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I have comments or complaints about the current GameFAQs beta.

If you have a comment or complaint about the current GameFAQs beta test, please leave it here. Please use the Error Report form for reporting errors or glitches - this form is just for leaving general comments and suggestions.

Before you do, though, please review these common questions and answers:

  • Why are you changing the Message List?
  • We're making these changes to bring a lot of previously hard-to-find functionality to the surface - allowing you to easily report, delete, and edit messages without having to jump to a new page or two. We're also trimming things down to a single design that works on both mobile and desktop without sacrificing any functionality on either.

  • Why are you moving the post information box from the left of the message to above it?
  • If you weren't around back then, this is the way the message boards were originally designed. Back in 2004, we moved the info box to the left of each post to bring it in line with GameSpot, leaving space below each user's name for an avatar. Of course, we've never had avatars, and we've long since split from GameSpot's forums, but the old design stuck.

    In our initial work on the message list redesign we tried keeping everything in the left box, but it simply got too cramped, and it would need to be moved above the post regardless when viewing on narrower screens. Over 50% of our daily users are now on mobile devices, so having a consistent design that works on both desktop and mobile is very important to both us and our users.

  • Why don't you allow users to choose where the post information box is located?
  • Every option we have that provides a radically different view of the site is basically a different set of code - essentially doubling our maintenance work and testing requirements for each change that needs to go live.

    Additionally, we've found that only a tiny fraction of the site's registered users even use these advanced options - over 98% of registered users just stick with the site's defaults, no matter what they are, and that's not even counting all of the unregistered users who can't change options.

  • Why did you get rid of the exact time a message was posted?
  • We've made the post time of a message more human-readable, but we didn't get rid of the timestamp - you can see it by simply hovering over the new message time, or by tapping it on mobile.

  • What happened to the "Reveal Spoilers" button on mobile?
  • You can now click or tap on a spoiler block to reveal it, on both mobile and desktop, in addition to the desktop-only method of highlighting it.

  • What happened to the "Board List" and "Topic List" buttons?
  • Instead of those two buttons, links to the Boards home page and the current board you're browsing are now in a "breadcrumb" just above and below the list of messages. You can click on "Boards" link to return to the board list, or the name of the board itself to see the full Topic List.

  • Why are you no longer supporting the old "v12" stylesheets?
  • When we launched v13, we switched to an automatically generated set of styles. All of the various color and width options are simple to generate, and require very little to no additional testing with each new change we roll out.

    On the other hand, the old "v12" custom stylesheets are maintained by hand, and are more and more difficult to keep patching up with each change we make to the site. With so few registered users (less than 2%) actively using them on a regular basis, it's just no longer a viable option to keep them online.

We care about your concerns and welcome your feedback about this change. So far, most of the feedback we've received has been positive, and we've even implemented several suggestions that came over these feedback forms. We're constantly working to improve the site and make it a better experience for as many of our users as we can, and although change is disruptive, we feel that it's definitely for the best in the long term.