, jump from platform to platform. Make sure to take your time here,
    especially if you're Luigi, since the brick platforms are narrow. You don't
    need to rush here anyway since there are no enemies here except for the lava
    and a couple of Podoboos, which are easy to avoid. On the last platform, jump
    to the right, while carefully avoiding the Firebar. When you make it, always
    duck when the Firebar is about to hit you. Fall down to the platform below, and
    walk to the right while avoiding the two Firebars. Stand on the edge, and jump
    while moving left; you will end up on the platform above. Jump on the next
    suspended platform while avoiding the Firebar (with Luigi, ducking helps before
    jumping here), and keep jumping on every platform you see. The third one has a
    giant Firebar, so it is very difficult to get past this without getting hit.
    (Remember the Mushroom at the near beginning? I told you it was useful.)
    After the very long platform, jump on the lower platform if you're small, or
    the upper one if you're big. On the lower one, just simply run to the right; if
    you're small, you won't get hit. Ever. (Unless you jump, which you shouldn't be
    doing.) On the upper one, you can run as well, but just be more careful about
    the Firebars.
    All right. I hate this part. It has both a Podoboo and Bowser. Obviously, don't
    stand near the Podoboo. Bowser still breaths fire, so you'll really have to
    time this one well. I usually stand to the right of the Podoboo and wait for
    Bowser to jump. Then run under him and hit the axe! You'll see Toad again. 
    And this time, Bowser's decoy is a Lakitu (again, thanks to icedbubbleblade2000
    for this).
    - World 6-1 -      Difficulty: 6/10
    -------------      Recommended Character: Mario
    Well, this level is weird. First you'll see a chamber with a Buzzy Beetle on
    it. The first block contains a power-up. To get it while small, bump the
    Mushroom past the chamber and let it fall towards you. The next chamber has a
    green  Paratroopa. The right block contains a Starman, and, if you make it
    above this chamber, you will find a hidden 1-UP Mushroom above the middle block
    in the pit (as long as you warped here or got all coins in 5-3):
                                        +----+      +----+      +----+
                                        |\__/|      |.  .|      |\__/|
                                        |/  \|      |.  .|      |/  \|
                                        +----+      +----+      +----+
                                        +----+        ^^        +----+
                                        |\__/|        ||        |\__/|
                                        |/  \|   1-UP Mushroom  |/  \|
                                        +----+                  +----+
    +----+                  +----+      +----+                  +----+
    |\__/|                  |\__/|      |\__/|                  |\__/|
    |/  \|                  |/  \|      |/  \|                  |/  \|
    +----+                  +----+      +----+                  +----+
    +----++----++----++----++----+      +----++----++----++----++----+
    |\__/||.  .||_|__||_|__||\__/|      |\__/||_|__||_|__||.  .||\__/|
    |/  \||.  .||__|_||__|_||/  \|      |/  \||__|_||__|_||.  .||/  \|
    +----++----++----++----++----+      +----++----++----++----++----+
            ^^                                              ^^
            ||                                              ||
         Mushroom                                        Starman
        Fire Flower             
    You can use this Starman to defeat every enemy here. Just run and don't stop.
    After you get to the Hammer Brother, your Starman will have probably run off by
    now. You will find a very high pipe, and there doesn't seem to be any way to
    get up. However, stand right next to the pipe, and jump to find an invisible
    coin block. Jump on this block and then to the pipe to get past the pipe. Also
    watch out for the red Piranha Plant.
    Next you'll see a Bullet Bill cannon. To get across here as Mario, you'll have
    to make a running jump onto the cannon, and immediately jump afterwards above
    the staircase. Luigi can simply jump over it.
    Now, watch out for two Piranha Plants and a Hammer Brother. Usually, running
    non-stop will do the trick. If the Hammer Brother is on top of the bricks, it
    isn't a threat; keep running. If it's on your level, you have two options. You
    can stop and hope you won't run into it, which is difficult with Luigi due to
    his bad traction. Or, you can jump over it, which is usually the better option,
    because you'll rarely get hit by his hammers anyway. 
    This is a weird part of the level. There are 17 ? Blocks all in a row above a
    bunch of brick blocks. The fourth block has a power-up, but you can only get it
    as a Mushroom as far as I know, since it's impossible to jump above the row of
    blocks. The fifth to last block contains a Poison Mushroom, which you'll want
    to avoid, especially if you're after the Mushroom earlier. (Don't forget that
    two power-ups can't be on the screen at the same time.) The rest contain coins.
    Anyway, you'll also notice an upside-down pipe right above a right-side-up
    pipe, both with red Piranha Plants. Run when they're both out of the way, and
    try to the Mushroom falling from the row of ? Blocks afterwards.
    Here, you can take two options: take a pipe underwater or jump on numerous
    collapsible lifts above the water with the wind blowing on you. The pipe is
    difficult to reach since there are blocks above the pipe, and you need to do a
    descending arc jump to reach it, and with the wind, it's easy to fall in the
    water (and even if you do make it, you're likely to hit the plant). The lifts
    are also difficult, due to the fact that they fall quickly and are small, and
    that the wind only makes things more difficult. I prefer going down the pipe,
    and there's a glitch that makes it easy to reach as well. Simply stand on any
    portion of the staircase with the wind blowing, and wait for the Piranha Plant
    to almost disappear. Now, the fun part: repeatedly tap Left on the Control Pad
    while walking (don't press B) to be blown through the blocks. If you aren't
    pulled into the staircase at all, you are tapping too fast; if you start to be
    pulled into the staircase, but you end up being pushed back out, you are
    tapping too slowly. If you tap at the right speed, you will be pushed through
    the staircase! Now enter the pipe before the wind pushes you further!
    ---Option #1---
    Now you will be underwater. This isn't as difficult as other levels that are
    completely underwater, since there are not many water currents or Bloopers.
    There aren't any Cheep Cheeps, either. Anyway, swim and get the coins, and then
    swim under the almost-sealed box. Get the coins above if you want; just watch
    out for the Blooper. You can also get the coins below, which is easier. Now,
    wait for the elevator to get out of the way, and get more coins after that;
    don't stop pressing A or you will fall down the bottom. Also, don't bother with
    getting above to the top of the level here; the lifts make it too difficult.
    Next, swim above the coral and past the red Paratroopa while making sure not to
    jump on it. Here, go through the pipe. 
    ---Option #2---
    If you decided not to take the water route, and took the lift route instead,
    this will be more difficult. First jump on the first lift, and immediately jump
    to the next lift. You may have to slow down your jump at the end, since the
    wind will most likely push you too far. Then immediately jump past the partial
    This part is even more difficult. There is a pipe with a Piranha Plant in it,
    plus there is a moving lift. You have to time your jump so that you won't hit
    the Piranha Plant, and that you'll make it to the lift without skidding off of
    it. Then, you'll need to immediately jump to the right again past the next
    Piranha Plant so you won't lose momentum. This will take considerable practice,
    which is why I like the water route better. It's even harder if you're Luigi,
    since he has a skidding problem. The wind will stop after this though.
    You are almost at the end of the level. Move right so that you'll see two
    Piranha Plants, and time your jump so that you'll won't hit either plant. It's
    easy when both plants have just entered their pipes. Ducking while jumping will
    help make it easier here.
    Now this part is simple: simply jump over the Piranha Plants and you're done
    with this level!
    - World 6-2 -      Difficulty: 8/10
    World 6-1 was likely the last level that wasn't frustratingly difficult. This
    is a water level and is harder than 3-2. This level has strong currents that
    push you in the most inconvenient spots of the level, and Cheep Cheeps will
    usually happen to be in those spots to make things harder.
    You will start by swimming past some Bloopers. It starts difficult when there
    are two long pieces of coral that you have to swerve past; you have to swim
    over the first one and under the second one. Usually, a Blooper appears when
    you're trying to do this, and since there is little space between the pieces of
    coral, you're likely to hit it.
    Now swim under all the other pieces of coral, while avoiding the Bloopers and
    any Cheep Cheeps. Swim past the long box with two coins in it; it's hard to get
    in there without swimming into a Blooper following you around and is not worth
    it. Simply go to the right and wait for the lifts to get out of the way (they
    can push you into the bottom easily) while trying to withstand the current.
    When you go right, you have to survive the lifts again, except that this one is
    harder because there is a long piece of coral just to the left of the lifts,
    which make it easy to be trapped. Also, the space to the right is rather
    narrow, so you have to time it well.
    When you get past that, you will end up having to swim between many pieces of
    coral, leaving you little room to dodge Bloopers and Cheep Cheeps, which appear
    often here. And, the current pushing you downward certainly doesn't help
    either, so you'll have to press A fast to get past here. The part afterwards is
    easier, and you can even get ten coins. The gray Koopa Paratroopa isn't too
    hard to avoid, either, even if you're after the coins.
    Now, you can either get the coins below and hope that you won't fall down the
    bottom, or try to avoid the Koopa above. Either way, the downward lifts are
    back, although they're not as difficult as the pair before. Go to the right of
    either one and go into one of the passages; I prefer the bottom since it's
    larger. After this, try to swim past the Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers, which is
    somewhat difficult thanks to the currents slowing you down. Now go in the pipe
    and finish the level. 
    - World 6-3 -      Difficulty: 9/10
    Remember World 7-3 from the original Super Mario Bros.? Well, this level's a
    lot like it, only much, much harder. And since 7-3 from the original was
    difficult to begin with, this level is absolutely infuriating. (Although, it is
    nothing compared to C-2...) It's even harder with Luigi, since there are small
    platforms and Luigi has poor traction. Also, he's too slow to run away from
    Cheep Cheeps (and his traction problem makes it difficult to turn backwards
    when he's about to run into one). However, if you're interested in the 1-UP in
    7-1, Luigi is better at getting coins in this level, but I'm more worried about
    beating this level than getting the 1-UP in 7-1.
    Anyway, like in other Cheep Cheep-infested levels, a good way to dodge Cheep
    Cheeps is to run as fast as you can, because most of the time, Cheep Cheeps
    will end up being behind you (although they sometimes can be on top of you, in
    which case you should stop). 
    Start by running and jumping to the staircase, then jumping to the bridge.
    Cheep Cheeps will appear now. Keep running, get the coins if you're worried
    about the 1-UP in 7-1, and then jump to the next bridge. Watch out for the red
    Koopa and jump over it at the right time, and jump to the right again. You'll
    see a hovering green Paratroopa, much like in the original 7-3. Just run under
    it, and then jump to the skinny floating broken bridge. Since you're probably
    running at full speed, Luigi will have a hard time staying on the bridges. Then
    jump on the next few broken bridges, which are even skinnier than the first one
    (I told you Luigi was a bad idea here...).
    Now you'll see a red Koopa Paratroopa flying under a ? Block. Bounce off of it
    to be knocked up under the block, and you will get a Mushroom (or Fire
    Flower...) It's somewhat difficult to reach it if you haven't done this level
    before. Also, try not to waste too much time getting the Mushroom, as a Cheep
    Cheep will likely hit you. Run to the right onto another unbroken bridge, and
    try to stay away from the Koopas. There are both red Koopa Troopas and green
    Koopa Paratroopas here. You'll have to jump over the red ones, but try not to
    hit the green one in the process. Also, don't forget the Cheep Cheeps.
    You'll come across a brick block with a Mushroom/Fire Flower as you jump on the
    large tree. Again, don't waste too much time getting this, as both the red
    Koopa and the Cheep Cheeps can hit you. Next, jump on the skinny tree
    afterwards, and jump on another broken bridge. On the third broken one, there
    is a green Paratroopa above it; avoid it at all costs. Jump on the next broken
    bridges, then an unbroken one, and finally a broken one.
    There is a red Koopa Paratroopa followed by a tall tree. Bounce off the
    Paratroopa to get here, and make sure to run before jumping. (As much as I
    recommend Mario in this level, Luigi is actually better for this part alone,
    but Mario shouldn't have too hard of a time here.) You'll also notice that the
    Cheep Cheeps will stop jumping. Here, this is easy: just jump to tree after
    tree, and bounce off the red Paratroopa if you want 5000 points on the
    Yes, you're finally done with this level. However, there's still 6-4 to worry
    - World 6-4 -      Difficulty: 8/10    **Maze Level!**
    This is both a maze and a difficult level. In Super Mario Bros., the mazes were
    easy because they had very few enemies. What happened to those? Oh well. This
    IS a more difficult game, after all.
    First start out by making a running jump to the suspended bricks and then
    immediately jump again. Then jump over the Piranha Plant and stay just to the
    right of it. Wait for the very long Firebar to get out of the way, and then run
    UNDER the row of bricks as fast as possible. Next, jump over the lava pit, wait
    for the Piranha Plant to go up its pipe, and run without stopping. When you see
    a Hammer Brother, jump immediately, and then jump above the highest row of
    bricks without hitting the hammers and run. Make sure to slow down some time
    after the tiny pit, because you'll run into a small Firebar if you don't. Now,
    jump over the pipe, and run under the floating bricks attached to an upside
    down pipe. Watch out for the Piranha Plants though.
    Then, jump to the suspended platform, then immediately jump towards the lift.
    Next, wait for both the lift to go to the right and the Firebar to the right to
    get out of the way, and jump on its block. Immediately jump on one of the
    easiest available descending lifts, and wait for it to almost be at the bottom.
    Jump on the lowest passage to the right. Wait for a Podoboo to spring out of
    the lava pit, and then run. Make sure to stop right after you crossed the pit,
    however; you'll run into a large Firebar if you keep running. So, wait for it
    to get out of the way, and, like at the beginning, run like the wind.
    Afterwards, ignore the upside-down pipe.
    Jump to the lift and try to avoid Bowser's fire breath while jumping. Stand on
    the left of the lift, wait for it to go to the right, and make a running jump.
    Hope Bowser's fire won't hit you. If it doesn't, jump on the wall, and then
    Fall to the right to see Bowser.
    This Bowser isn't as hard as other Bowsers in the past. Why? Because he throws
    hammers instead of breathing fire! Hammers are easier to deal with because you
    can stay close to Bowser without worrying about being hit by an attack near the
    ground. There is a Podoboo, but it's not too much of a threat. Simply get
    inside his arc of hammers, wait for him to jump, and run under him to get the
    axe and see another Toad! Yes, he says the same boring message.
    And if you somehow managed to get here with Fiery Mario or Luigi, you'll find
    that his decoy is a Blooper. 
    - World 7-1 -      Difficulty: 9/10
    -------------      Recommended Character: Luigi
    This nighttime level can be frustrating. So many enemies and annoying wind...
    anyway, start the level, and jump past the red Piranha Plants (which actually
    isn't too hard). Then, let the wind pick up and help your jump past the large
    This can be very, very hard, especially with Mario. Luigi will have an easier
    time here; he can simply jump on the left edge of the first pipe do an arc jump
    to get above the bricks, and run across. However, if you're Mario, or you want
    a power-up, prepare to have a difficult time here.
    First, jump on the first pipe, repeatedly pressing Left so the wind won't push
    you off of the pipe. Next, you'll have to wait for two things: you'll want the
    Koopa to be near the pipe you're standing on, and for the upside-down Piranha
    Plant to get out of your way. Once this happens, make a run for it, wait for
    the next Piranha Plant to get in its pipe, and jump to that pipe. If you stand
    on the left of the pipe, you can get a power-up. If it's a Mushroom, run to the
    right, and catch it in mid-air when it falls down (the next upside-down Piranha
    Plant is easy to avoid). If it's a Fire Flower, break the next brick block,
    jump and get it, and then run to the right.
    The next part is easier... jump to the right, avoiding the Cheep Cheeps (which 
    isn't too hard). The block to the very right of the pipe has a Starman, so get 
    it if you want to be invincible. Keep running to the right and you'll see the 
    wind stopped.
    You have two options: take the pipes, get lots of coins (and a chance at a
    1-UP), and give up your Starman, or get a few coins out of ? Blocks, a power
    up, and a 1-UP Mushroom.
    ---Option #1---
    If you decide to enter the pipe, you'll have to entering it by jump on the red
    Koopa Paratroopas, similar to what you did in 5-3. Also make sure that you
    aren't invincible, otherwise you'll end up defeating the Paratroopas instead of
    bouncing off of them. Once you do, enter the pipe to find Bonus Room #6 (many
    coins, but also upside-down Piranha Plants). Then, you'll find another area
    with wind, and a green Koopa Paratroopa. Jump on that, and while it's moving
    right, run to the right. Interestingly, the wind will make you go as fast as
    the Koopa, and it's possible to get a 1-UP from enough Goombas/Koopas. Just
    watch out for the Bullet Bill cannon, jump over the pit, and enter the pipe.
    You will be in Bonus Room #5 (many coins, but nothing else).
    ---Option #2---
    Of course, you can always run to the right instead of bouncing off the red
    Koopa Paratroopas. Note that there are Hammer Brothers, however. You may think
    that since they run quickly towards you, they will be difficult to beat, but
    these Hammer Brothers are actually easier to beat than other Hammer Brothers.
    Stand on the very left of the screen so that the hammers won't affect you (this
    is called the "Hammer Immunity" glitch in Section 8b: Glitches; it only works
    in this game, not SMB), and wait for them to run towards you. Once they're
    about to touch you, jump up and kill it (or if they're on a ? Block, hit that
    block to defeat it). Or if you got the Starman, defeat them that way. You'll
    find a Mushroom or Fire Flower here, and you can also get a 1-UP if you got all
    coins from 6-3 or if you warped here.
    |_|__||.  .||_|__||_|__||_|__||.  .|
    |__|_||.  .||__|_||__|_||__|_||.  .|
            ^^                      ^^
            ||                      ||
         Power-up                    \\
                                     Invisible 1-UP Mushroom
    |. ?.||. ?.||. ?.||. ?.||. ?.|
    |.  .||.  .||.  .||.  .||.  .|
      ^^    ^^    ^^    ^^    ^^
      ||    ||    ||    ||    ||
    The 1-UP Mushroom is easy to find by accident because you're likely to
    accidentally hit it if you're trying to catch the Mushroom in mid-air. First,
    let the Mushroom fall to the ground and get it there, THEN get the block with
    the 1-UP Mushroom in it. Of course, it's easier to get as a Fire Flower; break
    any block near it, and get it.
    Then, after you do that, run to the pipe, and jump past the long pit.
    No matter which way you go, you will end up here. You'll find another pipe 
    (which you'll enter if you took the first option), a Piranha Plant, a Hammer 
    Brother, and a green Paratroopa. To get rid of the Hammer Brother, use the
    glitch to stand on the left of the screen, similar to what you did before.
    Everything else is easy to get past. Run to the right and jump over the Buzzy
    Beetle. Stand on the block next to Bullet Bill cannon; it won't fire as long as
    you're right next to it. Jump on it, then the two suspended blocks, and then to
    the flagpole to finish this exasperating level...
    - World 7-2 -      Difficulty: 9/10
    The beginning of this level is similar to that of 5-3... ride a lift, bounce
    off of red Paratroopas, and get into a pipe or it the level will loop.
    You may have guessed already... but first jump on the lift; it will move
    horizontally. You will some across a snowy tree with a ? Block to the left of
    it. It has a power-up in it, although it is near impossible to get as a Fire
    Flower. Then you'll see two red Koopa Paratroopas and a pipe at the top, just
    like in 5-3. Bounce off of them to get into the pipe. You will get to Bonus
    Room #4. (If you miss the pipe from bouncing off of them, you can try again by 
    standing on the tree below, and going to the right. The level will loop 
    infinitely until you get into the pipe.)
    OK, now that you're in Bonus Room #4, you can get all the coins, and make sure
    to get the hidden power-up and coin blocks. When you're done, go out the pipe
    on the right...
    ...and you'll see a Lakitu and a green Paratroopa. Get past those, and try to 
    jump on the Lakitu. Then you'll see two Firebars. Yes, it's unusual that you 
    would see these in a level like this, but time your jumps so that the block 
    you're going to jump to doesn't have a Firebar blocking you. Also, jump as 
    quickly as you can before you get hit by the one you're standing on. It's even 
    harder with Luigi because of his traction problem.
    Once you get past that, you'll see some red Koopas, a green Paratroopa, and if
    you got rid of Lakitu, another one is likely to show up here. Jump past these,
    and you'll see a platform with another Firebar at the end. On this platform, 
    make sure to get rid of Lakitu, or you have a chance of experiencing a nasty 
    glitch later on...
    To the right, you'll see a red Paratroopa. When that's high enough and the 
    Firebar is out of the way, bounce off of it and jump on the collapsing lifts to
    the right. Quickly. Or you can skip the Paratroopa and make a running jump to
    the first lift, then jump to the second one and then past that. Next you'll see
    a regular platform, and there's another red Paratroopa and another lift. 
    Hopefully you got rid of Lakitu at this point, or there's a possibility that 
    either the Paratroopa or the lift is missing. If you're Luigi, it's still 
    possible to beat this level with the glitch, but it's much harder. If you're 
    Mario, you have no choice but to lose a life. If you're Luigi and the lift or 
    the Paratroopa is missing, make a running jump to the object that is not 
    missing. If it's a Paratroopa, wait until it is as high up as possible, make a 
    running jump, and bounce off of it to the high pipe. If it's the lift that's 
    still there, make a running jump towards that lift, and immediately jump
    towards the pipe and hope you won't run into the Piranha Plant.
    If there is no glitch, then move to the right until you see the pipe, as it 
    usually makes the Piranha Plant disappear, which is very tough to avoid. Then 
    bounce off the Paratroopa onto the lift, and immediately jump to the pipe. Then 
    jump to the flagpole to finish this level.
    - World 7-3 -      Difficulty: 9/10
    This level is very difficult (though not as difficult as C-3). It is full of 
    wind, tiny platforms, and green... er, blue springboards. As with Koopas and 
    Piranha Plants, green springboards are just like blue ones, the only difference 
    is the types of levels they're found in. Even the leaves in this level are blue 
    instead of green! And, just like 6-3 in the original Super Mario Bros., the 
    whole level is gray instead of brown, and the clouds are red!
    Anyway. Run to the right, and the first thing you'll notice is the wind
    accompanied by blue leaves. Then jump on the blue springboard and go to the
    right. You'll notice another tree with a blue springboard on it; fall down and
    jump on that too. (Tip: The easiest way to land on a skinny platform is to
    gradually slow down by repeatedly tapping left. You'll usually land in the
    center of the screen.) You'll then notice another tree with a blue springboard
    with a blue Paratroopa floating above it; jump on that too. Soon you'll notice
    a very skinny tree with another blue springboard. Jump on that when you fall
    down and go to the right some more. You'll skip past a few pipes with red
    Piranha Plants in them, which are easy to avoid because you're floating in
    midair. Right after that is ANOTHER tree, slightly longer, and with ANOTHER
    blue springboard.
    Then, instead of another tree with a blue springboard, this time you'll see a
    tree with a ? Block over it with a power-up in it, partially guarded with
    blocks above that, but there's a falling lift to help you out as well. So move
    to the right and make sure the lift doesn't go off the screen completely.
    You'll fall on the blocks. Jump to the lift and keep moving left so the wind
    won't push you off, and when it's as low as the tree, jump to the tree and get
    the power-up. After that, run to the right past two long trees, and jump to the
    pipe when the Piranha Plant is out of the way. Then jump to the blue
    springboard, move right, and get on top of the tree that is stacked on a second
    tree. (I don't advise getting the coins, because that is risky.)
    Here, speed is important; if you can make a fast running jump towards the next
    springboard, you can skip a lot of the Firebars. If you're too slow, it will be
    harder, since there is wind, and the first few blocks with Firebars are one 
    block long. There isn't much to say besides replicate what you did in 7-2, but 
    go a bit faster since there is wind making it harder. If you were fast enough
    in air, hold Right and don't stop. When you land, you only have to get past one 
    Firebar, which is easy since it is rotating around a long platform. Once you
    get past that platform, you'll finish the level.
    - World 7-4 -      Difficulty: 8/10
    Thankfully, this level is easier than 7-2 or 7-3 (and with the exception of the 
    Bowser part at the end, definitely easier than C-4). But it's still difficult.
    Start out by waiting for the Firebar to be pointing downward, and then jump to
    the right. Keep running and fall down to the horizontally moving lift. It's
    easy to do, as it will always be there when you fall down. Let it take you to
    the right, and then run a bit more and avoid the Firebar. If you look
    carefully, you'll find an invisible block with a Mushroom or Fire Flower in it!
    It's right next to the large ceiling.
     |  |  |  |  |  | 
      |  |  |  |  |  |
     |  |  |  |  |  | +----+
    _|__|__|__|__|__|_|.  .|
      |  |  |  |  |  ||.  .|<-- Invisible block
     |  |  |  |  |  | 
      |  |  |  |  |  |
     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | +----+
    _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_|.  .|<-- Firebar
      |  |  |  |  |  |  |  ||.  .|
    Get the power-up and then jump on the invisible block. Then jump on each 
    downward-moving lift. Time your jumps carefully so that you'll make it on each
    lift. If the next lift is a lot higher than the one you're on, you may need to
    do a running jump to make it. When you're on the fifth one, wait for it to
    almost hit the bottom of the screen, and then make a small jump to the tiny gap
    to the right.
    Go to the right, and when the Firebar is pointing upward, run to the left edge
    and duck (if you're big). Right when it's out of the way, quickly jump to the
    right, and immediately do a ducking jump to the right to avoid the Firebar
    hitting you. This will be a bit harder with Luigi since he's slower, although
    it's still possible.
    Then, go to the right, and make a running, ducking (if you're big) jump past
    the first small gap and onto the red Koopa. Get rid of it by kicking it or
    using a fireball. Do the same thing to the second one, but be careful not to
    hit the third Koopa if you're kicking it. Then, jump on that third Koopa if you
    didn't accidentally get rid of it, and kick it to the right. Follow it to the
    right as you watch it hit numerous Buzzy Beetles, and you'll get a 1-UP! This
    makes this level easier than it could have been. However, make sure the red
    Koopa doesn't ricochet and hit you. Now, jump on the next platform and look at
    the Firebar.
    This looks like it's impossible to avoid, but it's actually simple. Stand in
    the bottom-left corner under the Firebar and, if you're big, duck, so it won't
    hit you. Once it's out of the way, stand in the bottom-right corner and duck
    again (if you need to). Once it's out of the way again, jump up, avoid the
    Buzzy Beetles, and you'll find the exact same Firebar again, which is no harder
    than the last one; do the same technique you did before to avoid this one.
    Jump up again, and you'll see Bowser's fire breath start to appear. Avoid it
    the best you can, and jump on the first suspended platform you see. Making sure
    you're avoiding the Podoboo to the right of you and any fire breath, jump to
    the smaller platform to the right, and then to the bigger one after that. The
    next one is a bit tricky. There is a Firebar in the middle of the platform;
    make sure it is out of the way, and then jump on the platform, hoping you won't
    run into Bowser's fire breath. Jump as quickly as you can to the next platform;
    you'll soon meet Bowser after this.
    This Bowser is difficult if you don't have a Fire Flower handy. And it's 
    difficult to have one here, since there's only one power-up in this level.
    Heck, it's harder than the Bowser in C-4, even though it is supposed to be a
    harder version of this level! Like in 6-4, he throws hammers, so it's a good
    idea to stay inside his arc of hammers and not attempt to jump over him. Well,
    it WOULD be a good idea, if it weren't for the Firebar right near Bowser! So
    you're forced to stay to the LEFT of his hammers. What you want to do here is
    wait for him to stop throwing hammers, AND for the Firebar to be under the
    bridge, AND for Bowser to be in mid-air! This is difficult to do, so you'll
    need a lot of patience. If all three of these things happen at the same time,
    make a run for it, and hope you won't get hit! Bowser's decoy this time is a
    Hammer Brother, by the way (again, thanks to icedbubbleblade2000).
    And is Toad getting annoying yet?
    -------------      Warp Zones: 5
    - World 8-1 -      Difficulty: 9/10
    -------------      Recommended Character: Luigi
    This whole world is HARD. It's simply the hardest of the first eight worlds,
    with difficult jumps, numerous pits, wind, and many annoying enemies. This
    level does have nice graphics though, with a wintry feel similar to 3-1 and
    Anyway, you'll start out by encountering one upside-down pipe and one right-
    side-up pipe close to each other, with red Piranha Plants in them. Simply wait
    for the one on the bottom pipe to get out of the way, and then jump over it.
    Then, you'll see a Buzzy Beetle. Use it to get rid of the Goombas and Koopas
    under the ? Blocks. All of these ? Blocks contain coins, except for the
    seventh, which has a power-up, and the second-to-last, which contains a Poison
    Mushroom. Make sure to get the seventh block, and avoid the second-to-last,
    especially since Poison Mushrooms cancel out Mushrooms. After this, wait for
    the green Koopa Paratroopas to pass by, and watch the wind pick up.
    This part is the first difficult part you'll see. You'll have to run and jump
    on top of the stack of four blocks, then immediately jump to the ground on the 
    right. If you make it here you'll notice a red Koopa and a couple of Buzzy
    Beetles; if they're a problem then you can use one to get rid of the other. To
    the right you'll see three red Paratroopas floating above a huge pit; you must
    bounce off of them to get across. Luigi has an easier time here, as he gets a
    huge boost off of an enemy and jumps higher. Mario will have to wait until the
    Paratroopa is at a reachable height, bounce off of it, and hope that the other
    two Paratroopas are low enough for him to bounce off of.
    OK, once you get that taken care of, you'll get to a long upside-down pipe with
    a red Piranha Plant and two Bullet Bill cannons to the right. Run under the
    pipe, and if a Bullet Bill is ever launched from the bottom cannon while you're
    under the pipe, duck and jump to get rid of it. Then jump on the cannon and go
    right. You'll see a Buzzy Beetle and an aggressive Hammer Brother that runs
    towards you. There are two ways to get rid of this Hammer Brother. You can use
    the Buzzy Beetle to kill it, and pray that it works. Because the hit detection
    with Hammer Brothers is bad, it won't always work, but it usually does. The
    other way to beat him is to stand on the very left edge of the screen, similar
    to in 7-1. You will be immune to the hammers as he runs towards you. When he's
    right near you, jump up and bounce on it to kill it.
    Now that the Hammer Brother is gone, you'll notice another long upside-down
    pipe, with four brick blocks. The first one contains a power-up, but it's so
    out of reach that it is very difficult to get without a glitch that allows you
    to "climb" up the left edge of the pipe. Basically, to do this glitch, you have
    to scroll the screen to the right so that a tiny bit more than half of the
    block with the power-up is showing (or on the GBA, a very little part of the
    block). Then run back to the left edge of the screen, and keep jumping. If you
    scrolled far enough, you'll notice that Mario/Luigi will be stuck in the pipe.
    Keep jumping and Mario/Luigi will keep ascending the pipe. Eventually you'll
    hit the power-up block.
    Now to get out, hold Left and keep pressing A as fast as you can; you'll notice
    that you'll be pulled into the pipe going right. If you're trying to get a Fire
    Flower, try to break the brick blocks so that you can jump out from the top of
    the pipe and get the Fire Flower. If it's a Mushroom you're trying to get, let
    Mario/Luigi automatically move right until he's out of the pipe. Then get the
    Once that's done, go to the right and you'll see a red Piranha Plant and
    another long pit. This pit has only one red Paratroopa, and is harder. Luigi
    will, once again, have an easier time, as he can bounce off anytime. Mario will
    need to wait until the Paratroopa is descending until it's a bit above Mario's
    height; that way it will be reachable when he gets there. He should go right to
    see the Paratroopa, and go back left on the pipe. Once you bounce off the
    Paratroopa, try to land on the lone brick block. Wait for the aggressive Hammer
    Brother to run left towards you, and then jump over him before he has the
    chance to hit you with one of his hammers. Run to the right and jump over the
    red Piranha Plant quickly before the Hammer Brother starts chasing you to the
    You'll see a Bullet Bill cannon and another Hammer Brother. Use the same trick
    as before to defeat this Hammer Brother; stay at the left of the screen and
    jump over any Bullet Bills that come at you. Once you get rid of the Hammer
    Brother, jump on top of the cannon; there is a power up above it. Get the
    power-up, and then you can do one of two things. If you warped here, or you got
    all the coins in 7-3, you can get the 1-UP Mushroom, which is touching the
    right side of the stair-like brick blocks:
          |_|__||_|__||_|__||.  .| <-------- 1-UP Mushroom
          |__|_||__|_||__|_||.  .|
    Make sure to avoid both Bullet Bill cannons while getting the 1-UP Mushroom.
    You can also take the safer way if you don't want the 1-UP Mushroom, which is
    above the brick blocks.
    You'll see a red Piranha Plant and a red Koopa. If you took the top route,
    you'll avoid these. You'll see more red Piranha Plants in pipes. Avoid entering
    the right-side-up pipe before the first pit with the lone block, because you'll
    enter an underwater bonus room similar to the one in 6-1, but with slightly
    different graphics. Exiting this bonus room will take you to a Warp Zone to
    World 5-1, and you don't want that, given the difficulty of all the levels
    you've been doing. You also can't see World 9 if you enter any Warp Zone, so if
    you end up here by accident, let the time run out.
    Instead, just jump on the suspended block, and then the next pipe, avoiding the
    red Piranha Plant. Keep avoiding the red Piranha Plants, and get the brick
    block to get a lot of coins. Jump on the last pipe, then the suspended block,
    and finish the level by touching the flagpole.
    - World 8-2 -      Difficulty: 8/10
    This level has autumn colors instead of winter colors. It's also shorter than
    the last level, but it's still rather difficult. You'll start out by seeing a
    pipe and a collapsing lift. Wait for the Piranha Plant to get into the pipe,
    and quickly jump onto the lift and onto the land to the right. There is a
    power-up above the lift, but it's difficult to get unless it's a Mushroom. 
    Now, you'll see a floating pipe, and some brick blocks with coins, Buzzy
    Beetles, and green Koopas. Try using the Buzzy Beetle on top get rid of the
    other Buzzy Beetles. Also make sure to avoid the last brick block, because it
    has a Poison Mushroom. Anyway, run to the right watching the Buzzy Beetle
    knocking out the other Buzzy Beetles and Koopas.
    Jump over the pipe, and you'll encounter... you guessed it... wind! There are a
    couple of camouflaged brick blocks in the castle wall, one with coins, and one
    with a Poison Mushroom. But more importantly, there is a springboard and a very
    tall wall. You'll need to bounce off of the springboard while running to get a
    long jump. This is difficult with the wind, because you need to be precise when
    jumping. It takes practice, but you should try jumping to the springboard when
    you are running in the middle of the castle wall.
    Once you make the jump on springboard, you'll make it past the wall and see
    some brick blocks, a pit, and a red Paratroopa under one of the blocks. You'll
    also notice the wind stopped. You may think you need to go right, but that
    takes you to a long passage with many camouflaged brick blocks containing
    Poison Mushrooms, a couple of Hammer Brothers, and a pipe that takes you to
    Bonus Room #6. Exiting this Bonus Room will take you back to the pipe right
    before the wind started. So instead of running to the right, bounce off the red
    Paratroopa to hit the brick block above it, and then land on the ground to the
    right. A vine will come up! Climb it and you'll make it to the last part of
    8-2, which is short.
                                        First, hit this block by bouncing
                                        /\||       off the red Paratroopa
                                       /O|VV _     directly below it. It
                                       | |__/ \    reveals a vine.
                                       |/   \ |
                                       <|   |/            Next, jump on this block
                                        |___|             and from there, jump to
                                        |_|_|               ||   the vine. Don't
                                                            VV   break this block.
    |.  .||_|__||_|__|
    |.  .||__|_||__|_|
    Avoid this Starman. You
    won't be able to bounce
    off of the Paratroopa.
    ______                                          _______________________________
          |                                        |
          |                                        |
    You'll notice that there are some cloud platforms. There are no enemies, and
    there are only a few of these clouds until the flagpole, which is on the last
    cloud. This part shouldn't be too hard.
    - World 8-3 -      Difficulty: 9/10
    This level has the cloud platforms from the end of the last level, and has a
    lot of difficult jumps and Hammer Brothers. Lakitu is also present in this
    level, but it's not as much of a concern as the Hammer Brothers. Just be
    prepared for a difficult level.
    This level starts out with a collapsing lift and another cloud platform after
    that. You'll see Lakitu here. Jump on it to get rid of it, and make a running
    jump to the long, high cloud while ignoring the floating green Koopa
    Paratroopa. Go right, and you'll see a red springboard and another collapsing
    lift. Do NOT jump down to the springboard, but rather FALL down and hold left
    while falling; you will get more momentum on the springboard this way.
    Immediately jump on the springboard, and hopefully you have enough speed to
    make it to the very high collapsing lift. Fall or jump down to the cloud below.
    At this point Lakitu will have likely reappeared, and he's harder to get since
    you're at a lower height than before. If he's an annoyance to you, you can get
    rid of the red Koopa on the stack of blocks and jump on Lakitu from there. It's
    not worth the trouble, however, since he usually reappears quickly anyway.
    Past the stack of blocks with the red Koopa Troopa on it, you'll see quite a
    few aggressive Hammer Brothers. You may think that doing the trick where you
    have to stand on the left edge of the screen would be a good idea here, but
    Lakitu throws so many Spinies and reappears so often that it's difficult to do
    without getting hit by a Spiny. Doing running jumps over Hammer Brothers is a
    better idea, although it's still difficult because there are brick blocks with
    Poison Mushrooms that blend in the castle wall, like in 8-2. These brick
    blocks, annoyingly, can cut off your jump and cause you to hit the Hammer
    Brothers. If you look closely, you can see these brick blocks, so that you can
    get enough speed to jump on them and then jump over the Hammer Brothers. When
    you get past them, you'll find another castle wall. There are three brick
    blocks camouflaged in this wall: the first one has a Poison Mushroom, the
    second one has a Mushroom (or Fire Flower), and the last one has a vine. Get
    the second block if you need it, and the vine is good if you want a lot of
    coins (59, if I counted correctly). If you don't want the coins, you can go
    right, since this bonus stage doesn't take you any further in the level.
    No matter which path you took, you will be near an orange pipe and another
    brick castle wall. There is another camouflaged block, this time with a
    Starman, but you should avoid it because you need to bounce off of a couple of
    red Paratroopas soon. Go to the right and you'll find a springboard. Bounce off
    of the springboard, go right, and you'll see the Paratroopas. They're easy to
    bounce off of with both characters.
    You'll immediately see a Hammer Brother. Jump past it like before. It's easier
    this time since there are no blocks blended in the background to cut off your
    jump. You'll see another; either jump over it or do the "Hammer Immunity"
    trick. At the end of the platform, there seems like an impossible jump.
    However, there are two more camouflaged brick blocks at the very end of the
    castle. The first one contains coins, and the second one has a Poison Mushroom.
    Jump on these blocks; you don't need to hit them from the bottom. Get enough
    speed, and jump on the scale lift to the right. Lower it enough so that you can
    get from the right lift to the suspended blocks. Don't lower the left lift too
    far, however, or you can't even reach the second lift. Once you get to the
    blocks, jump from them to get to the flagpole to end this annoying level.
    - World 8-4 -      Difficulty: 9.5/10    **Maze Level!**
    -------------                            **Final Level!**
    This is the final level... at least, it's the final level of the main eight
    worlds. The game is not over yet, though, as this level is fairly difficult. As
    with other worlds, the last level in this world is a castle.
    The first thing you'll notice is that you need to get to the platform below
    you. The problem is, you'll have to do an Arc Jump going DOWNWARD. In order to
    do this easily, stand on the very edge of the platform you're on with a little
    bit of Mario or Luigi's foot hanging over the edge. If you're big, you should
    duck. Now, jump, moving right VERY SLIGHTLY so you can get off of the platform,
    then as soon as you're on the same height as the higher platform, move left.
    This will likely take a few tries to get this right, but if you did this
    correctly, you should be on the lower platform now. This was only the first
    hard part in this level. Get used to this move, because you'll need to do it
    again shortly.
    Now that you're on the lower platform, go to the left so you have room for
    speed, then run to the right and jump when the Firebar on the right platform is
    out of the way. Continue running right, avoiding the Firebar as you get to it.
    When you get here, make sure not to jump between the right side of the ceiling
    you just went under and the raised block at the end, because you'll find a
    block with a Poison Mushroom, and you don't want that.
    To the right, you'll see a lava pit with a Podoboo, and a platform to the right
    of that pit with a Firebar on it. This is difficult to do, since either of
    these two things can hit you easily. The best time to jump is when you see the
    Podoboo descending about halfway down and the Firebar is pointing up or right.
    While you are waiting for both of these enemies to be in these spots, you
    should be standing a couple of blocks away from the raised block right before
    the pit. When these enemies are in the right spots, jump onto the raised block
    to get some speed, and jump past the pit. Try to land on the right end of the
    stair-like platform.
    You'll see a red Paratroopa and a couple of pipes to the right. Bounce off of
    the Paratroopa, preferably when it's low, and try to get on top of the first
    pipe. If you land on the brick platform above it instead, jump to the second
    pipe, and do a small ducking jump to the first pipe (or if you're small, just
    simply jump). Enter the pipe and you'll find an underwater passage.
    This water passage is strange, because the water is black and there are no
    waves on top. Is this supposed to be murky water? Anyway, this part is short
    and isn't too hard, and is actually easier than the water passage in 8-4 in
    SMB. When you come out of the pipe, you'll see a gray Blooper which isn't too
    hard to avoid. You'll also see a Firebar around a blue block, which is also
    easy to avoid. Just wait for it to move left and go in the tiny passage. There
    is another easy Firebar in the middle here; simply avoid it by letting it
    rotate in the bricks and swimming above it. There is another Firebar at the
    end, which is a bit trickier, but it's still rather easy; just move under it
    when it's out of the way. There's also another Blooper, which is also easy to
    avoid. Enter the pipe here, and you'll be on land again.
    This small room consists of two pipes and a hidden power-up. You'll go up the
    first pipe. The first of two hidden power-ups in this level is next to the left
    ______                                     ________________________
     |  |                                       |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
    _|__|_                                     _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |                                       |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|                                     __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
     |  |                                       |  | 
    _|__|_                                     _|__|_
      |  |                                       |  |
    __|__|                                     __|__|
     |  | +----+                                |  | 
    _|__|_|.  .|                               _|__|_
      |  ||.  .| <------ Invisible block         |  |
    __|__|+----+                               __|__|
     |  |                                       |  | 
    _|__|_                                     _|__|_
      |  |                                       |  |
    __|__|                                     __|__|
                      +----------+              |  |       +----------+
                      |  | |   | |             _|__|_      |  | |   | |
                      |  | |   | |               |  |      |  | |   | |
                      +----------+             __|__|      +----------+
                         |    |                 |  |          |    |   
                         |    |                _|__|_         |    |   
                         |    |                  |  |         |    |   
    __________________   |    |                __|__|______   |    |   
     |  |  |  |  |  |    |    |                 |  |  |  |    |    |        
    _|__|__|__|__|__|_   |    |                _|__|__|__|_   |    |        
      |  |  |  |  |  |   |    |                  |  |  |  |   |    |        
    __|__|__|__|__|__|   |    |                __|__|__|__|   |    |        
    Once you get the power-up, jump on the pipe and then jump on the platform
    hovering over the second pipe. This part is just like at the beginning of the
    level, where you have to do a downward Arc Jump. Do exactly what you did at the
    beginning of the level, but this time, try to stop yourself from going too far
    left into the pipe, because you might hit the Piranha Plant. If you make it to
    the pipe, wait for the red Piranha Plant to disappear, and enter the pipe.
    You'll be in another part of the level, although this isn't as difficult. Go to
    the left edge of the pipe to get room for speed, then run right and jump past
    the lava pit onto another platform. All of the ? Blocks have coins, except for
    the third, which has a Poison Mushroom. Avoid it. Jump past the pipe, and do
    NOT enter any of these pipes you see, because you'll get taken back to the
    underwater part of the level. Dodge the Blooper and the blue Koopa Paratroopa.
    Try to wait for a few seconds if you plan to jump on the Paratroopa, because it
    starts out close to an invisible block with a Poison Mushroom, which is not
    good. There is another pipe to the right, with another blue Koopa Paratroopa,
    but this time it floats rather than hopping. You can jump on it repeatedly to
    get rid of it. To the right, you'll see a few blocks in mid-air, as well as a
    lift below them.
    Do NOT jump on the blocks above the lift, because you'll have to restart this
    room of the level again. Instead, jump on the lift, and when it is as far right
    as it can go, run from it past the gaps from the lone blocks to the right of
    the lift. Then, jump when you're on the second lift onto the platform to the
    right. The giant Firebar isn't much of a threat, because it is usually out of
    the way when you make it onto the platform. Run right through the very long,
    empty passage, and you'll eventually see a large pit with a red Paratroopa and
    a blue Paratroopa, which seem to fly at slightly different speeds. You'll have
    to bounce off them to get to the elbow pipe on the right. The best time to jump
    is when the red Paratroopa is as low as possible, and the blue Paratroopa is as
    right as possible. Once they're at their respective spots, jump and bounce off
    them to make it on the pipe. But before you enter the pipe, there is a second
    hidden power-up above the pipe that you should get first.
                            +----+         |    |    |  | 
                            |.  .|         |    |   _|__|_
                            |.  .|         |    |     |  |
                            +----+         |    |   __|__|
                              ^^           |    |    |  | 
                              ||           |    |   _|__|_
                           Invisible       |    |     |  |
                             block         |    |   __|__|
                                           |    |    |  | 
                                           |    |   _|__|_
                                           |    |     |  |
                                           |    |   __|__|
                            +----+         |    |    |  | 
                            |----|         |    |   _|__|_
                            |    |----------    |     |  |
                            |----|          \   |   __|__|
                            |    |          /   |    |  | 
                            |----|----------    |   _|__|_
                            |    |         |    |     |  |
    ______      ____________+----+_________|____|_____|__|
     |  |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
    _|__|_      _|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|_
      |  |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    __|__|      __|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|
    Enter the pipe now, and you'll be in the last area of the level.
    Go to the right, and you'll see Bowser! Here it is, the real Bowser! Strangely,
    he's blue for some reason. This Bowser, unlike its decoys, throws hammers AND
    spits fire. If you're Fire Mario/Luigi, stay at the left side of the screen, so
    that you'll keep a safe distance from him while shooting fireballs at him. Jump
    any fireballs he spits at you, and shoot fireballs back at him! Just be warned
    that there occasionally is a glitch that causes part or even all of his fire to
    be invisible, which is very annoying. If this happens, try to guess where the
    fire is, and jump over it when you think it's about to hit you. Also, there's
    one more thing you should be aware about: NEVER stand on the pipe next to
    Bowser. There are invisible coin blocks above the pipe, effectively trapping
    you, so you have no choice but to enter the pipe, which will take you back to
    the underwater part of the level. You've come a long way, so you do not want to
    make this mistake. Just do what you can to pelt him with your fireballs, and
    you'll find that the decoy is... Bowser! You also got 5000 points for beating
    him, as usual. 
    If you're Super or normal Mario/Luigi, this will be tougher. Stand under his
    arc of hammers, and hope he won't shoot any fireballs. Wait for him to jump,
    and run under him! If you're big, you should do a ducking slide under him when
    he jumps. If you manage to do this, you will have beaten this game!
    ...Wait a second! Where's the axe? Well, it turns out that he was fake. Why
    else would he be blue? Well, you still have the real Bowser to beat, so run to
    the right and jump on the collapsing lift. Jump on the platform to the right.
    Don't worry about the red Piranha Plant, as you have to jump to get hit by it,
    even if you're big. Jump to the right, avoiding the single Buzzy Beetle, and
    run further into the passage. You'll find the real Bowser! This one is very
    tough, with annoying hanging walls that prevent you from jumping over him, one
    of which has a Firebar. And, like the fake Bowser you just fought, this one
    also shoots fire and throws hammers! If you're still Fiery Mario/Luigi, stand
    in the middle of the staircase and pelt fireballs at him as you see that he is
    the real Bowser and you get another 5000 points. If you're Super Mario/Luigi or
    small Mario/Luigi, get inside his arc of hammers, while avoiding the Firebar
    and hoping he doesn't shoot fireballs at you. Like before, wait for him to jump
    and run under him! If you're Super Mario/Luigi, make sure to crouch while
    running under him! If you manage to do this, you will have beaten the first
    part of this game! For real!
    ********** SPOILERS! **********
    Instead of Toad, you'll see a locked door. Peach, who looks better than she
    does in SMB, will come out, and you'll see a short poem by her:
    |  If you played as Mario: |  If you played as Luigi:  |
    |                          |                           |
    |     PEACE IS PAVED       |      PEACE IS PAVED       |
    |     HURRAH TO  MARIO     |      HURRAH TO  LUIGI     |
    |      OUR ONLY HERO       |       OUR ONLY HERO       |
    |    100000 PTS.ADDED      |     100000 PTS.ADDED      |
    While you see this poem being displayed on the screen you will get 100,000
    points for each extra life you have left, and you will hear some new music,
    which basically is like the ending music in Super Mario Bros., but has better
    sound quality, was extended, and doesn't repeat. You'll also see the seven
    Toads you rescued in a semicircle surrounding Mario (or Luigi) and Peach, and
    they'll disappear and reappear.
    ********** END SPOILERS! **********
    After the ending is over, the game will save, and the screen will show a box
    with Japanese text telling you that the game was saved. Press B, and either one
    of two things will happen. If you beat this game without warping, you'll be
    taken to World 9 with one life, and beating 9-4 will take you to 9-1. If you
    warped, even once, you'll return to the title screen. You'll likely notice that
    there is a star flashing next to the "Super Mario Bros. 2" logo: This
    represents how many times you have beaten the game. You can get up to 24 stars.
    Once you get 8 or more stars, hold B and press Start to start on World A-1!
    ----------------------------------- World 9 -----------------------------------
    The "Fantasy" World 9 can be accessed if you beat Worlds 1-8 without warping
    once. This includes both Warp Zones that take you forwards and Warp Zones that
    take you backwards. You are allowed to continue (lose all lives) as many times
    as you want. Once you beat World 8-4, you'll be taken to World 9-1 with only
    one life, using the character you used to beat World 8-4. Some levels do have
    coins, so it is possible to get extra lives. If you lose all your lives in
    World 9, you'll return to the title screen and you'll have to get to World 9
    all over again.
    The levels themselves are the easiest levels in the entire game, and most are
    even easier than any level in Super Mario Bros. The levels have few enemies,
    most of which are easy to avoid. The interesting thing, though, about these
    levels are that you'll see enemies and other objects in places where you
    normally would not find them, such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Hammer Bros., and
    Podoboos underwater, as well as seeing springboards and trees in a castle. You
    won't find a single power-up in World 9, so if you make it here as Fiery/Super
    Mario/Luigi, you'd better make it count.
    - World 9-1 -      Difficulty: 1.5/10
    When you first get here, on the screen before the level starts, you'll see this
    message below the number of lives:
      LET'S TRY "9 WORLD"
         WITH ONE GAME.
    It's rather interesting that it says "9 WORLD" instead of "WORLD 9", and that
    is says "GAME" instead of "LIFE". You do start out with only one life, after
    all, so the programmers probably meant that. 
    Anyway, when the level starts, you'll notice you're in an area that looks like
    a Warp Zone. There are blocks that form a staircase with a ceiling to the right
    of it, with a pipe under the ceiling. You'll also notice that there are stones
    forming a ceiling to the left of the staircase, strangely. They don't seem to
    serve any purpose, so just go to the right and into the pipe. Because this
    isn't actually a Warp Zone, the red Piranha Plant in the pipe won't disappear,
    so be sure not to hit it.
    You'll fall underwater at a seemingly random point, on top of a small staircase
    with a neon-colored pipe, similar to the one in 8-4 in Super Mario Bros. The
    first few things you'll notice after that are that there are no waves on top,
    and there are also clouds and a strange red bush on the bottom. This is NOT
    what you usually see underwater...
    Go to the right, and you'll see a blue bush with a pink outline, more clouds,
    and a red Paratroopa. The Paratroopa is easy to avoid; just swim above it and
    don't jump on it. You can't jump on anything underwater, not even Goombas, so
    don't bother trying. To the right, you'll see some stranger things: an inactive
    green Bullet Bill cannon, descending lifts, and ? Blocks. Hit the bottom of the
    ? Blocks, and you'll reveal... nothing. Yep, when a ? Block is underwater,
    nothing will come out of it. So, just go to the right, and you'll see another
    easy red Paratroopa, as well as a few more neon-colored pipes with easy red
    Piranha Plants. The one above the pit is a bit more difficult to avoid, as you
    don't have much room to go under the Piranha Plant without falling in the pit.
    If you have trouble with this one and you don't have a Fire Flower, simply
    float down, and as soon as you're under the middle of the Piranha Plant, swim
    upward. You should avoid it this way.
    To the right, you'll see another pipe, which is easy to avoid since you can
    swim above it, and a couple of floating gray Paratroopas. Swim above them and
    you'll have no trouble. You'll soon see a Lakitu, but this one is gray instead
    of the usual green. It's no different from a green Lakitu, though. Swim above
    it or below it and keep going to the right, and the Spiny Eggs it throws will
    never hit you. You'll see some gray Koopas, some gray Goombas, and another
    green useless Bullet Bill cannon, but all these are very easy to avoid.
    You're near the end of the level. You'll see coral lined up in two horizontal
    dark blue rows, and a gray Hammer Brother, which are no different from the
    other Hammer Brothers you've seen. It isn't that hard to avoid; simply swim
    over the hammers it throws. To the right, Lakitu will disappear, and you'll see
    two Bloopers, a gray Buzzy Beetle on the ground, and two gray hopping
    Paratroopas. These shouldn't be too hard, and once you avoid them, you'll see a
    green staircase. After that, you'll see a red flagpole with a gray peace sign
    and a blue sphere on top, and a green castle to the right of that. Yes, it's
    very odd to see these underwater, especially since they're colored differently,
    but so are a lot of other things in this level. 
    - World 9-2 -      Difficulty: 2/10
    This level is slightly more difficult than the last one, but it's still easy
    nonetheless. You'll start out underwater, and you'll immediately see more neon
    pipes. Most of the level consists of pipes with red Piranha Plants and another
    gray Lakitu. The third pipe is rather large, which doesn't give you too much
    room to dodge a Spiny Egg. If you have trouble here, just keep swimming back
    and forth to avoid the Spinies and to wait for the Piranha Plant to go in its
    pipe. Then swim under the pipe when you're sure a Spiny Egg won't hit you.
    The next pipe is shorter, and after that you'll see a short dark blue row of
    red coral in the middle of the screen. You can either swim above it and
    encounter the Lakitu and the two red Piranha Plants, or swim under the coral
    and keep swimming to avoid falling in the pit. To the right, you'll see another
    row of coral. Swim to this coral, and then swim either above the pipe or walk
    on the pipe, while making sure not to hit Lakitu or his eggs, since Lakitu is
    close to this pipe. It's easier from here, since you have more room to dodge
    him. After the next short row of coral, Lakitu will disappear, and the only
    obstacles left are a few more Piranha Plants.
    To the right, you'll see some very odd trees. They look like the trees in other
    levels, except they have green bark, and red leaves. Above two of these trees
    are some coins. These coins look weird because, like the coral in this level,
    there are dark blue rectangles surrounding them. You'll see nine coins, and
    after that is a green staircase, followed by another oddly-colored flagpole and
    - World 9-3 -      Difficulty: 1/10
    This level is the EASIEST level in the entire game. This level has two lava
    pits, and the only enemy in this level is a fake Bowser, which is very easy to
    avoid. The first thing you'll likely notice in this level is that it looks like
    a castle, but it has a blue background instead of the usual black, and there is
    scenery in the background, such as gray plants and red clouds.
    Start this level by running to the right, while making a few jumps here and
    there. You'll see a red springboard in the middle of nowhere, with doesn't have
    any use at all. Soon you'll see the first of two lava pits, which is easy to
    jump over since there is a platform above it. Mario needs to perform a running
    jump to get up here, though. You'll notice a brick block above this platform,
    which contains a blue vine. Climb it to reach an odd bonus room. The bonus room
    contains a bunch of Lakitu clouds and 16 coins. Get the 16 coins and jump in
    the pit at the end to go back to where you were before.
    Whether you entered this bonus room or not, you'll end up at the right of the
    first lava pit. You'll see a second lava pit, but it's almost completely
    covered by the platform above, so you have to purposely jump in it to lose a
    life. Obviously, go up the staircase and you'll come across an elbow pipe. If
    you enter it, you'll see the same bonus room as you did before, except this
    time, instead of seeing a blue vine sprout up, you'll start by floating upward,
    as if you were exiting a pipe. The bonus room is the same otherwise, and when
    you exit the bonus room, you'll end up BEFORE the pipe, which lets you enter
    this bonus room as many times as you want before the time runs out.
    Once you don't want to go through the bonus room anymore, there are two paths
    you can take when you get to the pipe. The upper path is much easier, as you
    don't have to deal with Bowser at all. The lower path is for daredevils who
    would like to try getting past Bowser. Once you see him, you'll see that he's
    blue, just like the fake Bowser in World 8-4, and he only throws hammers. If
    you chose to take the bottom path, the best way to deal with him is to stay
    between him and his hammers, and run under him when he jumps, like in previous
    worlds. There are no other obstacles here, so this shouldn't be too hard. Or,
    if you have a Fire Flower, shooting him with five Fireballs will reveal that
    he's... a fake Bowser.
    Once you get past him (or if you took the upper route), go to the right to get
    to the axe... er... a flagpole? Yes, this level does have a flagpole instead of
    an axe. This flagpole is white with a yellow and blue flag and a gray sphere on
    top, like in 7-3. Congratulations, you just completed the easiest level in the
    - World 9-4 -      Difficulty: 1.5/10
    This level is another underwater level, but you're in darkness and the sea
    floor is gray instead of green. This easy and short level starts out with a
    variety of strangely-colored enemies on the bottom of the level. You'll see a
    gray Goomba, a blue Paratroopa, a gray Buzzy Beetle, a blue Paratroopa, and a
    blue Hammer Brother. You can easily avoid these by swimming above them, and
    remember not to jump on them, since you're underwater.
    After that, you'll see some blocks that make strange formations that look like
    Japanese letters. You'll see a Blooper, which is the only remotely difficult
    part in this level. Just make sure it swims until it isn't in your way, and
    then swim past it. A red Koopa Paratroopa and a Podoboo will show up after
    that, but neither of them flies up all the way, so if you are on the top of the
    screen, they will never hit you. Those are the last enemies you'll see in World
    9-4, and after that are more blocks that form Japanese letters. After the
    exclamation mark at the end, you'll see a staircase and then a flagpole to end
    this unbelievably short level. What a shame that this level didn't even have
    NOTE: After you beat World 9-4, you will be sent back to World 9-1. You will
    continue to play these four levels repeatedly until you lose all your lives.
    Your score, lives, and coins will be kept until the game ends, and it is
    possible to have a very high score here.
    When you lose all of your lives, you will see a Game Over screen, but this
    time, you don't have the option to continue. Instead, you will get a short
          GAME OVER
        WE HOPE WE'LL
        SEE YOU AGAIN.
    After seeing this message, you will be taken to the title screen.
    Worlds A, B, C, and D coming soon!
    | 8a. Helpful Tips |
    - Finding 1-UP Mushrooms -
     When you warp to a new world, or collect all the coins in the third level of
     the preceding world, you can find an invisible block with a 1-UP Mushroom in
     it. You can only find it once per game (if you get a Game Over, you can find 
     the 1-UP Mushroom again). However, the two 1-UP Mushrooms in 1-2, the 1-UP 
     Mushroom in A-1, and the 1-UP Mushroom in A-2 will always appear no matter 
    - Fireworks -
     The method for getting fireworks is different from the original SMB. In this
     game, not only do you have to pay attention to the timer, but also your coins 
     as well. If the ones digit of your coin count matches the ones digit of the 
     timer when you beat the level, you will get fireworks after Mario or Luigi 
     enters the castle. If the matching number is even, you will get six fireworks.
     If it is odd, you will get three. Each firework gives you 500 points.
    - 1-UPs from Flagpoles -
     This is similar to getting fireworks. But this time, your coin count has to be
     a multiple of 11 (00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc.) and the units digit of the
     timer has to match one of the digits of the coins. If you time it right when
     hitting the flagpole, you will get your 1-UP. (Example: 66 coins, 256 time).
     By doing this, however, you will not get your 100-5000 points for touching the 
     flagpole (although when you consider that each life is worth 100000 points,
     the 5000 points are irrevelant anyway). Obviously, since this matches the
     requirements for fireworks, you will get those as well.
    - Power-Up cancellations -
     The game won't let two power-ups appear on the screen at the same time (this 
     includes Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Poison Mushrooms, Starmen, and vines). This 
     is useful for getting rid of Poison Mushrooms. (Of course, the opposite can 
     happen too.)
    - Getting stars -
     Each time you beat this game, a star will appear on the title screen.
    - Switching characters mid-game -
     To switch characters in the middle of the game, lose all your lives on a
     particular world. Then, on the Game Over screen, press L+R and choose the
     third option. Then press B, and choose "Retry." Next, choose the character you
     want, and then hold A and press Start. This trick can also be used to save
     your progress.
     NOTE: This does NOT work in Worlds A, B, C, or D; if you turn the game off or 
     choose "Retry" in these worlds, you have to start back on World A-1. 
    - World 9 -
     If you beat Worlds 1-8 without warping, you can access the legendary World 9. 
     You are allowed to get Game Overs, switch characters, and save your progress. 
     At World 9, you only get one life, and if you get a Game Over in World 9, you 
     have to access it all over again.
    - Worlds A, B, C, D -
     To get to these elusive worlds, you first to have to earn 8 stars; do this by 
     beating the game 8 times. Then, once you do that, hold B and press Start on
     the title screen. You will start on World A-1. These worlds are harder than
     the first 8 worlds, have no reverse Warp Zones, and must be played in one
     sitting. Also, they contain new bonus rooms, and there are also features that
     are unique to some levels: a Hammer Brother in an underground level (in A-2;
     it's blue and so are the hammers), a blue Lakitu (in C-3; it's a harder
     version of 7-3 and even has the unique colors), and a castle containing a Warp
     Zone (in B-4; it warps you to D-1). 
    - Infinite 1-UP trick -
     There are many places to get infinite 1-UPs in this game, but the most useful
     place to do this is in World 1-1. Go to that chamber with the red Koopa
     Troopa. Hit the second block to the Mushroom; try to catch it without making
     the chamber scroll off the screen. Now, go below the chamber, and wait for the 
     Koopa Troopa to go to the very right of the chamber. Then, break the third 
     block; this will trap the Koopa on the fourth block. Break the first block so
     that you can get up, and on the top row of blocks, break the second and third 
     block. It should look like this:
    +----++----+            +----++----+
    |\__/||_|__|            |_|__||\__/|
    |/  \||__|_|            |__|_||/  \|
    +----++----+            +----++----+
    |/  \|
    +----+                 Koopa should
    |\__/|                 stand here.
    |/  \|                    ||
    +----+     You should     ||
    +----+     stand here.    ||  +----+
    |\__/|        ||          ||  |\__/|
    |/  \|        ||          ||  |/  \|
    +----+        VV          VV  +----+
    +----+      +----+      +----++----+
    |\__/|      |.  .|      |_|__||\__/|
    |/  \|      |.  .|      |__|_||/  \|
    +----+      +----+      +----++----+
     Now, stand in the indicated spot, and jump a little to the right. The last 
     brick block on the top row should cut off your jump, and you will most likely 
     land on the Koopa Troopa (you won't always land on the Koopa, however, so if 
     you have bad luck, press A+B+Select+Start to reset). If done correctly, Mario 
     (or Luigi) will constantly bounce off the Koopa Troopa and gain numerous
     1-UPs! This trick works for both characters.
     Thanks to Terminator777 for this.
     And another thing, this isn't the only location for multiple 1-UPs. A while
     back, a user named icedbubbleblade2000 took screenshots of all the 1-UP 
     locations he could find, and has the screenshots here:
        > http://filespace.org/4matsy/smb2j_1uplist.png
     These screenshots are from the Famicom Disk System version of Super Mario
     Bros. 2, but seeing that it's the same game as this one, it shouldn't cause
     any problems. :)
     The last thing I need to mention is that starting with 10 lives, the life
     counter will be glitchy. From 10-19 lives, you will see a crown followed by
     the ones digit; for example, if you have 15 lives, the counter will display a
     crown followed by 5. From 20-45 lives, the ones digit is a letter instead; to
     find out the number of lives you have, take the numerical value of the letter
     (A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 ... Z = 26) and add 19. For example, a crown followed by
     D is 19 + 4, or 23 lives. If you have 46 or more lives, the ones digit is a
     weird symbol, usually chunks of other pictures that exist in the game.
    - Bowser Decoys -
     At the end of every castle, there is Bowser. Or is he really Bowser? If you
     shoot these "Bowsers" with fireballs, you will find that these are decoys. The
     decoy varies among each world. Icedbubbleblade2000 provided screenshots to
     show the decoy in each world:
        > http://filespace.org/4matsy/smb2j_bowserlist.png
     Again, it's from the Famicom Disk System, but the Game Boy Advance version is
     the exact same, so that shouldn't cause any problems. Also, notice that for
     Worlds A-D, the decoys are different in the SNES version.
    | 8b. Glitches |
    NOTE: Most of these glitches also work in Super Mario Bros.
    - Double Jump -
     This glitch allows you to jump twice. First, find a ? Block with a Mushroom or
     Fire Flower. Jump onto it. Press A while you are transforming. If you did this
     correctly, Mario will jump in mid-air after he is done transforming.
    - Wrong Size -
     While underwater on the ground, if you are Super or Fiery, and you hold Down
     and press A, it will look like you are full-size, but you are really ducking.
     This will occur until you hit the ground again. These side effects will occur:
       - If you have a Fire Flower, you can't shoot fireballs until you hit the
         ground again.
       - The top half of Mario/Luigi's body can go through various objects. These
         include ceilings, enemies, and coins.
    - Mini-Fire Mario -
     In order to do this glitch, you must be in a castle level, and you must be
     Super/Fiery when you reach Bowser. First, stand near the axe and wait for 
     Bowser to walk towards you. Then, jump when he is about to hit you. What you
     are trying to do here is to hit both Bowser and the axe at the exact same
     time. If done correctly, you will hear the noise as if you shrunk, but you
     will remain big. In addition, Mario/Luigi will flicker as if he is hit, and he
     will skate on one foot.
     On the next level, find a ? Block with a power-up. It will be a Mushroom
     (unlike a Fire Flower which you might expect). Collect it, and you will
     shrink. (Not a typo!) Try not to get hit here, as you will go back to big
     size. Then, the next power-up will contain a Fire Flower, and will make
     Mario/Luigi orange and small. You will be able to shoot fireballs now. If you
     shoot one, Mario/Luigi will temporarily grow, then immediately shrink. If you
     get hit at all, you will be red (if you are Mario) or green (if you are Luigi)
     and grow again. If you are hit while you are big, you will die, and the glitch
    - Hammer Immunity -
     This glitch allows you to be immune to hammers from Hammer Bros., and is
     simple to do. In a place where there is a Hammer Brother, just stand on the
     very left of the screen. Hammers thrown by the Hammer Brother will not affect
     you. The Hammer Brother itself can still hurt you, however, so take note of
     that. Also, this glitch does not work in Super Mario Bros. (yes, I finally
     tried it), if you were curious.
    - Misplaced Hammers -
     There is another odd glitch that involves hammers from Hammer Brothers, but 
     it's different from the previous glitch. The hit detection from a hammer is
     very poor: sometimes you can be touching a hammer and survive, and other times
     you can completely miss a hammer but you will still shrink or lose a life
     (depending on your size). The hit detection seems to be even worse when there
     is wind; it's possible to be two blocks away from a hammer, and you can still
     be affected by it.
    - Levitating Koopa Troopa -
     This works in a place where there are Koopa Paratroopas and lots of pits.
     Stomp on the Paratroopa twice, and make sure the second stomp is right near a
     pit (below where solid ground usually is). Then, try to get back up on solid
     ground. If done correctly, the Koopa's shell will levitate in mid-air! If you
     wait for it to get out of its shell, it will walk in mid-air as well!
    - One-Footed Mario -
     If you are Fiery Mario/Luigi, hold A+B at the same time on the black screen
     before you start a level. Don't let go of the buttons! Now, when the level
     starts, Mario (or Luigi) will skate on one foot! This doesn't have any
     gameplay effects; it's just a graphical glitch. It also eventually wears off,
     and shooting a fireball will wear off the glitch too. This glitch also works
     if you are exiting a pipe.
    - Enemy Immunity -
     This is very different from the "Hammer Immunity" glitch. First, get hit by an 
     enemy while big. When you are flashing, get inside another enemy and move 
     whenever it moves. If done correctly, you will be immune to the enemy! Once
     you get out, you're no longer invincible.
    - Strong Wind -
     Since there was no wind in SMB, this glitch didn't exist in that game. Anyway,
     in a level with lots of wind, and walls, you can go through the wall. Do so by
     touching the left side of the wall, repeatedly pressing Left and letting go of
     B (if you were pressing it). If you press it fast enough (but not too fast),
     you will slide right through the wall! This glitch is useful for the 1-UP in
     5-1, getting to the underwater route in 6-1, and (gasp) getting past the
     Hammer Brother above a pipe in D-4. It also works in 7-1, but I don't see a
     use for it in that level.
    - Timer Loop -
     This glitch works in a castle level and makes the timer go to 999. It's also
     easier if you are Fiery Mario or Luigi so that you can get rid of Bowser. To
     do this glitch, go to the end of any castle level and stand near the axe, but
     don't touch it yet. Wait for the timer to go down, and as soon as it is at
     000, hit the axe immediately! The timer will loop to 999 and will count down!
     Since the game thinks the timer started at 1000, and that you get 50 points
     per second, you will get 50000 points for doing this. This glitch probably
     doesn't work in the original SMB because your timer doesn't count down in
     castle levels in SMB.
     NOTE: This glitch only works in a castle, not any other level, so don't bother
    - Missing Flagpole -
     On World A-3, if there are numerous Cheep Cheeps on the screen at the end of
     the level (I believe three is enough), the white part of the flagpole can
     disappear completely. This means that while it is still possible to complete
     the level, you won't get any points from touching the flagpole (or the 1-UP if
     you have the right amount of coins and time left). There are also similar
     glitches to this one; various mushroom lifts can disappear in 7-2 if there are
     too many Spinies on the screen, one of the blue springboards in C-3 can
     disappear if Lakitu is on the screen, and the springboard at the end of D-2
     can disappear if there are too many Koopas (as well as other enemies) on the
     screen (you won't get stuck like in Super Mario Bros., but D-2 will still be
     impossible to complete without the springboard at the end, so you'll have to
     lose a life by jumping in the water to try again).
    - Vine Dancing -
     Somewhat pointless and simple glitch, and many people know about it, but it'll
     be posted here anyway. When you find a vine and climb it, wait for it to
     sprout all the way up on the area where it takes you. Then, climb it up by
     pressing Up, and when Mario/Luigi is at the very top, he'll do a strange
     dance. Odd.
    - Moonwalking Down a Pipe -
     Again, a pointless glitch, but it'll be posted just for completeness sake.
     While running as small Mario/Luigi, enter a pipe. If done correctly, you'll
     see him do a moonwalk down the pipe. Basically it's just the animation of
     Mario/Luigi running. To do this as Super/Fiery Mario/Luigi, you'll have to
     jump and immediately enter the pipe as soon as you land. Funny.
    | 9. Bonus Rooms |
    There are many bonus rooms that you can find from entering pipes and finding 
    vines. They contain a lot of coins, and there are also many invisible blocks
    which contain even more secrets, mostly Mushrooms. Also, the bonus rooms in 
    Worlds 1-8 are different from the bonus rooms in Worlds A-D.
    Also, there are different types of bonus rooms. Most are underground and can be 
    found by entering pipes. A few bonus rooms from pipes are underwater and
    contain many enemies. There are also some rooms that can be found from vines
    and take you into the sky -- these are called "coin heavens."
    ---------- Underground Bonus Rooms ----------
    B - Brick Block w/ nothing
    C - Coin
    * - Invisible Block with Coin
    # - Invisible Block with Mushroom (or Fire Flower)
    @ - Invisible Block with Poison Mushroom
    & - Brick Block with Coins
    + - Brick Block with Mushroom (or Fire Flower)
    = - Brick Block with Poison Mushroom
    P - Pipe
    F - Stone floor
    ! - Bullet Bill cannon
    R - Red Piranha Plant
    Bonus Room #1 - Found in Worlds 1-1, 2-2, 4-2
    |                               |
    |B     + B B B B B B B B B B B P|
    |B                             P|
    |B                             P|
    |B                             P|
    |B       *                     P|
    |B                             P|
    |B                             P|
    |B @   *                       P|
    |B         C C C C C C C C     P|
    |B                         P P P|
    |B     C C C C C C C C C C P P P|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    A few invisible blocks (with coins), followed by a power-up. In order to get
    the Mushroom (assuming you're small), first get the first block on the very
    top, then bump the block next to it when it's on the left side of it.
    Bonus Room #2 - Found in Worlds 2-1, 3-1
    |                               |
    |B       B B B B B B B B B B B P|
    |B       B                     P|
    |B       B                     P|
    |B       B                     P|
    |B       B                     P|
    |B       B                     P|
    |B       B C C C C C C         P|
    |B       B B B B B B B &       P|
    |B           B         B       P|
    |B           B         B   P P P|
    |B             C C C C     P P P|
    |F F F   F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    |F F F   F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    It's easy to run over the pit, and the coins are pretty simple too.
    Bonus Room #3 - Found in Worlds 1-2, 3-1
    |                                                               |
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B P|
    |B                                                             P|
    |B                                                             P|
    |B                                                 B & B       P|
    |B                                                 B   B       P|
    |B                                                 B   B       P|
    |B                                                 B   B       P|
    |B               B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B       P|
    |B               B                                 B   B       P|
    |B               B C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C B       P P P|
    |B                               !                         P P P|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    This is a weird bonus level. Not only is it longer than most other bonus
    levels, but there is an enemy in here -- the Bullet Bills launched from a
    Bullet Bill cannon.
    Bonus Room #4 - Found in Worlds 5-1, 7-2
    |                               |
    |B     + B B B B B B B B & B B P|
    |B                             P|
    |B       C C C C C C C C       P|
    |B                             P|
    |B     B C C C C C C C C B     P|
    |B     B                 B     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B                             P|
    |B                             P|
    |B                         P P P|
    |B                         P P P|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    If you're Mario, you'll have to do a running jump onto the pipe, and quickly 
    jump left to get into the platform. See Bonus Room #1 on how to get the 
    Bonus Room #5 - Found in Worlds 5-3, 7-1
    |                                                               |
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B &     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B                                                         P P P|
    |B     C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C                   P P P|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    Another weird bonus level that is twice as long as most others, this one lacks 
    variety but has a bunch of coins. Be sure to get the coin block at the end if
    you're big.
    Bonus Room #6 - Found in Worlds 7-1, 8-2
    |                                                               |
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B P|
    |B                       P P     P P     P P     P P           P|
    |B                       P P     P P     P P     P P           P|
    |B                       P P     P P     P P     P P           P|
    |B                       P P     P P     P P     P P           P|
    |B                       P P     P P     P P     P P           P|
    |B                       P P     P P     P P     P P           P|
    |B                        R       R       R       R            P|
    |B                     C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C         P|
    |B                                                         P P P|
    |B                                                         P P P|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    Another long one, this time with upside down-pipes and Piranha Plants. Get the
    coins when the Piranha Plants are inside their pipes.
    *****Note: The next underground Bonus Rooms are all rooms in the last four 
    worlds -- A, B, C, and D.*****
    Bonus Room #7 - Found in Worlds A-1, D-1
    |                               |
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     B                 B     P|
    |B     B   C C C C C C   B     P|
    |B     B                 B     P|
    |B     B   C C C C C C   B     P|
    |B     B + B B B B B B = B     P|
    |B                         P P P|
    |B                         P P P|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    This one is interesting. If you're small Mario or small Luigi, all you can 
    really do here is hit the six brick blocks in the middle to get the coins 
    directly above.
    Bonus Room #8 - Found in Worlds C-1, D-4
    |                                                               |
    |B     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B                 B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B                 B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B     C C C C     B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B B B B B B B                           B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B B B B B B B                           B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B B B B B B B     C C C C C C C C C     B B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     & B B B B B B B B     P|
    |B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B                           P|
    |B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B                       P P P|
    |B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B     C C C C C C C C C P P P|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    All you do is fall down and collect the coins here... but there's finally a
    coin block that doesn't require you to be big!
    Bonus Room #9 - Found in World D-2
    |                               |
    |B     B B B B B B + B B B B B P|
    |B                             P|
    |B                             P|
    |B             B & B           P|
    |B     C C C   B   B   C C     P|
    |B             B   B           P|
    |B     C C C   B   B   C C     P|
    |B     B B B   B B B   B B     P|
    |B                             P|
    |B                         P P P|
    |B                         P P P|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    |F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F|
    The Mushroom can be gotten the same way as in Bonus Rooms #1 and #4. It's 
    harder, though, as you need to jump to the right to get it. Once you get it, 
    break the brick blocks in the center and get the coins on the top brick block.
    | 10. Frequently Asked Questions |
    Q: How did you get this game if it isn't released in the US?
    A: I imported it online from http://www.lik-sang.com/ (although that site 
       doesn't seem to have them in stock anymore). Simple.
    Q: Why did you import this game?
    A: Because I enjoy playing Mario games and I want to play as many of them as
       possible. Also, I like challenges.
    Q: Are GBA's and their games region-specific?
    A: No. Any game, regardless of where it came from, will work on any GBA.
    Q: I thought I was excellent at video games! But I can't beat this!
    A: Well, considering this game IS really hard, it will take a LOT of practice
       to beat.
    Q: When I press L+R, the text is in Japanese! What does each thing say?
    A: Now, these are not exact translations (as I can't read Japanese), but this
       is what each option does:
       - Continue: Exits the menu.
       - Reset: Resets the game to the title screen.
       - Save: Saves your high score, the number of times the game was beaten, and
         the last world you died on.
       - Sleep: Puts the game in Sleep Mode. As the text at the bottom says, press
         L+R+Select to get exit Sleep Mode.
    Q: What are all the additions of this game?
    A: Poison Mushrooms (they make Mario shrink if he's big), Green Springboards 
       (they propel Mario very high), Flying Bloopers (just like regular Bloopers,
       except they're in mid-air, and you can jump on them), reverse Warp Zones,
       Red Piranha Plants (they come out of pipes even if you're right next to 
       them), upside-down pipes (as well as upside-down Piranha Plants), and wind 
       (affects Mario's movement).
    Q: How do I beat 8-2? I go down the pipe and it takes me back to that really
       hard part with the wind.
    A: You are going the wrong way. You're supposed to jump off the red Koopa
       Paratroopa to hit the block above it. It will reveal a vine. Climb it up,
       and you should know what to do from here.
    Q: Do all the glitches from SMB work in this game?
    A: All the ones that I've tried work. Even the Mini-Fire Mario glitch works!
       But I haven't tried every single one though, and there is no Minus World in
       this game.
    Q: How do I know how many times I beat this game?
    A: For every time you beat 8-4 (not D-4), a star appears on the title screen. 
       Neat, eh?
    Q: I looked at the 1-UP locations in your walkthrough, and they didn't appear!
       How come?
    A: In order to get the 1-UP, you either have to: 1) Get all the coins in the
       third level of the preceding world, 2) Warp to the level, or 3) Restart on
       the world as soon as you lose all your lives. Also, 1-UPs only appear once
       per game. BTW, none of this applies to World 1-2, A-1, or A-2.
    Q: How come you only provide the "Recommended Character" at the beginning of a
    A: Well, you have to use the same character throughout a world. So I figured
       I'd only list the recommended character once per world. 
    Q: How do you switch characters after each world?
    A: Purposely lose all your lives, choose "Retry", select the character you want
       to choose, and then hold A and press Start. NOTE: This only works in the 
       first 8 worlds, not any other world.
    Q: I pressed A+Start on the title screen after I got 8 stars, but I started on 
       World 1-1, not A-1! What's going on?
    A: Although many sources say that you have to hold A and press Start, it's not 
       the case (at least not in the Game Boy Advance version). You have to hold B 
       and press Start. I don't know if these were typos or if that was the case in
       the Famicom Disk System version, but either way, it's B+Start on the Game
       Boy Advance, not A+Start.
    Q: How many stars can you accumulate on the title screen?
    A: You can get up to 24 stars.
    Q: Does beating World D-4 get you additional stars?
    A: Unfortunately, you don't get stars for beating D-4. Just 8-4.
    Q: Can I rate this FAQ?
    A: I know you can on GameFAQs, but you need to have a message board account and
       to be logged in. Also, since the change of the rating system recently, you
       also now need to have at least two (2) posted FAQ's yourself. Once you have
       all these things, go to the list of FAQ's. There's a "Rate" link at the
       right of where it says the filesize. Click it, and rate it as you see fit.
       I'll see it on my list of contributor ratings. (Unfortunately, since the
       rating system was changed, all of the ratings I received were erased, so if
       you have rated this previously, you'll need to do so again.)
    | 11a. In-Game Menu |
    When you press L+R at any time, the game will pause and a menu appears. The
    options, from top to bottom, are (and these are not exact translations):
    - Continue: Exits the menu.
    - Reset: Resets the game to the title screen.
    - Save: Saves your high score, the number of times the game was beaten, the
      last world you died on, and whether you've warped or not.
    - Sleep: Puts the game in Sleep Mode. As the text at the bottom says, press
      L+R+Select to get exit Sleep Mode.
    | 11b. Saving Data |
    When you press L+R and choose the third option, you get to save your data. This
    saves three things:
    - Your high score.
    - The number of times you beat the game.
    - The last world you died on. To go back to whatever world it was, just press
      A+Start on the title screen. This works even if you turn it off.
    - Whether you've warped or not (to determine whether you'll reach World 9 or
    | 11c. Sleep Mode |
    If you're playing on a certain world and you need to stop playing but you don't
    want to start over, then Sleep Mode is essential for situations like these.
    To enter Sleep Mode, press L+R at any time, and choose the fourth option. To
    exit it, press L+R+Select at the same time.
    Sleep Mode saves the battery on the Game Boy significantly, so you don't need
    to worry about batteries very much. (Although, the batteries are still losing
    power, but it's so slow it will not make a big difference at all.)
    Sleep Mode also saves the light (if you're using a Game Boy Advance SP) and the
    LCD display as well.
    | 12. Changes to SNES | *NEW!*
    This new section compares many of the differences between this GBA game and the
    SNES game, Super Mario All-Stars (a.k.a. Super Mario Collection, for those who
    live in Japan). A big thanks to BuchanMan X, who had written this section and
    let me post it on this FAQ! So, without further ado, here is what he has to
    say, with any comments that I make in brackets:
        Charizard 06,
            You've done an excellent job on this FAQ.  I think I may have a
        contribution for you, though.  I picked up this game recently and have been
        having a great time.  Once I finally got 8 stars on the title screen to
        access Worlds A through D, I noticed they were quite different as compared
        to "The Lost Levels (LL)" featured on Super Mario All-Stars.  The layouts
        are mostly the same, but a lot of the difference occur with both enemy
        behavior, enemy type, and object types.
            In The Lost Levels, all enemies move as if they are in the second quest
        from the original Super Mario Bros.  That is, they all move more quickly. 
        Also, just like in the second quest of SMB, all Little Goomba enemies
        become Buzzy Beetles instead.  However, in SMB2j, all the enemies in Worlds
        A-D move at their normal pace, and there are several Little Goombas
            More strange behavior occurs with the Hammer Brothers, who in Worlds 8
        and A through D in the Lost Levels will immediately start walking towards
        you if you are to the left of them as soon as they appear on screen. 
        Normally, in SMB and SMB2j, this only occurs if you wait for a long period
        of time, i.e. they Hammer Bros. will jump up and down in place until you
        wait for a certain amount of time, and THEN they will increase their
        aggression and walk towards you.  [*In Worlds 7 and 8 in SMB2j, however,
        Hammer Brothers DO have this instantly aggressive behavior.*]
            Bowser also shows much different behavior.  In SMB2j, he displays the
        normal World 1 through 5 behavior in Worlds A through D.  That is, he
        doesn't throw hammers at all, not even in World D-4.  He only spits fire. 
        In the Lost Levels, however, Bowser is always the Hammer Throwing type in
        Worlds A through D, but never the Hammer Throwing and Fire Breathing type
        of World 8-4.  [*I always felt that Bowser was easier than he should have
        been in Worlds A, B, C, and D in SMB2j.*] Also interesting to note, the
        sprites that fall down defeated when Bowser is hit with five fireballs in
        SMB2j are the same as in Worlds 1 through 4 (Goomba, Green Koopa Troopa,
        Buzzy Beetle, Spiney).  In The Lost Levels, the Bowsers for Worlds A
        through D are different enemies than appear for Worlds 1 through 7,
        espeically for World D-4, in which the defeated sprite is Boswer himself,
        as in World 8-4.  [*If you would like to see screenshots of Bowser decoys,
        they can be found in the Bowser Decoys portion of Section 8a: Helpful Tips;
        thanks to icedbubbleblade2000 for these screenshots.  Also, how anybody
        made it to Bowser in C-4 as Fiery Mario/Luigi is beyond me, considering
        there is a Firebar that is seemingly impossible to get past without getting
            Another programming oddity is the restart position when you lose a life
        on a level.  In Lost Levels, for Worlds A through D, the rule works just
        like World 8 in SMB and SMB2j.  That is, if you lose a life, you must
        restart from the beginning of the current level, not the half-way check
        point if you have met it.  Worlds 1 through 7 in SMB and SMB2j and Worlds A
        through C in SMB2j will let you restart from the half way check point
        should you lose a life beyond that point in a given level, as long, of
        course, as it is not the fourth level in a World.
            Objects are also altered in Lost Levels.  In World B-3, the springs are
        all the red type, the ones that do not bouce you beyond the upper boarder
        of the screen.  However, in SMB2j, these springs were originally the green
        type, the ones that do bounce you so high, you leave the screen for several
        seconds and allow you to cover very large distances.  In World D-3 in
        SMB2j, there are solid bricks hidden among a castle wall in the background
        right before two Hammer Bros. jumping among two rows of blocks, one more
        bricks, and another row of "? Blocks" below it.  These hidden bricks are
        normal bricks, hiding nothing inside.  Regular Mario bounces back when they
        are hit from below.  However, in Lost Levels, these bricks are instead
        invisible and reveal coins when hit, as there is no castle wall to hide
        them in that version.  The same is true of the hidden bricks in World 8-3,
        although the contents are the same between SMB2j and Lost Levels; it is
        only the type (brick versus invisible) that differs.  [*There are a couple
        of things to mention about this that are interesting.  First, the hidden
        brick blocks in these levels in SMB2j aren't really invisible, since the
        pixels in a brick block are slightly different from a castle wall, so if
        you look closely, you can spot these blocks before hitting them, making it
        slightly easier; it seems that you have to hit the blocks in Lost Levels in
        order to see them.  Second, since they're brick blocks in SMB2j, you can
        stand on them, even if you don't hit them from the bottom, which makes this
        easier to deal with Hammer Brothers that are near most of these blocks. 
        Because of this, Lost Levels seems to be harder than SMB2j.*]
            I hope you find this info at least interesting!  I wonder why Nintendo
        made so many changes for the Lost Levels.  Most of them definitely make the
        game even harder than it ever was.  Was that their point?
    | 13. Credits |
    Yes, we've come to the end already. However, there are many people who
    contributed to this FAQ, and this FAQ wouldn't be the same without them:
    You -- For reading this.
    CJayC (and anybody else) -- For hosting this FAQ.
    Nintendo -- For making this game.
    http://www.classicgaming.com/tmk -- Provided information about the Japanese 
      Super Mario Bros. 2, the North American/European Super Mario Bros. 2, Doki
      Doki Panic, Super Mario All-Stars, and Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.
    gaellienia -- For mentioning that you can hold A+B to get the Famicom Disk 
      System boot screen when you turn it on.
    B. Youn -- For providing 1-UP locations in 2-1 and 5-1.
    Terminator777 -- For giving a detailed description for the 1-UP trick in 1-1.
    icedbubbleblade2000 -- For providing screenshots for nearly every 1-UP trick in
      the game, as well as Bowser decoys.
    Anonymous -- For giving a detailed description of how to get to Bowser in 3-4 
      being Fiery Mario/Luigi, and pointing out a Mushroom that I missed in 3-3.
    BuchanMan X -- For writing a new section comparing the GBA version of this game
      to the SNES version.
                                THE END
                  ****                            ------##--           
                  ****                        --------########
                ********                    ----------##########
                ********                  --------------######----
      ****************************      ----######------------------
      **********||****||**********      --##########----------####--
        ********||****||********      ----##########----------######--
          ******||****||******        ------######--------------####--
            ****************          --------##############----------
            ****************            --######''##''''##''######--
          ********************              ##''''##''''##''''##
          ********    ********                ''''''''''''--''
        ********        ********              ''''''''''''--''
        ****                ****                ''''''''--''
                    @@@@@@        @@@@        @@@@@@
                      @@@@@@@@    @@@@    @@@@@@@@  
                        @@@@@@@@  @@@@  @@@@@@@@
                        @@@@@@@@  @@@@  @@@@@@@@

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