I have lost control of my account to another person, or my account is locked for security reasons

The security of a GameFAQs account is your responsibility. If you have allowed another user to take control over your account, then it is your responsibility to uncover how it happened, but if you can provide enough information and proof the account was initially yours, and the account has not already been banned, we may be able to recover it for you. Speed is of the essence, so you will need to make your report as quickly as possible (over a month, and there's almost no way to track it).

If your account is Locked, and you still have control over it, you must fill out this form with that account; otherwise, please explain fully why you lost control over it.

Please fill out the below form with as much of the below information as possible:

  • Your GameFAQs message board account name
  • All known information you filled out (name, address, birthdate) when creating your universal account
  • The method by which you lost control of your account. If you don't know how it happened, then there's nothing stopping it from happening again.

Original GameFAQs Username
Universal Account E-Mail