It's the summer of 1937 and the dark clouds of war loom on the distant horizon, but enigmatic industrialist Bronson Barnard has other matters on his mind. Barnard has invited a select group of guests for the historic maiden launch of his latest triumph-the magnificent flying boat Condor. As the Trans-Atlantic jaunt from Baltimore to Lisbon begins, the champagne flows and the posh party-goers revel in elegance and splendor. But, they have yet to realize that their gracious host has set a gilded trap for a murderer.
Barnard hopes to demonstrate his amateur sleuthing skills to his old war buddy, private detective, Ned Peters, while exposing the killer of a U.S. Customs official, Gerald Weltner. Why is Barnard seeking justice for this deplorable deed? Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting suspects, Weltner was Bernard's illegitimate son!
But, a sudden heart attack foils Barnard's plan and the Condor must be turned back. Before he loses consciousness, he entrusts his secret to Peters and implores him to step in and solve the crime. With only thirty minutes before they land. It's a challenge for even a pro like Peters to unravel this mystery. So lend a hand and catch a killer in The Case of the Cautious Condor.

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