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"Ummm...I thought the TV series was supposed to be based on the first game..."

Pokemon Yellow is another version of one of my favorite games of all time. As you can see from my synopsis, it is based on the television series entitled Pokemon, which was based on the games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue.

Pokemon Yellow is not a true sequel to Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. It is more of a follow-up in the grand fashion of Street Fighter.

The gameplay remains unchanged from Pokemon-a good thing. You travel from town to town battling wild Pokemon, trainers, and the town’s gym leaders. In battle you have four options. Attack, Pokemon (which allows you to change your Pokemon), Item, and Run. Out of battle you can shop in the stores, visit the Pokemon Center, and many other things, many of them town specific. As for your Pokemon’s attacks, most of them are learned at a specific level. Some, however, are taught through TMs and HMs. And, of course, your Pokemon can evolve. Most are evolved by getting to a certain level, but some evolve by trading or elemental stones. I hope this better helps you understand the idea of Pokemon.

I am going to divide the graphics into two sections. Game Boy, and Game Boy Color. Hopefully this will make it easier for both Game Boy and Game Boy Color owners to determine what the graphics will be like for them.

GAME BOY-- The graphics are workable in black and white. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell apart building from the ground (especially on Cinnabar Island). In battle, the Pokemon sometimes look like blobs since you cannot see the different things perfectly.

GAME BOY COLOR-- These graphics are great. Telling all of the Pokemon part in battle is very easy, since the do not look like silhouettes. When you talk to Pikachu you can clearly see it smile or frown or whatever other emotion it seems to be showing at the time you look. Every color is clear and bright. You can easily tell the buildings from the rest of the landscape.

Usually the music is good. I like the fact that it changes from town to town, dungeon to dungeon. All of the songs are perky and uplifting except for one. The song from the Cinnabar Island mansion. That song is creepy. My favorite music in the game is from the battle with Lance.

The sound effects are pretty good though. At the start of the game, the stars flying across the screen sound like stars (or at least what I think stars would sound like). Pikachu talks when you talk to him, and at the opening. I wish every Pokemon talked though. That would be pretty cool. And for talking, I do not mean the ‘voice’ command in the Pokedex.

There is nothing difficult about controlling in Pokemon Yellow. Even though there are so few buttons, ‘Select’ does not do anything. ‘Start’ pauses the game and brings you up to the menu of options. Throughout the game, ‘A’ accepts commands, and ‘B’ brings you back to the previous screen. You talk to people by pressing ‘A.’ The directional pad moves you around. And there is nothing more for me to say.

Pokemon Yellow did not hook me nearly as fast, or for as long, as Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue did. While it still entertained me, beating Pokemon Yellow became I chore I did not have to do, but I felt compelled to do it anyway. Battles also seem to come more often in Pokemon Yellow, and the become tedious, and I eventually tended to run away from them. But, when you are looking to battle, chances are you will not get into one at all.

Some of the dungeons are such complex mazes you will want to run your Game Boy under the wheel of your Honda Civic. Sometimes the battles can get so easy you will want to do the same. The challenge actually is a good balance of simple and difficult.

To be perfectly honest, I played through Pokemon Blue at least five times. I played through Pokemon Yellow once, and I have not touched it since. If you have not played the first Pokemon, the game may not give you such a deja vu feeling, and you will find that you will want to play through it again and again. You will also find it to be more fun.

This is a blatant attempt by Nintendo to milk their license. When I played through Pokemon Blue I constantly wondered “Why isn’t this more like the television show?” Now I know why. It is a rehash, a remix, a revisitation more than a sequel.


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Originally Posted: 07/20/00, Updated 07/18/01

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