"Now you don't have to pretend to be Ash!!!"


After the release of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue in America, Nintendo released a remake of the two original games that had a few changes to the game. (I'm going to write this review assuming you have played, or read reviews on pokemon red and blue.) In Yellow version, you play the character of Ash Ketchum from the TV series. The game goes along with the story on the show. You can't choose your starting pokemon. You are forced to start with Pikachu. And your rival gets an Eevee. There are no wild Pikachu in the entire game. You can find Pidgeottos in Viridian Forest, just like Ash did on the TV show. You also fight Jessie and James of Team Rocket from the TV show. The item duplication glitch was also removed from this game. Lets begin...


The graphics were amazing for a GameBoy game. The sprites were updated from Blue and Red. Poklemon Yellow was an all around improvement in this department. However, not amazing, for the Gameboy's graphics, this game was very well made. If a game was released today for Xbox, with these graphics, it would be laughable, but on the GameBoy, they are pretty good.

AUDIO 10/10

Same as Red and Blue, but still incredible, it had repetitive tunes, but that's ok. They were good tunes. So they get excused for that. They could have added some new songs, though. The game would have been more worth buying for people who already owned red and blue.

STORY 10/10

Even better than Red and Blue! This time you are Ash from the TV show!!! Pikachu even follows you around! You go and collect the eight gym badges as your favorite TV character, and then go defeat Gary and the Pokemon league! How much better can the story get?


This game is even more fun to play, than Red and Blue were. You can get all three starters!
And raise them all to level 100 and battle your friends. In yellow version, you can also obtain Mew, just like in Red and Blue. For Those of you who don't know what mew is: Mew is one of the most powerful pokemon in the game.


Ok, now... there is a lot you can do! Goal number one: Beat all eight, gym leaders to ear all eight badges. Goal number two: Defeat the Elite four at the Pokemon League. Goal Number 3: Catch all 150 or 151 pokemon. Goal number 4: Raise every species of Pokemon to level 100. This game is fairly easy. But can get very hard. Gameplay is where this game would get its highest grade, if I wasn't giveing it a 10/10 in every category.


Buy it! You can't even rent this game anymore, anyway. And 5 days is not enough to beat it.


This game was possibly the best remake Nintendo could have made at that time for the pokemon games. It was remade so you can be Ash Ketchum, the star of the hit TV series. Who didn't have this game? Pokemon is a legacy that may never be equaled.



Better than Red and Blue versions. There is no middle ground with Pokemon. You either love it or you hate it. Pokemons extreme popularity was part of its downfall. The 'cool' kids decided the games were 'not cool' because of all the hype. But now...think back to pokemon's day. Everyone played pokemon. The jocks, the geeks, the 'cool' kids. Everybody. It was really, one of the best things that ever happened to the video gaming world. The grade for this game is obvious. How could I score it lower than a 10/10? This game is historical. Everyone had it. If you did not own this game back in 1999 you were considered a loser. One disadvantage of yellow version is, like in red and blue, there are certain pokemon that can't be obtained without trading. A GameShark obviously eliminates this problem, but I don't like GameShark, or any of those other cheating devices.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/29/06

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