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    Speed Walkthrough by DTaeKim

    Version: 2.21 | Updated: 02/24/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                  Y E L L O W  E D I T I O N
    Speed Run Walkthrough
    Version 2.21
    Created: May 4, 2005
    Edited: February 24, 2009
    Author: David Kim (DTaeKim)
    E-Mail: lookingglass1103@hotmail.com
    Copyright 2005-2009 by David Kim
    This walkthrough may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site other than 
    gamefaqs.com or distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
           1.1.0) EFFECT OF DVs
    2.0.0) WALKTHROUGH
           2.0.1) PALLET TOWN TO ROUTE 2
           2.0.2) ROUTE 2 TO PEWTER CITY GYM
           2.0.3) PEWTER CITY GYM TO MT. MOON
           2.0.4) MT. MOON TO CERULEAN CITY GYM
           2.0.8) POKEMON TOWER TO SILPH CO.
           2.0.9) SILPH CO. TO SAFFRON CITY GYM
           2.1.4) LORELEI TO AGATHA
           2.1.5) AGATHA TO LANCE
           2.1.6) LANCE TO GARY
           2.1.7) GARY TO THE END
    9.0.0) CREDITS
    Hello all.  This is my first FAQ on GameFAQs.  It is a niche FAQ, but it should
    serve its purpose well.  This is the result of a topic on the forum of the 
    Speed Demos Archives.  Initially thought to be rather difficult to speed
    run, I attempted the challenge.  My first run through finished with a time of 3
    hours and 58 minutes, but with the advice and information submitted by others,
    I have streamlined it to a time of well below 3 hours.  Let's begin, shall we?
    There are several changes between Red/Blue and Yellow.  Here are the major
    - Introduction is a little longer, due to the additional scenes of catching 
      Pikachu and Gary's whining.
    - The old man catching the Ratatta can't be skipped.
    - One additional trainer in Viridian Forest (has one of each Nidoran).
    - Brock is two levels lower than in R/B.
    - All Rocket trainers right before Giovanni have been replaced by
      Team Rocket's pokemon (Ekans/Arbok, Koffing/Weezing, Meowth).
    - Surge has one Raichu at Lvl. 28.
    - Erika has Tangela, Weepinbell, and Gloom instead at 30, 32, and 32
    - Koga has 3 Venonats and 1 Venomoth, at 44, 46, 48, and 50 respectively.
    - Sabrina has Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam all at Lvl. 50.
    - Blaine has Level 48 Ninetales, Level 50 Rapidash, and Level 54 Arcanine.
    - Giovanni has Level 50 Dugtrio, 53 Persian and Nidoqueen, 55 Rhydon and
    - Some Pokemon learn moves earlier (Nidoran Male with Double Kick at 12).
    - Pikachu has an entirely unique movepool (which I don't use). 
    We'll be using Nidoking for this walkthrough.  Pikachu is just weak, period.
    Besides, he can't even get past Brock.  No deus ex machina here.  Nidoking is
    the best for because he has a large movepool and has the capability of using
    Horn Drill and Fissure. These moves are vital, especially for the Elite Four.
    Saves are limited, since they use up a valuble four seconds of your time.  
    I'll be instructing you where to save, though you are free to save at
    additional places should you feel the need to do so.
    On that note, using Pokemon Centers (PC) is kept to a minimum.  I'll tell you
    when to use one.
    We'll also be skipping a lot of items, but the walkthrough will detail what
    you need.
    Avoid trainers unless I say otherwise.  If you are forced into fighting a
    trainer, walk directly in front of them.  I will state the number of trainers
    that are required.
    I assume that you will take the shortest path from point A to point B.
    I'll provide strategies on significant battles.
    The game clock is accurate.  It does run during menu selection and keeps track
    of seconds as well.  This second fact is not obvious at first, but if your time
    seems to jump by a minute when you save and when you reload, this is the
    reason.  My run has my time jump from 1:21 to 1:22 at one segment.
    Luck is a significant factor here, unfortunately.  There are times where a
    critical hit speeds up battles and times where the opponent does not select
    the desired moves.  In the beginning especially, random battles may not go in
    your favor.  You can make additional saves to account for this, but I chose
    not to.  In the end, it's your call.
    1.1.0) EFFECT OF DVs
    DVs (Diversification Values) are the reason why Pokemon of the same level and
    species are not unique.  A number is randomly assigned to each Pokemon and
    their stat, from 0 to 15.  A 0 indicates the lowest possible value of that 
    stat, while a 15 indicates the highest possible value.  With five possible
    stats in Pokemon Yellow (HP/ATK/DEF/SPD/SPC), there is a chance that your Nido
    may be weaker or stronger than normal.  This is the greatest variable in this
    speed run.
    While for the most part, this variation in stats is barely noticable, in
    certain battles, the DVs play a significant role.  In trainer battles, a low
    DV in ATK can mean the difference between a OHKO and a 2HKO.  This especially
    is irritating in trainer battles, where a low DV in ATK can mean that a OHKO
    becomes a 2HKO, prolonging the battle.  There is little you can do to
    compensate for this, except hope for the best when you catch that Nidoran Male.
    Either that, or shark the desired DVs, but that wouldn't be fair now, would it?
    2.0.0) WALKTHROUGH
    Description: The segment ends after you purchase the items so you don't have
                 to run through the introduction again.
    < Pallet Town >
    Required Trainers: 1
    Before beginning the game, enter the Options menu.  Change Battle Style to
    Shift, Text Message to Fast, and Battle Animation to Off.  All three are
    necessary because you will be spending a lot of time in battles.
    Naming your character DOES take time, but you can go ahead and customize it
    if you want.  I named the main character Ash and the rival Gary.  I will be 
    using these names in the walkthrough.
    When you gain control of your character, immediately head to your computer.  
    Activate it, and withdraw the Potion.  Leave Ash's house and enter the tall 
    grass to activate the cutscene.  Progress through the cutscene until you fight 
    Boss Battle 1: Gary
    Pikachu's Level: 5
    Eevee - Lvl. 5
    Use Pikachu's Thundershock.  You MUST win this battle; the extra level is
    helpful in training Nidoran Male (called Nido from this point forward) in the
    future.  Using the Potion is all right; you will buy more at the Pokemon Mart.
    Leave Professor Oak's Lab and head north.
    < Route 1 >
    Ignore the person that gives you the free Potion.  Fight every random battle
    you encounter though; it's important especially for Nido later on.  Enter
    Viridian City.
    < Viridian City >
    Head straight to the Pokemon Mart and get Oak's Parcel.  Return to Pallet Town
    by the hedges; it saves time.
    < Pallet Town, 2nd Visit >
    Give Oak's Parcel to Prof. Oak.  Endure the text and return to Viridian City.  
    Pikachu may be on Level 7 when you arrive here.  It is manageable to be on
    level 6, but training Nidoran will be slightly more difficult.  You'll have to
    pick and choose your battles.
    < Viridian City, 2nd Visit >
    Head straight to the Mart and buy 5 Potions and 2 Pokeballs.  If you used a
    Potion in the Eevee battle, buy another one to compensate for it.  Leave town
    through the north exit and endure the old man and his "explanation."  Enter
    Route 2.  Skip the hidden potion in the bush; you don't need it.
    < Route 2 >
    Head to the grassy area right before Viridian Forest.  Save here.
    MY TIME - 0:07
    Description: The most luck-intensive segment of the run.  Luck is a major
                 factor in catching Nidoran and Pidgey in due time.
    < Route 2 >
    A Nidoran Male is catchable here, but it's somewhat rare.  Catch one and a
    Pidgey, then enter Viridian Forest.
    < Viridian Forest >
    Items to obtain: Potion x2
    Required Trainers: 1
    From the tree, head west.  There should be a Lass in the grass.  Fight her.
    She will have a Level 6 Nidoran Male and Female.  Switch Pikachu for Nido and
    defeat her both times.  You'll switch in Nido in between pokemon so he can
    gain as much experience as possible.  After the battle, return to the normal
    path and continue through Viridian Forest.  Be sure to fight all battles the
    same way you fought the girl.  You will be doing this until Nido hits level 8,
    where he learns Horn Attack.  There is no need to actively seek out random
    battles; just fight the ones that occur.
    Do conserve Horn Attack's PP whenever possible.  You will be skipping the PC
    in Pewter City and this IS Nido's most powerful attack for quite some time.
    After fighting all of the trainers, Nido should be at Level 11.  If not,
    fight random battles until you do.  Then leave the Viridian Forest.  Be sure
    to obtain the Potion north of the 2nd Bug Catcher and the hidden Potion in
    front of the last Bug Catcher.
    < Route 2 >
    Enter Pewter City.
    < Pewter City >
    Items to Obtain: TM 34 (Bide)
    Required Trainers: 1
    Head to Brock's Gym.  Inside, fight the trainer.  He will have a Diglett and
    Sandshrew; use Leer and then Horn Attack to deal with them.  Nido should hit
    Level 12 after the battle.  Nido will then learn Double Kick.  Walk up to
    Brock and use a Potion if Nido is low on HP.  Save here.
    MY TIME - 0:20
    Description: Accounts for potential setbacks against Brock and creates a
                 section before Mt. Moon to account for the cursed random battles.
    Confront Brock.
    Boss Battle 2: Brock
    Nido's Level: 12
    Geodude - Lvl. 10
    Onix - Lvl. 12
    Geodude is easily dealt with Double Kick.  For Onix, it requires a little bit
    of luck.  Since Onix is faster, if you use Double Kick right away, it might use
    Bide.  If that happens, you're screwed.  I suggest using Leer three times,
    then Double Kick.  This should ensure a 2-hit KO.  If he uses Bind, you may
    be in some trouble, especially if he used Screech beforehand.  It also wastes
    time, which is very bad.  In any case, when you win, scroll through the text
    and leave the gym.
    Head straight to Route 3, using a Potion to heal if necessary.
    < Route 3 >
    Required Trainers: 4
    The four required battles here are a Youngster, a Bug Catcher, another
    Youngster, and a Bug Catcher.  Use Double Kick on anything that is not a
    Flying- or Bug-type, and you should be fine for PP.  Nido should hit Level 16
    somewhere in these battles; let him evolve.  There is one more trainer, a Lass,
    and you should skip her.  The time saved from avoiding her is worth it, unless
    you happen to battle a random pokemon.  In that case, it's not worth it.
    Head to the PC at the base of Mount Moon.  Deposit Pikachu first since you no
    longer need it.  Now heal and exit.  Enter Mount Moon and save.
    MY TIME - 0:29
    Description: A segment is dedicated to Mt. Moon to remedy the random encounters
                 inside.  Limit your encounters to less than 10 if possible.
    < Mount Moon >
    Items to obtain: TM 12 (Water Gun), Moon Stone, Helix Fossil
    Required Trainers: 2
    I hate this place.  Random battles everywhere.  I'll leave it up to you to
    decide how many random battles is enough before you have to restart.
    Anyway, you should head to the bottom left corner first and pick up TM 12.
    Teach it to Nido, replacing Leer.  No more Rock/Ground problems.  Avoid the
    Lass near the sign and head north.  When you reach the wall, follow it to the
    right.  When the wall ends, move one step further, then walk up.  You'll see a
    Lass; AVOID her.  She has an Oddish and a Bellsprout, a battle that takes up
    too much time at this point.  Walk around her and follow the path.  There is a
    Youngster later on, but he's avoidable by walking one step away from the right
    wall.  Walk around him and head to the top left corner of the area. The Moon
    Stone is located here.  Use it on Nido and he'll evolve to Nidoking.  I hope
    you enjoy his portrait; you will be seeing it for the next couple hours.
    Fight the Hiker in front on the ladder; he falls easily to Nido's Water Gun.
    It is quick and easy experience.
    Make your way through the second portion of Mount Moon and avoid the one
    Rocket Trainer in the way.  When you reach the Super Nerd, walk in front of
    him to trigger the battle.  Use Horn Attack on Grimer and Ekans and Double Kick
    on Voltorb to end it.  Take the fossil on the right and head towards the exit.
    Here, Jessie and James will confront you.  Horn Attack Ekans and Koffing and
    Double Kick Meowth.  Leave Mount Moon.
    < Route 4 >
    Head straight to Cerulean City.
    < Cerulean City, 1st Visit>
    Items to Obtain: Rare Candy
    Required Trainers: 1
    Do not heal at the PC.  Instead, head north and enter the house.  Walk into the
    backyard.  The third tile on the top row from the right has a Rare Candy.
    Take it.  Now head to Route 24, but you will encounter Gary on the way.
    Boss Battle 3: Gary
    Nido's Level: 20
    Spearow - Lvl. 18
    Sandshrew - Lvl. 15
    Rattata - Lvl. 15
    Eevee - Lvl. 17
    Horn Attack Spearow, Water Gun Sandshrew, and Double Kick both Rattata and
    < Route 24 >
    Required Trainers: 6
    There are six required battles here on Nugget Bridge.  Deal with them as you
    see fit.  When you are done with these battles, head to the trainer with
    Charmander.  He will be your HM slave.  Now head east.
    NOTE: At some point here, you will learn Thrash.  This move is VITAL to
          beating Misty.  Replace Tackle for it.
    < Route 25 >
    Required Trainers: 4
    Fight the southern Hiker, a Lass, a Hiker near the Jr. Trainer (don't worry,
    he's out of range), and finally another Lass.  If you run low on PP, starting
    using Tackle/Thrash when appropriate.  Enter Bill's House.
    < Bill's House >
    Items to obtain: S.S. Ticket
    Since we have no Pikachu, we have no additional cutscene.  Help Bill out and
    pick up the S.S. Ticket.  Use the southern route to return to Cerulean City.
    < Cerulean City, 2nd Visit >
    Items to obtain: TM 11 (Bubblebeam)
    Required Trainers: 2
    Rest at the PC.  Enter Misty's Gym.  Avoid the first trainer, but the second
    trainer is unavoidable.  After defeating her Goldeen, save here.
    MY TIME - 0:51
    Description: Nothing important.  Just progressing through the story.
    Fight Misty.
    Boss Battle 4: Misty
    Nido's Level: 24
    Staryu - Lvl. 18
    Starmie - Lvl. 21
    You definitely need luck here.  Staryu should fall to one Thrash.  Starmie,
    however, will need either a critical hit from Thrash and a normal hit, or
    three regular hits of Thrash assuming it doesn't use Bubblebeam in the process.
    Aim for the critical hit.  If you lose Nido, reset and try again.
    Teach Bubblebeam to Nido, replacing Water Gun.  Leave the gym and head to the
    house Officer Jenny was standing in front of.  Leave through the hole and
    fight the Rocket.  Again, Thrash works wonders.  Head south towards Vermillion
    < Route 5 >
    Just continue on your way.  Enter the Underground Passage and continue on.
    < Route 6 >
    Required Trainers: 2
    The Underground Passage emerges here.  Head straight through the grass;
    running from battles if necessary.  Walk in the grass to avoid a battle with a
    Bug Catcher.  The two trainers after him are unavoidable.  If Nido is low on
    HP, this may be the time to use a Potion or two.  There is nothing worse than
    losing Nido to a Pidgey's Quick Attack because you didn't heal.  In any case,
    enter Vermillion City.
    < Vermillion City, 1st Visit >
    No PC for you, you're going straight to the S.S. Anne.
    < S.S. Anne >
    Items to obtain: Rare Candy, HM 1 (Cut)
    Required Trainers: 1
    Head straight to the second floor.  The hallway on the second floor contains a
    Rare Candy.  It is in the fourth door from the left side.  You will have to
    fight a Gentleman for it.  When you pick up the item, return to the hallway
    and continue to Gary.
    Boss Battle 5: Gary
    Nido's Level: 26
    Spearow - Lvl. 19
    Rattata - Lvl. 16
    Sandshrew - Lvl. 18
    Eevee - Lvl. 20
    Horn Attack Spearow, Double Kick Rattata and Eevee, and Bubblebeam Sandshrew.
    Help the Captain, then leave the S.S. Anne.
    < Vermillion City, 2nd Visit >
    Items to obtain: Bike Voucher, TM 24 (Thunderbolt)
    Required Trainers: 1
    Enter the Mart.  Sell Bide and the Nugget.  Purchase 6 Repels and 4 Super
    Potions; these should last you until you reach Fuschia City.  Leave the Mart
    and head to the Pokemon Fan Club.  Again, without Pikachu, you save time.  Get
    the Bike Voucher.  Leave the club and head to Surge's Gym.  Teach Cut and Dig
    to Charmander.  Use Cut and enter.  Save when you enter.
    MY TIME - 1:03
    Description: Creates a segment to account for Rock Tunnel, a frustrating area
                 since Flash is unavailable.
    You saved here because you are searching for the switch.  It is predetermined
    when you enter, so resetting doesn't change the switches.  Anyway, find the
    two switches.  If you are having problems, you can leave the gym, reenter, and
    save again.  The switches will be a new location.  When you have found them,
    enter Surge's room and fight him.
    Boss Battle 6: Lt. Surge
    Nido's Level: 27
    Raichu - Lvl. 28
    Just use Thrash.
    Use TM 24 on Nidoking and replace Horn Attack.  You are done in Vermillion
    City.  Head east towards Route 11.
    < Route 11 >
    Enter Diglett's Cave.
    < Diglett's Cave >
    Use Dig.  You will end up warping back to Cerulean City.
    < Cerulean City >
    From the Pokemon Center, enter the Bike Shop.  Use the voucher here.  It goes
    without saying that you should use the Bicycle whenever possible.  Cut the
    southern bush to leave Cerulean City.  Head east and cut the bush blocking the
    path to Route 9.
    < Route 9 >
    Required Trainers: 2
    The two unavoidable trainers are a Jr. Trainer and a Bug Catcher.  Both are
    easily dealt with Thrash.  Just avoid all other trainers by staying out of
    their sight.  Continue on to Route 10.
    < Route 10 >
    Required Trainers: 0
    Cut the bushes in your way, then enter Rock Tunnel.  That's right, you're
    skipping the PC here.
    < Rock Tunnel >
    Required Trainers: 5
    Save here.
    MY TIME - 1:09
    Description: The most important segment.  The items bought here determines your
                 success in future battles.  If you forget to buy items, it ensures
                 that you have some time to realize your mistake and try again.
    It helps greatly if you already know the path through Rock Tunnel, but that
    goes without being said.  Begin by using a Repel.  Everytime a Repel runs out,
    use another.  From the start, go south and engage the trainer.  Follow the path
    to the ladder (which is illuminated for your convinience).
    On this floor, follow the path south and fight the trainer.  At the fork, head
    north and fight another trainer.  Be sure to hug the right wall to avoid the
    next trainer.  Follow the path beyond a fork until you reach the point where
    the path diverges around a rectangle rock.  Head left, engage the trainer,
    then enter the ladder.
    From here, head south and east and engage the trainer.  When the path turns
    right and up, hug the wall to avoid the trainer whose vision crosses the area
    two steps south of the wall.  Move on to the next floor.
    Here, follow the path west.  There are two forced battles here.  When the
    screen stops scrolling, head north and hug the right wall.  If not, you will
    be forced into a battle.  Move on to the next floor.
    Final floor.  Hug the left wall and head south until you hit something (a
    trainer).  Move right until you reach the other wall and head down.  Follow the
    path to the left and fight the final trainer.  Beyond her, head south and leave
    Rock Tunnel.  Good riddance.
    < Route 10 >
    Items to obtain: Max Ether
    Required Trainers: 0
    Light!  Head to the right and pick up the hidden Max Ether in the rock.  Head
    to Lavender Town.
    < Lavender Town, 1st visit >
    Move on to Route 8.
    < Route 8 >
    Required Trainers: 1
    The only unavoidable fight is the Gambler.  Bubblebeam finishes his two Fire
    pokemon.  Avoid all of the other trainers and enter the Underground Passage to
    Celadon City.
    < Celadon City, 1st visit >
    Items to obtain: PP Up, TM 13 (Ice Beam), TM 18 (Rock Slide)
    Do NOT heal at the PC.  First, head south and Cut through the bush there.
    Examine the dead end for a PP Up.  Save this one.  Walk to the Mart and enter
    the right door.  Take the stairs to the second floor.  Buy a TM 7.
    Take the elevator to the fourth floor.  Buy a Poke Doll here.
    Take the elevator to the fifth floor.  Buy 9 X-Accuracy, 3 X-Attack, and
    9 X-Speed.
    Head to the roof and buy 2 Fresh Water and 1 Soda Pop.  Give the two drinks to
    the girl and pick up TMs 13 and 48.  Teach them to Nido over Bubblebeam and
    Thrash.  Now leave the Mart and head to Route 17 through the western exit.
    < Route 17 >
    Items to obtain: HM 2 (Fly)
    Here, Cut the bush above you and obtain HM 2.  Teach it to your Pidgey.  Fly to
    Lavender Town.
    < Lavender Town, 2nd Visit >
    Welcome back.  Enter Pokemon Tower.
    < Pokemon Tower >
    Items to obtain: Elixir, Rare Candy
    Required Trainers: 6
    Save here.  This is considered the halfway point in this speed run.
    MY TIME - 1:22
    Description: Segment ends before Gary in Silph Co., the first difficult trainer
    Head to the 2F and fight Gary.
    Boss Battle 8: Gary
    Nido's Level: 33
    Fearow - Lvl. 25
    Magnemite - Lvl. 23
    Shellder - Lvl. 22
    Sandshrew Lvl. 20
    Eevee - Lvl. 25
    If you avoided the 2nd Gary battle, you should be facing this lineup.
    Thunderbolt/Ice Beam Fearow, Rock Slide Magnemite, Thunderbolt Shellder,
    Ice Beam Sandshrew, and Double Kick Eevee.
    Move on to the 3F.
    Use a Repel here, and use another when this runs out.  All of the Channelers
    here are avoidable.
    On the 4F, one is unavoidable.  She has two Gastly; both on level 23.
    Use Rock Slide and pray it doesn't miss; else you might be in for a long
    battle.  Pick up the item to your left; it's an Elixir.  You'll need this item.
    Skip the next item though; it's only an Awakening.  Move on to the 5F.
    Here, all Channelers are avoidable.  Heal at the aura of protection, and move
    on to the 6F.
    There are two unavoidable Channelers here.  Use Rock Slide on their Gastly.
    Pick up the Rare Candy in your way, then move on to face the ghost of Marowak.
    Here's where the Poke Doll comes into play.  When you are able to access the
    menu, use the Poke Doll.  For some reason or another, the game assumes you
    beat the ghost normally and continues the plot.  You never need to set foot in
    Game Corner.  Isn't that fun?  Head to the 7F.
    Here, you fight Jessie and James again.  Lay waste to their pokemon any way
    you see fit.  Rescue Mr. Fuji.
    < Lavender Town, 3rd Visit >
    Items to obtain: Poke Flute
    Pick up the Poke Flute, then head to Route 8 again.
    < Route 8 >
    Avoid all trainers as usual, then head into Saffron City.  You'll use your
    Fresh Water here.
    < Saffron City, 1st Visit >
    Head to the PC, and heal.  You'll see why later.  Leave the PC and head to
    Silph Co.
    < Silph Co. >
    Items to obtain: Rare Candy, Carbos, TM 26 (Earthquake), Card Key
    Required Trainers: 6
    On the 1F, head directly to the elevator.  Set the elevator to 10F.
    On the 10F, avoid the trainer and head to the bottom left corner.  The Rocket
    with his Machoke is unavoidable; take him out with Thunderbolt.  Pick up the
    three items.  Use TM 26 on Nido and replace Thunderbolt with it.  Head back
    to the elevator and go to 5F.
    On 5F, head left.  There are two potted plants; the base of the one on the
    right has an Elixir.  Fight the Rocket's level 33 Arbok with Earthquake.
    Pick up the Card Key, return to the elevator and set the floor to 3F.
    On 3F, there is an unavoidable Rocket.  Use Earthquake on his level 28
    Hypno and use Double Kick on his Raticate x2.  Open the first door with the
    Card Key.  Enter the warp, which should lead you to Gary.  Walk north, heal any
    damage with your Potions (both regular and Super) and use TM 7 on Nido.  
    Replace Double Kick for it.  Use your PP Up on Horn Drill as well. Save.
    MY TIME - 1:34
    Description: PP conservation is vital here.
    Walk due west and face Gary.
    Boss Battle 9: Gary
    Nido's Level: 36
    Sandslash - Lvl. 38
    Cloyster - Lvl. 35
    Magneton - Lvl. 37
    Kadabra - Lvl. 35
    Flareon - Lvl. 40
    This battle is NOT fun.  Kadabra is now a viable threat and will continue to be
    so for the rest of the game.  In fact, his entire lineup is a problem for
    Nido.  It's time to use an X-Accuracy and X-Speed.  Nido should be able to
    survive two hits from Sandslash.  Once you have used your items, use Horn
    Drill and sweep the rest of his team.
    You walked north so Gary can make his getaway a bit more quickly.  Pick up
    Lapras from the Silph Co. employee and head to the last warp tile.
    Here, you fight Jessie and James for the final time.  Use Earthquake on all of
    their pokemon.  If you took a beating from Gary, use more Potions here.
    Go fight Giovanni.
    Boss Battle 10: Giovanni
    Nido's Level: 39
    Nidorino - Lvl. 37
    Persian - Lvl. 35
    Rhyhorn - Lvl. 37
    Nidoqueen Lvl. 41
    At this point, you should have 5 PP for Earthquake left.  Use Earthquake on
    Nidorino and Persian.  If Persian survives, use Rock Slide to finish it.
    Ice Beam Nidoqueen and Rhyhorn.  You MUST have 3 PP left for Earthquake at the
    end of the battle.
    Once Giovanni makes his getaway, it's time to make yours too.  Use Dig.  You
    should end up at the Saffron City PC.  You had to heal or else Dig would have
    sent you back to Cerulean City, the last place you healed.
    < Saffron City, 2nd visit >
    Items to obtain: TM 46 (Psywave)
    Required Trainers: 1
    You don't need to heal.  Head to Sabrina's Gym.  Enter the tile you see.
    Take the first tile.  From here, it's the bottom left tile, the top left tile,
    the bottom left tile, and the bottom left tile.  You should be in front
    of Sabrina.  Save here.
    MY TIME - 1:41
    Description: Runs through two consecutive gym battles.
    Have at Sabrina.
    Boss Battle 11: Sabrina
    Nido's Level: 40
    Abra - Lvl. 50
    Kadabra - Lvl. 50
    Alakazam - Lvl. 50
    You should have 3 PP for Earthquake left here.  As much as the odds are
    against you, you have items that tilts the odds in your favor.  Use
    X-Speed and X-Attack at the start.  Abra lacks a definitive Psychic attack,
    so your stat boosts should go uninterrupted.  Then use Earthquake on Abra.
    Kadabra falls to Earthquake.  Alakazam is still faster than you, so you have
    to pray that it doesn't use Psychic.  If Sabrina doesn't use X-Defend,
    Earthquake should OHKO Alakazam, but it can also use Reflect, in which case
    it will be a 2HKO.  If this happens, hope that Alakazam doesn't use Psychic
    With Sabrina's defeat, Dig your way out of her gym.  Don't bother healing at
    the PC and head back to Celadon City.
    < Celadon City, 2nd Visit >
    Items to obtain: TM 21 (Mega Drain)
    Required Trainers: 2
    Make your way to Erika's Gym.  There is one unavoidable trainer battle.  From
    the entrance, go left, up, then right.  The girl in the right won't see you.
    Cut down the bush in front of you and engage the girl.  Use Ice Beam on her
    pokemon; it should OHKO all three of them, thanks to your 17+ level advantage.
    You may save here if you wish.
    Use a Max Ether on Earthquake.  Confront Erika.
    Boss Battle 12: Erika
    Nido's Level: 41
    Tangela - Lvl. 30
    Weepinbell - Lvl. 32
    Gloom - Lvl. 32
    If you have PP left for Ice Beam, use it now on Tangela.  If not, Earthquake
    can do the job, but a tad slower.  Earthquake is guaranteed to OHKO Weepinbell
    and Gloom though, so don't worry about that.
    Erika gives you TM 21.  Leave her gym the normal way and leave Celadon City
    through the western exit.
    < Route 17 >
    Confront the Snorlax with your Poke Flute.  Run from it.  Enter Cycling Road.
    < Cycling Road >
    Required Trainers: 0
    All trainers here are avoidable, but you have to be careful.  To avoid all
    trainers on the hill, hug the left side.  Coast your way down the hill and
    enter Fuschia City.
    < Fuschia City, 1st visit >
    Items to obtain: TM 6 (Toxic)
    Required Trainers: 3
    Head straight for Koga's Gym.  There are two unavoidable trainers.  Deal with
    them with Earthquake, then save in front of Koga.
    MY TIME - 1:50
    Description: Runs through a gym battle and Pokemon Mansion.
    Confront Koga.
    Boss Battle 13: Koga
    Nido's Level: 43
    Venonat - Lvl. 44
    Venonat - Lvl. 46
    Venonat - Lvl. 48
    Venomoth - Lvl. 50
    Earthquake, oddly enough, isn't a guaranteed OHKO, especially on Venomoth.
    Use an X-Attack and X-Speed while fighting Venonat.  It can use Psychic or
    Sleep Powder on you; the former is not something to worry about unless it's a
    critical.  The second move is very irritating, especially if it hits.  Use your
    Poke Flute if this occurs.  Earthquake with the boost should sweep Koga, but
    again, it may not.  Either way, you can finish him.  If Koga is still giving
    you fits, use an Elixir before battle.  This restores Horn Drill's PP, allowing
    you to use X-Accuracy and X-Speed and eliminate him.
    Leave Koga's Gym the old-fashioned way since you can't Dig out of here.  Enter
    the PC and heal.  Deposit your Helix Fossil, S.S. Ticket, Lift Key,
    Silph Scope, Card Key, and HM 1 and 2.  Leave the PC, head north, Cut the bush,
    and enter the Mart.  Sell all of your TMs and buy 7 Super Repels and 8 Hyper
    Potions.  Leave the Mart and enter the Safari Zone.
    < Safari Zone >
    Items to obtain: Gold Teeth, HM 3 (Surf)
    You can use your Repels and Super Repels here to avoid the random battles until
    you reach the Secret House.  You do NOT need to collect any items on the way,
    just the Gold Teeth and HM 3.  Teach Surf to Lapras.  Once you have done so,
    use Dig outside the Secret House to leave the Safari Zone.
    < Fuschia City, 2nd Visit >
    Items to obtain: HM 4 (Strength), Rare Candy
    Head to the Warden's House and give him his teeth.  He'll give you HM 4 in
    return, which you should promptly use on Lapras.  Push the boulder in his
    living room and pick up your Rare Candy.  Leave his house, then Fly to Pallet
    < Pallet Town, 3rd visit >
    From here, Surf south.
    < Route 29 >
    Required Trainers: 0
    Use your Super Repels to avoid all battles.  Dodge the trainers.  You should
    arrive at Cinnabar Island with little trouble.
    < Cinnabar Island, 1st Visit >
    Head to the PC and heal.  Enter the Pokemon Mansion.
    < Pokemon Mansion >
    Items to obtain: Carbos, Rare Candy, Secret Key
    Required Trainers: 0
    Use your Super Repels here again.  On the 1F, head directly to the 2F.  There,
    enter the northern room to reach the 3F.  Hit the switch and fall out of the
    closer window.  Avoid the Scientist by hugging the far wall and pick up the
    Carbos.  Enter B1.
    Here, head straight to the statue and activate the switch.  Avoid the
    Scientist and activate the switch beyond him.  Take a quick detour to the room 
    with the Rare Candy inside, then make your way to the Secret Key two rooms
    ahead.  Dig your way out.
    < Cinnabar Island, 2nd Visit >
    Items to obtain: TM 38 (Fire Blast)
    Required Trainers: 1
    Head straight to Blaine's Gym.  You'll have to answer six questions here, but
    I will graciously provide to you the answers so when prompted, all you have to
    do is press A for yes or B for no.
    Thanks to XeroXtancy's FAQ for this information.
    A B B B A B
    When you reach Blaine, save here.
    MY TIME - 2:01
    Description: Same as Segment 11, except without Pokemon Mansion.
    Confront Blaine.
    Boss Battle 14: Blaine
    Nido's Level: 43
    Ninetales - Lvl. 48
    Rapidash - Lvl. 50
    Arcanine - Lvl. 54
    There's no point in using Horn Drill here; all of his pokemon are faster than
    you.  First, see if Earthquake can OHKO Blaine's pokemon without an X-Attack.
    If not, reset the segment and use an X-Attack.  It should pump Nido's attack
    high enough to OHKO all of his pokemon.  Use Hyper Potions if Nido's HP gets
    low.  If Blaine is still giving you fits, use an X-Speed here along with the
    Dig your way out of here and then Fly to Viridian City.
    < Viridian City, 3rd Visit >
    Items to obtain: Revive, TM 27 (Fissure)
    Required Trainers: 3
    Make your way to Giovanni's Gym.
    There are two unavoidable trainers.  Make your way up the middle and confront
    the two of them.  Both are easy to deal with thanks to Ice Beam and Earthquake.
    Once you have fought the Karate Guy, leave the gym, picking up the Revive on
    your way, then reenter.  It resets the trainer positions, allowing you a quick
    walk to Giovanni.  Save here.
    MY TIME - 2:05
    Description: Runs through two consecutive difficult battles and contains
                 Victory Road, a prime location for accidental trainer battles.
    Time for the final gym battle!
    Boss Battle 15: Giovanni
    Nido's Level: 45
    Dugtrio - Lvl. 50
    Persian - Lvl. 53
    Nidoqueen - Lvl. 53
    Nidoking - Lvl. 53
    Rhydon - Lvl. 55
    His entire team is a threat to Nido, thanks to your ground-type weakness.  In
    fact, Dugtrio has three ways of wiping you out with a single hit, thanks to
    Dig, Earthquake, or Fissure.  To even the odds, first use X-Speed.  With luck,
    Dugtrio will use Fissure or Giovanni will use a Guard Spec. on it.  If you
    survived the first round, then use Earthquake to KO Dugtrio.  Persian is next.
    Its Slash can take around 80 HP from Nido.  Use X-Accuracy here.  Let Persian
    hit you; Nido should survive.  Now we can Horn Drill the rest of his team.
    Have a laugh at the "It's not very effective..." comment when you Horn Drill
    With Giovanni out of the way, go ahead and teach Fissure to Nido.  Replace
    Rock Slide for it.  Head to Route 22, where Gary will confront you.
    Boss Battle 16: Gary
    Nido's Level: 47
    Sandslash - Lvl. 47
    Exeggcute - Lvl. 45
    Cloyster - Lvl. 45
    Magneton - Lvl. 47
    Kadabra - Lvl. 50
    Flareon - Lvl. 53
    As with the Saffron City battle, use X-Speed, then X-Accuracy.  Sandslash
    can't 2HKO Nido, unless he gets lucky and your stats are low.  Fissure his
    entire team.
    Gary runs, and you can now enter the Pokemon League.  Continue on your way
    until you enter Victory Road.  Run from any random encounters you may face.
    Use up your Rare Candies here.  It turns out that you may encounter some
    pokemon regardless of the Repels due to your level, so we rectify that by being
    a higher level right now in Victory Road.
    < Victory Road >
    Required Trainers: 0
    If you are concerned about the trainers, then you may save here.
    Use your Super Repels to avoid all random battles as usual, and reuse them
    should they run out.  Since someone requested a walkthrough in this area, I
    will provide one.
    From the beginning, head to the top of the boulder.  Use Strength, and push
    the boulder down and to the right.  Be careful near the entrance, as you can
    accidently walk out of the area and be forced to do that much again.  In any
    case, continue pushing the boulder right onto the switch.  Once that is done,
    return to where the boulder was and head north.  At the T intersection, hug the
     south edge in order to avoid a trainer.  Continue on, and hug the left side
    as you turn north.  There's a trainer waiting to ambush you there.  Skip him
    and go on to 2F.
    Here, use Strength again.  Move south and push the boulder there onto the
    nearby switch.  When you continue on, HUG the north end.  I've encountered
    that Karate way too many times on accident, ruining this segment.  Anyway,
    skip the Karate and head south and east.  When you begin heading east, hug
    the bottom edge in order to skip another trainer.  Continue following the path
    north and west to the ladder, entering the 3F.
    You know what HM to use.  Push the boulder north and west along the edge of the
    plateau.  Keep pushing the boulder left onto the switch at the end.  It takes
    an agonizing 40 seconds to push the damn thing, but it has to be done.  Once
    that's over with, return the way you came and take the plateau path.  Hug the
    southern edge in order to skip a trainer.  Continue following the path and head
    dead south when you leave the path in order to skip the two trainers ahead.
    Go east until you encounter another boulder.  Push it down the hole and follow
    it through that hole.
    Back to the 2F.  Use Strength and push the boulder west until it goes onto
    the switch.  Return east.  You can finally enter the ladder next to that
    Here on the 3F, head north.  You'll encounter another ladder.  Enter it.
    Back on the 2F again.  Leave this damn place through the exit.
    < Indigo Plateau >
    Required Trainers: 5
    Finally, the Elite Four.  You aren't done yet.  Your first priority is to
    heal at the PC.  Once you're done, save before entering the domain of Lorelei.
    MY TIME - 2:17
    Description: Runs through two consecutive battles.
    Battle Lorelei.
    Boss Battle 17: Lorelei
    Nido's Level: 54
    Dewgong - Lvl. 54
    Cloyster - Lvl. 53
    Slowbro - Lvl. 54
    Jynx - Lvl. 56
    Lapras - Lvl. 58
    There is no need to use X-Speed since you should be faster than Jynx at this
    point.  Use X-Accuracy (Nido should be able to survive Bubblebeam and Aurora
    Beam) and Horn Drill the team.
    Move on to Bruno.
    Boss Battle 18: Bruno
    Nido's Level: 55
    Onix - Lvl. 53
    Hitmonchan - Lvl. 55
    Hitmonlee - Lvl. 55
    Onix - Lvl. 56
    Machamp - Lvl. 58
    We could slug it out with Earthquake and Ice Beam, but Fissure is far more
    efficient.  Use an X-Accuracy and OHKO everyone.
    Save before confronting Agatha.  Use an Elixir here.
    MY TIME - 2:20
    2.1.5) AGATHA TO LANCE
    Description: Accounts for Agatha's unpredictability with switching.
    Boss Battle 19: Agatha
    Nido's Level: 56
    Gengar - Lvl. 56
    Golbat - Lvl. 55
    Haunter - Lvl. 55
    Arbok - Lvl. 58
    Gengar - Lvl. 60
    Begin with X-Speed.  If the starting Gengar uses Confuse Ray or Substitute,
    reset the game.  You want to be able to Earthquake it without any
    interruptions.  Ice Beam Golbat and Earthquake Haunter, Arbok, and Gengar.
    The X-Speed ensures that you go first in this battle.
    Use a Hyper Potion.  Save here.
    MY TIME - 2:22
    2.1.6) LANCE TO GARY
    Description: Ensures a safe spot in case Gyrados' Hydro Pump connects.
    Boss Battle 20: Lance
    Nido's Level: 57
    Gyarados - Lvl. 58
    Dragonair - Lvl. 56
    Dragonair - Lvl. 56
    Aerodactyl - Lvl. 60
    Dragonite - Lvl. 62
    Use an X-Accuracy.  Pray that Gyrados misses with Hydro Pump.  If he does,
    then Horn Drill everyone except for Aerodactyl.  Since you aren't faster than
    Aerodactyl, Horn Drill won't hit.  You'll have to use Ice Beam on it.  Use
    Max Potions if Nido's HP gets too low vs. Aerodactyl.  Alternatively, you
    could use a X-Speed sometime in the battle so Aerodactyl falls to Horn Drill. 
    KO Dragonite with Horn Drill as well.
    Use a Hyper Potion.  Save here.
    MY TIME - 2:24
    2.1.7) GARY TO THE END
    Description: Safeguards any setbacks with Alakazam.
    Boss Battle 21: Gary
    Nido's Level: 58
    Sandslash - Lvl. 61
    Alakazam - Lvl. 59
    Exeggutor - Lvl. 61
    Magneton - Lvl. 61
    Cloyster - Lvl. 63
    Flareon - Lvl. 65
    The final battle.  Animation will be turned on, so there's little you can do
    there.  Too bad this has so much reliance on luck.  First off, use an
    X-Accuracy.  Nido should eat an Earthquake, but survive.  Use Horn Drill to
    KO Sandslash.  Now for Alakazam.  You should use an X-Speed here.  Now you have
    a 50% chance of surviving the battle or resetting your game.  Alakazam has
    Psybeam (bad), Psychic (very bad), Kinesis (good), and Recover (very good).
    Pray it uses the latter two, not the former two.  Usually he'll use Psychic,
    but he HAS used Kinesis.  Once he does so, you can relax.  It's over.  
    Use Fissure here.  Exeggutor, Magenton, Cloyster, and Flareon all fall to
    our beloved OHKO move.
    Congratulations!  You just defeated Gary!  According to the Speed Demos
    Archive, the official time is when your Pokemon have been inagurated into the
    Hall of Fame.  Check your time and see how you did.
    MY FINAL TIME - 2:28
    The time listed above is only a benchmark.  There are plenty of opportunities
    to improve upon it.  Good luck and godspeed.
    9.0.0) CREDITS
    Thanks to Milcotti's Speed Walkthrough for some of the strategies detailed
    Thanks to striker64 and XeroXtancy for their FAQs.  Some of the information
    here would taken a lot out of my time to find out for myself.
    Thanks to MrScaryMuffin for starting the topic on the Speed Demos Archive
    forum.  It was impossible until the tips started pouring in.  Thanks for
    jumpstarting the idea.
    Thanks to ShadowJedi for giving me the idea of using Nidoking and items.
    Thanks to Cygnus and Naye745 for tips and providing competition.  Red/Blue
    remains the superior version to speed run the Chromatic series.
    Thanks to wjzz for informing the forum about the Poke Doll trick.
    Thanks to Radix for hosting the Speed Demos Archive.  Go check out their
    other games </plug>.
    Thanks to Nate for capturing my run.  I failed to do this in the
    comments section, so this FAQ will have to do.  My apologies.
    Thanks to NextGenWarrior for suggesting a Victory Road walkthrough.  It was
    wrong of me to write one for Rock Tunnel and not one for Victory Road,
    which are both difficult to run through quickly.
    Thanks to samthedigital for pointing out the mistake about Thrash and
    mentioning two places to use Dig in order to save some time.
    Thanks to L. Tesson for pointing out my misidentification of TM 48.
    Thanks to Nintendo for providing a very entertaining and deep game.
    Thanks to CJayC for creating GameFAQs.com and for hosting this FAQ.
    Version 1.0 - Basic walkthrough completed.  In-depth complete to Rock Tunnel.
    Version 1.2 - Redid walkthrough from Silph Co. onward.  Rewrote Giovanni
                  strategy and adjusted shopping lists.  Also added a subsection in
                  Basic Information for DVs and divided walkthrough into segments.
    Version 1.5 - Massive change to walkthrough.  Added two segments to account for
                  deviation in stats and eliminated Game Corner from walkthrough
                  due to new information on the Speed Demos Archive.
    Version 1.6 - Added Rock Tunnel and Victory Road information.  Amended shopping
                  list to add one more X-Accuracy and X-Speed for Koga.  Changed
                  PP conservation, allowing for more liberal use of Earthquake
                  before Sabrina.  Changed strategy slightly against Erika and
                  Koga.  Added information about game clock.
    Version 1.8 - My speed run was added August 16 to the Speed Demos Archive.
                  However, preparation for college delayed the release of the
                  update of this FAQ, which includes a walkthrough of Victory Road
                  due to a request and the inclusion of times.  In any case, you
                  can find the run at 
    Version 1.9 - Made a couple of changes for faster speed.  Also fixed a mistake
                  in the walkthrough.
    Version 2.0 - Thanks to samthedigital for letting me know about two places to
                  Dig, saving time: Diglett's Cave and Safari Zone.  This will
                  probably be the last time I update this guide for a while,
                  barring some major discovery.
    Version 2.1 - Corrected a mistake in the Celadon Mart.
    Version 2.21 - Added ASCII Art and reformatted the FAQ.

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