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Reviewed: 04/05/01 | Updated: 04/05/01

Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey.

Donkey Kong I' am sure this game brings back fond memories of the old days of gaming when the only thing that mattered was getting on the high score board. Donkey Kong was one of Nintendo's first video game characters but after DK3 hit the arcades he just disappeared for about ten years. Well back in 1994 he returned in the Game Boy remake of the classic arcade game and ever since then he is still an active character in the Mario universe(I know I didn't mention Mario too much in the intro but hey DK is the real star here so sorry Mario).

This ain't your father's Donkey Kong I will tell you that. At the start of the game you do the original four levels from the old arcade game and when you finish the fourth one DK snatches Pauline again(that's the girl that Mario is trying to save in case you don't know) and all of a sudden the game switches gears as you try to get a key to a locked door. Getting the key to the door is not an easy task at times because there will at times be fake doors or the door will be invisible. At certain events you will challenge DK again and it is sometimes the usual platform bit from the original or near the end of a level you will have to chug his barrels back at him. As a little bonus Donkey Kong Jr. also pops up to make your life more miserably.

Mario looks kind of small here but he does look a heck of a lot better then he did in 1981. The graphics here are the Game Boy at its finest. The enemies like DK himself look just as good and the animation is almost flawless.

Mario can now do a head stand here and it proves useful because it can get rid of any barrels that are rolling toward right for him at the top. Also remember the hammer well it is still here and now you detach it so you can move on. Unlike most Mario games the control takes some time to learn but as you play the game you will grow on it.

I think the music here is actually pretty good coming from a Game Boy title. Some of it is new and some of it is remixed music from the original game. Sound effects are well done like the sound Mario makes when he touches a fire type enemy or when Pauline shrieks for help.

Did I mention how many levels in this game well it is almost close to 100! Man this game is addicting too you can't put this game down before you finish another 10 or so levels. I mean this could have been the most addictive thing on the Game Boy(Until Pokemon was released that is).

Final Word
C'mon if you are not convinced to try this game then I guess I have been wasting all this time. Donkey Kong for Game Boy is another great Mario game and is one of the Game Boy's finest. Nuff Said.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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