What is the best strategy for training?

  1. I am currently only trying to train the three starters and pikachu. Any suggestions for training??

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    graydonmoney - 5 years ago

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  1. CaptainBasch is correct. Trainers are the preferred method for two reasons; One, a Trainer's Pokemon will give more exp upon defeat than a Wild Pokemon of the same level. Two, Beating Trainers is how you make the vast majority of your money.

    However, There are some potential downsides to using Trainers to level your Pokemon. First, It's never a good idea to _not_ use the mew glitch, It's an awesome tool for getting pretty much any Pokemon you may need(as noted by CaptainBasch). Thus, You need to be aware(at all times) of which Trainers you need to _not_ fight to get the proper glitch. Second, It's much easier to accidentally get in over your head and end up with the Pokemon you are intending to level knocked the hell out, not getting any exp. Third, You should be using the first-turn-swap-in-a-stronger-Pokemon tactic to split the exp with your weaker Pokemon that needs the levels. Doing this in a Trainer battle can get very annoying as they get a free hit on your stronger Pokemon. Now, you should note that Trainer Pokemon are never as strong as your Pokemon of the same type and level but are always stronger than Wild Pokemon of the same type and level. So this free hit on your stronger Pokemon _can_ be very bad. Paying attention to type is important as all hell here.

    Important Note; ALWAYS have some potions of the proper strength( usually the best you can afford) on you when leveling. It helps when you screw up and almost get your Pokemon that needs the exp knocked out mid fight, against a Pokemon that would give _good_ exp.

    Try to train near enough to a Pokemon Center that running back to heal isn't too tedious. Don't be afraid to just heal at a Pokemon Center after every battle if your Pokemon are just not strong enough to safely fight two or more battles in a row.

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  1. This game doesn't require a ton of grinding, just train a bit in the wild grass and you should be fine. Try to fight as many trainers as possible too to build up cash, but there are some you should leave if you want to do the mew glitch. Like the youngster with the slowpoke just after Nugget Bridge.

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  2. As stated, fighting trainers is preferable (unless you're keeping trainers in reserve to use them for use in the Long range trainer glitche later) - as stated they provide the funds you'll get ingame, but they'll also provide a 50% boost on experience gained from the Pokemon (compared to wild pokemon of the same type at that level).

    It should be noted that that they'll still gain a normal amount of Stat Experience - this isn't important unless you're training up a competitive team ingame (in which case you'll be paying attention to loads of different numbers - the FAQs will help you there more than I can) - however, any "lost" Stat experience from training can be regained using what's known as "The Box Trick". The sticky topic on the boards has a description of this, as well as a basic summary of Stat Experience.

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