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Super Mario Bros.: The Random Levels10/02/08Ali_X_Rexus
The Princess is in another castle?....AH F*** NO! She can go save herself! I quit!06/23/09BenhTheMan
The Lost Levels were found, safe and sound10/08/07BigTheBrat
Well, this certainly will take more than five minutes to beat...03/15/03Bryn2k
This one is kind of hard...but FUN!!!06/21/04BXBomber
Like Mario 1, except harder07/08/03dtm666
Far more challenging than SMB102/23/05Fanofgamecube
Definately not the SMB 2 we're used to seeing. This game was released in Mario Allstars, but it stands out as a great Famicom game as well.08/07/01Hiryuu
Harder doesn't mean better09/21/17horror_spooky
A pretty good sequal to the first Mario game.01/04/03Kirby Freak101
Side-Scrolling Mario Games got a lot harder!02/16/04Kooper
Makes even diehard gamers cry in their sleep...07/08/05locke231
Everything a 2D Mario Platforming fan could ever desire.10/01/09LuigiGolf
Too... hard... to... handle...07/31/00MegaSilver
Only for the Hardcore10/08/07MelodyMan23
Decent, but not many from the first Super Mario Brothers game though......06/30/01Mitora
A great and very hard sequel which surpasses it's original successor.01/17/04oas316
If this game's super hard, then it's super fun as well.01/14/10Retroreviewer Productions
One fateful day, Satan shamelessly stole Nintendo's souls...10/17/03Sinspawn_X
Ratcheting up the difficulty01/30/02Snow Dragon
Not Released Because of the Challenge...? WHAT?!!07/10/02System Error
History in the Making - A True Masterpiece10/03/07theclaw135
Fun as it is hard.11/15/04Turbo Speed
The beast from the east.10/02/06Unleashed Vortex
A great sequel to the original with a very nice increase in challenge06/22/03WalkingBeast

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Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels Review
Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels Review from TheRedNeckGamer777

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