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    Mechanics Guide by ZancleCornu

    Version: 1.21 | Updated: 05/21/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                           \       , //
                                          /\ ) ) ).'/
                                         /(  \  // /
                                        /(   J`((_/ \
                                       / ) | _\     /
                                      /|)  \  eJ    L
                                     |  \ L \   L   L
                                    /  \  J  `. J   L
                                    |  )   L   \/   \
                                   /  \    J   (\   /
                 _....___         |  \      \   \```
          ,.._.-'        '''--...-||\     -. \   \
        .'.=.'                    `         `.\ [ Y
       /   /                                  \]  J
      Y / Y       Robot Unicorn Attack         Y   L
      | | |                                    |   L
      | | |          \                          A  J
      |   I           |                       /I\ /
      |    \          I             \        ( |]/|
      J     \         /._           /        -tI/ |
       L     )       /   /'-------'J           `'-:.
       J   .'      ,'  ,' ,     \   `'-.__          \
        \ T      ,'  ,'   )\    /|        ';'---7   /
         \|    ,'L  Y...-' / _.' /         \   /   /
          J   Y  |  J    .'-'   /         ,--.(   /
           L  |  J   L -'     .'         /  |    /\
           |  J.  L  J     .-;.-/       |    \ .' /
           J   L`-J   L____,.-'`        |  _.-'   |
            L  J   L  J                  ``  J    |
            J   L  |   L                     J    |
             L  J  L    \                    L    \
             |   L  ) _.'\                    ) _.'\
             L    \('`    \                  ('`    \
    ========  ) _.'\`-....'================== `-....'==============================
             ('`    \
    ======== `-.___/ Mrmehmeep=====================================================
    Robot Unicorn Attack
    Game Mechanics
    Version 1.21, 06/01/2010
    Copyright 2010 ZancleCornu
    Table of Contents
    1. Table of Contents
    2. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    3. Update History
    4. Introduction
    5. Game Concept
    6. Unicorn Mechanics 
       i.  Unicorn
       ii. Jump
    7. Game Elements 
       i.  Pixies
       ii. Star Structures
       iv. Dolphins
    8. Frequently Asked Questions
    9. Song Lyrics
    Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except personal or
    private use. It is not to be placed on any website or other source of
    public distribution without written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    website is strictly prhibited and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Update History
    Version 1.21 (6/01/2010)
    Rob from www.robvincent.net corrected a line in the song; thanks Rob!
    Version 1.20 (5/19/2010)
    Yesha Ouyang found me a wonderful ASCII unicorn for the guide, which I affixed
    to the top, and going to a new version of the guide; song lyrics were added
    Version 1.15 (5/18/2010)
    Yesha Ouyang added a few more corrections about dashing, in particular the
    ability to dash ledges and wait times
    Version 1.14 (5/18/2010)
    Fixed some more minor errors like formatting and typos
    Version 1.13 (5/17/2010)
    Fixed some typos, kudos to Mr. Zeng
    Version 1.12 (5/17/2010)
    Fixed even more corrections sent in by cool people; there were so many updates
    today because the first version finally got accepeted by GameFAQs and people
    were quick to comment on my guide; thanks folks
    Version 1.11 (5/17/2010)
    Fixed some corrections sent in by cool people; affixed them to credits; started
    Frequently Asked Questions due to the plethora of questions asked
    Version 1.10 (5/17/2010)
    Added ASCII unicorn; decided to go up a whole 0.1 version because of how
    substantive it is
    Version 1.03 (5/15/2010)
    Added Yesha to credits to accomodate his assistance in helping write this guide
    Version 1.02 (5/15/2010)
    Added some notes to dash mechanics; changed a heading
    Version 1.01 (5/14/2010)
    Margins fixed; some typos fixed; contact details added
    Version 1.00 (5/14/2010)
    Guide first written
    First of all, welcome to the sad and horrible world of Robot Unicorn Attack.
    Although the game may fool you with its pretty graphics and terribly optimistic
    themes, be forewarned that this game will easily take over your life in the
    most insiduous of ways. Your life will be at this game's every command, and
    you will never be able to escape. As Robot Unicorn Attack itself puts it,
    "Persistence is futile!"
    This game looks to be a rather simple one. I mean, only two buttons? Pfft, I'm
    going to go do something more meaningful, right? Ah, if only. This game has a
    vicious mechanic to it: a score. And guess what? You don't have the highest
    score! (If you do, why are you reading this?) Unfortunately, neither do I and
    this guide wasn't written to help you get over 4.1 million points. It will
    however, provide a simple introduction to this horrific realm of rainbows,
    robots and unicorns. You can put away your illicit hallucinogens, because Robot
    Unicorn Attack provides an incredible, "out of this world," experience like no
    Game Concept
    Robot Unicorn Attack features a protagonist in the shape of a robotic unicorn.
    The unicorn is unnamed, but decked to the teeth with a myriad of fabulous
    musings. You'll note a flaming rainbow mane along with flashy stars that come
    out as you run. This is the character you take control of.
    The game features a bleak landscape that the aforementioned unicorn must
    aimlessly traverse across. This is where all of the action takes place, in a
    simple sidescrolling environment. The landscape is built of small squatches of
    land that you must jump to and fro.
    Whoa, you just learned pretty much everything about the game! The unicorn
    naturally moves across the landscape, and you get points as long as you are not
    dead. That is to say, as long as you are still moving, you are getting points.
    Robot Unicorn Attack doesn't feature much in the way of achievements, a
    campaign or much else, so this score is really all that matters.
    You are equipped with just two weapons: the ability to jump and the ability to
    dash. Although you may not think much of them now, you will soon realize that
    a combination of the two is absolutely necessary to progress well at this game.
    Although there are just two buttons controlling these two valuable abilities,
    the game will end a lot sooner than you think. As Robot Unicorn Attack puts it,
    "You will fail!"
    Unicorn Mechanics
    The robot unicorn is the character you control. As said above, the unicorn
    is constantly moving across the screen at an increasing velocity. There are two
    main functions it is capable of; JUMPING and DASHING.
    -> JUMP
    Press the "Z" key to jump. The unicorn, is capable of two jumps. Even if the
    unicorn finds themself in the air without jumping into it (that is, the unicorn
    ran off a ledge) the unicorn is still capable of two jumps. After touching the
    ground, you regain both of your jumps again.
    After dashing, the unicorn gets an additional jump.
    Holding down the "Z" key gives your jump more height and also a further range.
    It is important to be able to control your jumps.
    -> DASH
    Press the "X" key to dash. The game formally refers to this as "RAINBOW ATTACK"
    on the start screen but as bad ass as that is, in-game they tell you to
    "DASH (X)" so I'm just going to call it that. The main function of this is for
    breaking STAR STRUCTURES. (More on that to follow)
    When you dash, you dash along whatever surface you are on. For example, if 
    there is a groove on the ground and you dash along it, you will dash in that 
    curve. This is particularly useful when there are minute ledges, as you can 
    often dash over them without the need to jump!*
    This ground hugging feature only works when the ground is sloping up; if the
    ground slopes down the unicorn will dash forward without any upward or
    downward influence, similar to a jump in the air. You can still dash over
    small ledges with DASH, though.
    Dashing over ledges with the dash can be done, but you already have to have a
    certain amount of height to do so. For example, merely running will result in
    a crash, but if you employ the DASH with even a small jump, you can clear
    ledges. Velocity has no impact on being able to jump over dash, but at higher
    velocity your jumps will naturally have more oomph and it will be slightly
    easier to do the short hops needed to dash over ledges.
    In the air, the dash cancels any upward or downward momentum you had and 
    propels the unicorn immediately forward horizontally. This is useful if your 
    jump would thrust you over into land, or if you need just a bit more horizontal
    coverage to clear a jump. If you use it so that you would move into a slight 
    groove or curve above you, you would slide along this curve as you would with 
    regards to curves on the ground.
    The dash has the capability to destroy STAR STRUCTURES from the moment you 
    press the "X" key up until a split second before you are able to dash again. 
    The dash cannot be used consistently; there is a bit of a pause between dashes.
    However, even when the dash animation ends it still has the capability to 
    destroy STAR STRUCTURES. Keep this in mind, and don't falter when it looks like
    you may crash into a STAR STRUCTURE at the end of your dash.
    I've been able to dashes at about one dash per second, so it appears that that
    would be the effective wait time between dashes. However, the capability to
    destroy star structures lingers on for a fraction of a second even after the
    first dash is "over" and even when the animation has ended.
    Game Elements
    These indistinguishable beings look like different things contingent on the eye
    of the beholder. I've always regarded them as fairies, but another player told
    me they were butterflies. I think I heard the term pixie thrown around, and I 
    think it most accurately sums up the appearance and purpose of them, so I'll go
    with that for this guide.
    Despite their murkiness upon first sight, an enlarged picture has confirmed
    that the pixies are in fact not butterflies. They are very obviously either a
    fairy or a pixie. Perhaps they could also be a faerie.
    The pixies are small, about 3/4 the size of the unicorn. They are present at the
    end of a small scrap of landscape and are usually at a slight elevation. They 
    are placed so that if your jump goes through, your landing ends up being very
    appropriate. It's a good idea to try and aim for them because it makes keeping
    track of jumps easier, and they usually land you in a good position.
    Getting the pixies also nets you bonus points, and since the game is all about
    getting a score it's important that you boost your score in whatever way you
    The pixies have a simple multiplier. The first one gets you 10 points, the
    second 20, the third 30 and so on. Each consecutive pixie increases the amount
    of points per pixie by 10. However, if you miss any pixies, the multiplier gets
    reset and it begins once again.
    These star structures look like stars and if you run into them, they cause
    DEATH. However, if you DASH through them, they will net you a lot of points!
    They are placed in seemingly random locations throughout the stages, and their
    appearance is never certain. At higher velocities, they appear more frequently.
    You can dash through them, netting the point score, or you can simply avoid
    The star structures have a simple multiplier. The first one gets you 100
    points, the second 200, the third 300 and so on. Each consecutive star
    structure increases the amount of points per star structure by 100. However,
    if you miss any star structures, the multiplier gets reset and it begins once
    I, personally, have found myself in situations where the multiplier continued
    even though I missed a star structure. However, much more frequently I've found
    that that isn't true. A possible theory I've come to terms with is the lag nets
    you the increased score, but then the next star will reset back to 100. I've
    yet to confirm this, but contact me if you have more concise information.
    Death is prominent in this game. Death can be incurred in several different
    You can die by:
    -Crashing headfirst into a elevated edges or hanging ground
    -Contacting a star structure without dashing
    Each of these will result in a fiery explosion proceeded by the unicorn's
    head being blown off screen.
    Dolphins make you happy. The more dolphins there are, the happier you will be.
    Generally, the presence of dolphins means you are proceeding well into the
    level. More dolphins means you are further along.
    Song Lyrics
    The song featured in Robot Unicorn Attack is "Always" by Erasure. Erasure is a
    synthpop duo from England, with prominent New Wave influence. They are really
    cool guys, basically. Anyways, without further ado,
    Erasure - Always
    Open your eyes
    I see
    Your eyes are open
    Wear no disguise for me
    Come into
    the open
    When it's cold outside
    Am I here in vain?
    Hold on to the night
    There will be no shame
    I wanna be with you
    And make believe with you
    And live in harmony, harmony
    oh love
    I wanna be with you
    And make believe with you
    And live in harmony, harmony
    oh love
    Melting the ice for me
    Jump into the ocean
    Hold back the tide
    I see
    Your love in motion
    I wanna be with you
    And make believe with you
    And live in harmony, harmony
    oh love
    I wanna be with you
    And make believe with you
    And live in harmony, harmony
    oh love
    I wanna be with you
    And make believe with you
    And live in harmony, harmony
    oh love
    [fade out]
    There you are! A short introduction to the fantastical world of Robot Unicorn
    Attack with a little introduction to some of the finer concepts. Sure, this
    guide isn't incredibly concise or anything, but then again, this is a game with
    two buttons for Pete's sake! I created this guide because as I played the game,
    many of the mechanics, the star multiplier in particular, confused and irked
    me to no end. Thus, I enlisted the help of a few friends by asking them
    irritating questions while they played the game to confirm some mechanics. 
    Then, with some of my own testing I deduced a few of them, but still need to 
    confirm some of the details.
    Be wary as you play Robot Unicorn Attack; the game gets addicting really quick.
    Reckless playing at a social event amongst my peer group led to us competing
    within ourselves for the highest score. I managed to nab it on 05/14/10, but
    there's still a lot of time left. Furthermore, the international high score is 
    crazy high; there's still a lot of work let for you and I. Here's to Robot
    Unicorn Attack.
     	 I wanna be with you
     	 and make believe with you
     	 and live in harmony harmony oh love"
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. What are unicorns?
    A. Flamboyantly coloured horses with a narwhal-esque horn upon its head. They
       are made of everything pure, good and fabulous. The ingredient to make the
       Powerpuff Girls were harvested from unicorns. They are endangered now
       because of the incredible demand for their use in merchandising crappily
       made products to young girls and boys.
    Q. Must I be under the influence of narcotics while playing this game?
    A. Well, you don't *have* to be, not that I would suggest you do. The "x" and
       "z" keys are awfully close together and it would be a shame if you flubbed
       that up.
    Q. What's a good tactic for survival?
    A. There's two tactics I'm accustomed to.
       1. Dash upon every landing, and use that momentum without fear of running
          into any star structures. The speed and power will let you power through
          most levels. Jumping becomes a tad tricky as you progress.
       2. Use your middair dash to progress through levels, ignoring any obstacles
          and just powering through the stage. This method may make it easier to
          make tricky jumps even at high velocities, but as you're floating over
          the stage as opposed to running on the ground, you'll miss out on a lot
          of points.
       It's usually a good idea to aim for the pixies as they give you, for the
       most part, a good indication of where to aim for with your jumps.
       These are but two tactics I've familiarized myself with. I'm sure there's
       more, don't hesitate to inform me.
    Q. Why is the background so psychedelic?
    A. I said you don't need to be under the influence of narcotics to play this
    You can contact me at bearnescities@gmail.com
    Feel free to do so if you have any questions.
    Even more than that, I would appreciate it greatly if you are able to tell me
    things like, "in your guide you said x happens but for me y happened instead."
    The purpose of the guide was to confirm the mechanics, and I would still like
    more data to be sure of my information.
    -To Adult Swim for creating this marvelously infuriating game;
    -To Yesha Ouyang for finding a wonderful ASCII unicorn as well as a myriad
     of other indispensable information; you truly deserve your own bullet, bud;
    -To my wonderful friends who introduced me to this sickeningly entrancing game;
    -To Erasure, for the composition of Always, the song that cements this
     disgusting game's perfection;
    -Furthermore, to the following for finding mistakes and/or introducing new
     critical information:
     >Joel Zhang, for fixing some ambigiuous wording concerning multipliers and
      for confirming that the pixies were in fact, pixies/fairies and not
     >Jonathan Zeng, for dilligently correcting all my horrendous typos;
     >Vyas Saran, for his wonderful suggestions;
     >Rob T Firefly, for his correction of the song lyrics;

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