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Reviewed: 07/12/00 | Updated: 01/13/01

Pikachu is a best friend...or Pokemon whatever

There are many gameboy/gameboy color games that should be played. Pokemon Yellow is definitely one of those games. If you think that this game is very little Pokemon fans that buy all the cards and trade and play with them with other little kids, then you are way wrong. This game is a very good game for people that like RpG's. This game has also made improvements on it's older versions, Red and Blue. Pokemon Yellow has different Pokemon in it (can you believe it? not all the Pokemon are in this game) and you start with Pikachu when you start your quest in Pallet town. Pokemon Yellow also goes by the TV story better than Red and Blue. If you have a gameboy/gameboy color and you don't have this game, find it now.

Visuals: 9/TeN- For a gameboy game, this graphics are great. The Pokemon in the game look like the Pokemon in the TV show. Ash (or whoever you call him) looks like Ash, and the whole Pokemon world looks pretty great. Things like the cities, the gyms, buildings look pretty good for a gameboy game. This would be even better if you have a gameboy color.

Sounds: 9.1/TeN- The only word you hear in this entire game is ''PikA!'' by Pikachu when you use him to battle. All the other Pokemons' voices are replaced with some cool and weird sound effects. The music in the game is pretty good for a gameboy game. The one song that's really unusual from all the other happy-beat songs is the tune in Lavender Town. It's a very sad song. Overall, all the songs in this game are very acceptable, and yes im including that sad one.

Gameplay: 9.7/TeN- You start out in your hometown of Pallet Town. Unlike Red and Blue, you start out with Pikachu instead for capturing it (YeaY for all those Pikachu fans). With Pikachu, you capture Pokemon using Poke balls and train those Pokemon so they become stronger and learn new tricks so they can be better to use. Almost every town has a Gym. If you think your Pokemon are good enough, then try beating those very difficult Gym Leaders. If you defeat all the Gym Leaders, then you can go to the Pokemon League (only you don't actually go to a league, you battle special people). You can have 6 Pokemon in your pocket. The rest of the Pokemon stay in a computer where you can exchange them whenever you see a Pokemon Center. A Pokemon Center is a place where you bring your Pokemon to restore their health.

Pokemon get trained by experience. Every time you win your battle, all the Pokemon that participated in that battle will win experience points. When you get enough experience points you will gain a level, which will increase all your stats. If you gain enough levels, your Pokemon will evolve. Its stats will rise drastically. You can also evolve a Pokemon instantly by the use of a stone (it depends on what Pokemon you use to evolve it). Most Pokemon evolve once, but there are others that evolve twice. I would suggest using all your Pokemon on battles and not just one because if you just train one and get it to be really good, and it gets defeated, then you will have to pick a weak Pokemon. So train all your Pokemon. The thing I do with the 6 Pokemon I have is that except for Pikachu, which I always have with me because he's my favorite (despite bad defense), is try to keep them all in the same level. If one Pokemon gains a level, I let him sit and rest and don't use him until everyone else gets the same level as him. Sometimes this works as planned, sometimes it doesn't.

Battling is somewhat like a RpG. All Pokemon have Hit Points (HP) and if that number is 0, then your pokemon has fainted. When that happens, you have to call out another Pokemon from the ones you have in your pocket. Depending on your Pokemon, it may have 1-4 attacks. I won't go specific on that, but you choose an attack and after your done, its his turn to attack and he attacks at you. You can use an item anytime when its your turn. When battling choose your Pokemon wisely. If you've seen the show you know what I mean. Check the type of Pokemon your battling, and then check to see what it's weak against. If you have that Pokemon with you, then call that one out. Chances are that you will win. The only problem I had with this gameplay are those horrid random battles. It gets really bad when you're at the last cave going to the last level. Other than that, the gameplay is wonderful.

Control: ??- I don't know. I always put control on my reviews, but I don't think control has anything to do with this game.

Replay: 7- It takes a very long time to beat this game, but like all other RpG's, once you're done, you're done. The only things that would get you to come back is to get all the Pokemon in the game (it's impossible in this game to catch them all, you have to trade with a friend that has the different versions), leveling up your Pokemon to be invincible, and having fun at the slot machine. Other than those, I think that's all from Pokemon Yellow, and you have to wait until the Gold and Silver versions come out.

Buy this game right now if you're reading this. This is a game that shouldn't be miss if you love the TV show. If you don't like Pokemon, then why are you reading this? Overall, this game is addicting and fun. This game is a great addition to the Gameboy and Gameboy Color.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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