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    FAQ/Walkthrough by striker64

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    Welcome! This is the very first FAQ I ever wrote. I started it some time ago in late 1999, and I never finished it, so I decided I should come back and actually finish it. I don't know who would need a Pokemon Yellow FAQ now with the advent of Black and White (or whatever generation the games are on at the time you are reading this), but hey, maybe someone will. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me I continue to offer support for all of my FAQs regardless of how old they or the game are.

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    Version History


    6.2 - 4/21/11 - Re-added the Attack Analysis section after formatting it properly and changing some content. Ended up not taking nearly as long as I expected.
    6.0 - 4/20/11 - Conversion to Formatted FAQ (which was quite the endeavor, let me tell you). Minor grammatical adjustments. Re-wrote parts of the recommended movesets and most of the walkthrough. Rearranged sections. Removed the Attack Analysis section, to be re-added at a later date.
    Final - 1/21/03 - Looks like everything is okay, so this will be the final update. I was hoping to get a pretty blue circle, but I didn't. :[
    5.0 - 1/20/03 - I felt like I should come back and actually finish this FAQ. I removed a lot of things that I felt like didn't need to be there, and completed the unfinished sections. Combined some sections. Added some new sections as well, including the Attack Analysis section and some extra tidbits to the Pokedex section. Removed that horrible ASCii art at the beginning. This isn't the final, the next one will be. I just need to be sure that the formatting is all right and stuff.
    4.6 - Yes, you read correctly, it's the final update. I know the Pokemon section is incomplete, but I don't have the time to get the other ones. Sorry. :) As for teams, what you see on this is it. If your team is not here, I am sorry. I also corrected a number of errors.
    4.5 - Part 4 of a big update. Completed the Pokemon section, except for a few that I do not know.
    4.4 - Added locations for the TMs and HMs. Also added numbers 126, 148, 149, and 150 in the Pokemon Section.
    4.3 - Part 3 of a big update. Added Pokemon section with #'s 1-103 so far, added more teams, and added a rater for the teams. I also decided to remove the Best of Type section. I also added something at the end of the walkthrough that some people have requested.
    4.1 - No big update here, I just fixed an error with the Eevee form that Gary gets (how he gets them).
    4.0 - Part 2 of a big update. Completed the Walkthrough and the Side Areas, and removed the Elite Four section since that is now contained in the walkthrough.
    3.8 - Part 1 of a big update. Completed the Pokedex. Also added the Gameshark code to get Mew. Due to the amount of contributors that I have, I've decided to recognize the ones that have helped me the most. Hence, the Major Contributors section is born.
    3.7 - Updated the Walkthrough a little, added a few more teams. I also removed the Gym Leaders section. It is no longer necessary since the walkthrough has covered all of them.
    3.6 - Updated the Pokedex to Marowak.
    3.5 - Added 2 more teams.
    3.4 - Got those levels that I missed! Also added another team.
    3.3 - Fixed some errors, and added another team to the Best Teams section
    3.2 - Updated the Walkthrough to Giovanni (in Viridian City) Also updated the Pokedex to Golem. Also added the Best of Type Section.
    3.1 - Updated the Walkthrough to Koga.
    3.0 - Updated the Walkthrough to the Game Corner.
    2.9 - As promised, here's more. Updated the Pokedex to Primeape.
    2.8 - Added a team to the Best Teams section. More to come later.
    2.7 - Updated the Pokedex to Sandslash. More to come later.
    2.6 - Started the Pokedex, fixed some errors, added a team to the Best Teams section, and updated the walkthrough to Erika.
    11/20/99 - Added some stuff on obtaining Bulbasaur. I revised my "Best Team", and updated the walkthrough to, well, I didn't update it much.
    11/17/99 - Updated the walkthrough to Diglett's Cave. Also added the Side Areas section.
    11/16/99 - Updated the walkthrough to the Sea Cottage.
    2.5 - Finally updated the Walkthrough. You should be proud. Also added the PokeMarts section.
    11/13/99 - Fixed some various errors in the FAQ.
    11/8/99 - Fixed some errors in the Elite Four Section.
    2.3 - Added TM/HM List.
    2.2 - Added Elite Four Section.
    2.1 - Oops. Fixed some errors in the PIKACHU!!! Section.
    2.0 - Upped Walkthrough and added Gym leaders section.
    1.3 - Added some basic info.
    1.2 - Added some stuff to the Best Team Section and upped walkthrough.
    1.1 - Upped walkthrough, revised my team and added PIKACHU!!! Section. Also added some poor artwork for the logo.
    1.0 - Really dumb, poorly written FAQ without much good info.


    Each section should be categorized based on the links in the Table of Contents.

    Wild Pokemon and Items are listed where appropriate. Note that anytime I make a list of available wild Pokemon in an area, if it's the first time you can encounter them, I'll put (NEW) beside the name so you will know. Parentheses indicate where you can find them.

    • (Grass) - Grassy areas
    • (Fish) - Must use a fishing pole to catch and battle
    • (Surf) - Surf on the water to encounter

    Trainers in an area are also listed at the beginning of the area in the approximate order that they appear. Movesets for opponent Pokemon will be listed for Gary, Gym Leaders, and the Elite Four.

    One last thing to keep in mind Technical Machine (TM) items teach Pokemon special attacks, but are one-time use only. Some TMs can be obtained in multiples later on, but many of the good ones you'll get only one, so be sure about using it before you do.

    Pallet Town

    Start up the game and name yourself (whom I'll refer to as Ash) and your rival (whom I'll refer to as Gary). You start in your room, with a Super Nintendo in front of you. Walk to your computer and withdraw the Potion inside. Go downstairs and outside, and walk forward in the grass. Professor Oak will stop you. You'll turn to walk back but will instead be attacked by a level 5 Pikachu. Oak will catch it and together you'll return to his lab, where Gary is waiting. Oak tells you to go get the PokeBall on the table, so have at it. As you try to get it, Gary will push you out of the way, and having nothing else, Oak will give you the Pikachu. Turn to walk out and Gary will challenge you.

    Gary Battle

    EeveeLv. 5NormalTackle, Tail Whip

    Just use Thundershock, and use your Potion if necessary. If you win, Pikachu levels up and learns Tail Whip. Gary leaves and Pikachu jumps out the PokeBall. It will now follow you around and you can check its mood by talking to it.

    Note that to get Bulbasaur from Cerulean City, Pikachu needs to be extremely happy, so talk to it often, let it battle, don't let it faint, and don't deposit it in the PC.

    Leave the lab and head north.

    Route 1

    • Wild Pokemon (Grass)
      • Pidgey (NEW)
      • Rattata (NEW)
    • Items
      • Potion

    Pidgey and Rattata are both very common and you'll be seeing quite a bit of them throughout the game. Neither are really worth using, but Pidgey works well as an HM slave for Fly later on. If you want a Flying type, Spearow is better; whereas if you want a Normal type, wait for Clefairy.

    Talk to the first NPC you see and he'll give you a Potion for free. After that, work your way up, and into the next city.

    Viridian City

    Heal at the PokeCenter if you need, then head to the PokeMart. Get the package and return to Professor Oak with it.

    Back to Pallet Town

    Professor Oak will now give you and Gary a Pokedex. Head back to Viridian City.

    Back to Viridian City

    • Items
      • TM 42 (Dream Eater)
    • Wild Pokemon (Fish)
      • Poliwag (Super Rod) (NEW)
      • Poliwag (Good Rod)
      • Goldeen (Good Rod) (NEW)
      • Magikarp (Old Rod) (NEW)
    • PokeMart
      • PokeBall - $200
      • Antidote - $100
      • Paralyze Heal - $200
      • Burn Heal - $250

    Buy a few PokeBalls, as it's always a good idea to have them handy, and a few Antidotes if you want. Go back and catch Pidgey and Rattata if you wish.

    After returning later on when you have a fishing rod, you can catch a few other Pokemon. Poliwag is decent, but Fighting type Pokemon have little use overall (as it evolves into the Water/Fighting Poliwrath). Goldeen is a mediocre Water Pokemon. Maigkarp evolves into the very powerful Gyarados, and you'll be able to get one soon.

    You'll notice in the southwest part of the town a man surrounded by boulders. You must have the HM Cut to reach him, but once you are able, he will give you TM 42 (Dream Eater).

    There's also a Gym here, but you can't enter it for now, so just ignore it.

    Head west to Route 22.

    Route 22 (1)

    • Wild Pokemon (Grass)
      • Spearow (NEW)
      • Mankey (NEW)
      • Nidoran (M) (NEW)
      • Nidoran (F) (NEW)
      • Rattata
      • Poliwhirl (Super Rod) (NEW)
      • Poliwag (Super Rod)
      • Goldeen (Good Rod)
      • Poliwag (Good Rod)
      • Magikarp (Old Rod)

    If you want a Flying type, Spearow is a pretty decent choice Peck will make Viridian Forest a breeze, but Spearow quickly runs out of usefulness shortly after that. Mankey is a solid Fighting type but learns few useful attacks. Nidoran (M) and Nidoran (F) evolve into Nidoking and Nidoqueen, respectively. Both are very good Pokemon, although Nidoking is a bit better.

    Regardless if you want to use Pidgey/Spearow or not, catch one of them since you will need them to use HM 02 Fly. It is also advisable to catch either Mankey or one of the Nidoran, and level them and Pikachu to around level 10. Keep heading west on the route to encounter Gary again.

    Gary Battle

    SpearowLv. 9Normal/FlyingPeck, Leer, Growl
    EeveeLv. 8NormalTackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack

    Lead with Pikachu to easily down Spearow. Pikachu can probably handle Eevee as well, although Eevee's Tackle can hurt Pikachu's low Defense if you aren't careful. If Mankey has learned Low Kick/Nidoran Double Kick, use that, as Eevee is weak to those attacks.

    By this point, the game will have determined what Gary evolves his Eevee into, based on your actions. Here are the conditions:

    • If you defeat Gary both in Oak's Lab and on Route 22, Gary will choose Jolteon.
    • If you lose to Gary in Oak's Lab, Gary will choose Vaporeon.
    • If you defeat Gary in Oak's Lab but lose on Route 22, Gary will choose Flareon.

    When you encounter Gary in Lavender town, you will be able to tell for sure what Eevee form he has chosen.

    Head back into Viridian City, and go north to reach Route 2.

    Route 2

    • Wild Pokemon (Grass)
      • Pidgey
      • Rattata
      • Caterpie (NEW)
      • Nidoran (M)
      • Nidoran (F)

    Examine the tree directly below here to find a Potion. There isn't anything of significance outside of being the first time you can catch Caterpie. Butterfree isn't useful in-game long term, but it does learn Sleep Powder relatively early, making it useful to catch Pokemon. However, note that if you didn't catch Nidoran or Mankey before, you'll need Caterpie now Butterfree learns Confusion, which you will need to take out the first Gym since Pikachu won't be effective there.

    Viridian Forest

    • Wild Pokemon (Grass)
      • Pidgey
      • Pidgeotto (NEW)
      • Caterpie
      • Metapod (NEW)
    • Items
      • PokeBall
      • Potion
      • Antidote
    LassLv. 6 Nidoran (F)Poison
    Lv. 6 Nidoran (M)Poison
    Bug CatcherLv. 7 CaterpieBug
    Lv. 7 CaterpieBug
    Bug CatcherLv. 6 MetapodBug
    Lv.6 CaterpieBug
    Lv. 6 MetapodBug
    Bug CatcherLv. 8 CaterpieBug
    Lv. 8 MetapodBug
    Bug CatcherLv. 10 CaterpieBug

    This is the first time you'll encounter wild Pidgeotto, but they are very rare. If you encounter Metapod, it will only know Harden, so be sure to faint it for good experience.

    If you caught Spearow, Peck will make this entire area a breeze. If not, just about anything else will work, as the bugs are all fairly weak.

    The forest is very straightforward you'll head right, then up, and the path will wind up and down until you get to the exit at the upper-left corner.

    After the exit, keep heading north through another small patch still on Route 2. The grassy area contains the same Pokemon as before.

    If you don't yet have a Mankey with Low Kick, a Nidoran with Double Kick, or a Butterfree with Confusion, do so now.

    Head north to enter Pewter City.

    Pewter City

    • PokeMart
      • PokeBall - $200
      • Potion - $300
      • Escape Rope - $550
      • Antidote - $100
      • Burn Heal - $250
      • Awakening - $200
      • Paralyze Heal - $200

    The first Gym resides here. Heal at the PokeCenter, then find the first Gym and enter.

    Pewter City Gym

    You'll want to have your Pokemon around level 12 to 14 here. This Gym's Pokemon are lower-leveled than they were in Red/Blue, though. The Gym specializes in Rock and Ground type Pokemon.

    Jr. TrainerLv. 9 DiglettGround
    Lv. 9 SandshrewGround

    Note that Diglett and Sandshrew are both Ground types, making them immune to Pikachu's Electric attacks. You will need to use Butterfree with Confusion, Mankey with Low Kick, or Nidoran with Double Kick to be successful here.

    Brock: Pewter City Gym Leader

    GeodudeLv. 10Rock/GroundTackle, Defense Curl
    OnixLv. 12Rock/GroundTackle, Screech, Bind, Bide

    Use Mankey's Low Kick/Nidoran's Double Kick here for an easy win, as both Geodude and Onix are weak to Fighting attacks. Onix has a much higher Defense than Geodude and is actually surprisingly fast considering its typing, so it can be a little tough, but just keep attacking. If it uses Bide, finish it as quickly as you can, as it absorbs any damage it takes for 2 turns and deals it back double. If you don't think you'll defeat it in time, simply use stat-lowering moves like Leer or Growl.

    After defeating Brock, you'll earn the Boulder Badge, which allows you to use the HM 05 Flash anytime outside of battle, and TM 34 (Bide). Bide really isn't worth using since you can likely deal more damage with your regular attacks than you can with Bide in the same number of turns, so just put it in the PC.

    Exit, heal at the PokeCenter, and head to the right to the next route.

    Route 3

    • Wild Pokemon (Grass)
      • Mankey
      • Sandshrew (NEW)
      • Spearow
      • Rattata
      • Magikarp (only one, buy from a man in the PokeCenter for $500)

    You won't find the grassy area to catch wild Pokemon until later in the route, so continue on. This is the first time you can catch Sandshrew, and he's fairly useful if you don't plan on using Nidoking or Nidoqueen. Sandshrew is pretty rare though, so if you want, you can wait and catch one soon when they are more common.

    There are many, many trainers here. Take them out, unless you want Magikarp. In that case, avoid as many as you can and come back once you've bought Magikarp so you can use them for experience.

    LassLv. 9 PidgeyNormal/Flying
    Lv. 9 PidgeyNormal/Flying
    Bug CatcherLv. 10 CaterpieBug
    Lv. 10 WeedleBug/Poison
    Lv. 10 CaterpieBug
    YoungsterLv. 11 RattataNormal
    Lv. 11 EkansPoison
    LassLv. 10 RattataNormal
    Lv. 10 Nidoran (M)Poison
    Bug CatcherLv. 9 WeedleBug/Poison
    Lv. 9 KakunaBug/Poison
    Lv. 9 CaterpieBug
    LV. 9 MetapodBug
    YoungsterLv. 14 SpearowNormal/Flying
    Bug CatcherLv. 11 CaterpieBug
    Lv. 11 MetapodBug
    LassLv. 14 JigglypuffNormal

    You'll encounter Ekans and Weedle for the first time. They can poison you with Poison Sting, so you'll either need to go back to the PokeCenter to heal or use an Antidote, as you'll continue to take Poison damage even outside of battle. The Spearow will be pretty fast and strong at a higher level, but Pikachu should be able to handle it. Jigglypuff can be quite the pain with Sing, but thankfully it only has a 55% accuracy.

    Continue to the north after the final Lass, and you'll encounter a PokeCenter right outside of the entrance to Mount Moon. Enter it, and alk to the man in the bottom right, near the computer. He will offer to sell you a Level 5 Magikarp for $500. You'll get a fishing rod soon and you'll be able to fish as many Magikarp as you'd like, but if you'd like to start training a Magikarp sooner, feel free. Magikarp's only attack is Splash, which does nothing, so you'll have to send it out first, then withdraw it to gain experience. At Leevl 15, it gains Tackle, but it's still pretty weak. Finally at Level 20, it will evolve into Gyarados, one of the most powerful and useful in-game Pokemon you'll find. Just note that you'll have to be very patient.

    When you're finished, head in to Mount Moon. Be sure to take a few Potions and Antidotes with you.

    Mount Moon

    • Wild Pokemon (all areas)
      • Zubat (NEW)
      • Geodude (NEW)
      • Paras (NEW)
      • Clefairy (NEW)
    • Items
      • Potion
      • TM 12 (Water Gun)
      • HP Up
      • TM 01 (Mega Punch)
      • Moon Stone
      • Ether
      • Escape Rope
      • Rare Candy

    Clefairy is the most interesting Pokemon here, but it is very rare. Pikachu should have learned Thunder Wave at Level 8, which paralyzes the opponent. Using this will make any Pokemon easier to catch, and you'll need it for Clefairy. Catch two: one to keep and one to trade later on. Clefairy is also worth using on your team if you wish, as it learns many useful TMs and HMs. Otherwise, Zubat is very common and Pikachu can down it with ease. Paras is also fairly weak there are better Grass types later if you want to use one. Geodude is slow but powerful, but you may want to consider a different Ground type if you don't have anyone to trade with, as you will have to trade Graveler (evolves from Geodude at Level 25) to evolve it into Golem.

    LassLv. 14 ClefairyNormal
    Bug CatcherLv. 11 WeedleBug/Poison
    Lv. 11 KakunaBug/Poison
    RocketLv. 11 SandshrewGround
    Lv. 11 RattataNormal
    Lv. 11 ZubatPoison/Flying
    Super NerdLv. 11 MagnemiteElectric
    Lv. 11 VoltorbElectric
    Bug CatcherLv. 10 CaterpieBug
    Lv. 10 MetapodBug
    Lv. 10 CaterpieBug
    LassLv. 11 OddishGrass/Poison
    Lv. 11 BellsproutGrass/Poison
    RocketLv. 12 ZubatPoison/Flying
    Lv. 12 EkansPoison
    YoungsterLv. 10 RattataNormal
    Lv. 10 RattataNormal
    Lv. 10 ZubatPoison/Flying
    HikerLv. 10 GeodudeRock/Ground
    Lv. 10 GeodudeRock/Ground
    Lv. 10 OnixRock/Ground
    RocketLv. 13 RattataNormal
    Lv. 13 ZubatPoison/Flying
    Super NerdLv. 12 GrimerPoison
    Lv. 12 VoltorbElectric
    Lv. 12 KoffingPoison
    RocketLv. 14 EkansPoison
    Lv. 14 MeowthNorma
    Lv. 14 KoffingPoison

    Mount Moon is a fairly long, sprawling cave that you'll have to work your way through, with a lot of trainers to mess you up along the way. As stated above, be sure you have a few Potions, as you'll definitely get low on health toward the end and it would be a pain to backtrack out for a PokeCenter.

    When you first enter, head up. There is a Lass standing next to a sign, with a Clefairy. This battle is similar to the Jigglypuff before in that Clefairy will try to Sing your Pokemon, but Clefairy is slightly stronger as well. After beating her, head left to find a Bug Catcher, a Potion to the north of him, and TM 12 (Water Gun) below him. Water Gun is a fairly weak Water attack that likely none of the Pokemon you've obtained thus far can learn.

    Backtrack to the Lass and head to the right of her, and up a little you'll see a ladder. Take it. Follow the path to another ladder, and you'll encounter a Rocket in the new room. Rocket trainers tend to be a little stronger than normal trainers but shouldn't give you too much trouble right now. Grab the HP Up on the raised ground past the Rocket and head back up the ladders to where you were before.

    From the first ladder, you'll be able to head either up or down. Head down and encounter a couple of trainers. The Super Nerd has two new Pokemon, Magnemite and Voltorb. They are both Electric types and are weak to only Ground attacks, of which you don't have any yet. Just use powerful attacks to take them out. Grab the Potion and the Rare Candy and head back north.

    Once you've gone all the way up, head left to encounter a Lass with two new Pokemon Oddish and Bellsprout. They are both Grass/Poison and will do major damage to Geodude and Sandshrew if you have them, so don't use them. They take minimal damage from Electric attacks as well so Pikachu isn't very useful either. Any powerful Normal attack should work. Past her, head down and take the ladder. Follow the path to the next ladder, and you'll find another Rocket in the next room. Past him is the TM 01 (Mega Punch), which you should teach to Clefairy if you've caught one. Also examine the rock in the right of the room to get a hidden Ether.

    Head back up and continue heading left to encounter a couple more trainers, one of which is a Hiker. Hikers usually use Rock types similar to what Brock used, so use the same strategies there. Near the Hiker is a Moon Stone, which is used to evolve Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Nidorina, and Nidorino.

    After grabbing the Moon Stone, head down the ladder, follow the path, and head down the next ladder. Beat the Rocket and follow the path around until you are moving up again. You'll see a narrow patch on the right. Walk to the end of the path and press A to find another Moon Stone.

    North of there is a Super Nerd with two more new Pokemon, Grimer and Koffing. They are both Poison types and are reasonably strong. Smog can poison your Pokemon, and Grimer can also use Disable, which will prevent you from using the attack you just used before until it wears off. All three of his Pokemon are weak to only Ground attacks, which you don't have any yet, so just use strong attacks to dispatch of him.

    Above the Super Nerd, you'll find two fossils the Dome Fossil and the Helix Fossil. You get to choose one, and the Super Nerd will take the other.

    • The Dome Fossil becomes Kabuto.
    • The Helix Fossil becomes Omanyte.

    Both Kabuto and Omanyte are Water/Rock Pokemon, and both will be at Level 30 when you revive them later in the game. You can't do anything with them now though, so just take whichever one you want and put it in the PC when you're able.

    Try to leave and one last Rocket will ambush you. They aren't named as such in the game, but they are very clearly Jesse and James from the anime. They'll use the same Pokemon they have in the anime, but it isn't anything you haven't seen before.

    Defeat them and head out.

    Route 4

    • Wild Pokemon (Grass)
      • Rattata
      • Spearow
      • Sandshrew
      • Mankey
    • Items
      • TM 04 (Whirlwind)
    LassLv. 31 ParasBug/Grass
    Lv. 31 ParasBug/Grass
    Lv. 31 ParasectBug/Grass

    You can't reach this trainer until later on when you have Surf.

    Keep heading east and you'll find the TM 04 (Whirlwind), which is pretty much useless. A little farther east is the grassy area for this route. If you want a Sandshrew but couldn't find one before, check here, as they are more common. Also, you can't encounter it yet, but this is the first area you can find Psyduck and Krabby. Unfortunately, they aren't very good.

    Continue east until you reach Cerulean City.

    Cerulean City (1)

    • Wild Pokemon
      • Bulbasaur (only one)
      • Goldeen (Super Rod)
      • Seaking (Super Rod) (NEW)
      • Goldeen (Good Rod)
      • Poliwag (Good Rod)
      • Magikarp (Old Rod)
    • PokeMart
      • PokeBall - $200
      • Potion - $300
      • Repel - $350
      • Antidote - $100
      • Burn Heal - $250
      • Awakening - $200
      • Paralyze Heal - $200

    You'll notice a house toward the northeast of the city that you can't enter because it's guarded by a police officer. Take note of it.

    Also to take note is the bike ship in the lower left corner of the city. They'll offer to sell you one for the low price of $1,000,000, and I'm pretty certain you can't even get that amount, as your money maxes at $999,999. Either way, you'll be coming back soon.

    In the very first house that you encounter as you walk off from Route 4, you will find a woman who takes care of Pokemon. If you talk to her, she will give you a Level 10 Bulbasaur, assuming you have made Pikachu very, very happy. Thanks to magics for this info.

    When you want to get Bulbasaur, you have to get your Pikachu to become very happy (it has to be waving its hand after it jump up and down), it has to be at level 20 and best of all is to beat Misty first. The best and fast way to get Pikachu to be very happy, you have to let it be the first on the front and without letting it faint till you reach Cerulean City and NEVER PUT IT INTO "BILL'S SYSTEM"!!! (It will make Pikachu to become very unhappy).

    It isn't necessary to defeat Misty first, but it can help. Once you obtain Bulbasuar, you should absolutely add it to your team. Head back to Route 4 and evolve Bulbasaur into Ivysaur (Level 16), then head to the Gym.

    Cerulean City Gym

    • Wild Pokemon
      • Psyduck (Super Rod) (NEW)
      • Krabby (Super Rod) (NEW)
      • Goldeen (Super Rod)
      • Poliwag (Good Rod)
      • Goldeen (Good Rod)
      • Magikarp (Old Rod)

    This Gym specializes in Water type Pokemon. You'll want to be around level 20. Ivysaur can be a bit lower if you're planning on going through all of the trainers with just him.

    SwimmerLv. 16 HorseaWater
    Lv. 16 ShellderWater
    Jr. TrainerLv. 19 GoldeenWater

    All of the trainers' Pokemon are pure Water (and are also fairly weak), so either Pikachu or Ivysaur should easily dispatch of them.

    Misty: Cerulean City Gym Leader

    StaryuLv. 18WaterTackle, Water Gun
    StarmieLv. 21Water/PsychicTackle, Water Gun, Harden, Bubblebeam

    Just about anything not weak to Water attacks should be able to handle Staryu. Starmie, on the other hand, can easily terrorize your entire team with Harden raising its defenses and Bubblebeam downing everything you throw at it. Attack fast and hard with whatever you have that isn't weak to Water attacks. One possible strategy is to send Pikachu out first to paralyze with Thunder Wave, and if it survives the turn, chip away as much as possible with Thundershock. Switch to Ivysaur if/when Pikachu faints. The biggest problem is Starmie is very fast and will likely outspeed your team, and its Bubblebeam is so powerful that Pikachu may be fainted immediately. Ivysaur resists Starmie's Water attacks and hits back with Vine Whip, which Starmie is weak to, but it could take a few turns.

    For winning, Misty gives you the Cascade Badge, which will make all Pokemon up to Level 30 obey you without question, and allows you to use the HM 01 (Cut) outside of battle. You will also get TM 11 (Bubblebeam), a decent Water attack that you can teach to Clefairy/Clefable if you have them.

    Head north to Nugget Bridge. Before you can get there, you'll encounter Gary.

    Gary Battle

    SpearowLv. 18Normal/FlyingPeck, Leer, Growl, Fury Attack
    SandshrewLv. 15GroundScratch, Sand-Attack
    RattataLv. 15NormalTackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Hyper Fang
    EeveeLv. 17NormalTackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Growl

    Lead with Pikachu to quickly take down Spearow. Ivysaur's Vine Whip will make quick work of the rest, especially Sandshrew, who is weak to the attack. Mankey's Low Kick or Nidorino's/Nidorina's Double Kick can handle Rattata and Eevee as well, but beware of Hyper Fang.

    After winning, he will allow you to pass north.

    Route 24

    • Wild Pokemon (Grass)
      • Pidgey
      • Pidgeotto
      • Oddish (NEW)
      • Bellsprout (NEW)
      • Venonat (NEW)
      • Charmander (only one) (NEW)
      • Goldeen (Super Rod)
      • Seaking (Super Rod)
      • Poliwag (Good Rod)
      • Goldeen (Good Rod)
      • Magikarp (Old Rod)
    • Items
      • TM 45 (Thunder Wave)

    Oddish and Bellsprout are both Grass/Poison Pokemon that you've met against other trainers before in Mount Moon. Catch them if you wish, but since you have Ivysaur you don't need them. They're good HM slaves for Cut, though. Venonat is a really neat Bug/Poison Pokemon, but largely isn't very useful since, again, you have Ivysaur. Charmander will be given to you by someone, but overall, Fire types just aren't that useful. Charizard, Charmander's final form, is, however, a powerful Pokemon on its own.

    Before you can get to the grassy area, you'll have to battle six trainers.

    Bug CatcherLv. 14 CaterpieBug
    Lv. 14 WeedleBug/Poison
    LassLv. 14 PidgeyNormal/Flying
    Lv. 14 Nidoran (F)Poison
    YoungsterLv. 14 RattataNormal
    Lv. 14 EkansPoison
    Lv. 14 ZubatPoison/Flying
    LassLv. 16 PidgeyNormal/Flying
    Lv. 16 Nidoran (F)Poison
    Jr. TrainerLv. 18 MankeyFighting
    RocketLv. 15 EkansPoison
    Lv. 15 ZubatPoison/Flying

    After you defeat the first five trainers, talk to the trainer at the end to receive a Nugget. You can sell Nuggets at any PokeMart for a cool $5000 each. After talking to the last trainer, he reveals himself to be a Rocket, and you'll have to fight him as well.

    Walk a little north and you'll see an item ball containing TM 45 (Thunder Wave). Talk to the NPC standing nearby and he will give you Charmander.

    Head east.

    Route 25

    • Wild Pokemon (Grass)
      • Pidgey
      • Pidgeotto
      • Oddish
      • Bellsprout
      • Venonat
      • Krabby (Super Rod)
      • Kingler (Super Rod) (NEW)
      • Poliwag (Good Rod)
      • Goldeen (Good Rod)
      • Magikarp (Old Rod)
    • Items
      • TM 19 (Seismic Toss)
    HikerLv. 15 MachopFighting
    Lv. 15 GeodudeRock/Ground
    YoungsterLv. 15 RattataNormal
    Lv. 15 SpearowNormal/Flying
    HikerLv. 17 OnixRock/Flying
    YoungsterLv. 17 SlowpokeWater/Psychic
    LassLv. 15 Nidoran (M)Poison
    Lv. 15 Nidoran (F)Poison
    HikerLv. 13 GeodudeRock/Ground
    Lv. 13 GeodudeRock/Ground
    Lv. 13 MachopFighting
    Lv. 13 GeodudeRock/Ground
    Jr. TrainerLv. 14 RattataNormal
    Lv. 14 EkansPoison
    YoungsterLv. 14 EkansPoison
    Lv. 14 SandshrewGround
    LassLv. 13 OddishGrass/Poison
    Lv. 13 PidgeyNormal/Flying
    Lv. 13 OddishGrass/Poison

    Work your way east after you pick up Charmander, and you'll encounter several more trainers. This is the first time you'll see Machop. It uses Karate Chop, a Normal type attack that has an above-average critical hit rate, but is otherwise fine. You'll also encounter Slowpoke for the first time. It's a Water/Psychic type whose only attack is Confusion. Therefore, if your Ivysaur is around the same level (17), don't use it - Vine Whip likely won't faint it in one hit and Ivysaur's Poison type means it is weak to Confusion. Go with Pikachu instead.

    After you battle the Hiker with three Geodudes and a Machop, move to the square north of him. Then, take one step to the right, and one step up. This will cause the next trainer (the Jr. Trainer with Rattata and Ekans) to walk out of the narrow path he was standing in just enough for you to walk inside and grab the TM 19 (Seismic Toss) sitting there. If you don't do this properly, you'll have to come back later when you have Cut in order to retrieve it. Seismic Toss is a Fighting attack that does damage equal to the user's level. It's only really useful on low-Attack Level 100 Pokemon like Chansey and Alakazam.

    After you've battled all the trainers, head to the right and go into the cottage there.

    Sea Cottage

    You will see a sprite of a Pokemon standing inside - talk to it, and say yes. Next, go to the computer, and activate it. Bill will come back out. Talk to him again and he will give you the S. S. Ticket. If you want, exit his house, and go back in again and look at his computer to get Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon added to your PokeDex. Now, head back to Cerulean City via the bridge and shortcut below the cottage.

    Cerulean City (2)

    • Items:
      • TM 28 (Dig)

    As soon as you walk off the bridge, go right. Remember the house guarded by a police officer earlier? You can enter it now. Go in and talk to the man, then go out back and talk to the Rocket standing there.

    RocketLv. 17 MachopFighting
    Lv. 17 DrowzeePsychic

    Drowzee is a new Pokemon. It's got reasonably good defenses for a Psychic type, but is a little slow. Watch out for Hypnosis putting your Pokemon to sleep if you aren't able to defeat it in one hit.

    The Rocket will give you TM 28 (Dig) when you defeat him, a good attack for Sandshrew or Geodude if you're using them. Follow the path around Cerulean City, and down to the route below.

    Route 5

    • Wild Pokemon (Grass)
      • Pidgey
      • Pidgeotto
      • Rattata
      • Abra (NEW)
      • Jigglypuff (NEW)

    Abra and Jigglypuff are the two new Pokemon of interest here. Jigglypuff is essentially a weaker Clefairy and is very rare. Abra will immediately use Teleport and escape the battle one the first turn if you don't prevent it from attacking. Butterfree's Sleep Powder is the best choice, then use weak (very weak) attacks to wear it down and catch it. If you can trade to evolve Kadabra into Alakazam, you should definitely catch and raise Abra, as it's well worth it. If not, Kadabra is still a good Pokemon, but you can also catch Drowzee a little later instead.

    Head down. At the bottom of the route is the Pokemon Daycare. The people there will raise your Pokemon under the following conditions:

    • You may leave only one Pokemon at a time.
    • The fee is $100 plus an additional $100 per level gained.
    • Your Pokemon will gain one experience point for every step you take.
    • Your Pokemon will not evolve.
    • You have no control over your Pokemon's attacks as it learns new moves, it will forget the oldest ones.

    All in all, it's a pretty good deal for leveling up weaker Pokemon like Abra and Magikarp. Just be sure to get them out when they reach levels 15 and 19, respectively, and raise them the final level to ensure they evolve.

    All the way to the south is a building connecting to Saffron City, but the guard won't let you through. Head into the building to the right, which is the Underground Passage. The NPC in the building will trade you a Machoke if you give him a Cubone, which is pretty nice because the Machoke will evolve into Machamp when you receive it. You'll have to come back for this one, though, since it'll be a bit yet before you can get a Cubone.

    When you go down the stairs into the passage, take one step to the left, and press A to get a Full Restore. Head down and go up the next flight of stairs at the bottom, and out of the building to Route 6.

    Route 6

    • Wild Pokemon (Grass)
      • Pidgey
      • Pidgeotto
      • Rattata
      • Abra
      • Jigglypuff
      • Psyduck (Surf)
      • Golduck (Surf) (NEW)
      • Goldeen (Super Rod)
      • Poliwag (Good Rod)
      • Goldeen (Good Rod)
      • Magikarp (Old Rod)
    Bug CatcherLv. 16 WeedleBug/Poison
    Lv. 16 CaterpieBug
    Lv. 16 WeedleBug/Poison
    Jr. TrainerLv. 16 WeepinbellGrass/Poison
    Jr. TrainerLv. 20 CuboneGround
    Bug CatcherLv. 20 ButterfreeBug/Flying
    Jr. TrainerLv. 16 PidgeyNormal/Flying
    Lv. 16 PidgeyNormal/Flying
    Lv. 16 PidgeyNormal/Flying
    Jr. TrainerLv. 16 SpearowNormal/Flying
    Lv. 16 RattataNormal

    Note that the first two Jr. Trainers on the route are facing each other and won't approach you, so you'll have to talk to them to battle them. Weepinbell is the evolved form of Bellsprout and is reasonably strong. Butterfree can give you problems with all of its status changes (Stun Spore, Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder, Supersonic), but curiously does not have any offensive attacks (whereas it had Confusion in the Red and Blue versions).

    Once you've dispatched of all the trainers, head south into Vermillion City.

    Vermillion City

    • Wild POkemon
      • Squirtle (only one)
      • Tentacool (Super Rod) (NEW)
      • Horsea (Super Rod) (NEW)
      • POliwag (Good Rod)
      • Goldeen (Good Rod)
      • Magikarp (Old Rod)
    • PokeMart
      • PokeBall - $200
      • Super Potion - $700
      • Ice Heal - $250
      • Awakening - $200
      • Paralyze Heal - $200
      • Repel - $350

    Heal if you need, then move down to the second level of buildings on the left side, just above the Gym (which you should ignore for now, as the Gym is blocked by a tree that you'll need Cut to get through). Go to the building all the way to the left, the fan club, and talk to the gentleman at the upper-left inside of the building, and listen to him talk about his Pokemon. When he finishes, he will give you a Bike Voucher. Go back to Cerulean City anytime you wish to get the bike for free (the sooner the better).

    Now, exit and go in the building to the left of the PokeCenter. Talk to the man there and he will give you an Old Rod. You can only catch Magikarp with it, but if you didn't buy one earlier before Mount Moon, you might as well catch one now and raise it if you want.

    If you head down to where Officer Jenny is standing and go right, you'll see a path going through the water. Follow it down to the big ship to board the S. S. Anne. You need to head there next to advance the story, but if you want to catch some new Pokemon first, head over to Route 11 and Diglett's Cave before boarding.

    Route 11

    • Wild Pokemon (Grass)
      • Pidgey
      • Pidgeotto
      • Rattata
      • Raticate (NEW)
      • Drowzee (NEW)
      • Tentacool (Super Rod)
      • Horsea (Super Rod)
      • Poliwag (Good Rod)
      • Goldeen (Good Rod)
      • Magikarp (Old Rod)
    • Items
      • Escape Rope
      • Itemfinder

    Raticate is the evolved form of Rattata, and is just about as useful as Rattata as well (that is to say, not very). If you caught Rattata at the beginning and have been using it, then you've probably already got Raticate anyway. Drowzee is the Psychic type you should be using if you don't have any way to obtain Alakazam. It learns Hypnosis and Confusion fairly quickly, two very useful attacks, and evolves into Hypno at Level 28. It's a bit slower than the average Psychic type, but has a good Special stat and takes hits well.

    YoungsterLv. 21 EkansPoison
    GamblerLv. 18 PoliwagWater
    Lv. 18 HorseaWater
    YoungsterLv. 19 SandshrewGround
    Lv. 19 ZubatPoison/Flying
    YoungsterLv. 18 Nidoran (M)Poison
    Lv. 18 NidorinoPoison
    GamblerLv. 18 BellsproutGrass/Poison
    Lv. 18 OddishGrass/Poison
    GamblerLv. 18 GrowlitheFire
    Lv. 18 VulpixFire
    EngineerLv. 21 MagnemiteElectric
    EngineerLv. 18 MagnemiteElectric
    Lv. 18 MagnemiteElectric
    Lv. 18 MagnetonElectric
    YoungsterLv. 17 RattataNormal
    Lv. 17 RattataNormal
    Lv. 17 RaticateNormal
    GamblerLv. 18 VoltorbElectric
    Lv. 18 MagnemiteElectric

    This is I believe the first time you'll encounter Poliwag. It's a fairly fast little Water Pokemon, but it is somewhat weak. It can put you to sleep with Hypnosis though. Growlithe and Vulpix are both Fire types Growlithe is a little stronger and slower, and Vulpix is a little quicker and weaker. Magneton is the evolved form of Magnemite and is pretty surprising to see this early in the game, but thankfully knows only Tackle and shouldn't give you too much trouble. The Level 21 Magnemite knows Sonicboom, which will deal 20 HP of damage every time. Finally, Rattata and Raticate aren't any more of an issue than they've been in the past, but Hyper Fang can do a decent amount of damage if you're not careful.

    Continue east on Route 11, battling through the trainers. There is an Escape Rope to the north of the large building all the way to the east. After that, enter the building. If you exit to the east, you'll notice you can't get past the sleeping Snorlax there. There's nothing you can do about this for now, so go back inside. Go up the stairs to find one of Oak's Aides if you've caught at least 30 different Pokemon, he'll give you the Itemfinder, which will alert you to any hidden items on the ground. The other NPC there will trade you a Lickitung if you have a Dugtrio to give up. It may seem like a somewhat lopsided trade since Dugtrio is quite a bit better than Lickitung, but this is the only place in the game to get one so make a note of it for later when you have an extra Dugtrio.

    Diglett's Cave (1)

    • Wild Pokemon
      • Diglett (NEW)
      • Dugtrio (NEW)
    • Items
      • Max Revive

    This is the first and only area in the entire game that you can encounter wild Diglett and, on rare occasions, Dugtrio. If you haven't been using Geodude/Graveler or Sandshrew/Sandslash, be sure to catch a Diglett. It's one of the fastest Ground types in the game, learns Slash, and can wreak havoc with Dig and Earthquake. Heck, you might even consider replacing Geodude/Graveler/Sandshrew/Sandslash at this point. Either way, you're going to need a Ground type for the third Gym, so make sure you don't leave here without one. Also, catch and evolve an extra Diglett/catch an extra Dugtrio so you can trade for the Lickitung on Route 11.

    If memory serves correctly, use your Itemfinder around the middle of the cave to find a rare Max Revive.

    Diglett's Cave is very straightforward. There are no trainers, and you'll simply work your way left and up until you hit the exit. However, when you emerge from the other side, you'll find yourself south of Pewter City. You can't proceed any further without Cut though, so just catch a Diglett if you want one and head to the S. S. Anne for now.

    S. S. Anne

    • Items
      • HM 01 (Cut)
      • TM 44 (Rest)
      • TM 08 (Body Slam)
      • Ether
      • Rare Candy
      • Max Ether
      • Max Potion
      • Great Ball

    The two TMs that you can pick up here are among the most useful in the entire game and you can't get them anywhere else, so if nothing else, make sure you get them before you leave. Rest completely heals your Pokemon of all HP and removes any status effects, but your Pokemon sleeps for 2 turns and can't do anything else. Body Slam is a high damage Normal-type attack that paralyzes the opponent 30% of the time.

    Present the S. S. Ticket to the man standing outside of the ship so you can enter. The NPC inside of the ship will explain that many of the passengers are restless and will challenge you to battle, so be ready. This is a great place to gain a lot of experience and cash. You'll also fight plenty of Sailors and Fisherman that like to use Water types like Shellder and Horsea, making it a good place to level Pikachu or any Grass type like Gloom or Weepinbell you may have. They also like to use the Water/Poison type Pokemon Tentacool and Fighting Pokemon like Machop, making them ideal as well to train your Kadabra or your new Drowzee.

    The trainers here are characterized by the rooms they're staying in, so for this area I'm going to break up the trainers based on where you encounter them. Of course, you don't have to fight any of them and you can skip right to the end if you want, but this isn't recommended. If you want to get through it quickly though, simply go all the way left from the entrance, then take the stairs. Then go down, past the next set of stairs, and head all the way right. From this point, skip the section detailing the trainers and pick up from there.

    When you enter the ship, first go into the door down and to the right of where you enter to find a trainer.

    GentlemanLv. 18 GrowlitheFire
    Lv. 18 GrowlitheFire

    Once you've beaten him, go back out, head right, go down to the stairs, and enter the first door from the left. You'll find a Max Potion there. Exit and enter the next room on the left for two more trainers.

    SailorLv. 17 HorseaWater
    Lv. 17 ShellderWater
    Lv. 17 TentacoolWater/Poison

    This is the first time you'll see the Water/Poison Tentacool. It's fast but fairly weak, but can annoy you with confusion from Supersonic and can prevent you from attacking with Wrap.

    Exit this room and enter the next one on the left. You'll find another trainer and an Ether.

    SailorLv. 17 HorseaWater
    Lv. 17 HorseaWater
    Lv. 17 HorseaWater

    After beating the Sailor and getting the item, exit and enter the next room on the left for another Sailor and TM 44 (Rest).

    SailorLv. 18 TentacoolWater/Poison
    Lv. 18 StaryuWater

    One more room on the left has two trainers.

    FishermanLv. 17 TentacoolWater/Poison
    Lv. 17 StaryuWater
    Lv. 17 ShellderWater
    SailorLv. 20 MachopFighting

    That's all for this floor, so head back to the entrance of the ship. Enter the first room south and to the left to find a trainer.

    GentlemanLv. 19 Nidoran (M)Poison
    Lv. 19 Nidoran (F)Poison

    You can skip the next two rooms left of this one if you want, as there are no trainers or items inside. The third room has two trainers and TM 08 (Body Slam), which you should absolutely pick up.

    LassLv. 18 PidgeyNormal/Flying
    Lv. 18 Nidoran (F)Poison
    YoungsterLv. 21 Nidoran (M)Poison

    The last room has nothing of note, so head all the way to the left. Don't take the stairs just yet; rather, head down and enter the kitchen. Go all the way to the right wall and face the last trash can on the bottom and press A to get a Great Ball. They have a better catch rate than Poke Balls. Now, head back up to the stars you passed earlier and take them.

    Head down and take the next flight of stairs, then head left through the long room and outside onto the deck. Two of the NPCs here will battle you.

    SailorLv. 17 MachopFighting
    Lv. 17 TentacoolWater/Poison
    SailorLv. 18 MachopFighting
    Lv. 18 ShellderWater

    Head back into the ship and back through the long room to the right. Next, enter the first room on the right and an NPC will show you a picture of a Snorlax, adding it to your PokeDex. The next room on the right contains two trainers and a Max Ether.

    FishermanLv. 17 GoldeenWater
    Lv. 17 TentacoolWater/Poison
    Lv. 17 GoldeenWater
    GentlemanLv. 22 VoltorbElectric
    Lv. 22 MagnemiteElectric

    You can skip the next room and enter the one after it to find one more trainer and a Rare Candy.

    LassLv. 20 JigglypuffNormal

    Head right, and you'll find Gary again. He'll gloat that he's already caught 40 different Pokemon, and that's apparently all he's done because his team is almost exactly the same as it was the last time you met him in Cerulean City.

    Gary Battle

    SpearowLv. 19Normal/FlyingPeck, Leer, Growl, Fury Attack
    RattataLv. 16NormalTackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Hyper Fang
    SandshrewLv. 18GroundScratch, Sand-Attack, Slash
    EeveeLv. 20NormalSand Attack, Growl, Quick Attack, Tail Whip

    Lead with Pikachu again to easily down Spearow. Rattata was a fairly dangerous Raticate in the Red and Blue versions of the game, but here it's no problem. Any Fighting Attack will down it quickly. Ivysaur's Vine Whip will make quick work of Sandshrew (but Slash can do some damage if you aren't careful), and any strong attacks will take out Eevee.

    Once you've beaten Gary, go up and into the stairs and talk to the captain. Talk to him and agree to... rub... his back, and once he... feels better... He will give you HM 01 (Cut). Teach this to any Grass Pokemon you may have. Charmander can also learn it. Note though that HM moves cannot be forgotten, so you may want to designate a Pokemon as an HM slave that you don't actually battle with to have it, as it isn't a particularly useful or strong attack.

    Youre finished here now. Make sure you've done everything you want to do, as once you exit the ship, it will leave and you won't be able to re-enter it again.

    Now, head to the Gym in Vermillion City, which you can finally enter since you have Cut.

    Vermillion City Gym

    Head to the Gym in the lower-left part of the City.

    Vermillion's Gym is an Electric Gym, so be sure to use Geodude/Graveler/Sandslash/Diglett/Dugtrio. Diglett or Dugtrio are the most recommended, as they will outspeed just about everything (but you'll have to have a Dugtrio to outspeed Surge's Raichu) and down them in one hit with Dig. You'll find three trainers inside.

    SailorLv. 24 MagnemiteElectric
    RockerLv. 20 VoltorbElectric
    Lv. 20 VoltorbElectric
    Lv. 20 VoltorbElectric
    GentlemanLv. 22 VoltorbElectric
    Lv. 22 MagnemiteElectric

    They don't use anything you haven't seen before, but Sonicboom can be a concern since it always deals 20 HP of damage.

    The Gym Leader's area is blocked by a gate. You'll have to search the many trash cans inside of the gym to find the switch to open it, and this can be time-consuming. Search in every can until you find the first switch. Then, save your game. Now, check one of the trash cans right next to it for the second switch. If that wasn't it, the switch will reset and you have to start all over again. But since you saved, you can simply reset your game and try one of the other cans that's right next to the first one. Once you've found it, the gate will open.

    Lt. Surge: Vermillion City Gym Leader

    RaichuLv. 28ElectricThunderbolt, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Growl

    Surge went from three Pokemon in Red/Blue to just his one (now higher-leveled) Raichu here. Raichu is going to be tough and will likely outspeed anything you use unless you have Dugtrio. Thunderbolt will cause major damage to any Pokemon that doesn't resist it (Ground types). Dugtrio itself has fairly low HP and Defense, so it isn't completely safe, as Mega Kick is a very high base damage move that can put a dent in it. Thankfully, it is only 70% accurate. Lead with Dugtrio and use Dig, and Raichu will go down after one or two.

    Once you've beaten Lt. Surge, he gives you the Thunder Badge and TM 24 (Thunderbolt). Thunderbolt is the best Electric attack in the game, but don't give it to Pikachu. If it isn't there yet, Pikachu will learn Thunderbolt at Level 26, so save it for another Electric Pokemon that you'll get later on like Jolteon or Zapdos.

    Now, go outside, and talk to the Officer Jenny wandering around. She'll give you a Squirtle (Level 10). If you aren't using Gyarados, keep Squirtle and bring it to Diglett's Cave to level it up. That's where we're headed next anyway, which is convenient.